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Friday, December 18, 2015

What I want for Christmas!

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Hello dearies... Christmas is approaching fast. Its few (7)days to go! How are you guys feeling? As for me, I am not feeling this Xmas at all. It's going to be very boring if I spend it in Benin. I have decided to travel and spend the 'birth of Jesus' with my aunt and cousins.They promised me it is going to be fun and I am looking forward to that. I hope I won’t be bored.
How are you guys going to spend your Xmas? Are you travelling? Will you be spending it with your family?
I have written down what I want for Xmas. If you see Santa Claus help me tell him. Allow me long throat. Everyone should have every right to desire some gifts this season nah. Abi?
1. I need a tab to blog. 
Why? It is easier to carry along with you. My laptop is heavy, I am more relaxed when I am at home with it. When I go out, I rarely post except I have something saved in my draft. Using a phone is stressful to me!!! I only use my android phone to post what does not have long write-ups like funny post, facts, Tweet of the day.... Inspirational quotes, My fiction stories-long or short...., I must use laptop. I am comfortable with it.
I am travelling soon and I will not be taking it along with me. Don’t know how I will post my fiction stories but I will make sure I do.

2. I love bags! I really want an orange bag. Why? I want more bags… hehehehe

3. I need a pair of rugged jean. Why? I wanna go gangster…lol

4. A new Liverpool Jersey. Why? You guys should know I am a proud LFC fan.

5. A beautiful wristwatch will be lovely on my wrist. *winks.

6. The most important one is the gift of Life from God. I know I will enter into 2016 in thy name of Jesus Christ! Amen. I pray for my Family, friends and all my readers and fellow bloggers. You shall enter into 2016 gracefully in Jesus name. AMEN!!!!

What do you want for Christmas?


  1. Amen oh, I wish I am looking forward to this Christmas with joy but no I have a lot on my mind, debts to pay up are waying me down and the fact that I am all alone makes it worst, God please please make me happy.

  2. OMO YOUR WISHLIST IS DOPE I SAY O..... Hopefully they all come to reality... AMEN..


  3. Amen to your prayer. I like the golden wristwatch. Really spending a lot this season on cloths, bags and jewelries. I want everything, just have to spend wisely this season

    Compliment of the season!

  4. Sweetie, which state do ur aunt stays?

  5. @Mizz Tee.. Akure.
    Where are u based?

  6. Awww.. Your list is cool. I will tell Santa for you. Amen to your prayer. I want more clothes and shoes

  7. Awww.. Your list is cool. I will tell Santa for you. Amen to your prayer. I want more clothes and shoes

  8. I'll send you the orange bag as my Christmas gift to you. I'm in Ibadan presently, let me know when you are in AKure dear. U can reach me via this email oluwatobitanimola@gmail.com

  9. Nice one... seems your Santa is arriving early this time around.

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