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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Armed robbers came to my house on Thursday.

"Complicated will be posted by 8:30..I am editing it at the moment.

Hey guys, you won’t believe armed robbers came to my house on Thursday night by 3am. I did not experience the horrible incident because I travelled on Wednesday. I was informed about it yesterday morning. Help me thank God for keeping my family safe. They were forcing their way through to enter, in fact they almost entered. One of my brothers took risk and escaped through another door to call for help. As my other brother tried to lock the door, one of the robbers ran towards him and tried to force his way through but my bro managed to lock the door. A neighbor called the police and they came. The cowards heard the police siren and ran away. I thank God they did not shot because they came with a gun. I thank God for my family lives. There shall be no loss this year in Jesus name. Amen! 2016 is the year of celebrations, miracles, success, happiness and laughter. Thank you Jesus! He is mighty and Awesome!!!


  1. Thank God for happy ending...so Naija police dey work???

  2. To God b all the glory,this new year this evil people hav,started,God will continue to keep and preserve us

  3. Glory be to God... God will continually keep u and ur fam safe

  4. Thank God for saving those at home... May we always ve reasons to dance nd celebrate, crying is not our portion.... AMEN

  5. Thank God for His Mercies.

  6. Thank God for your family.


  7. This year is the year of our God of Ebenezer. He will continue to show forth his mercy. May his name be highly exalted. Thank God for your family.

  8. Thank God for your life and fam. You shall know no loss this 2016, amen

  9. Thank God for your life and fam. You shall know no loss this 2016, amen

  10. Amen to your prayers! Thanks guys..

  11. To God b d glory dear.In 2016,no evil shall befall us IJN

  12. To God be the glory, may God guide and protect you and your family IJN

    Topmost Tree

  13. To God be the glory, may God guide and protect you and your family IJN

    Topmost Tree

  14. Thank God for his grace.

  15. Oh my God,Am so sorry am just seeing this...thank God for everything. may God be praise.


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