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Saturday, January 02, 2016


“COMPLICATED” series will continue to feature on Wednesdays and Saturdays…by 8pm. Short stories maybe on Monday or any other day. I am trying to see if I can write another series to post every Monday. I will keep you guys posted. There will definitely be a story on Monday.
“Did he see the both of you?” Quinn hurriedly asked.

“No,” Dabota answered. “We heard someone knocked and Rebecca went to check through the window to see who was at your door.”

“Oh my God!”

“You need to calm down and stop shouting unnecessary.” Hanks said to his sister and touched her left arm. “Maybe he is here to talk to his wife.”

Rebecca gave him a look. “Please don’t call me his wife.”

His left eyebrows rose. “I can’t remember him giving you a divorce.”

She frowned at Hanks. “He will sign the divorce papers when they are ready.”

“You can go and see him.”

“Is he not supposed to know you are living in your father’s house?” Dabota asked.

“Yes!” Rebecca uttered. “Then why is he here?”

“Maybe he traced you the night you left him.”

She sighed and muttered in a down tone. “Maybe.”

They all stayed quiet as they continue to stare at each other. The sound of the doorbell broke their silence.

“I don’t want to see him,” she said. “He is a monster.”

“Maybe I should go and check up on him and see what he wants.” Hanks said to their surprise.

“Are you serious about it?” Quinn asked.

“Yes. Please excuse me.” He said and walked away to the direction of the living room. Hanks opened the door and stood in front of Desmond. The three women followed him behind. They hid behind another door to listen to their conversation.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

Desmond shrugged and glared him. He dipped his left hand into his left trouser pocket. “I am looking for Quinn.”

His left eyebrow went up. “Quinn?”


Rebecca stared at Quinn stunned. She whispered. “Why is he looking for you?”

“I don’t know.” she replied.

Hanks spoke. “Is there a problem?”

“I want to see her,” he said. “She’s a friend to my wife.”

“What’s your name?”


Hanks closed the door and left Desmond waiting. He went to meet his sister and her friends to let them know their unwanted visitor was looking for Quinn.

Rebecca gazed at her. “Why should Desmond be looking for you?”

“What do you mean?” she asked. 

“You and Desmond are not in good terms,” she replied. “In fact, you don’t like to see eye to eye. Why should he come here? I would have understood if it was Dabota.”

“What are you trying to say?” she asked in an upset tone. She did not want to appear guilty.

“That there is something you are not telling me.”

“You guys need to bring down your voices.” Dabota said and faced Rebecca. "Remember you do not want Desmond to know you are staying here. He should be wondering what is keeping Quinn from answering him.”

“Let me go and check on him.” Quinn said.

“Are you saying you are not hiding things from me?” Rebecca asked her.

“No!” she answered her and walked to the door to meet him. She opened her entrance door.

“What took you so long?” he asked and tried to enter but she closed the door behind them.

“I was very busy inside.” she gave him a reply.

He was surprised. “Won’t you allow me enter?”

“Only family and friends are allowed to enter my house.” Quinn said and walked close to one of her cars. She did that intentionally so that Rebecca will not hear their conversation. She really did not know what he wanted to say to her but she will not take any risk to let her friend know what happened between Desmond and her.

Rebecca, Dabota and Hanks walked to the window to glance at them.

“Why did she have to take him far?” Rebecca asked. “We won’t be able to hear them.”

“Let’s wait and watch them.” Hanks said.

Desmond sauntered close to Quinn and relaxed his back on her car. “We can be friends now.”

“Never!” she uttered and folded her arms. “What do you want?”

He smiled at her mischievously. “I want you to persuade Rebecca to come back home to me.”

“Home?” she asked and laughed. “You make me laugh.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“How can you call that a home when you always maltreat her?”

His eyes turned red! “Don’t make me angry you this woman!”

“Don’t come to my house uninvited and I can never persuade her to come back to you.”

“You will slut!”

“How dare you?!” she asked angrily and dropped her hands. “Don’t come to my house and insult me.”

“I will do worse if you don’t go and meet Rebecca in her father’s house and advise her not to divorce me.”

“I will do no such thing! You don’t deserve a second chance.”
Desmond roared into a long laugh before he spoke to Quinn. “And do you think you deserve a second chance?”

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“What do you think happens when your friend finds out you slept with me?”

Quinn could only give him a stare. Her lips were closed.

“What do you think they are talking about?” Rebecca asked Hanks and Dabota.

“I really do not know,” he answered without making an eye contact.

“What about you Dabota?”

She raised her shoulders up and brought them down. “I have no idea.”

“I think I should go outside.”

“That’s irrelevant.” Dabota said to her. “She will definitely tell us what he discussed with her.”

“Are you sure about that?”


Desmond could no longer take Quinn’s silence. “Why can’t you answer me? Have you gone deaf?”

“Rebecca must not know what happened between us.”

“Then you must do as I say,” he said in a stern tone. “You must make sure Rebecca takes me back or I will let the cat out of the bag. Do not attempt to provoke me.”

“I will not be intimated by your awful heart. You are heartless and wicked. I am not going to persuade her to come back to you. Do you think I won’t be called a bad friend if I do as you say? Her father, Dabota, everyone will be disappointed in me.”

“I do not care about that. I want Rebecca back.”

“I can’t Mr. intimidator.”

“I like the name and I give you two days to make her come back home.”

She laughed at him and glared at him in disgust. “Never!”

“Don’t dare me!!!” Desmond yelled.

“Do not shout at me.” Quinn said. “You and I will lose in this battle. If she knows I slept with you, does that guarantee her to come back to you? Absolutely no! You will lose her completely.”

“You think you are smart?”

“I am not smart because I never should have slept with a dumb prick like you.”

“I know you enjoyed me. 

“I enjoyed nothing! I am a…”

“You are a what?” Desmond asked curiously.

Quinn took a deep breath and spoke to him. “I want you to leave and never come back to my house again. I know you want Rebecca back but you will also make sure you have Rebecca’s trust back. Telling her our secret will make matter worse. I lose her friendship and you lose her forever.”

Desmond was mad at the woman standing in front of her. He knew what she said was the truth. He thought if she was not at home with the man that responded him first, he would have strangled her to death. He was furious and wanted to beat her without mercy. 

“Consider today your lucky day.” He said and removed his back from her car. He stood firmly on his feet.

“Leave my house.” she said.

“Who was that ugly guy that answered me?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“No problem.” He said and wanted to walk away but held back and faced her. “Who is Brown Smith?” 

She widened her eyes. “He’s a friend.”

Desmond chuckled faintly. “Does he have anything to do with my wife?”

“He’s only a friend to Rebecca. When she divorces you, she has every right to be with anyone man she wants.”

“You know that can never be possible.”

“You are not God to predict the future.”

“I can predict mine. I rather lose Rebecca to death than allow her be with another man.”

Quinn stared at him stunned. “What the hell does that mean?!!!”

Desmond gave her a wicked smile, turned away and strolled out of her compound. He made sure he left her shocked by his statement. He meant every word he said and since his plan to blackmail Quinn backfired, he was going to continue with Leonard to take down Brown and his family. His instincts told him Rebecca and Brown were into each other. He would not want them to go further. Never! He planned to make an important call on his way home.

Rebecca did not allow Quinn enter the house. She was anxious to know what they talked about, she ran to open the door to meet her. Dabota and Hank followed.

“What does he want?”she asked him.

“You should have waited for me to come inside.”

“I could not wait! What does he want?”

She cleared her dry throat before giving her a reply. “He wants me to persuade you to come back to him.”

“What!” she exclaimed!

“Is something wrong with his head?” Dabota asked in an angry tone.

Quinn said, “I told him it was impossible.”

“But why will he come to you when you are not in good terms?” Rebecca asked. She was not satisfied with Quinn’s previous answers.

“How many times will I tell…?”

“I want the truth!” 

Hanks stood and watch them battle with questions and answers.

“Rebecca what do you want me to say?” Quinn asked. “He came because he thought I was closer to you.”

“I am close to the both of you and he would have gone to meet Dabota instead.”

“Maybe he went to my house before he came here.” Dabota quickly said. “Maybe he could not wait for me to come back home, that’s why he came to see Quinn.”

“Call Debbie and confirm if Desmond came to your house.”

“Why are you all of a sudden inquisitive about this?”

“Something is not right.”

“I am telling you the truth Rebecca,” Quinn said. “You need to focus more on what Desmond said to me before he left here.”

“What did he say?”

“Desmond said he rather lose you to death than allow you be with another man.”

“Oh my God!” Rebecca bellowed.

“He made such statement?” Hanks asked.


Dabota spoke to him. “I am getting scared. You have to call that your friend you promised to call.”

“I will when we enter the house. My phone is in my bedroom. Desmond is really desperate to have you into his life Rebecca again.”

She looked at him with a worried facial expression. “I am also desperate to divorce him quickly. Please contact your friend.”

“I will,” he said. “Let’s go inside.”

“What’s the latest update?” Desmond asked Leonard over the phone as he drove inside his car.

“I have information on Brown Smith.”

“Vital information?”

“Yes boss.”

“Very good,” he said and smiled. “Let’s meet tomorrow at a hotel to talk about what I intent to do with him.”

“Okay boss.”

“I will bring a picture of my wife to show you. I need to ask you some questions face to face.”

“That is not a problem sir.” Leonard said.

“Does Brown Smith have a family?”


“That is good!” Desmond said in an excited tone. “I will give you a fat cheque when we see tomorrow.”

He smiled. “Thank you sir. What time do we meet?”

“By 7pm.”

“I will be expecting the address sir.”

“I will send you the address tomorrow morning.”

“Goodbye boss.”

Desmond ended the call.

 “Are you sure he will help?” Rebecca asked Hanks. He was trying to reach his friend but his phone was busy. Quinn and Dabota sat down together on a long sofa.

“I did him a favor few years ago and I know the kind of business he’s into.”

“What kind of business?” she asked. 

“He’s a kidnapper and other things I can’t mention.”

Rebecca was shocked.

Quinn rose on her feet. “You are a friend to a kidnapper?”

“We are not really close.”

“So how come you know he is a kidnapper and other things?”

“Don’t question my life Quinn.”

“But I care so much about you!”

“Let me be Quinn or I will leave your house and never come back.”

Dabota had to speak to them. She was still in shock about Desmond statement. It reminded her of what happened to her late mother. “Please Quinn, leave him alone.”

Quinn had an anger look on her face and went to sit down. “Whatever!”

“It’s ringing!” Hanks said in a thrilled gesture. Rebecca managed to print a smile on her lips.

“Hello.’ his friend said over the phone. “Who is this?”

“It’s Hanks Dominic.”

“Hey my guy!” he uttered and sounded happy to hear from him. “I have been trying to call your international number but it’s not going through.” He was the same person helping Desmond to find information about Brown Smith.

“I am in Nigeria Leonard.”

“Wow! Where are you? Let’s hang out.”

“We will but I need your help.”

“My help?” he asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“I hope it’s not serious?”

“It is and I know you are the only one that can help me.”

“Let’s meet tomorrow morning if it’s urgent.”

Hanks gave him the name of a popular restaurant to meet the following day. He spoke to Rebecca after ending his discussion with his friend. “Nothing bad will happen to you.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Hanks walked to meet his sister. “You do not need to worry, Leonard and I met when he came to Canada few years ago. He did not stay long but we became quite close and he revealed everything about himself to me. He trusted me.”

“What favor did you do for him?” she asked.

“After he left, his younger sister came to Canada without having a place to stay. I agreed for her to stay with me for as long as she wanted without paying.”


“Yes, he promised to pay me in future with anything I wanted.”

“That is very thoughtful of you.” Quinn said and rose. “I never should have questioned you.”

“I understand.” He said and smiled. His sister opened her arms and gave him a tight hug. 

Dabota informed them she was leaving. They escorted her outside to her car. 

Dabota arrived home to see her father waiting for her. He was seated on a chair and the moment he saw her enter, he rose and hurried for a hug.

“My daughter.” He said after embracing her.

She pretended to be happy to see him. “You look good father.”

“How can I look good when I barely eat once in a day?”

“You will eat more than thrice a day as from today.”

He smiled at her. “I am very happy to see you again. I want your cook sacked for lying you are out of the country.”

Foolish man. She said silently to herself.
“I truly travelled and she is useful to me.”

“Ehen? So she’s more important than me?”

“Not at all father. You are my number one now and I want you to stay here with me.” 

He hugged his daughter again cheerfully. “Thank you my daughter.”

“I will be back,” Dabota said. “Let me go inside and change. I will inform my cook to make a delicious dinner for you.”

“That is good.” He said and went to sit down. Dabota walked to the kitchen to meet Debbie.

“What made you change your mind?” she asked her. “I thought you hated your father?”

“I will explain later but I have to pretend to like him. You have to do whatever he ask you to do for him.”

She raised her left eyebrow. “Will he be staying here with us?”


“I don’t have any right to question you about him staying here but I hope you are doing the right thing.”

“I am doing what’s best for me. Make him Eba and Egusi soup with goat meat.”

“Okay ma.”

After Dabota freshened up, she went to meet her father she was very tired and needed to rest. He agreed and thank her for taking him back.

The next morning, Dabota woke up, had a quick bath and dressed in a beautiful yellow gown. She had no plans to see her father. She alerted Debbie she wanted to see the new man in her life. That it was urgent. They went outside.

“I will inform your father you were in a hurry.”

“Thank you.”

“But have you told your friends about the new love of your life?”

Her face turned sober.

“Did I say anything wrong?” Debbie asked.

Dabota touched her gently on her left shoulder. “You did not say anything wrong but I am hiding it away from them because of guilty conscience.”

“What are you guilty of?” she asked puzzled.

“I really love this person with all my heart and I did not hesitate to leave my married lovers because of him. I am in love for the first time in my life. It feels so good. He makes me very happy”

“Who are you in love with?”

She sighed, dropped her hand and looked away from Debbie's direction. “I am in love with Rebecca’s father.”
To be continued….


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