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Thursday, January 07, 2016

COMPLICATED. Episode 16.

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“Oh my God.” Debbie exclaimed and covered her mouth with her hands.

Dabota turned to look at her face. “Please don’t judge me,” she said. “I only fell in love with the wrong person.”

She removed her hands and dropped them down. “I can never judge you but you know what’s the best.”

“And that is what?”

“Leave Rebecca’s father.”

“But he makes me happy,” she said in a sober tone. “I am in love with this man and I can’t help the feelings inside me. Why can’t I be happy?”

“You have every right to be happy but this is your best friend’s father you are talking about. Consider what Rebecca is passing through and think how she will react when she finds out you are having an affair with her father.”

“I know but I am in love. I am not after his money. I only want him to love me forever. I will tell Rebecca after she finalize the divorce.”

“Rebecca will not be happy with you and her father.”

“But she has a good heart,” Dabota said. “I know if I can convince her that I love her father very much, I think she will accept me.”

“What if she don’t?” Debbie asked in a concerned tone. “What if she wants you to leave her father and continue the friendship between her and yourself?”

She shook her head repeatedly. “I love her father. I will fight for his love.”

Debbie raised her neatly shaped eyebrows. “You will fight for his love and end your friendship of many years with Rebecca?”

“That is not what I am saying. I will fight for both.”

“You can’t eat your cake and have it. You have to choose one and let the other one go.”

“I will fight for my happiness Debbie,” she said. “I will fight for the friendship I love dearly. I love Rebecca as a sister. Her happiness means a lot to me. I know she won’t be happy with me when she finds out about the affair but she will understand that her father is human. He needs a companion.”

“And you are the companion?”

“Yes.” she said in a serious. “I love him and I will take good care of him.”

“What about her mother?”

“She is not in the country and I know she is already having an affair. Rebecca knows too.”

“Well, I wish you the best ma.”

Dabota touched her on the shoulder and removed her hands. “Thanks for your advice.”

“You are welcome ma.”

“Don’t forget to prepare the food my father wants.”

Debbie sighed loudly. “I will give him anything he wants.”

“Take care.” She said and walked to her car. 

“Are you sure he will help?” Quinn asked Hanks as he was about to drive away to meet Leonard at the meeting place. Rebecca was also with them.

“Relax and don’t panic,” he said. “He will help.”

“If he wants money I will be able to pay.”

He smiled at her. “I don’t think he needs money to help me Rebecca.”

She looked at him for few seconds without saying anything.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” he asked.

Rebecca scratched the back of her neck and dragged Quinn to her side. She whispered into her left ear. 

Quinn gazed at her. “I totally forgot about it.”

“Should I tell him?” 

“Tell me what?” Hanks asked in a curious tone.

Quinn nodded. “You should tell him.”

Rebecca glanced at her friend’s brother. “I believe Desmond kidnapped his son and Leonard may know about it.”

He widened his eyes. “Desmond has a son? He kidnapped him? I don’t understand you.”

She explained everything to him. She told him about what happened to Maureen and the son disappearance.

“That is not a problem,” he said. “I will discuss about it.”

“If he has any information about it,” Quinn said. “he should spill everything out.”

“He may not open up.” Hanks said.

“Why?” Rebecca asked.

“He might not say anything about it because he may be involved in the murder of Maureen or the kidnap.”

“That might be true!”

“Remember you said he is a kidnapper!” Quinn uttered.

“Exactly but I will try my best for him to open up.”

“We can find a way to cover up for him if he is involved.” 

“I don’t really know about that,” he said. “Let me see him first.”

“Okay,” she said. “I might not be around when you come.”

“Where are you going to?”

“I have to see a producer,” Quinn said. “He has a script for me.”

“Okay,” Hanks said and looked at Rebecca. “What about you?”

“I need to see my lawyer and a friend,” she said. “But I won't stay long.”

He smiled. “Be careful.”

“I will.”

Dabota arrived at the home address of Dr. Mayowa. He was not satisfied with her facial look when she entered into his living room.

“You need to sit down and tell me what the matter is.” He said to her.

She did not say anything.

“My love,” he said thoughtfully. “Please talk to me.”

“I think we should end the relationship.”

He opened his mouth out of shock and touched his chest. “Do you want to give me a heart attack?”

“I am confused!” she said and sat down. Before he could say anything to her, she broke into tears.

He went towards her to hold her. “Please stop crying.”

“How can you tell me not to cry when we are wrong?”

“Wrong?” he asked. “Is it because we fell in love with each other?”

Dabota looked at him with tears on her face. “Rebecca will be disappointed in me!”

He bent down his head and shook his head. “I know she will not be happy with us especially me. I am still fighting for her love and trust but I also love you too.”

“What do we do?”

He wiped her face with his hands. “I will tell her myself.”

She gazed at him surprised. “You will tell her yourself?”

“Yes but it won’t be now. She needs to finalize her divorce first.”

“Desmond threatened her life.”

“What!!” he exclaimed and rose up bluntly on his feet. “What did he say?”

“He said he rather lose her to death than for her to be with another man.”

“He’s pathetic!” he yelled. “Desmond is a mad man!! I have to get the commissioner of the police involved.”

“I think you should but you have to hold on first.”

“Why?” Dr. Mayowa asked.

“Quinn’s younger brother knows someone that can find information about Desmond. When he does, I will let you about it.”

“Please do my love.” he said and went to touch her on the chin. “You have to smile for me.”

Dabota could not help herself but smile at the man she has fallen in love with.

Hanks and Leonard were at the eatery they planned to meet. They hugged each other when they saw, sat down and ordered for food and wine.

“You have not changed!” Hanks told him. “You still look the same.”

“Thanks man!” he said. “I thought you must have considered plastic surgery?”

“I wasn’t interested in it but I have changed my mind.”

“That is good.”

“How is business?”

“Business is moving well and you?”


Leonard ate some of his food before asking him a question. “What do you want me to do for you?”

Hanks cleared his throat, drank some wine and answered. “This is a matter of life and death.”

“Tell me about it.”

“A close female friend wants to divorce her husband because of domestic violence. The husband is ready to kill her if she dares have an affair with another man.”


“This man is a monster. If I should tell you what my friend has gone through, you will pity her.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I will give you the name of the man to find out what he is planning. I want you to follow him about and give me feedback so that we can know how to tackle the situation.”

“I thought this was about you,” he said. “Why are you helping your friend?”

“She’s like a sister to me.”

“Sister? Tell me the truth! You like her.”

Hanks laughed. “I do but I can never have her. She loves another man.”

“And you are willing to let her go just like that?”

“Yes because she is happy with the other man.”
“I will help you no doubt,” he said. “I only need a name.”

“Desmond Tega.”

He stared at him dazed. “Please say the name again. “

“Desmond Tega.” Hanks told him. “Is there any problem?”

“Don’t tell me his wife’s name is Rebecca?”

“Holy Moses! How did you know?”

Leonard shook his head. “You are my friend and I will tell you everything.”

“Before you say anything,” Hanks said. “I need to know something.”

“What?” Leonard asked.

“Do you know anything about the disappearance of Desmond child?”

Leonard rubbed his chin and gazed into Hanks eyes.

Quinn had arrived to meet her producer at the reception of a hotel. She sat down and shook his hand when her phone began to ring.

She frowned before picking his call. “What do you want?”

“I still love you Quinn,” Jackson said.

“But I have told you we can’t be together. I am done with the relationship.”

“You have not told me what went wrong.”

“If I tell you why I can no longer be with you again,” she said. “Will you leave me alone?”

Jackson sighed over the phone. “It will be difficult.”

“Then there is no need to tell you why I left you.”
"Come back to my life Quinn,” he said. “Let’s get married and I will make you the happiest woman on earth.”

“I am already the happiest woman on earth.”  

“Why are you talking…?”

Quinn cut him off and switched off her phone. She faced the producer and began to talk about her upcoming movie.

At 3:30pm, Desmond and Leonard met at a hotel. They ordered for two bottles of beer and fried goat meat before they talked about their business.

“What did you find out about the bastard called Brown Smith?” Desmond asked.

“He came back from United State of America over a month ago. I do not know his profession for now but I know he lives with his sick father and a young lady.”

“Who is the young lady to him?”

“His younger sister or cousin,” he said. “I am still trying to see how she is related to him.”

Desmond took his drink, gulped half of the contents of beer and placed the bottle down on the table. “I want her kidnapped.” he said in a quiet tone.

“To which location?”

“Anywhere you like, when you do the job, let me know and I will come. I will rape and torture her.”

“Anything else?” Leonard asked.

“I want to end Brown Smith life. I want him out of the way.”    
“Consider it done. I only want you to tell me when exactly. When you do that, I will kill him.”

“Kidnap the girl first.”

“When?” he asked.

“Three days from now.” 

“What about his father?”

“He is already sick,” Desmond said. “I think the news of the death of his son will finish him.”

“What about your wife Rebecca?”

He sighed and gazed at Leonard. “If I can’t have her, no one will.”

Rebecca called her lawyer that she was coming to see him but he informed her he travelled and will be back in two days’ time. She dialed Brown’s number to ask him if he had the chance to see her.

“I am so sorry for not having the time,” Brown said. “I am at the hospital.”

“You took your father to the hospital?” she asked in an apprehensive tone. 

“Yes but don’t worry he will be alright by the special grace of God.”

“Amen,” she said. “Let me come over.”

“No need for that,” Brown said. “I don’t want to stress you and the baby.”

“It’s not going to be stressful.”

“Please Becca, I will see you tomorrow.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes.” Brown replied.

“Please I will be expecting you tomorrow and we need to talk.”

“I hope it’s nothing serious?”

“Not really but it’s very important.”

“I will see you tomorrow at Quinn’s place. I love you Becca and nothing can change that.”

Rebecca grinned delightfully. Only the sound of his voice melted her noble heart.  “Thank you.”

Brown smiled. “I know someday, you will tell me you love me. Don’t be surprise you will tell me those three pleasing words unexpectedly.”

She laughed courteously. “I am happy to have a friend like you.”

“I am happy to have fallen in love with you,” he said. “You are my princess.”

Hanks arrived home at night. Quinn and Rebecca have been expecting him. They were curious to know what Leonard said.

“You won’t believe Leonard is working with Desmond.” he said.

The two ladies stared at each other shocked! Hanks narrated how they are working together.

“I can’t believe Desmond is trying to find out about Brown Smith.” Rebecca said.

“What is he planning?” Quinn asked.

“Leonard promised to call me tonight.”

“Did he agree to help me?” Rebecca asked.


She smiled and hugged Queen. “This is good news.”

“I asked him about the son of Desmond.” He said.

“What did he say?” Quinn asked. 

“It’s true,” Hanks said. “Desmond kidnapped his own son.”

“Desmond is heartless!” Rebecca uttered. “Only God knows what that boy is going through without his mother.”

“What about who killed Maureen?” Quinn asked.

“He didn’t tell me but I know Desmond sent him.”

“I married a monster!” Rebecca blurted out. “He has to pay for what he did.”

“We need to save the son of Maureen.” Quinn said to her brother.

“I will try and persuade Leonard to tell me where the boy is.”

“Please do.”

Hanks phone began to ring, he checked the caller and found out it was Leonard calling. He left his sister and Rebecca to his room to pick the call. They spoke for five minutes. Hanks took his bath, wore his pajamas and went to meet Quinn and Rebecca.

“You need to contact Brown.” he said to Rebecca.


“He wants to kidnap Brown's cousin.”

“Jesus Christ!”

Quinn widened her eyes. 

"Don’t panic because I invited him over tomorrow to talk of how to expose Desmond.”

“Thank God!” the two friends said together.

Hanks smiled at them.

“I was almost having a heart attack!” Rebecca said. “Nothing bad must happen to Brown cousin.”

“Everything will be fine.”

“I will call him before I sleep and thank God he promised to come here tomorrow.”

“That is good.” Hanks said.

“I will call Dabota and tell her everything.” Quinn said.

“You should relax because Leonard is ready to help. I have to go to bed. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight and thank you for everything.” Rebecca said with a smile on her face.

“It’s nothing.”

Quinn pecked her brother and bid him goodnight. As he walked away from them, she could not stop smiling. She was very happy her brother was helping Rebecca. She loved him with all her heart.

Rebecca, Dabota, Quinn, Hanks and Brown were waiting for Leonard at Quinn’s house. They were expecting him to give them the download of Desmond’s plan. The sound of his car gave them a relaxed mind because they thought he might have changed his mind. Hanks went to open the door for him. After he entered, Hanks introduced everyone to Leonard. He shook their hands and sat down on a single chair.
Rebecca, Brown and Dabota sat down on the longest sofa. Hanks and his sister sat down together.

“What’s the latest?” Hanks asked him.

Leonard rubbed his palm together and answered. “Desmond wants me to take the life of Brown.”

They all exclaimed. 

“What did I do to him?” Brown asked. "He wants to kidnap my cousin and kill me. He is sick!"

“He said you are a threat to him. He believes you are the reason Rebecca wants to divorce him.”

“He is not the reason,” Rebecca quickly said. “Desmond should leave me alone. I left him because of domestic violence and I don’t love him anymore!”

Leonard swiftly rose on his feet. He removed a pistol under his shirt, stuck in his pants and pointed it at her.

All of them were aback by his behavior. Fear gripped them hard! They didn’t understand what was going on. All of them rose on their feet. Rebecca's heartbeat ran very fast. The gun pointed at her face. Dabota was frightened. Quinn's body was shaking!

“What is the meaning of this?” Hanks asked in a scared tone. “This is not what we talked about!”

“Shut up Hanks!!” Leonard yelled at him. “The highest bidder wins.”

“Please don’t hurt us.” Dabota said. 

“Raise your hands up!!!” he commanded them.  They obeyed him immediately.

“Please don’t shoot Rebecca.” Brown begged.

Leonard diverted the position of the gun and directed it at Brown. “I will kill you first before I take the life of the woman my boss can never have. He wants you dead! If Rebecca does not come with me after I end your life, I will blast her head off!!”

To be continued…..Saturday 8pm. *kisses


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  8. Oluwa ooooooo!!!
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