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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


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COMPLICATED” WILL BE ENDING SOON. By the special grace of God, another story will commence. Right now, I am confused of the story to post next. There is one on my mind to write but before this one ends, I will post the storyline and keep you ‘lovely pumpkins’ updated.
Dr. Mayowa was about to step out from his house to see Dabota at her house when his phone rang. He picked up the unfamiliar phone number and answered the caller.

“Hello,” he said.

“This is Doctor Fred,” the caller said. “Your number was seen in a phone seen in the accident a car exploded.”

“What!!!!” he screamed. His hands began to shake. “Accident? I don’t understand. Exploded? Which accident?”

“Please calm down sir. Some witnesses were able to bring out the women and a bag from the vehicle before it exploded.  The women are currently in my hospital. The owner of the handbag seriously needs blood transfusion. I don’t know if you are related to her.”

The sound of his heartbeat pounded harder as if it wanted to get out of his chest. “Please what is the name of the person?”

“Mrs. Rebecca Tega.”

“Oh my God!!” he exclaimed! He was flabbergasted by the awful news. “That is my daughter!! What is the name of your hospital? I am coming!!”

“Living life hospital.”

“Nothing terrible must happen to her!!” He ended the call and rushed to his car. His hands were shaking; he dropped his car keg on the floor and grabbed it. He managed to compose himself and entered, turned on the ignition and drove away. He was praying as he was driving. He took his phone and called Brown.

“That’s impossible!!” he yelled over the phone after he was told about the accident. “They left the hospital together! I wanted to follow them but could not find my car key. My father woke up, that’s why am still at the hospital.”

“Which hospital?” he asked.

“Living life hospital.”

“It’s the same hospital Brown! The doctor said Rebecca needs blood transfusion and I will be there soon. Try and look for the doctor and find out what is going on!”

“I will! I heard there was a terrible accident and the victims were brought here but I didn’t know it was Rebecca and her friends!!”

“Go and see what is happening.”

“I will, please drive carefully.” Brown told him.

“I will try.” he answered with tears all over his eyes. He was seriously thinking of his daughter and Dabota.

Brown left his father and rushed to the office of the doctor in charge of his father’s health. The doctor told he was not in charge of accident victims and directed him to a nurse who should take him to see Doctor Fred in his office. Brown thanked him and rushed to meet the nurse who informed him the doctor was very busy.

“This is not a matter of being busy,” Brown said in a harsh tone. The nurse could see the fire in his eyes. “I need to see him urgently. An accident occurred and the women involved are very precious to me. I need to see him now!!”

“You need to calm down sir.” she said in a composed voice. 

“Don’t tell me to calm down!! I have to see him now!!” Some nurses and patients waiting stared at them.

“I am coming sir. Let me check on him.”

“Be fast about it!” 

She hiked to the right direction to check on the doctor, another health practitioner informed her he was in operating theatre, treating a patient. She went back to tell him.

“Do you know who he is operating on?” Brown asked.

“It’s one of the accident victims.”

“Please don’t call them victims,” Brown said. There was a huge frown on his face. “Their names are Rebecca, Quinn and Dabota.”

“Yes sir.”

“If there is only one of them with him,” he said. “What about the others?”

“I have no idea what is going sir except I direct you to another doctor who can tell you their conditions.”
He became nervous but managed to compose himself. He did not want to appear like a weakling.

“Can you do you me a favor?” he asked.

She was about to open her mouth and speak when a male nurse rushed to her that she was needed urgently. She did not say anything to Brown but ran down with the other nurse.
Brown could not believe he was about to cry. He was scared of what was going on. He sat down on a chair in the reception. He bowed down his head so that people around won’t see the tears in his eyes. The woman he loved was in pains and needed blood transfusion. What if Rebecca’s blood type did not match Dr. Mayowa’s own? Will he use the opportunity to know she is not his daughter? He thought, even if he’s not his real child, the man he talked to over the phone won’t turn his back on her. Still, he prayed in his heart that she should be his blood daughter.

He cleaned his eyes and looked up and saw the nurse with a doctor he has not seen before, He quickly rose up and went to meet them.

“This is the man sir.” the nurse said and pointed at Brown.

A tall and dark man with a neat hair cut spoke and introduced himself. “I am Doctor Fred.”

“I am Brown Smith.” The nurse left them alone.

“Please follow me to my office.” 

He followed him to a small and organized office. They sat down opposite each other.

“Are you related to any of the victim?” Fred asked. 

He sighed. “Rebecca is my lover.”

“Oh! I called her father and I have not seen him.”

“He’s on his way and he was the one that called me to come and see you.”

“He is the father and he should be here as soon as he can because his daughter’s life is at stake.”
Brown rubbed his head with his hands and covered his face. He looked at the doctor’s face, “Please tell me she will survive.”

“I can’t say,” he said. “But she’s a fighter. She is seriously fighting for her life.”

“Can I see her?” he asked.

“No you can’t.”

“What about Quinn and Dabota?”

“I really don’t know their names,” Doctor Fred said. “But one of them look familiar, I don’t really know her name.”

“That’s Quinn Dominic,” Brown said. “She’s an actress.”

“That explains why she looks familiar,” he said and cleared his throat. “Her family needs to come.”

“Is something wrong?” he asked in a wobbly tone.

A knock came at the door. The doctor asked the person to come in and it was Dr. Mayowa. Brown was relieved.

“Thank God you are here,” Brown said and rose. “This is Rebecca’s father.”

“That’s good.” Fred said and picked his office telephone to call a nurse. A fat woman came and he told Dr. Mayowa to follow her for a quick test and the transfusion.

“But what if it doesn’t match?” Brown asked. “How do we look for a solution?”

“What is that supposed to mean Brown?” Rebecca’s father asked him.

“Noth…nothing, am only nervous.”

“Okay.” He said and left with the nurse.

Brown sat down and asked why Quinn’s family should come.

“It’s very important.”

“Her family is not in this country and I don’t have their contact.”

“That is serious,” Fred said. “At least one of them needs to know what is going on.”

“Please what is going on?” he asked with a sad look on his face. “Don’t tell me she’s dead.”

“I cannot say anything about her to you.”

“What about Dabota?” he asked.

“What about her family?”

“She’s an orphan,” Brown told him. “Rebecca and Quinn are her family.”

Doctor Fred sighed loudly and shook his head. “So she does not have anyone I can talk to?”

“You can talk to the father of Rebecca. He’s her boyfriend.”

He sounded surprised. “Really? No problem.”

“Are you saying you cannot tell me anything about Quinn’s condition?”

“Try and see if you can contact any of her relatives abroad,” he said and rose. Brown stood up. “Let me know if you are able to reach the family.”

“I will try.” They left the office together. The doctor told him to wait at the reception and Dr. Mayowa will join him soon. He went to the reception, sat down and called Jackson to tell him the news. 

“Tell me I am in a dream!” he said to Brown.

He shook his head. “This is real. I don’t know what to think anymore.”

“I am not in town at the moment but I will definitely come there.”

“I need you my friend because I might break down.”

“Be strong! What about Quinn’s condition?”

“They are not saying anything,” he said. “They need at least one of her relations to come.”

“I no longer have her brother’s number because I deleted it after we quarreled. I will find a way to contact him.”


“I will see you soon.”

“Do you still have Carrie’s Pretorius number?” Brown asked.

“The artist?”


“What do you need her phone number for?” Jackson asked.

“Carrie and Quinn are very close,” he replied. “She needs to know what is going on.”

“I will send you her number as a text message.”

“I will be expecting it.” He ended the call.

Brown waited for some time before he saw Dr. Mayowa coming his way. There was a small bandage and wool on his left arm. He sat down close to him.

“Have they given her the blood?” he asked.

“Doctor Fred said he needs to conduct a test first but it won’t take long.”

Brown gaze went another way.

“Are you okay?” he asked him.

“I’m okay sir.” He answered.

“I don’t think so,” Dr. Mayowa said. “You have to tell me what you mean when you asked the doctor what if Rebecca and I blood type does not match.”

He looked at him. “It means nothing.”

“Please don’t hide anything from me.”

Brown swallowed and rested his back on the chair. He told him what Rebecca’s mother said.

“Oh my God,” he said in a displeased tone. “She told Rebecca that?”


“That woman is evil. She is desperate to come back to me after what she did. Rebecca should have told me and I would have told her the truth.”

“What is the truth?”

“Rebecca is my daughter! When I caught my ex-wife the second time, I did a blood test to know if Rebecca was my blood. She didn’t even know because she was still young.”

“What if she was not your true blood?” Brown asked.

“I would still have loved her with all my heart.”

“And would you have begged her the same way you did when you divorced her mother?”

“Of course! I love Rebecca very much. I would have begged her more. I would have been so scared if she knew I was not her real father, maybe she won’t have given me a second chance.”

“I'm happy to hear that.” he said and gave a faint smile.

Brown’s handset beeped and he checked to see a text massage of Carrie’s phone number. He dialed it and called her.  She screamed over the phone and asked of Quinn’s condition. He told her to come over to the hospital.

Doctor Fred approached them. He told them Rebecca was receiving the blood and her condition was a bit stable now.

The two men in Rebecca’s life hugged each other and smiled cheerfully.

“But there’s a bad news.”

“But you said she’s stable now.” Brown quickly said.

“Yes but she lost the pregnancy.”

Dr. Mayowa and Brown looked at each other and began to laugh.

Brown spoke to the doctor and shook his hands. “It's sad but you have no idea how happy we are.”

“Really?” he asked in a astonished tone.

“You can’t understand.”

“Well, no problem. Have you been able to hear from any of the relatives of the other women?”

“A very close friend of the actress is on the way.” Brown said.

“What about Dabota?” Dr. Mayowa asked. “You have not said anything about her.”

“Doctor Fred!!” a nurse called him. She ran to call him that a patient needed an urgent attention. He left them without an answer from him.

Brown and Dr. Mayowa gazed at each other. They were terrified about the nurse reaction. Only God knew which victim needed an “urgent attention”.

After few minutes while they waited, Brown called Pamela, his cousin to tell her what happened. She panicked over the phone and prayed for the women to get better. He told her to come to the hospital to stay with his father.

Brown asked Dr. Mayowa. “Won’t you call Rebecca’s mother?”

“No,” he replied. “I will take care of my daughter myself.”

Brown smiled at him. He also revealed what happened between the women at the hospital before they had the accident.

“I am disappointed in Quinn but that does not mean I don’t wish her well. She is like my daughter and I want her alive. Desmond is pathetic and stonehearted. He never deserved my daughter.” His phone rang and it was Rebecca’s lawyer calling.

He answered the call. Barrister Jake called to let him know he has been trying to reach his daughter but unavailable. Dr. Mayowa informed him about the accident.

“I am sorry sir!” he uttered.

“Thank you. Why are you trying to reach her?”

“I am on my way to see Desmond but I wanted her to sign the divorce papers first. I will see him first since Rebecca is unable to do that.”

“If he refused to sign the papers, let him know my daughter is aware about what happened between him and Quinn.”

“What happened sir?” he asked.

“Don’t worry, the bastard will understand.”

“Okay sir.”

“I don’t know if Leonard told Desmond my daughter is pregnant. If he asks, tell him she lost it.”

“No problem sir, I will tell him. Should I tell him about the accident?”

Dr. Mayowa sighed and thought for some seconds. “Yes but let him know she’s alive.”

Barrister Jake arrived at the police station. An officer took him to a small room with a table and two chairs. A police officer followed Desmond to meet him. They sat down opposite each other and the officer left them to wait outside the room.

There was handcuff on his wrist. “Why are you here?” he asked with a scorn on his face.

Jake took out the papers, a pen and placed them on the table. “Sign the papers.”

“I was sleeping peacefully when you came to disturb me,” Desmond said. “I will not sign them until I see Rebecca.”

“Rebecca does not want to see you,” he said. “In fact she does not want to because your sight disgusts her. Don’t tell me you were sleeping peacefully, no one does that here. It is suffering in here and I do not wish my enemies to be locked up in prison like this where close to 30 men are kept inside a tiny room. I can see bumps on your face. I will not ask how you got it because you deserve worst.”

“Why are you saying this to me?” Desmond asked surprised. “You are only her lawyer.”

“I am also her friend! I am happy she left you for a better man.”

Desmond frowned.

“You will not only live in prison,” Jake said in an angered tone. “You will die here.”

“I will not sign the papers!”

The lawyer gave a weak smile. “Rebecca has evidence of how you treated her badly. She took pictures of the bruises on her face, arms and even her body. The photographs are with me. Do not provoke me. You will be persecuted for murder and kidnap; do not allow me add to what’s already on your hot plate. Your judgment will be severe.”

Desmond shrugged. “But she is carrying my baby,” he said. “My child will need his father.”

“Rebecca is hospitalized.”

His left eyebrow uplifted. “What happened?”

“She was involved in a terrible accident.”

He laughed mockingly. “If I cannot have her, no one will!”

“She is alive you dumbass and she has lost the pregnancy.”


He pushed the papers very close to him. “Sign the papers now!!”

Desmond eyes turned red! He was furious about the news. He took the pen because he knew he had no choice anymore. It was a lost battle for him. He signed the divorce papers.

Carrie arrived at the hospital and met Brown and Dr. Mayowa. There was no makeup on her face and her eyes were weary. Brown knew she must have been shedding tears on her way to meet them.

“Are you saying the doctor has not said anything about Quinn?” she asked Brown.

“No.” he answered.

“I tried to get in touch with Hanks on phone but it’s unreachable, “Carrie said. “I was able to speak with a friend who told me Hanks travelled for his surgery.”

“What about her father?” Dr. Mayowa asked.

“I don’t know how to reach him,” she said. Her face fell. “I don’t know what I will do if anything bad happens to Quinn.”

Brown spoke in a concerned tone. “Nothing bad will happen in Jesus name.”


She asked after Rebecca and Dabota and he told her what the doctor said.

At 7:15 pm, the first female nurse that answered Brown walked to their side. She told them Doctor Fred was in his office, ready to see them.

“I hope there’s no problem?” Carrie quickly asked.

“I don’t really know ma.” she replied her and left the three of them. 

When they got to the office, Brown introduced Carrie to the doctor as a very close friend to the actress.
Dr. Mayowa and Carrie sat down while Brown stood beside them. 

“You can see Rebecca now because she is awake but not strong enough to talk for long,” Fred said. “She still needs enough rest.”

“We won’t disturb her,” Brown said in an excited tone. “We only want to see her.”

“What about Dabota?” Dr. Mayowa asked.

“The trailer rammed into the passenger’s seat side and that was where Miss Dabota sat down.”


“The accident affected her,” he said. “She..s…she’s paralyzed.”

“What!!” Dr. Mayowa exclaimed. “This cannot be true!”

Brown folded his hands and stared at the doctor in shock.

Carrie eyes occupied tears. 

“Can she ever walk again?” Rebecca’s father asked in an apprehensive voice. 

“Yes,” he replied with a smile on his lips. “With therapy and the right treatment she can walk again but it can only take a determined and strong person to do that.”

“Dabota is a strong woman.”

“She is lucky to be alive and I believe she can walk again. She’s not fully paralyzed in her legs.”

“Why are you not saying anything about Quinn Dominic?” Carrie asked.

Doctor cleared his thirsty throat. “I don’t really have good news.”

“What do you mean you don’t have good news?”

“Quinn Dominic is in a critical condition and it’s 50/50.”

“What does that mean?” Brown asked.

“Quinn is on life support,” he responded. “Her family needs to be here to tell us if we should pull the plug because we don’t know if she can survive it. She’s in coma and I am afraid to say this, only a miracle can wake her up.”

…..To be continued….Saturday 8pm!


  1. May u not finish person with Suspense. I was reading this episode with my heart beat racing. Thank God rebecca is okay and the pregnancy is gone. I love what the lawyer told that animalistic devilmond. Dabota na confam baby, she is really a strong character. I feel so sad for quinn

  2. Heart breaking episode so far. I almost wanted to pray then I remembered this is a story. Thanks Carina, your stories are inspiring.

  3. This is really heartbreaking. @miss cute.. Thank God its fiction.
    Please Carina try reduce the suspense in your upcoming story. I know it will be very interesting. You are gifted.

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