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Friday, January 08, 2016

Interesting facts about human brain.

1. Humans have the largest brain in terms of size ratio when compared to other creatures in the world. Elephants are considered as having the largest brain, which is partially true. If the ratio of the whole body and the size of the brain are compared it is only 0.15% in the elephant case; however, it is 2% in the case of humans.

2. The adult human brain weighs nearly 1.5 kilograms (3 pounds). While it makes up only 2% of a person’s weight, it consumes around 20-30% of the total energy. That is why glucose is drained so fast in the brain.

3. A brain produces almost enough energy to light a bulb. On an average, a brain produces up to 30 – 35 watts at the time of awakening. The main energy source of the most energy hungry organ is glucose.

4. A brain uses approximately 20% of whole blood and oxygen flowing through the body to perform actions like yawning and intelligence. A person can lose consciousness if the brain is deprived of oxygen for around 7-9 seconds.

5. Yawning is the body’s way of cooling down an overheated brain. In addition, when your brain does not receive the appropriate amount of oxygen, the yawn is said to provide the remaining amount of oxygen to the brain. Anoxic brain damage is brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen supply. Without oxygen, brain cells will start to die after four to six minutes.

6. The brain consists of around 150,000 miles of the blood vessels, working perfectly in high speed. Providing blood and oxygen to the brain, these vessels are said to be strong and can bear high tension.

7. The first sense a human brain learns to detect is touch; however, it takes around 12 weeks to understand the complete feeling. This is the reason the mind can efficiently differentiate between external and self touch to the body.

8. Sleeping at night is considered the most ideal time for the brain. It appears to enhance the connection between nerve cells in the brain. The brain process is believed to support the basis of memory and learning. In a recent scientific study, it is revealed the brain consolidates all the learned memories from the whole day while sleeping at night. However, one should get enough sleep in order to revive all those memories.

9. Seafood is considered the most suitable food for the brain. Based on a new study, the fatty acid present in seafood and fish can improve memory function by about 15%. Many scientists are stressing the significance of a seafood-rich diet for keeping optimal brain health, preventing the occurrence of dementia.

10. A human brain is considered the fattest part in the entire body. It contains around two-thirds fat. The brain cells need special fats—fatty acids are digzested from our food into different lengths and then the brain assembles the specific type of fat to incorporate it into cellular membranes.

11. Reading aloud or listening to a story being told is one of the most “cerebrally" engaging experiences a kid can have. Watching TV for 15,000 hours only generates about 30 minutes of brain activity. However, with reading aloud, it fires up children’s brains because they have to use their imagination. This activity stimulates the electricity in the brain, promoting brain development by strengthening brain pathways.

12. Women take longer when making decision when compared to males. However, at the same time, women are more likely to stick to the decision once the decision is made. The man’s brain generally approaches decision-making and problem solving from a task-oriented view versus a creative and emotional approach.


  1. Interesting. Loved reading the facts

  2. What abt pple with dead brains???

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