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List of 20 richest clubs in world football.

This list is based on 2014/2015. revenue, as revealed by Deloitte.

20. West Ham £122.4m

19. Inter Milan £125.4m

18. Everton £125.6m

17. Newcastle £128.8m.

16. Roma £137.2m15.

15. Atletico Madrid £142.3m.

14. AC Milan £151.5m.

13. Schalke £167.1m.

12. Tottenham £195.9m.

11. Borussia Dortmund £213.5m.

10. Juventus £246.2m.

9. Liverpool£298.1m.

8. Chelsea £319.5m.

7. Arsenal £331.3m.

6. Manchester City £352.6m.

5. Bayern Munich £360.6m.

4. Paris St-Germain £365.8m.

3. Manchester United £395.2m.

2. Barcelona £426.6m.

1. Real Madrid £439m.


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