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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Pics: Funny post!


  1. Hehehehe Carina don come again with her funny post.

  2. Carina dear listen let me tell you, if you are planning to kill me this year with laughter, you fail, hahahhahaahahhaa Pic 3 really kill me!

    dear keep it flowing....*smiles*

  3. Lol
    Ribena purple and cockroach brown
    U go fear combination

  4. Heheheeeee! She is at it again... Cracking my ribs.
    Well done.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  5. Hahaha,the second to the last pix is so me!!!

  6. Stand up for Carina... She aff come again ooo! The 4th, 5th and last killed me

  7. Colour codes of wedding, that ish is something else

    Love 3 and 4

    Chincobee’s Blog

  8. Very funny post. Thanks for compiling it for us. :)keep sharing.

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