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(Season 1) Title: GENEVIEVE COLE. E2

For episode 1,click False Identity                                                                                                             
Episode 2 Title: The Woman In The Swimming Pool. ( part 1)
The new director continued, “There will be changes and errors to be corrected. I want all of you to act as family. With time, all of you will get to know me better. If anyone wants to talk to me personally, my door is always open for that. I am glad to be here and I look forward to work with everyone. God bless!”

The detectives clapped their hands except Genevieve Cole. She was pissed at him and felt guilty for treating her new boss bleakly.

He ended the quick meeting and informed them to go home and rest. The detectives rose up and went to their various offices. Genevieve bit her lower lip; her mind was not at rest. She wanted to know the motive of the new director. She excused herself from her colleagues, Leroy and Jasmine were tidying up their desk, prepared to leave. Oscar was helping Genevieve write a report on the case a boyfriend murdered his girlfriend.

Genevieve stepped out from her office and faced the direction to meet her new boss. A male detective approached her before she got close to the office doorstep.

“Detective Genevieve Cole,” he said. A very tall man, he had a big nose. He works at the Domestic violence section. ”How are you?”

She flashed an earnest smile at him. “I’m fine. And how are you doing detective Abu?”

“I’m good. It’s been a while we saw each other even though we work in the same building.”

“You know we are always busy. I just finished a murder case.”

“I heard the murderer was arrested.”

“Yes,” she said. “What have you been up to?”

“I am trying to handle my younger sister’s case who is a victim of domestic violence. The problem now is that she doesn’t want me to do it my way.”

Her eyebrows slanted. “What do you mean?” she asked in a puzzled expression.

“She always wants me to advise her husband not to beat her. Even if I do, she still end up with a broken nose and bruised body.”

“This is serious. You need to do something about it before it is too late. You cannot always agree to what she says because she does not want her husband to face the law. It’s either she leaves now or regret it later. You have to teach her husband a lesson before he can realize what he is doing is cruel.”

“Thanks detective,” Abu said. “I appreciate the advice. I will see her during the weekend and discuss what I will do to her husband.”

“That’s better.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Genevieve responded with a smile and shook his hands. He walked away from her and she went towards the director’s doorway. She knocked twice before he spoke.

“Come in.” She opened the door and Quincy Harvey stared at her surprised. He sat down with a mug of hot coffee in his right hand. “I thought you have gone home.”

“Is this a joke?” she asked and sauntered towards his table without seating down.

He did a double look at her and dropped the cup. “What is that supposed to mean?”

She bit her lower lip before she answered. “Did you know I was a detective before you approached me?”

Quincy gave a low laugh and shook his head. He peered into her eyes and wore a straight face. “No.”

She rubbed her forehead and peered into his eyes too. “Why should I believe you?”

“I never knew you were a detective or detective Genevieve Cole,” he said. “I thought you were a banker or an accountant.”

Genevieve shook her head repeatedly. “I don’t know why I do not believe you.”

He rose up majestically. “You can believe and think whatever you like,” Quincy said angrily. “If I had known you were detective Genevieve Cole I heard about, I would not have approached you like that. When I arrived, I thought the female detective with the low cut was you. I knew you were detective Genevieve when I saw your picture and your name on your desk when I went to meet the homicide detectives in the office before the meeting. ”

“And who told you about me?” she asked.

“Your old boss.” He replied and sat down.

“Uncle Freddie?”

“I knew him as Freddie Arinze.”

She bowed down her head. “That’s his name. I address him as Uncle because we were very close. He was like a father to me.”

He beamed and his handsome face brightened. “You were like a daughter to him too.”

She raised her head with a questionable expression on her attractive face. “Did he tell you?”

“Whenever we spoke on phone, he always talked about you.”

Genevieve could not hold her emotion. She covered her face; she did not want her boss to watch her cry.

He stayed immovable on his chair. “I am sorry for your loss. You should be strong.”

She took a white handkerchief on his table and wiped the tears. She looked at him in the eyes. “If you two talked like you said, why didn't you come to his burial? I never saw someone like you there on that day.”

Quincy shrugged. “I was not in the country at that time.”

She sniffed her nose. “I will drop the report on the case I handled with my colleagues first thing tomorrow morning.”

He shook his head. “Don’t do that.”


“Like I said, there will be changes. Any case investigated will be reported to me verbally.”

She gazed at him stunned! “You mean we will have to discuss about the case to you in words?”

“That is exactly what I said.” he replied with a stern tone.

If she had the power to beat him up like a child, she would. Genevieve new boss vexed her extremely. She visualized him as an overconfident maniac and a discourteous human being. Talking and discussing on a case with him almost every day could tear her apart! She knew exactly what to do. Whenever Genevieve has a case, she would make she sure drag all the homicide detectives with her. At least, one of them will give him the report. She does not have to speak with him.

“Why are you smiling?” Quincy asked.

Genevieve never knew there was a smile on her face as she thought of her plan. She immediately put on a serious expression. “Nothing sir.” She wanted to sound professional.

“You can tell me about the case now or are you in a hurry to leave?”

The detective already knew she had no plans to talk to him the next day. She narrated everything to her boss.

“Okay,” he said with no hint of commendation. “You can go now.”

Genevieve frowned, turned to leave and whispered. “Big-headed pr**k.”

“What did you say?” he asked.

“I said goodnight!” she responded with a loud voice, unlocked the door and closed it gently.

Quincy winked a one sided on  on his lips. He took his cup of cold coffee and sipped. He heard her perfectly well. There was no need to query her for calling him a ‘bigheaded pr**k, it will only make matter worse. His smile turned into a grin. He liked her, he could not stop thinking about the way she talked, smiled, cried and insulted him. If he showed he cared, she may use his weakness against him. Quincy Harvey really liked Genevieve Cole.
Detective Cole went back to check on her coworkers, they had gone home. She carried her pistol from her drawer and kept it inside her handbag. She left the building and walked to where she parked her car. She drove away and got home at 6:23pm. Genevieve was very hungry and wanted a quick food.  She prepared noodles and fried eggs for dinner.

Later, she watched her favorite television channel Telemundo. Her favorite series were ‘My Eternal and Tomorrow belongs to me’. She wanted the love to be real but the reminder of her past, constantly changed  her thoughts. Uncle Freddie was the only one who knew about her past and secrets. Whenever she felt downhearted, he was there to listen to her. He was no more and there was no one on earth that understood her more than him. She honestly missed him. After she changed the channel to watch some new musical videos, she romanced her bed and slept.

The next day, Genevieve Cole arrived at her office with a cheerful face. She wore a grey blazers, white inner,  black pants and brown heels.  

She carried a portable brown leather handbag that contained her gun, phone, wallet and a small knife. She greeted Oscar, Leroy and Jasmine as she entered and sat down in her office.

“How is Yvonne?” she asked after Oscar’s six years old daughter.

“She’s fine and in school at the moment.” he replied with a wide smile. He was a single father, living with his only child and an aged nanny. “I hope you have not forgotten what you promised her?”

“No, I will visit her on Sunday.”

“We will be expecting you.”

She gave a faint smile. For some hours there was nothing important to do. Jasmine brought up the ongoing beef between Tuface and blackface. Genevieve was not interested in celebrity gossip; it was certainly not her thing. She went through her phone to call the only family member she acknowledged, her late mother’s younger sister. She dialed her number but it was unreachable.

At noon, Leroy asked Genevieve to follow him for a stroll. She agreed.

“I came to the office very early today,” he said to her. “I heard something, maybe it’s a rumor, I don’t really know.”

“What is it?”

“A detective in the child abuse department said the new boss is likely to partner all the detectives.”

She looked at him surprised. “What kind of a man did they give us? Who told him we are complaining working alone? There's no need because we all work together sometimes.”

Detective Leroy laughed and rubbed his grey hair. “Maybe he thinks that’s the best way.”

“I like working with the three of you and it might be a rumor.”

“What if its true detective Cole?” he asked.

“I really don’t know,” she replied. “However, we are four homicide detectives. If it is true, I hope he pairs me up with you. Jasmine and Oscar fits each other, they are single and should work together and mingle.”

He laughed again. “You are amusing detective Cole. I will really love it if you become my partner.”

“Me too.” Genevieve said. They decided to go back and have lunch at the bureau diner. She ate white rice and stew with fried beef, he had beans and fried plantain. They showered down the food with chilled water.

When they finished and went back to their office, the two of them faces transformed into a worrisome one when they noticed the sad faces of two workfellows they saw outside the director’s office.

“Please what’s going on?” she asked them.

“We are waiting for detective Abu,” one of them replied. “He is with the boss to let him know he lost a family member that was killed today.”

“What!” she exclaimed. “Don’t tell me it is his sister?!”

“Yes it is. How did you know?”

She did not bother to answer but knock on the door and entered.

“Good afternoon sir,”’ she greeted Quincy and faced Abu. “I heard what happened. I am very sorry.”

“Thank you detective Genevieve Cole.” he said with a solemn tone.

She turned her gaze to her boss. “I want to investigate the case.”

Abu spoke instead. “That is why I am still here trying to convince him to give you the case.”

Genevieve looked at him. “I don’t understand.”

“He wants to handover the case to detective Jasmine.”

“Please, I really want the case.” She begged Quincy.

“Why?” he asked and carried a long sheet on his table. 

“Yesterday, Detective Abu and I discussed about his younger sister going through domestic violence.”

“And who is your number one suspect?”

“The victim’s husband,” she replied.

“You have the case but I want you to work with detective Jasmine.”

“What about detective Leroy?”

“I want to see talk to him about something important. Inform detective Oscar to make arrangements to take the victim’s body to the medical examiner that owns a lab.”

“That’s doctor Ibinabo,” she said and faced Abu. ”Is the body still in her husband’s house?”

“Yes. The husband called me on the phone about her sudden death. She died inside a swimming pool.”

“She drowned?” Genevieve asked in a surprised tone.

“Yes.” Abu responded with a sad tone. “He said the gateman was the first to see her and entered the water to bring her out. You will know all the details when you get there.”

“That’s means his finger prints will be all over her body.” Harvey said.

“I have to go there now and see what I can do to find the murderer.” She touched Abu’s back. “I am sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you.”                                                                                                                            
Genevieve informed Oscar about calling doctor Ibinabo. She left with Jasmine to investigate the woman found dead inside her swimming pool.
I arrived at the victim’s house with detective Jasmine. The gateman opened the gate for us and the first thing I looked was his facial expression. There was no hint of happiness. His uniform was a bit wet. He took us to the left side of the house where the pool and the victim was. The body was covered with a blue wrapper and her husband sat close to her weeping. He raised his head to look at us and quickly stood up on his feet. One thing I noticed was the color of his eyes. They were red.

“Welcome detectives.” he said in an unhappy tone. “I am Mr. Obim.”

I introduced Jasmine and myself to him. My coworker gave me white gloves to wear. I wore them, squatted and removed the cloth to study the victim. Her blouse was torn and bruises on her hands. I covered the body and stood to talk to the bereaved.

“Did your wife know how to swim?”

Mr. Obim shook his head to reply.

“You should know you are our number one suspect?"

He widened his eyes. “I did not kill my wife!  I am innocent detectives. I know we had issues but I will never do such a thing to her, I loved her!”

“If you loved your wife,” Jasmine spoke. “She would not have been a victim of domestic violence.”

“I was wrong for that but I did not kill my wife.”

“Did she ever retaliate whenever you beat her?” I asked in a composed manner.

“No, she never fought back.”

“Well, she fought with her killer.”

“Why would you say that detective Genevieve?” Jasmine asked.

“Her blouse was torn and the bruises appeared recent. Maybe she fought a woman.”

“Does that mean I am no longer a suspect?” Mr. Obim asked.

“No.” I gave him a straight answer. “How many of you live in this house?”


“And they are?”

“My late wife, cook, housekeeper, gateman and myself.”

“What about your children?” Jasmine asked.
He face fell. “My wife and I don’t have children and I have to be honest with you detectives. The reason I was always beating my wife was that she mocks me whenever we quarrel. I have low sperm count but the doctor said it could be corrected. I have been taking drugs for two years but she could not get pregnant.”

I asked, “Your house keeper and cook, are they women?”


“I have to see them.” He called the gateman to call them from inside. They came outside with tears on their faces. I ordered the security man to wait and answer some questions. I faced Mr. Obim. “How come you never heard your wife fight? I mean she must have screamed when she fell inside the water. Her killer knew she could not swim and used that as a motive to kill.”

“How come you never heard anything?” Jasmine asked Mr. Obim.

“I was in my room sleeping. Everyone close to me knows whenever am at home during the week I always listen to music. I never heard anything until my gateman screamed and entered into my house to alert me.”

“You did not lock your entrance door?” I asked. “And why did you not go to work?”

“It was locked.” He replied. “My gateman came inside my house through the kitchen door leading outside. To answer your second question, I lost my job a week ago.”

“It seems your wife came through the kitchen door but for what? She can’t swim and I wondered what brought her here.”

                       “Sometimes she comes to the pool side to relax,” the housekeeper said. "She comes here to read her Bible." 

I looked around and saw nothing. I faced the cook and noticed the index finger on her right hand wrapped with cotton wool and bandage. 

“What happened to your finger?”

“I cut my finger in the morning when I was cutting some ingredients.”

Mr. Obim touched her at the back. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he noticed my eyes were fixed on him and he quickly removed it.

“I am okay sir,” she replied. “I went to the chemist.”

I asked the victim’s husband. “After your gateman raised an alarm what did you do?”

“I went to check if my wife was still breathing but there was no response.”

“Who was the last person to enter the house?”

“The cook.”

“Where did you go to?” I asked her.

“My madam sent me to the market to buy some foodstuffs.”

“What about you?” I queried the quiet housekeeper.

“I took permission from my madam to visit my family.”

“That means your family can testify you came.”

The housekeeper scratched her head. “No ma.”


“I did not meet them at home.”

“Didn’t you call to inform them you were coming?” Jasmine asked.

“I am innocent,” she said and was about to cry. “I am innocent.”

I said to her, “You did not answer my colleague. “Did you not tell them you were coming to visit?”

“No ma,” she replied. “My battery was low and I don’t have to call for me to see them.”

“That means you have no alibi.”

She shook her head and had a teary look on her face.

“Where were you when your madam was killed?” I asked the gateman.

“Mr. Obim sent me to buy newspaper for him. He told me to keep the paper with him because he wanted to sleep. I decided to play with my friends who came to buy paper too.”

I became confused. I thought for few seconds and decided to take their phone numbers and call them whenever as I investigate the case. I handed my phone to the cook, she gently took it with her right hand and punched her number with her thumb. Mr. Obim, housekeeper and the gateman also gave me their numbers. I informed them I was leaving with my partner. We heard a sound from a car, we went outside, and we saw it was the paramedics. They came to take the body to the medical examiner.

I was about to enter my car with Jasmine when she asked me a question.

“Are we going to leave just like that?”

“Do you have evidence to say who the killer is?”

“I know there is no evidence but there must be suspects.”

“Who are your suspects?” I asked.

“All of them.” She replied with a frown on her face. “I don’t trust them at all.”

“Well, I need to think about this and put two and two together for me to concentrate on the actual killer or killers and get evidence. I will call doctor Ibinabo to do a thorough check on the victim. Maybe we miss something that can lead us to her killer because she fought with the person. Her blouse cannot tear just like that. Also, all of their clothes they wore are intact.”

“What do we tell the boss?”

I had no intention to talk with him. “You will tell him everything,” I said. “There is something not right and I will make sure the killer is found." We entered inside my car. 

"I hope we can crack the case." Jasmine said as I turned on the ignition. "Finding evidence will be difficult."

”We will find the evidence, “I said. “This is absolutely a murder case.”

The conclusion  (Part 2) will be posted on Wednesday by 8pm.

Who do you suspect? Mr. Obim, housekeeper, cook, gateman or all of them? 


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  2. I suspect Mr Obim and the cook,I also think they are having an affair

  3. I don't trust the victim's husband. I don't believe his story. He was the only one at one. Genevieve cannot hide from her boss nah, what if he questions her about the case. She makes me laugh

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  6. Kudos carina,I love this story.

  7. Hmm who do I suspect? If you ask me na who I go ask. I suspect them all.

  8. To me, everyone of them is a suspect

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  9. The cook had a motive to kill MRS obim coS She is having an affair with her husband.

    Hmmm but the killer can be anyone

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