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Short Story: LADIES MAN.

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It was six o’clock in the evening, I rushed to get dressed in a red satin gown. It revealed my sleek adoringly legs. I crushed my lips with red lipstick, fell my long curly hair down my well-shaped shoulders. The color of my white earrings matched my purse and high heels.This was not February 14 or a date with my boyfriend. I, Ngozi had plans to hang out at 7:30pm with my tall and handsome brother and two of my female friends. I cross checked the mirror to make sure the cosmetics glittered all over my face was moderate and not wild. I wanted to appear decent and pleasing to my crush at the restaurant I planned to meet my pals.

I checked for my blackberry phone inside my purse and brought it out to ping my brother, Nathan and ask him to arrive at our destination on time. He assured me he was already on his way there.

“Have you called your friends?” he asked through blackberry messenger.

“They are on their way.” I replied him.

I ended the chat, returned my phone and grabbed my car key on my bed. I informed my housekeeper that I will be coming late and she should not bother to wait for me. I took my spare key to my house along with me.

I am twenty eight year old business woman who sells designer men and women shoes, bags and wrist watches. I became independent at the age of twenty-four. I rented a good apartment, bought a Toyota rav4 jeep and lived a lavished life. My lover was also rich and he spoiled me with good money.  

The one thing I know I lacked is true love and I am searching for it in the gentleman at the restaurant. He works there as a waiter and the few times I have seen him, he is always caressing his lips with full smiles. He was polite, his voice loud and clear, his legs straight, sexy eyes, tall, has broad chest and a muscular man. He is a ladies man.

I am certain he has toasters, admirers from single women and even the married ones. I am sure he was not a flirt because I remember hearing a conversation between him and his manger one day. He was complaining my new crush, the man I wanted all to myself was always fond of reading bible during his free time. I wondered what a good-looking dude was doing in sure a place. His kind of job was below him. I promised myself to brush him up when I have him as my lover.

I entered my vehicle, turned on the ignition and drove away. I arrived on time and none of my pals where in sight. I looked for a comfortable place to sit down my tired ass and wait for them. I dropped my purse and car key on top of the table. I searched around with my eyes to find my future man but all I could see were boring faces.

A slim and short female waiter approached me for what I wanted. I informed her I was waiting for my friends and I only needed a glass of water. She left and came back with a glass of chilled water. I described the male waiter for her and asked if he was around. 

She say yes.

“Ever since I have been coming here,” I said to her in a serene tone. “I still don’t know his name.”

“He’s name is Carson.” She told me.

I tipped a one thousand naira note to her, that he should be the one to take our orders when my friends arrived. She grinned, agreed and left. I took a long sip from my water and set it down before I sighted my friends Sandra and Tope, they walked to my direction, and we hugged each other and sat down.

“Are you here for a romantic dinner?” Tope teased me.

“Romantic dinner?” I asked, pretending to be surprised by her question. “No ooo.”

“But you are dressed as if you have a date with your boyfriend.”

“Can’t I look good again?”

Tope sighed and looked at Sandra. “You won’t say anything abi?”

“What do you want me to say madam?” she questioned. “There’s nothing bad in her outfit.”

“I am not saying there is something bad, I just feel she’s overdressed.”
“I am not ooo.” I said. “Abeg free me.”

Tope gave me a side eye. “Are you sure you did not dress because of that waiter you like?”

I gave her an angry look.

“Haba!” Sandra uttered. “Is it because she told us about it?”

“I wonder! It’s now a crime to tell you my secret abi?”

Tope smiled at me. “I am not saying is a crime. I only want the truth. The three of us knows he is handsome and most ladies come here because of his looks. Their food here is not really good.”

“I am also suspecting you of liking this guy.” Sandra said to her.

“Leave me jor. You are talking as if you don’t like him too.”

I pointed at them. “So una like the guy?”

I received no answer.

“You two should back-off because I am asking for his number today. I want to ask him out.”

“What about your boyfriend?” Tope asked. “The both of you are perfect together.”

“The ladies’ man is perfect for me.”

“I wish you success ooo,” she said. “I can never ask a guy out. I can only admire from a distance.”

“Na you sabi!”

Because of our argument, we did not know when my brother came towards us. His voice halted us from arguing further.

“What are you girls talking about?” he asked and sat down by my right side.

“Nothing important.” I said.

“You look good Ngozi.”

“Thank you Nathan.”

He greeted Tope and Sandra too.

Before I could say anything, the man I desired sauntered towards us with a dazzling smile. He was dressed in their usual white shirt and brown pants. Still, he was looking dashing. My eyes could not leave his smooth face.

He asked for what we wanted to eat and left us.

“I still wonder why a cute guy like that should be working here?” Nathan said.

“Maybe he didn’t go to school.” Tope quickly said.
“But he can go back to school when the right money comes.” I said. 

“Someone with that kind of physique should be a model and he will make it.”

I touched his left hand gently. “Do you know anyone that can help him?”


I kept my mouth shut from saying anything. I did not want my brother to know I was secretly in love with Carson. Sandra brought up a discussion about Olamide and Don Jazzy. She was in support of the don but Tope, Nathan and I supported Olamide. Don jazzy should never have mentioned his name. However, Olamide should not have used those harsh words on twitter but it was the result of anger. No one is above mistake.

My Mr. charming and another male waiter approached us with our food, drinks and they left. As we ate, we talked about the winners at the Headies awards and how it came as a surprise to see Rekeedo Banks as the winner for the Next rated.

“It would have been better if Kiss Daniel won.” Nathan said. “Wahala for no start.”

“I wanted Cynthia Morgan to win.” I said.

“I was hoping Lil Kesh won.” Sandra said. “I even dreamt he won the award.”

We laughed.

“But we all know Don jazzy favors Rekeedo banks to Koredo Bello.”

“Me no nor that one ooo.” I said.

“Na dem sabi jor.” Tope said.

After we finished eating, we decided to still sit dpwn and rest before going to a pepper soup joint. Carson came back to pack the plates and as he was about to leave, I spoke to him.

“Please I would like to talk to you.”

He gave a weak smile. “Okay ma.”

“What do you want to see him for?” Nathan asked after Carson left us.

“It’s none of your business.”

He shook his head and rested his back on the chair. Tope was going through her phone and Sandra was busy with a toothpick. We waited for ten minutes when my brother became impatient.

“I thought the waiter boy should be here by now?” he asked gazing at my direction.

“I really don’t know what’s keeping him.” I said and looked around for him. I saw the female waiter I gave money to, she was holding a piece of paper. I stayed relaxed as she neared us with a cheerful face.

Maybe he is shy, maybe he is sending a message to me, I thought.  I became confused when she walked pass me and said,

“The waiter that served you said I should give you this.” She handed over the paper to my brother. She walked away from us and I hurriedly grabbed the paper to read.

‘Hey handsome! I am in love with you. Please call me. 08077777777’

Nathan, Tope and Sandra asked me what was written on it, I stared at them with my jaw dropped, my heart shattered and dumbfounded.
The end.


  1. Verry busy! Brb to read!!!

  2. Carina, dis is a recent story, dey discussed headies awards. I like it. Welldone

    Topmost Tree

  3. Oops! She was falling In love with a gay man. Eyah

  4. Hahahahahahahaha...End time crush
    He threw them off guard, Ngozi especially.Moral of the story "there is more to what than meets the eye"

  5. Hahahahahahahaha...End time crush
    He threw them off guard, Ngozi especially.Moral of the story "there is more to what than meets the eye"

  6. I can imagine her disappointment. All the time spent on make up and the free tips she gave to the other lady. Hahaahhaahahahahahahahahaha

  7. Hehehehe
    all fine bobo are turning to gayiSm

    Btw I wanted korede bello or kiSS Daniel to win jare.


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