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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Please, I will be back to blogging fully on Saturday....

I'm currently in Kano. I have not settled down completely. Please be patient with me! The next Episode for Genevieve Cole Series, E7: (Who Poisoned Senator Yusuf Ibrahim?) will be posted on Saturday by 6pm on the dot. Thanks!


  1. Kano? Thank God for journey mercy. Waiting for you dear..

  2. Ok dear! Thank God for a safe trip. Waiting patiently.

  3. Safe journey mami, bring goodies o

  4. been a while here, surely I hv misd a lot too, stay safe in Kano n be back blogging soonest...

    #2025 will birth #2428

  5. madam Carina, it is 8:42pm already ooo nd no post as u promised.

  6. Almost Sunday and no post yet...:) Hope all is well with you my dear? Your blog is beautiful, Keep it up!


  7. Carina....hope all is well,safe in kano....


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