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Monday, March 14, 2016

Non-fiction Story Of A Blog Reader....

I received this mail in the afternoon. This is my first time of receiving this kind of mail! Please read and advice her because this one pass me. Blog reader is disturbed!!

Good morning CKJ. I am one of your readers n I came across your blog through a link from facebook. I really enjoy your fiction stories and other of your post. Over to why I am writing u. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years now.he will be 31 years this year.Everytin was goin on smoothly until his female cousin came from Ghana. We are the same age (24) Ever since then I have been disturbed and restless because they r very close to a fault. Anytin he wants to buy she will be the first person to give her opinion. Whenever am around, when she goes out and come back, he kisses her on the lips! He goes about naked in front of her. Haba!I couldn't take it anymore when he knew she was bathing n still went ahead to meet her because he wanted to ask her a question. He has been calling for the past one week why I have refused to visit him. Plz advice me, u can share it with your readers to advice me.Tank u.

My reply: I am sorry for what you are going through in your relationship. You should not have stopped visiting him but talk to him about the closeness with his cousin. Going naked in front of her is strange considering his age! He is no longer a kid! He should have waited for her to have her bath. Na wah! If you talk with him and your boyfriend insist he can't change and there is nothing wrong in it, run and don't look back!!!!


  1. Ck I luv ur stories always looking forward to it. My first comment on this blog. @poster How sure are u that they are cousin? if truly they are cousin probably they don't c anything wrong in what they do, I think u should talk to ur bf about it first.

    1. Thanks pretty Ayo.
      Thank you for taking your time to advise her and same goes to the others for commenting. *hugs*

  2. my cousins do d same... my female cousin dresses up in front of her half brother, she doesn't see anyfing wrng in it... u can ask him first and see his reaction. they might nt be cousins

  3. If you end up to marry him,u won't enjoy him because of his closeness with his so called cousin.if he sees nothing wrong it in,move on with your life.

  4. Hello lady....hope you are enjoying ckj blog...I told you,...you are gonna love all are stories there is never a dull moment in this blog house...as for the question dear, you just have to confront him are you sure they are real cousin,there should be limit to some things,move on.."life anagaga".

  5. Is it until you catch them on the bed you will know they might be gbensing. Ask him and if he continue his ways with her, break bottle on their heads. Na play I dey o before miss cute will come after me. Where is she sef? Poster you should discuss it and if he does not change, pick race and run like usain bolt

  6. Hmmmm! Have you confronted him about this unethical behaviour? This is sooo wrong at all levels. If indeed they are truly cousins, incest is amidst. Please tell him how you feel, if there is no change, flee. You deserve better.

  7. God help you poster. There is more to what than meets the eye. Pls use ur brain here and don't be swayed by them being "cousins"..u don't need a seer to explain tinz to u,its too much when two adults sees each other's nakedness. Pls run and don't u dare look Back!!!
    Ck I like ur response n d blue ink thingy..lol similar to SDK style.

  8. A quick question to @ blog reader.....all d things U complained abt(walking around naked/meeting d "cousing" at d bathroom,did he use to do it wit U bfr she came? Plus,was he fond of talking abt her often,coz if they r dat close I think,her name sud oftenly come up...if ur answers are no then U need to get some space and privacy to talk with/to him.stay strong.

    1. smart reply. If he doesnt do it when you are around then something is wrong! I cnt even stand men that can walk abt with their dick, the sight must be gory.


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