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Saturday, April 02, 2016

How Can You Not Like Meat Pie?! Lol

I hope this post will put a smile on your face! Hehehehe
I went to an eatery yesterday to buy some snacks. A cheerful looking waiter asked me what I wanted. I told her and she turned her back to get what I ordered. A couple came forward to place their orders too. The woman wanted fried rice and chicken (I am not an amebo ooo, they were loud and I could hear them perfectly well). Her partner asked her if she wanted Meat pie too.
Her response, “You know I don’t like meat pie nah. I prefer sausage roll or egg roll.”

AH! HABA!! She is the first person I have met that does not like that specific snack. In a well-prepared and 'classic' meat pie, you will see potato, minced meat, onions, carrot, sauce component. A correct meat pie is succulent and as you bite and chew, it will salivate down your throat, down to your belly. You can top it with a cup/bowl of ice cream (chocolate or vanilla flavor) or a cold drink.

I wanted to ask her why she does not like such beauty(yes! Meat pie is beautiful) but na poke nose or over sabi she go call me. I jejely dey my lane.

The female waiter came and gave me my two meat pies and chicken burger. I had a chilled bottle of Maltina at home to spice it up! Yummy!

When people see the quantity of food I eat, they stare at me shocked. They could ask, how come you are fleshy with this little amount of food? I reply, 'junk food' (I will reduce it sha). Yes, I prefer snacks to food. I can eat a plate of rice once a day and I will be satisfied but when it involves meat pie, I can eat it as breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I go to different eateries just because I want to have a taste of their meat pie. Sincerely, there are so many good fast food joints but Mr. Biggs makes the better meat pie till date. I don’t know how they do it but their meat pie taste the same! Just forget the fact that they have many branches in this country. How do they do it sef?

Eating meat pie is the beginning of soul purification. Lol

How can you not like tasty MEAT PIE? Don’t you have conscience?! Hehehe


  1. Hahahahahahaha! Meat pie kor, meat pie noni. You make me laugh

  2. This post made me laugh!
    CARINA!! How can you always put your readers in suspense with your fiction stories? Don't you have conscience?

  3. I'm nt really a fan of meat pie only of d pastry is more dan d filling but I can eat sausage rolls d whole day...hehe

  4. I don't like meat pie like you o. I do like it but I still prefer food! One man's choice, is another man's poison.

  5. I don't know when I ate it last either as am not even a fan of it....

    Carina, many people out there don't like it as well...


  6. lol. Carina u are funny, some people don't like it becos of d filling. Me like meat pie tho.

  7. Carina too love meatpie ooo... see d way she dey give am praise name like say na important food.. I'm nt really a fan of meatpie

  8. Lmao! Love me some meat pie any day or time, the love has been there right from childhood when other children would rather have cakes. Now the craving has begun...


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