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(Season 2): GENEVIEVE COLE. E6

Where is Vivian, Miss Cute, Butter Scotch, Iphy, Mizz Tee, Amariee, Nma Sweet Dee....? I hail una ooo
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Episode 6 Title: Letting It Out.
My head felt like it wanted to explode to pieces. I grabbed my car keys on my table and ran out of the office to where I parked my car. I knew some persons were following me but I never looked back to check. Akin ran to stand in front of me.

“You have not asked me the name of the hospital!”

“What’s the name?”

“It’s a private hospital close to his house. I think its Martins private hospital.”

“I know the place.” I said and unlocked the door of my car to get inside. Leroy grabbed me by my right arm. “What’s the meaning of this?!”

“Where do you think you are going to like that?”

“What’s that supposed to mean detective Leroy!”

He released my arm and opened his palm. “Give me the key to your car.” He demanded.

“Why?” I asked in a puzzled and mad tone. I was not happy with his sudden behavior. It was very strange and annoying.

“I will drive you there myself!”

“I can drive!!” I yelled at him for the first time in my life. It hurts but at this moment, it was the right thing to do.

“You can’t drive in this condition. I cannot allow you do that. I will drive you there safely.”

I knew my hands were shaking because of the news. I was very scared and I was not thinking straight.

Jasmine spoke. “Please give him the key. It’s not safe for you to drive, let someone drive you there.”

“Are you not going?”

“I have a case with detective Oscar. We will be going there and will check on the director when we are through. I know the hospital and call me when you get there to let us know the condition.”

I pressed my lips and said to her. “I will.”

“The key!” Leroy uttered. I had no choice but to handle the key to him. I walked to open the passenger’s door and sat down. I was panicking inside. Leroy got in and Akin opened the back door to join us.

 As my coworker drove, I turned my back to speak with detective Akin. “Do you know the condition of the boss?”

“I have no idea right now.” he replied. “The doctor called me to let me know he was shot.”

“He never told you if it was critical?”


I turned to look at my front view and closed my eyes. I unclosed them after few seconds and tears littered my face. “It’s my fault this happened.”

“What are you talking about?” Leroy asked as he drove. “How can you say it’s your fault.”

“You won’t understand.”

“Tell me what is going on so that I can understand!”

Akin said to me, “You need to pull yourself together. Wipe your tears, do not put the blame on yourself. Let’s reach the hospital and find out the condition of the boss before taking the next step.”

“What if something bad happens?” I whispered to myself. “What will happen to me?”

“Nothing bad will happen detective Cole,” Leroy said. “Stop talking this way.”

“If we had left the house together, he would not have been shot. For the past few days, we hardly spoke to each other. Because of my stupid pride, I could not make up with him. I should have done that two days ago. I waited today and now this is happening. I should be blamed for this!” I covered my face with both hands. The tears would not stop crawling.


“Let her be.” Leroy hushed Akin to finish his sentence. “The only thing we have to do to help her from accusing herself of what happened to the boss, is to pray. We have to pray he survives it.”

I removed my hands and looked at him.

He stared at me and smiled faintly. “All will be well. I believe.”

I jumped out from the vehicle as we arrived at the hospital. I didn’t wait for my colleagues but hiked inside the building. I speedily walked to a female nurse at the reception to ask for Quincy Harvey. Her facial expression was not helpful. There was no smile on her lips or gleam on her face.

“Please a doctor from this hospital called that a friend of mine was shot. “How is he?”

“I am unaware about your patient because I am not the one who made the call. We have two gunshot patients and one of them is dead.”

Fear, sorrow rocked my body hard. I put my hands on my head and burst out in loud sobs. “Please tell me it’s not Quincy!” I uttered as tears fell from my eyes.

“I can’t say for now. Let me confirm.” She sauntered away and left me alone. Two hands grabbed me, I looked at the person holding me from falling on the ground, and it was Leroy. I pushed him. “Get away from me!”

“What’s the boss condition?” Akin requested. I told him what the nurse said. Leroy gazed at me with stunned eyes. He appeared to be dazed by the way I reacted when he tried to console me.

Akin touched me gently and I cried in his arms. “I pray he’s not the one." he said. "The boss is a fighter. He will fight for his life."

The female nurse that attended to me came with a very tall man. They approached us.

“I am doctor Ola,” the tall man said. “Are you here for Mr. Quincy Harvey?”

“Yes.” The three of us chorused impatiently.

“How is he?” I quickly asked.

“He is doing okay.” He replied with a smile on his lips. I inhaled out of relief. Leroy came towards my side and hugged me. I felt bad for treating him awful.

The doctor added, he pointed at me. “Are you Genevieve Cole?”

I nodded sharply.

“The patient wants to see you in private. I am sure he will see the rest later. When you see him, ask him what he wants to eat.”

“Okay doc.”

“He will need to take some drugs very soon to ease the pain.”

“I hope his condition is not severe?” Leroy asked.

“It's not. He was shot by the left side of his neck, as he drove in his car. It only got a small portion of his flesh. I am certain the target was his head. The shooter was unable to penetrate the bullet into him.”

“It means the bullet did not enter him entirely.”

“No. It went through the right glass of his vehicle according to eye witnesses.”

“Were they able to see the shooter?”


“I am happy he was able to survive it.”

“Thank God.” Akin finally spoke.

“You should take me to see him.” I said to the doctor. Doctor Ola called the nurse to escort me to meet Quincy. I left the two men and followed the nurse. When we got there, she opened the door for me and left. I entered and saw Quincy seated on the bed, his left side of the neck was bandaged. I raced and clutched my arms around him happily. He laughed and touched his neck.

“Ouch, it hurts.”

I released him from my embrace. “Sorry.” I said and chuckled lightly. “I am so happy to see you are okay!” I sat down beside him.

“I was very lucky. The doctor called your number first but you did not pick.”

“I am very sorry.” I said. “It was inside my drawer.” I checked my pocket and realized I did not bring it along with me.

“I still don’t understand what is going on,” Quincy said. “Why did they come after me?”

I sighed and rose up to stand in front of him. “I know why they are after you.”

He raised his left eyebrow. “How did you know?”

I told him Oscar had found out about his real identity. He stared at me taken aback for what I told him. 

“You don’t mean it.”

“The three of them knows you are Freddie Arinze’s son.”

“I am sure one of them told the master minder about my identity. They must have suspected we are investigating the case together. Julius case will prove to them we are trying to find the truth about who actually murdered my father.”

“I think so.” I sat down back and held his left hand. “Did you see anything before the shooting?”

“Before I was shot, I noticed a red Passat car following me behind. It never occurred to me the men inside the vehicle followed to assassinate me. Before I knew what was happening, the driver drove in speed and passed me with another man wearing a cap at the passenger’s seat pointing a gun at me.”

“You are lucky to be alive.”

“Very lucky,” he said in a calm tone. “I am sure if it were to be a professional assassin, I will be a dead man by now.”

“You said who shot you was wearing a cap,” I said. “Don’t you think it might be the same person you saw close to the prison building?”

“I can’t say he was the one that shot me. I did not see his face clearly.”

“Detective Leroy and Akin are at the reception.”

Quincy blinked his eyes before he asked, “Leroy came with you?”

I nodded as a reply.

“What about detective Oscar and Jasmine?”

“They have a case to tackle. What about your car?”

“Someone helped me to take it to the mechanic workshop.” He answered. “I will hold an impromptu meeting with all the detectives at the office tomorrow morning.”

“I can’t allow you go to the office, you have to heal!”

“I am fine Genny,” he said and smiled at me. It weakened my legs. “I only need to rest tonight. The doctor will discharge me in the evening. He wants to monitor my blood pressure. I will only be coming for dressing twice in a week.”

“Why do you want to hold an unplanned meeting?” I questioned him.

“My identity is revealed between the three of them,” he replied. “I have to let the others know. The two of us are not safe anymore. We have to always, be at alert. The enemy does not want to allow us find answers.”

“I know and I will be very careful. I also want to apologize for my recent actions towards you few days ago. I am deeply sorry.”

Quincy grinned. “Apology accepted Genny. I should apologize for the awful things I said to you that day inside my car. You don’t have to be blood related to my father, he saw you as his family.”

“Thank you.” I requested what he wanted to eat so I could go to an eatery. He wanted white rice, vegetable and dry fish. I hugged him lightly and left to meet the other detectives. Leroy insisted we go together. Akin went to meet Quincy.

On the way, as Leroy drove, his face appearance was masked with unhappiness. “I need to be candid with you, I am not happy with you detective Cole.”

“Why?” I asked. I was not surprised at all. I knew this conversation was going to take place eventually.

“How could you push me away when I tried to console you at the hospital?” he asked. “You made me look like a big fool.”

“I am sorry. I was very emotional.”

“This is not about you being emotional. You have been hiding things from me lately. You avoid me. This is unlike you! We don’t eat lunch together anymore, we no longer hang out together as friends. Have I done anything to offend you? If I have, I am sorry!"

“You don’t need to say sorry detective Leroy. You have not offended you.”

He slowed down the car because of traffic. “Ever since you moved in with Quincy, you changed!”

“I did not change Leroy! Stop talking like this.”

“It’s a good thing if you're finally in love with him. It is a good thing if he feels the same way about you, but what I don’t like is he trying to take you entirely away from me. You are my sister for heaven’s sake. I love you like the sister I never had.”

I kept quiet.

“Are you not going to say something?”

I looked at him with a straight face. “Have you ever lied to me?”

Leroy widened his eyes and closed them. “No. I have never lied to you.”

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you have never lied to me ever since we knew each other and became close.”

He opened them and stared at me. “Even if I have lied to you, it must be for a good reason.”

I quickly wiped the tears trying to force down my eyes. I gazed at my front. “Let’s move. The road is clear now.”

He shook his head, wore a straight face and drove hastily.

We arrived at the restaurant, I ordered, paid and left. We went back to the hospital without talking to each other. Oscar, Jasmine and three other detectives were already with Quincy and Akin. I took out his meal from the nylon and gave it to him. A nurse gave us a bowl of water for him to wash his hands. The five of us decided to wait until he finished the meal. After eating, Akin left to call the doctor. He brought some drugs along with him and gave Quincy to take. He doctor listed the number of drugs for me to buy at the pharmacy. Oscar escorted me there and I paid for the drugs and went back. The detectives went back to work while Jasmine decided to stay back and follow us home after the doctor release Quincy. At 6:30, the health practitioner discharged him and we went home together.

The three of us arrived home. Jasmine purposely followed Quincy to his room. She said she wanted to make sure he had his bath and go to bed. I trusted him with her. I had faith in him that his love for me was real. I went to the kitchen to boil water for tea and make noodles with fried eggs for Jasmine and myself. I was famished. I had not eaten since morning. Jasmine came to meet me at the kitchen. She appeared happy.

“Quincy is having his bath now.” She said.

“That’s good.” I said and smiled while cutting some ingredients. 

I wanted to look cheerful and not annoyed that I was not the one helping Quincy in his room.

“Are you cooking for the two of us?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Quincy agreed for me to spend the night here.”

My jaw fell. “But you did not bring your clothes for work tomorrow.”

“I will leave very early to my house tomorrow morning.”

I smiled and went back to what I was doing. I prepared tea, went to knock on Quincy’s door and I entered and gave him to drink. He took the cup from me and said no one should enter, he would sleep after he finished the tea. I went back to tell Jasmine what he said.

“As long as I will sleep here,” she said. “No problem.”

I served her after the food was ready. We both ate at the dinning and I took her to the visitor’s room to sleep after the consumption of the meal.

I woke up the next morning to see Jasmine awake and ready to leave. Quincy was still sleeping in his room. I guess the drugs were effective to make him sleep for long. She left and I went to take my bath and prepare to go to work. Twenty minutes later, Quincy came to knock on my door that he was ready.

“How is your neck?” I asked after I opened the door to see him wearing a black suit.

“Pain, pain and pain!”


“I have heard that several times,” he said in a stern voice. “Let’s go.”

“You can’t go just like that,” I said, came out fully and closed the door. “You have to eat breakfast and take your drugs.”

“Pleaseeee, don’t act like my mother.” He said and began to walk. I followed him behind like a child. “I will do that after the meeting. I have sent detective Leroy a text message to alert the detectives to wait for me at the discussion office.”

“Why send detective Leroy?”

“It does not make any difference Genny.” He said and turned to face me. “You look very pretty this morning.”

I giggled lightly. “Thank you.”

Quincy turned and continued to walk. “You are always pretty.”

“You have never talked about your mother,” I said. “This is the first you have mentioned her.”

“There is nothing to talk about her, but she’s doing fine. My father and her never worked. It would have been disastrous if they ended up getting married.”


“They were not compatible as a couple.  End of story.”

I said nothing further.


“I am very happy to be in the midst of notables investigators.” Quincy said talking to the detectives and myself at the NIB “I appreciate your visit at the hospital, your text messages and calls. I am sorry to those I was not able to call back or reply their texts last night. I was fast asleep and if I don’t, I might pass out and meet my ancestors.”

We erupted into laughter.

He continued, “I know some of you might be asking yourselves why I refused to reveal my real identity.”

I looked at Leroy and his face was unreadable. His eyes blank. Oscar was gazing at the boss scornfully. A smile spread on Jasmine’s lips and her lusty eyes fixed on him.

Quincy added, “Some of you might not know what I am talking about but I will tell you,” he said and smiled merrily. “I am the son of your former boss, Freddie Arinze.”

Apart from the homicide detectives and myself, the rest gasped out of being shocked. They stared at one another and murmuring ensued.

He cleared his throat to get their attention. The detectives focus on him.

“I am very proud of the man I have become. My father was an inspiration and a role model to me. Don't get it twisted, you might think I am not proud of him, that’s why I never spoke about it. The truth is I am very proud to be his son.”

“But... but we never saw you at the funeral.” A lanky male detective asked. I barely knew him.

“I was not in the country at that time.”

“You haven’t given us the main reason why you kept it as a secret?” Leroy asked.

Quincy rubbed his chin and smiled. “I never wanted you all to feel I got the job because of my father’s influence. I got the position as a merit for my good work.”

“But you were based abroad before you became a director here. How did you get the job months after the death of your father Freddie Arinze? May God bless his soul.”

We chorused Amen.

The smile on Quincy lips vanished. “Do you doubt me?”

No,” Leroy said with a serious expression on his face. “I am curious to know the truth.”

“The truth is I was already planning to relocate down to Nigeria and take the position of the director of NIB of any branch next year. I applied for the job.”

“Why did you apply before the death of your father?” I asked him this time.

Quincy Harvey observed my face and answered. “He was planning to retire before his untimely death. When it happened, the head of NIB asked where I would like to be posted, Delta state and Jigawa State was vacant.”  He riveted his eyes on Leroy. “Now tell me, if you were in my shoes, where would you choose? I am curious to know the truth.”

He sighed and shook his head. “I will definitely choose Delta state sir.”

“Good. I hope I have been able to clear myself because I am tired and hungry.”

Some of the detectives laughed and told him to go rest. Quincy shook their hands and walked to the door. As he touched the handle, to open it, Oscar opened his mouth.

“Why were you shot?” he asked. “Was it a robbery?”

The director tightened his face and turned. He answered, “No.”

“Won’t you investigate it?”

“I am still recovering,” he gave a reply. “Detective Genevieve Cole and detective Akin will handle the case.” He riveted, opened the door and left us. I quickly rose on my feet and ran after him.

“I don’t know why I am not comfortable with Leroy and Oscar’s questions.” I said to him as we approached outside. “They are inquisitive to know everything about you.”

“I can’t be bothered by that,” he said. “I am more concerned about Jasmine.”

“Jasmine?” I asked in a jumbled tone.

“Her silence made me uncomfortable.” he replied. “Silence speaks louder than words.”

“She was admiring you Quincy.”

“What if her interest in me was planned to trap me?”

“But you have made it clear that you don’t want her.”

Quincy frowned. “But she was in my house yesterday.” He said in an angry tone. “She slept in my house!” He began to cough.

“Sorry.” I said. “You need to stop talking and go to the diner for breakfast. You have to take your drugs.”

He pointed at me. “No, what I need to do is let Jasmine know how I feel about you. I am no longer comfortable near her!” He tried to walk back inside but I blocked his way.

“You are the one that is stubborn! You do not have to tell her about how you feel! Go and eat!”

“Whatever!!” he spat and sauntered to the direction of the cafeteria.

I went back to my office to sit and relax. I was very tired of what was happening. Leroy, Oscar and Jasmine distanced their selves from me and I was so pleased. I wanted to be away from them, detective Akin came to ask if I was ready to go out.

“For what?”

“I want us to back to the vicinity the director was shot.” He said in a quiet tone. “We might be lucky to find a witness who saw the shooting.”

“I am very tired,” I said in a low voice. “You can go alone.”

He nodded and left me. I checked the time on my wristwatch, it was 11:43am. I rested my head on the table.

The shut of the door woke me up. I realized I had slept off unexpectedly and woke up by 3pm when I checked the time. I was shocked. Jasmine was the only one in the office. She looked at me and grinned. She rose up from the chair, grabbed the cold bottled water on her desk and gave it to me.

I took it from her. “Thanks. I really need this.”

“I knew it,” Jasmine said. “I have opened it already, I was about to drink from it when you woke up.”

“Thank you again.” I thanked her and stood on my feet.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to check up on the boss.”

She said nothing but walked to sit down. Her attitude surprised me. No smile on her lips as I spoke about the director. I left the office, sipped little water before I knocked and entered Quincy’s office.

The director was already on his feet. “I was told you were sleeping,” he said and stretched his right hand forward. “I am thirsty.” I gave it to him and he held it, “Where did you get this water from. It’s cold and that’s what I need.”

“Jasmine gave it to me when I woke up.”

He gasped. “What?!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Are you the one that drank from it?”


“Oh my God! I don’t trust that woman!”

His behavior made me confused. “What’s going on?”

“Follow me!” He gripped my hand with his left, the bottle water still on his right hand. We reached outside, where I parked my car.
“Your keys.” He demanded and freed my hand. I removed it from my pocket and passed it to him. “Get inside.”

“Where are we going to?” I asked in a puzzled tone.

“You will find out when we get there!”

Quincy refused to tell me what was going on. We arrived at the location where doctor Ibinabo worked.

“What are we doing here?” I questioned him.

“Come out and let’s go in.”

As I stepped out from my vehicle, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I winced out in pain.

He rushed to my side. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. My tommy is paining me.”

Quincy consoled me, rubbed my back and held my hand to help me inside the hospital. The pain reduced immediately we were directed to meet doc Ibinabo. She told me to sit as I touched my stomach.

I explained how I felt. She gave me a drug to take to subdue the pain while she carry on some test with the water Quincy gave her.

“What is going on?” I asked him as we waited for the result. I was a bit relieved.

“Let the result come out first. Please relax and rest.”

I lay on my back and relaxed. The doctor came back thirty minutes later to give us the result.

“I have good and not so good news.” She said.

“Tell us the not so good news first,” Quincy spoke out before me.

“She was poisoned.”

“What!!” I exclaimed. “How is that possible?”

“The good news doc?” Quincy inquired in a serious tone.

“The type of poison is not deadly. It will only weaken the immune system, make you feel feverish and weak for days or even weeks. The right medication will heal you fast. Thank God, you drank little quantity. It's not serious and before morning you will be fine with the right drugs I will give you to take before bed time.”

“Thank you Jesus.” I muttered. Quincy smiled and came to hug me very tight. He pecked me on my forehead and nose. “How come you suspected her? How did you figure it out that Jasmine might have poisoned me? I don’t yet understand.”

He stood upright. “When I found out you were sleeping, I asked Jasmine to see me. I told her I was in love with you. I have told Jasmine to stay away from me. Work will only bring us together.”

“You did?” I asked surprised.

“Yes. I love you. I love you deeply, I care so much about you. I am always happy to be around you. I can no longer keep it inside anymore, i will tell everyone, you are the only woman on earth that makes my heart beat very fast. I love you Genevieve Cole.”

I was venerable and emotional the moment he uttered those words to me.

Tears began to clutter around my eyes and I could not hide it anymore. 

“I love you Quincy Harvey.”
To be continued… on Thursday by 8pm! Wet Kisses to you guys!!


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