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(Season 2): GENEVIEVE COLE. E8

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Episode 8 Title: Trouble in Paradise
I became terrified at the words of Quincy. I knew he was furious at what was happening to the both of us. I went near my boss and my lover.

“You need to calm down.” I said to him.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I have had enough of this callous drama!! At first, they threatened you not to investigate the case of my father. The second time, Julius was killed. The third they shot me! Now, they came to your house to scatter everywhere! What do you think will be their next target?”

“I know you are upset about what is going on but we have to use wisdom to tackle this. I know it will not be easy to unravel the truth but surely, one day the truth will come out and we will make sure we throw whosoever is behind the murder of your father in prison. Quote me today, we will solve the case one day.”

He grabbed me and snugged me closed to his body. “I cannot lose you.”

“You will not! I need you to stay calm and allow us think about what next to do. They came to my house when I was not around, I am sure they would find out we came here and saw this. I do not think they can come to your house when we are there.”

He let go of me and observed my room. “This is total nonsense! They are cowards!! If they are bold enough, they should face me!”

“They won’t because they are looking for something. They will only try to find it for themselves. We have to start our search too.”

“But I don’t have a clue what they are looking for,” he said and stared at my face. “Do you have any idea?”

I shook my head. “I have no idea. I don’t know why your father never discussed the case he was working on before the tragedy. He used to discuss anything he worked on with me.”

“I am sure he knew it was going to end like this that’s why he kept it away from you. He was only trying to protect you. The case got him killed and they are going after the two most important people in his life, his son and his goddaughter. They will never go scot free, never!”

“Wisdom.” I said. “We will think thoroughly and use wisdom to unravel the case.”

I looked at the floor, close to the wardrobe and went to pick my documents one after the other. Quincy helped me to arrange my mattress and the bed sheets. He put my reading chair and table in order and came towards me to organize my clothes back to my big luggage. I assembled my files and documents and stored them at the corner of the bag.

I hope they are complete?” Quincy questioned me.

“I think so,” I replied. “They don’t need my certificate or these documents. As I joined him to keep my clothes, I stumbled on an old newspaper and picked it up. A catchy headline on the upper part caught my interested eyes. I thought and tried to recollect something.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked me after he noticed my calmness.

“I don’t know if you heard about the case when you were abroad.” I said and gave him the newspaper and pointed at the news. “Now I remember why Hon. Ayiri came to see your dad.”

Quincy read it. “I never heard about it. Hon. Ayiri sister was kidnapped and was never found?”

“Yes. Up till now, we don’t know what really happened to her. The honorable was very close to his sibling. When he was unable to find her, he was devastated. He was always coming to the NIB to find answers from your father but got none. On a particular day, he came and left in anger.”

“He left in anger when?”

I recalled back. “I should have thought about this long time ago.”

“What is it?” he asked curiously.

I gazed into his curious eyes and responded. “He left in anger a week before your father was killed.”

His eyes flared up in anger. “A week before my after was murdered?!”

“I know what you are thinking but let’s not conclude.”

“Why are you talking like this? I should pay him a visit and ask him questions!!”

“What if he is innocent? We don’t have anything that can link us to the murder.”

“That is his business! I will not be taken for granted! I have to prove to the actual murderer of my father that I am smarter than him.”

“For you to show you are smarter, hear what he wants to discuss with you first. After that, we will know what to do next.”

“Anything you say! I have no strength to argue with you anymore. We still have a lot to do here. Let us hurry up with your bedroom and go to your sitting room. I don’t want us to take time in your house. They might have spies monitoring this place.”

I said okay, moved towards the waste bin, and carried the teddy.

“Is the teddy bear more important?” he asked. “You can drop that back. I will buy you as many as you want.”

“Your father gave this to me before his departure. I was never opportune to have a teddy bear when I was a child.”

“I’m sorry, I never knew.”

I smiled faintly. “Don’t be sorry because you never knew.” I stuck it inside my baggage I was taking back to my partner’s house, a place I classified as home. We went back to cleaning and tiding up the room before going to the living room to arrange. We swept and cleaned every unclean and disseminated place in my abode. We were through with the chores at 8:15pm and left to an eatery to eat dinner before going back home together.

We went to our various rooms, had out baths. Quincy came to knock on my door and came inside. I had finished wearing my nightie.

“What are you doing here by this time?” it was 10:12pm already.

“I will not touch you.”

I raised my eyebrows. “I don’t get you.”

“I cannot allow you sleep here alone,” he said in a mild voice. “Please, stay in my room tonight. I do not mind sleeping on the floor. I have done it before and I will do it again. I just don’t want to leave you alone tonight.”

“We are lovers and I can never allow you sleep on the floor. We will sleep together on your bed. I trust you Quincy.”

He nudged a smile on his lips. “I trust you too not to tempt me tonight.”

I chuckled slightly and took his left hand and we walked out of my room. We kissed casually and bid each other good night on his large bed.
The two of us left the office in his car. I saw Oscar’s daughter ran to me excitedly as I entered my office. I hugged her.

I was happy and surprised to see her.

“No school today?”

“Her school is under renovation,” detective Oscar answered me. I looked directly at him and his eyes were weary. I had not seen him after I gave him the news about my relationship with our director.

“Good morning.” I greeted him.  He was the only homicide detective in the office.

“Morning.” He said without any hint of beam on his face.

“Renovation should not stop the teacher from doing their work and that is to teach the students.” I said and sat down on my chair. I dropped my portable handbag and laptop on my desk. Yvonne sat on my laps.

“The school authorities are being careful. They do not want to take any risk concerning the students. Objects, equipment could fall on them. You know children are a bit difficult to handle.”

“But daddy I am not difficult.” Yvonne said with her tiny and innocent voice. I smiled widely.

“No baby, you are not difficult.” At last, there was a bright smile on his lips as he spoke to his daughter.

I checked the other desks and noticed they were neat and tidy. “Where are the others?”

He wore back a slight frown before he answered me. “They are yet to arrive.”

“You should be given an award.” I said. “You are always the first to arrive.”

“It is my job and I don’t need an award.” He said in a serious voice and glared at me with stern eyes.

Detective Akin and Leroy came inside and greeted Oscar and I. They sat at their respective desks.

“You don’t visit us anymore,” Yvonne said to me in a quiet tone. “Why?”

“Awww.. . I have been very busy but I will check up on you when I have free time.”

“And when is that?”

“Soon.” I replied. “If not that I am travelling this weekend, I would have come visit you and your dad.”

“You are traveling?” Leroy asked. I guess he was listening to my conversation with Oscar’s daughter.

“Yes.” I gave him the correct answer.

“Are you traveling with Quincy Harvey?” Oscar requested.

“No.” I quickly put Yvonne down and held her hands to take her outside. I did not want them to ask me any more questions about my forthcoming journey. I said to her. “Let’s go and buy some ice cream.”

She jumped up elatedly.

I drove down to an eatery nearby the NIB and bought meat pie and a cup of vanilla ice cream for Yvonne. We went back to the office and I met Jasmine in an ebullient mood. There was a huge smile sulking on her lips.  Some bunch of flowers and a card on her desk. She took a look at the card.

Everyone went back to work and Yvonne stayed by my side and started to play some games with my phone after she finished eating. At noontime, her nanny came to take her home. I promised to visit her when I come back from my journey.

Oscar sent me a text saying he wanted to see me privately and we should meet at the location of a popular restaurant. I forwarded the next to Quincy and he gave me the go ahead to have lunch with my colleague. We left in his car and we arrived at the location. A male waiter took our orders, left, and brought the food and red wine for the both of us to eat and drink.

“How serious is your relationship with Quincy Harvey?” he started the chat with a question.

“We are in a committed relationship. We are very serious.”

“Has he proposed to you?”

I shook my head. “I think it is too early to talk about marriage with him. We have not gone far with the affair.”

“What do you know about him?”

I stopped eating and focused on him. “What do you mean?”

Oscar smiled. “I mean, how well do you know your new lover?”

“I know him well enough for me to go into a relationship with him. He is a good man that loves me and I love him too.”

“You love him?”

“Yes I do.”

“Has Quincy ever lied to you?”

“I don’t think he has ever lied to me and I don’t know where you are taking this discussion to. If there is something, you want to tell me, spill it out and don’t keep me in suspense or beat around the bush. Be straight forward.”

He laughed in a sarcastic way and shook his head repeatedly. “if only you knew.”

“If only I knew what?” I asked in an annoyed tone. He was beginning to piss me off.

“You know I care so much about you but you threw my love back at my face. You treated me like a piece of garbage but I forgive you because I still love you very much. The necklace and earings you refused is still with me because I know you belong to me and one day you will come back to your right senses.”

“You have insulted me indirectly but I forgive you because of the love I have for your daughter.”

“Cut the bullshit talk about you loving Yvonne. If you really cared so much about her, you would have accepted to be my woman, my wife!”

I swallowed a huge lump down my throat. “I will not be bothered about what you said about Quincy. You simply want me to think I am not with the right person. Sorry to burst your bubble, Quincy Harvey is the one for me. We are friends and you should be happy that I have finally found true everlasting love.” I rose on my feet.

“Are you not eating again?” he asked surprised.

“I have lost my appetite!” He wanted to stand up. 

“Don’t bother, finish your food. I know my way back to the office. Thank you for the lunch.”

“Suit yourself!”
I went over to Quincy’s office and saw Akin there. He excused himself and left.

“Were you two talking about the case?” I asked and sat down opposite him.

“I have told him to monitor Leroy during the weekend.”

“What about Oscar?”

“We will pause that for now. After Leroy, it will be Jasmine’s turn.”

“She received flowers and a card today.”

“Who sent them?”

“I am suspecting the Casanova politician.”

Quincy crackled and stamped his right hand on the table. “At least that we keep her busy from going after men that are already attached.”

“I know but I still care a lot about her.”

“Have you forgotten she poisoned you? You care a lot about her. Is that a joke?”

“It will hurt me if that man actually break her heart. He is only going after her body. What Jasmine needs is a man that she can call her home and get married to someday. She might think she has finally seen a man but…”

“Relax Genny! Detective Jasmine is old enough to know what she wants. I don’t want to talk about her but something else.”

“Have Hon. Ayiri called you?”

“Not yet.”

“What about going to your father’s house? We need to search the place and see what we can get.”

“We will go there when you get back from visiting your sister,” he said. “But I don’t think we can find anything to help us with the case. If my father had something concrete, like evidence that can implicate them, that means he hid it where those monsters can never find. He never talked to me or you about the case.”

I sighed and relaxed my back on the chair. “I have been thinking about asking Leroy why he lied that it was his wife that wanted them to relocate and get a transfer.”

Quincy rose up on his feet, walked up to me, and stayed at my back. He rubbed my shoulders gently. “You have started again. Don’t ask him anything.”

“But why did he lie? What is he hiding?”

“I don’t know but we will find out when the right time comes.”

“When is the right time?”

“Soon.” He said. “I know we will solve the case. I believe we are getting closer to finding out the truth that is why they are after our lives. You have not talked about your lunch with Oscar. Did it go well?"

“I don’t want to talk about him. I have made it clear to him that I can never be with him. I choose you Quincy. I love the way you love me and I don’t want it to end. I only hope I have made the right decision to love you.”

He removed his hands from my shoulder and turned the chair to face him. “I promise never to stop loving you. You have not only made the right decision to be with me but you have made me happy. I am happy to be with a woman I can trust and won’t cheat on me even when I am not with her. You will never regret loving me.”

“I love you Quincy.”

“I love you Genevieve.” I moved to kiss his kissable lips.

I received a call from my mother that she was in town. Quincy and I went to the park to pick her up. I never knew she was on her way, I was expecting her the next day.

She was overjoyed when I introduced Quincy as my lover when we arrived home. She hugged him and prayed for him. It was a wonderful feeling to see my mother and my boyfriend comfortable with each other.

I informed Quincy that my mom and I would stay in my room until she goes back. He agreed. I made dinner for the three of us and we ate as family.

“I really like him Genny Genny.” my mother said to me after we went to the room to sleep.

“I love him mom and I am very happy to be the woman in his life.”

“Is he aware about your past?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“Quincy is aware and he loves me a lot.”

“He is a man! He is a man with a good heart for staying with you despite your unfortunate past. I have heard stories about how men abandon their wives, girlfriends after they heard their women were raped in the past. I am happy you have found an understanding man.”

“Thank you mom.” I said. “I call his home my paradise. I have found nothing but joy in the arms of Quincy Harvey. The feeling I feel whenever I am with him is extraordinary. He is my endless love and my earthly paradise.”

“Come here my daughter.” She said with opened arms. I fell in her deep embrace.

We left to the office the next morning after a quick breakfast. My mother was alone at home and Quincy told her to lock the doors. Quincy Harvey told me we were going to leave the office on time. He wanted us to have drink together, talk before I travel with my mom the next day. I had booked for a flight for my mom and I.
At the office, there was nothing serious to do. Yvonne did not follow her father to the office. Her nanny stayed with her at home. We chatted during our free time but Oscar and I never said a word to each other.

Quincy and I left the NIB at 4:pm on the dot. We went back home, my mom had prepared coconut rice and fried beef. We promised to come back and eat. We had planned to go out. We went to have our baths, dressed simple and left together. We did not take his car, the place was not far from his home.

When we got there, we ordered for vodka. We did not talk about work related. Quincy spoke about how many kids he wanted. He was the only child and he needed at least five boys and four girls. I laughed aloud but he was damn serious about it.

“I don’t expect you to think I will give birth to nine children! I am not a fowl.”

He laughed out too.

Quincy made jokes to make me laugh. We left the place and my lover took me unaware by carrying me on his back.

I was elated and felt alive with the man who has stolen my precious heart.

Quincy hugged me uncountable times before leaving him at the airport. He kissed my cheeks and touched them mildly.

“I will miss you.” he said.

“I will miss you too but it’s just for a day. I will be back tomorrow evening.”

“I know but you will be far from me tonight.”

My mother and I had a safe flight, and I called my partner to let him know we had arrived safely. We took a taxi and headed to the matrimonial home of my elder sister. My mom knocked on her door and a young female opened the door to check. She allowed us in immediately she saw my mother. The girl was a maid. She greeted us and took my mom’s handbag from her. We asked her for the man of the house.

“He travelled out of the country ma.” She said to us and went inside to call her boss.

My sister came out thirty seconds later, walked to my mother’s direction, and received her with a hug. She was all smiles, gave me a look and stared at the woman that gave birth to us.

“You brought a visitor with you,” she said and looked attentively at my face.

I was about resting my buttocks on a sofa with my mom when she screamed. “Genevieve!!!”

“I have found her!” my mother said in an ecstatic tone and clapped her hands. “I have found your sister!!”

Jennifer moved speedily and hugged me tight, and I almost lost my breath! I was glad to see her again. 

We cried tears of joy after my mother explained how she was able to contact me.

“This is one of the happiest of days of my life!” Jennifer said. “It’s so good to see you again!”

“Me too!”

She was excited, brought different kind of wine for me. She went to the kitchen to prepare a feast for me. I told her it was not necessary but she refused to listen. We ate and drank and I realized my mission here was not yet accomplished, I told her I wanted to see her privately. She took me to her bedroom.

‘I know you have an abusive husband.”

She tightened her face. “You did not see a scar on my face. He no longer beats me. He is a changed man.”

“If he can hit you and apologize, he can hit you again.”

“Mother should never have discussed about my marriage issues with you. She should be more concerned and pray hard to have grandchildren. She should leave me alone and visit different churches because of my inability to have a child.”

“You will surely have children.” I said to her. “Maybe they don’t want to come now because of the domestic violence you are passing through.”

“We have not seen for so many years Genevieve. I am thrilled to see you alive, and healthy. Let us enjoy this moment and do not spoil my mood.”

“I care so much about you and I do not want you to make any mistake and regret it in future. Remember what mom went through in the hands of our father.”

“I don’t ever want to talk about that brutal man who had no conscience. I heard from aunty Bimbo that he died in his sleep, I hope you did not give him a benefitting burial?”

“He was buried like trash.”

“Good girl.” She said with a grin. “That’s my sister! Let’s go to the living room and have more drinks.”

“You won’t leave your husband?” I asked. “Or maybe you should leave him for some time, if he really loves you, he surely realize his mistakes.”

“No. I have given him a second chance. The day he hits me again, I will end everything.”

“You want to wait until he hits you again?”

“No,” Jennifer replied. “I want to prove to mother, Aunty Bimbo and you that there are men ready to change from their bad ways. We all deserve and have the right to have a second chance.”

I quite agreed with her. No one was perfect except God himself. “I wish you all the best.”


At night, Jennifer and I talked about my personal life. She was very happy to find out that I was in love.

My disappointed mother decided to stay back with her eldest daughter. Jennifer begged me to spend more days with her but I used my job as an excused. I was missing Quincy terribly. I promised to visit and spend some days with her someday. I took the evening flight back home.

At 7:45pm, I got home, and used my key to get inside and I became marveled at the sight of the dining table. Sweet aroma crawled inside my nostrils. Quincy had made dinner and he was waiting for me. He rose up and welcomed me with a rose flower. I clasped my arms around him.

I went to have my bath, all smiles in the bathroom, facing the mirror.

After I showered, I dressed in a lovely white gown and went to have a romantic dinner with my love. He didn’t disappoint me with the food. The chicken was soft and juicy and it had a little bit of pepper. The fried rice was tasty and the white wine was fantastic. Quincy never wanted us to talk about anything but eat and peer through each other’s eyes as we ate. He fed me with chocolate through his mouth. I had a lovely time with him.

After eating, I choose to stay with him in his room. I was the one who made the first touch, the first kiss of the night. He touched me back with his warms arms. I loved his smell of his body and lips. He made sweet and remarkable love to me. 

Quincy devoured my body, heart and soul. I became the happiest woman in the whole universe.

I woke up with a good-natured smile on my face the next day. I climbed on top of his body and we giggled together like babies. I pecked him. 

“I love you Quincy.”

“I love you too.” he said. “I am the luckiest man right now to have your heart. There is something I need to tell you, I totally forgot about it but it is your right…”

The loud bang on the door cut him from finishing his sentence. I quickly got up. “I am coming.”

“Who is knocking on my door by this time?” he asked in an annoyed tone. “It’s 7am in the morning on a Monday! No work for the person?”

I wore my slippers. “Don’t worry, I will help you and check.”

“Who is it?” I asked immediately I reached the entrance door.

“It’s me.” a female voice said.

I unbolted the door, opened it and found an attractive white woman.

“Hello.” she said.

“Hello and who are you looking for?” I asked her.

“Is this the home of Quincy Arinze?” She was unable to pronounce ‘Arinze’ smoothly like an Igbo woman.

“Yes.” I gave a reply. “Who are you?”

She  smiled broadly. “I am Bridget Clinton Arinze. “I am Quincy’s wife!”

This is the end of season 2.
Season 3 (last season) will commence on Monday by 8pm! Dry kisses to you guys! Hehehehe 


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