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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Unforgivable Housewife! (Modupe Husband)

A blog reader suggested this on a comment section months ago. I never thought about it but I decided to write something on it last week. I hope this will put a smile on your face…
You have to read the story of ‘Unforgivable Housewife’ to understand this. Here are the links,
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Jude Lawson could not comprehend the buzzing eyes raking at him in the banking hall when he came out to talk to one of the customer care staffs in the bank. He went back into his office, and sat down and tried his wife’s phone number one more time. He had called her four times but her number was unavailable. He dialed it again and it remained switched off for the fifth time.

He put down his phone on his desk and placed his hands on the back of his head. He thought what could have happened that he was unable to get across to his wife. He wished he had bought another handset for his gateman after the former one got bad. If not, he would have called him to ask if Modupe was back from the market with his car.
He dropped his hands down to look at the caller calling him through his smaller phone. He hissed and cut the call, it was Rosemary’s mother.

“What do they still want from me?” he asked himself. “Useless family!”

His other bigger phone began to ring and when he checked who was calling, he quickly clutched it and pressed the answered button. It was one of his biggest clients at the bank and he was expecting the person to deposit a huge sum of money in his bank account.

“Hello Engr….”

“Cut the crap!” an angry baritone male voice uttered. “What is the meaning of this nonsense Jude Lawson?!”

He opened his mouth wide. He was shocked and confused. “I don’t understand what is going on Engr. Lolade. Why the insult and what have I done to you?”

“You don’t know what you have done?”

“Of course not! I demand an explanation. I thought you were calling me because of the money you want to deposit into your account.”

“Never! I have changed my mind.”

“But why?” he asked surprised and briskly rose up on his feet.

“Check the mail you have sent me!” The man ended the call.

“Mail? I did not send this man any mail.” He put the phone inside the right pocket of his black trouser and turned on his laptop to check his ‘sent’ mails. He was sure of himself that it could be a mistaken identity. He turned on his swift internet connection and browsed through to check what the mail content was. Jude noticed it was not only one but all his contacts. He was confused about the whole crisis. He simply went ahead and clicked on Engr. Lolade’s email first.

His jaw fell and his heartbeat ponded harder and faster as if, it was set to blowup and shred his body into pieces. He saw his nude pictures Modupe took the night she ran out from his room, claimed she was sick, and behaved as if she wanted to give up on life and die.

“Oh my God!” he blurted out. The crisis traumatized him. “I am finished!”

He quickly went to the other sent mails and noticed the same thing. His nude photos flooded the mails of his friends, customers that had accounts in the bank he worked as the manager. He removed his tie, suit jacket, and threw them on the floor. The AC in the neat and arranged office was not sufficient for him not to sweat. He was sweating copiously, his white shirt was soaked and his hands were shaking like an epilepsy patient.

The only person that knew his email address and password was Modupe and he gave her because she was his better half and he trusted her with his life. He never thought she could something so terrible like this. What could have gotten into his wife that made her sent all these when she knew it would damage his reputation and integrity! What demonic spirit entered his wife? He asked himself silently. Was Modupe the snake that persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit or was she a descendant of Ursula or maybe the great grandchild of Idi Amin?

“Was that why they were looking at me like that earlier today?” he questioned himself.

He abandoned his laptop and ran out from his office without putting his jacket back on. His prestige was more important than any other thing. Even when he came out and a customer was greeting him, he did not answer, he never heard the person.

Jude underneath his apprehensive and troubled heart, thanked God, he never took his car to the office. With his condition, he would surely have an accident if he drove home himself. He would not risk and drive. He searched outside the bank for a bike and saw one. He alerted the okada man and he drove towards him. Jude never waited for him to stop; he jumped on the seat and gave him his address. He promised to double the fare if he drove very fast. The Hausa man increased the speed, Jude never bothered, all he wanted, was reach his home and he wanted answers from his wife.

He came down from the bike and gave him 500-naira notes without counting. The lucky transporter drove his motorcycle with a wide smile on his lips. Jude went directly to his smaller gate and began to bang it loud.

“Na who be that?!” the gateman requested and stood from the bench he sat and listened to radio.

“You better open this gate!” Jude shouted in an angered tone.

“Oga!” he rushed to speedily opened it and his boss rapidly entered and almost fell. He was able to hold his balance and not fall on the floor. “Where is my wife?”

He scratched his head.

“I said where is Modupe?!”

The house guard was short of words to say what his wife had done before she left home and yet to return. He merely pointed to the car.

Jude gaze went directly to where Modupe parked his car and he became speechless. He moved there and did not know whether he should shout, cry, curse, or even swear for her.

“I am finished!!” he placed his hands on his head. “The woman have killed me! This devil incarnate have scattered my life!”

“Oga, she no dey around.”

“What!!” He bellowed and ran as fast as Usian Bolt and tried to unlock the entrance door with his own house key, but his shaky fingers wouldn’t let him. The key fell on the floor. The gateman picked it up to help him.

“Hurry hurry!” Jude said.

He opened it, and Jude entered and moved towards the direction of Modupe’s room without spotting the letter she wrote for him on the centered table in the living room. Distressed Jude found none of his wife belongings and he swallowed a huge lump down his parched throat. He removed his wet shirt; his body temperature was getting hot. He went to check his children’s room and found nothing there. Then, it dawned on him, his wife, the woman he married to spend the rest of his life with must have ran away.

“Oga!” the gateman called out his boss.

“Is this man all right?” Jude asked and hiked to the living room. “Is something wrong with you?”

He handed the letter over to him. “I see am for your table.”

Jude rushed at his way and grabbed it from him. He read the letter, shivering like a chicken left inside the rain.

With joy in my heart, I am writing to inform you I am no longer interested to be your wife. Divorce papers will be on your desk on Monday. I wish you nothing but heartache, trauma, misery and sickness all the days of your dejected life. Have fun leaving homeless. The houses will no longer be yours. Goodbye.’

“Mogbe!!” he exclaimed ‘he is finished completely’ in Yoruba language and dropped the paper on the floor. “I am dead!”

The house guard looked stunned to his see his boss trouser drenched.

“Oga you dey piss for body?” he asked.

Jude realized what was happening to him, and ran into the bathroom in his room. He removed his trouser, boxers and used the toilet to defecate. He feared he might have a panic attack. His wife had duped, dumped him and ran away with his kids. How was he going to get everything back from her when there was no written agreement? He had no clue where she was! The worst thing he could do, was say no to a divorce. Never!

He washed his buttocks, took his trouser from the floor, brought out his phone to call Modupe's brother Tunde. It rang twice before he picked.


“Tunde your sister has killed me! I am finished!! You need to come to my rescue!!”

“Jude relax and talk slowly,” Tunde said. “I can’t really hear you clearly! My sister did what?”

“She ran away with my children, she duped me of a huge sum of money! If I don’t get that money back, my life is ruined. You and your family need to beg her to come back home. Don’t allow her put me in shame and debts. Please my brother in law. I will have to give up my houses, the little money in my account because of the money I borrowed for her.”

If Jude could see Tunde, he was smiling liked he won a lottery. “How can your wife dupe you of a huge amount of money? It makes no sense at all.”

“She said she wanted to build a hotel and I borrowed money to support her. Please Tunde, I know you are very close to her. Beg her for me! Please plead on my behalf, I am no my knees begging you.” He truly went down on his knees.

“You never borrowed Modupe money for a hotel,” he said in a tough tone. “You simply gave her the money to start afresh because of your cheating ways.”

“Oh my God! Is that was she told you?” Jude began to shed tears after a very long time. He was crying like a lost child left alone in a thick forest.

“I was there when you promised to give her the money and you made transfer from your account into her account. Have you forgotten so soon? Do you have short memory?”

“You have gotten it all wrong! You do not know what you are saying! You are turning everything upside down! I never gave Modupe such amount because I cheated on her. We were going to invest with it! She also bought a land for it.”

“Do you have papers for the project you and Modupe were working on? Did you sign any documents?”

“N…no bu… but she has the land documents.”

“Jude Lawson,” Tunde said. “You don’t have a story or a case if you want to take this issue to court. My father will fight you with the best lawyers in the country. You hurt Modupe and you paid her enormously for impregnating another woman, a woman that deceived you. You can take the matter to court.”

“I don’t even have money to pay lawyers to defend me! No one will be ready to help after she sent my nude pictures to all my contacts.”

“You sent them yourself. Don’t put the blame on an innocent woman.”

“It’s the truth. I am begging you in the name of Almighty God,” he pleaded and wiped the tears from his face with the back of his left hand. “Please help me. Don’t allow her turn me into a debtor.”

“You have used your own hands to turn yourself into a cheat and a borrower. No one forced you to give Modupe that money.”

“This is two hundred million naira we are talking about!”

“Two, three or five hundred is none of my business! Don’t call my number ever again!”

Jude got up on his knees. “This isn’t over!” he said angrily.

“Of course it is! Get lost!”

“Tell your mammy water of a sister, I will never give her a divorce!”

“You can keep the divorce papers when it reaches you on Monday and shove it down your flat and cheating ass!” Tunde cut the call on him.

Jude furiously smashed his phone on his wall to pieces, beyond repair and scratched his head vigorously. He was in deep mess and all he worked hard for, everything had gone down the drain within a blink of an eye. What was he going to do? How will he survive? His job was on the line and he knew that before the end of tomorrow, a sack letter would be on his table. He thought of his children, when he lost his job, houses, car, everything at least his kids would have given him hope to work harder, even if it took a long time, he would surely get back on his feet because of them. He had no one. His aged mother had nothing to offer. Even Rosemary he thought was going to birth him another son was nothing but lies. They used him like a piece of used toilet paper. All of them used him like a ball on a football pitch. He was in deep thought about his life.

How will my life be without having money and family by my side?

“My life is over!” He looked up on the wall, took Modupe’s big framed picture, crashed it on the ground, and shredded the picture. “This devilish woman has ruined my life!”

He ran out of his room, passed through his living room to outside his compound. The gate man hopped towards his direction and grabbed him. He tried to stop Jude from running outside his building. His boss was stark naked with only his shoes on.

The strength in Jude increased, and his guard was unable to hold him tight anymore. Jude freed himself from him, fled out, went into the street, and displayed erratic behavior. Women, men, children stared at him and wondered what could have happened to the good-looking man. Some of them shook their heads pitifully, some of them thought he might have been a ritualist and was paying for the sins, crimes he committed. The little ones laughed when he began to dance. Jude Lawson had become a mad man.

(Months Later)
(Somewhere in Maimi….)
Modupe Lawson is in the midst of her new gay friend and neighbor, having a wonderful time.

The end!


  1. Wow.. .......... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... Nice one Love

  2. modupe really finished him... but is that not too much!?

  3. '' Oga you dey piss for body" cracked me up! Modupe is a crazy woman. She finished Jude

  4. This is the case of revenge served steaming hot. Yikes! I now feel for the puss Mr. Lawson. Modupe ruined him completely kai!!! It was a very good read, sad it has come to an end.

  5. Modupe really dealt with him... Chaii dat serves him right n also to all cheating husbands

  6. Wow...tnx to dat blog reader for d amazing idea,now we av an ending,though not favourable.... tnx Karina

  7. I don't need to feel pity for him. What if Rosemary was actually pregnant for him and he made her wife number2? Module did well.

  8. It's a pity Mr Jude, you brought it to yourself

    It's been four weeks since I heard from Jeffrey, he doesn't pick my calls and when he replies my messages on WhatsApp it's like am chatting with a stranger. I noticed one thing about Jeffrey recently after posting new photos on Facebook he writes #stellawork, so does his whatsapp status read.I kept asking myself, who is Stella? Is she the one taking my place in my boo's life or is she........... continue....  

    miimi's diary  


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