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What Obasanjo and Patience Jonathan talked about! Lol

I had a good laugh when I saw this online. This is what I think ensued between the two of them.

Baba: Mama Africa,  you are shinning oh

Patience: Na wetin you go talk Baba Iyabo. I am not happy with you.

Baba: Ah! What did I do?

Patience: despite Goodluck Jonathan, my husband gave you free access to steal billions, you turned your back and supported mallam Buhari.

Baba: Jonathan misbehaved. He is very weak. I had no choice but to put a man that will rarely stay in Nigeria when he becomes president. I will still be in control. So relax baby and enjoy!

Patience smiled: Baba you get sense oh, abeg hug me tight!

Baba laughed: Come here my babe! Make we dance. Haters go hail,  na we get Nigeria!

They hold each other tight and began to shake their bum bum.



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