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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Big Question From a Blog Reader!

Ghen Ghen!
Ck, i have a big question for your readers. i caught my brother kissing his wife sales girl in the kitchen!
She sent the idiot to bring her lunch. My bro thought i was in the room sleeping. The both of them did not see me peeping at them through the door. i went back to my room thinking! Dear readers, should i confront my brother for what he did or tell his wife she should sack her? My sis inlaw will ask why but i cant reveal the truth because i don't want problem between her and her husband.


  1. Talk to your brother like a well wisher, don't involve any other person. If you allow the sales girl get sacked, your brother will probably go outside that is if he doesn't have 'others' outside.
    Advice him and encourage him to be faithful because in the actual sense, whatever happened is none of your business.

  2. Please confront your brother straight up. If he isn't remorseful involve his wife. I hate such tales jor, how can he stoop so low and drag his wife down with him.

  3. who says it ain't her biz... dear poster its ur biz cos ur a woman. d way u handle this will determine how good or bad a person u r. karma dey say is a bitch.
    confront your brother abeg... bt dnt command him to do anyfing bt mk sure u pass ur message across to him politely.

  4. You should talk to your brother in a respectful way. Ask him what if your future hubby does the same thing to you. How will he feel. I hope he will change when you advise him to change and be a better man.

    1. exactly dragon Queen... she has every right to ask him.

  5. Talk to your brother and beg him to change and end the affair.

  6. Talk to ur brother,pass the message peacefully

  7. this is big. as 2 tins are involved... you will your Brothers wife alot, But you may end up destroying the marriage... my dear do as the spirit leads...



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