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Guest post: 5 Steps for Achieving Unrivalled Success.

Success they say don't come easy, it comes only with hardwork and perseverance right? Well my own approach 
maybe a little different but similar..i believe to become successful you will have to be dedicated, work extra smart, go all out and meet people that count and don't generalize when talking about your potentials.
"If you want to be rich and successful, you can't but into a story of poverty. Even though your circumstances may seem unfavorable at the moment, it doesn't mean that it will last forever. Think out of the box."

Here are my 5 major steps for achieving success:

1. Be yourself.
Don't make the mistake that because you're under-achieving at the moment, you then forget where you're coming from and your set goals to become XYZ who seem to be making it BIG now. Oftentimes, being too hard on yourself is the quickest way to burn out and lose hair.

2. Don't dwell on your past failure.

Everyone has a life story that tells them apart from other people. Yes! your story may be of many ups and down. It's good to reflect on your broke story but never dwell on it in order to seek acceptance from other broke people.
remember you're different, focus on whom you're becoming. You might not know exactly whom you'll end up as (who does?), but you can focus on telling yourself and others about who you want to become. Change your life story.

3. Study Your Desires

This is the point i liked most. On a daily basis, many people indulge in copious amounts of negativity. If you tend to notice, talk about, and identify with war, crime, disease, financial problems, misfortune, or disharmony, this is what you are inviting into your life. If you study miscellaneous things, you will get miscellaneous results. What do you normally study? 
Many times, it's hard to realize the subtle influence that we are exposed to. However, if you want true wealth, you must identify with the state of mind that you would most likely want to associate with. In other words, focus on what you want, not what you don't want. Why dwell on financial despair when you could scheme up new ways to get the Rolls Royce you may want?

4. Forget Haters

Either good or bad! People will always talk about you and hate on you. forget about the haters, because dwelling so much on that guy that hates your face will make you oblivious to real people who are trying to help. Note that, dwelling on other people’s opinions will forever prohibit you from living your life.
Instead of focusing on who you don't want in your life, focus on who you do want in your life. Don't worry about what 'they' think, but take unprecedented action toward your goal. Always search for people who can help you realize your highest goals. 

5. Be the Best

This is where your talents, skills, and abilities speaks for you. Like i stated earlier to achieve great success you need to WORK EXTRA SMART not EXTRA HARD (Using your sixth senses) as everyday passing day present you a chance to reach your peak performance. For a lot of us we are only using a fraction of our potentials since it's not demanded in our careers. 
However, you have to seek a profession that allows you to become the best at what you do and try to attend professional courses, where you will meet like minds and spend money on motivational books, CDs and seminars. When it comes to performing at the highest level, you must make sure that you're focused on serving other people, not just doing it as a means to obtain money. 
Article written by Olorunyomi Akintunde of DUKETUNDESBLOG 


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