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LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 2

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When I first saw his face, his eyes got my attention. They were very bright and sharp. His body composure appeared smart. He had a hold on me and I have never felt like that before. The way he looked at me, no one has. I could not explain the feelings I craved inside my body when I sighted him. He seemed shy and if I had not made the first move, maybe he would have left and the two of us will not be able to see each other again.

His guardian, the nun gave the impression that she was a nice woman. The only question I ask, is what about Joseph parents? Where are they? Is he the only child or does he have brothers and sisters? I approached the gate of my house and it occurred to me we never exchanged contacts. Our meeting for the first time was unforeseen and I never had it in mind that I will meet such a man that I find very calm and polite.

When I informed Kate that I wanted to take him home and I liked him, she was surprised. She told me he was not even, my kind of man, and he was not as handsome as my former boyfriends in my past relationships. I did not care, I liked the way he looked and as I stayed around him for that short period of time, I was happy.

Is my heart telling me something? How can someone I barely know have so much power in my life? I feel so good to have found him and I will make sure we will never fall apart. He will surely be my friend, and if really, this is love and we fall for each other, I don’t mind to be his partner in future. I know I should not be thinking like this, but I can’t help myself. Love at first sight happens, and I think I have fallen for Joseph Dolapo.
I arrived home and the first person I saw in the living room was my mother. She was seating down in one of the single sofas. She got up on her feet in an exited mood and came towards me.

“You did not arrive early.” She said with a broad and happy smile on her lips. “Was it traffic?”

I always tell her the truth, no matter how it hurts or not. “I met someone today.”

“A friend?”


She sighed and touched my arms. “I have good news!”

“Good news?” I asked surprised. “What is the news all about?”

She left my arms and went back to sit down. “Go to your grandfather’s room and give him his drugs first. We need to talk.”

“Okay.” I left her and went to see my grandpa. He was full of smiles when I opened the door and walked to his bedside and gave him his medication. He took the nylon from me and dropped it on his bed.

“Thank you Lucky.” He said. 

“You don’t need to thank me,” I said and hugged him gently. He was very weak and I had no intention to crack his bones. I look up at him. “I love to take care of you.”

“Not only will your children but your grandchildren will never get tired to look after you when you grow old and weary.”

“Amen grandpa!” I said and giggled.

“You look thrilled. Did something miraculous happen on your way coming?”

“I met a man today.”
“Really?” he asked and the door burst open. 

“Lucky,” my younger brother said. “Mom said she is waiting for you.”

“Nathan, can’t you knock or greet the two of us?” I asked him. I was dazed by his attitude. He has never done something like this before. He was not a rude person but very quiet and he kept to himself mostly. “Are we so small now?”

“I am sorry.” Nathan apologized and came to embraced me. “I have seen grandpa before you came.”

“Yes he has.” Grandpa said and I looked at him. “Immediately you left to buy my drugs, he arrived.”

“I’ve heard.” I said. “Let me answer mom, I will come back for us to talk.”

“Okay my most treasured.”

I turned to face Nathan. “How is school?”

“Fine.” He said and we left the room and moved towards the direction to the living room.

“Have your school gone on vacation?” I asked.


“So what are you doing at home?” I asked him. “Your allowance has been paid.”

“I know. We are writing exams and I don’t have papers for three days.”

“You should be in school and read there. You will not be able to concentrate in the house.”

“It seems like you don’t miss me at all.” He said in an annoyed tone. “I missed you and if you did not, no problem.” Nathan said and swiftly left my side and walked away.

I knew it was his room he was heading to and following him behind was not going to solve anything. He will lock his room and nobody, not even our father can convince him to open the door. He was angry at my statement and I said it out of my love for him. His final exams are important and he normally plays video games whenever he is at home. How will he find time to read? When he is less angry, I will surely explain to him and apologize to my wonderful brother.

I went to sit by my mother’s side. She was eating an apple. She offered one to me; I collected it and took a bite from it.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” I asked her.

“Dominic wants to settle down!” she said in an enthusiastic tone. “He is ready to get married when he comes back next month.”

Dominic happens to be my childhood friend. His parents are deceased. He took everything they had and he left the country. He comes into the country for visitation thrice in a year.

“That’s good but is he finally relocating back to Nigeria?”

“Yes. He wants to handle his businesses by himself and his younger sister is coming with him to stay permanently.”

His sister Kim, traveled oversees few years ago and reluctantly refused to come with her brother whenever he visited. We do speak on phone once in a blue moon.

“Did he call you to tell you all these?”


“He should have called me too and I will help him settle down when he comes. Is he getting married to a white woman?”

She gave me a look. “White woman? He wants to get married to you!!”

I erupted into a long laugh. It sounded very funny to me. “Marry me. Did you hear him well?”

“What is that supposed to mean Lucky? I have informed your father in his room and he is in support! He believes it is a great idea!”

The apple I was holding fell from my hand and I stared at my mother shocked. “Dominic wants to marry me?”

“Yes my daughter! I… I thought you liked him?”

“I like him because he is my friend. He has never told me he had feelings for me.”

“He loves you Lucky and he is ready to make you his wife. He wants you to be the mother of his children! He has always loved you and he is ready to do anything to prove he is yours.”

I stood up instantly. “Dominic is not the kind of man I want to live with for the rest of my life.”

She rose and came to stand in front of me. “Dominic is rich, handsome, has a good dress sense…”

“That is not what I want! He is egocentric, pompous, rude and he believes he can get anything he wants. He derives pleasure insulting people! How can I love such a terrible man?”

“You did not see all these traits when he never said he wanted to marry you.”

“Of course I do tell him but it was none of my business when he refused to change. He is just a friend and he will remain like that.”

She grabbed my left hand. “But you can change him.”

“I can never change a grown man like that. I will never marry him!!”

She took away her grip from me. “Remember whatever your father has agreed to do, he will surely do it. You know, no one can turn his yes to a no.”

She was right. It was very difficult to change my father’s mind. The only person that can manage to do that was his wife, my mother but it was still hard. I was confused and some many things crumbled inside my head. What was I going to do to stop Dominic to marry me?

“I need to talk to father.” I said to her.

“You are wasting your time!!”

“Why did you come early?” I asked Sister Theresa.

“I forgot something and I decided to stay a little while and wait for you so that I can take my drugs.”

I handed over the nylon filled with drugs to her. “I did not take your money to buy them.”


“I wanted to pay myself but Lucky did that for me, in fact she saved me.”

“Saved you how?”

“I had three thousand naira in my wallet and I never knew the amount will be up to six thousand!”

She exploded into laughter. “You will never hear word! Even if I had told you the amount, you will make sure you look for the money one-way or the other to buy me the drugs. I know if you don’t get it, you will surely borrow. You have to start saving for yourself, not only for me or for your masters degree. To further your education can wait. You will have a family someday and money must be made in order to take care of them. I know it will be painful to see you go but I have to say it because it will happen one day. You will get married and leave this house. You should be thinking about that.”

“I do but I have to be ready.”

“I know you want to buy me a car Joseph!”

I looked at her stunned. “How did you know?”

“I know the way you look at my car whenever I enter to drive it. I know what you are capable of doing. Keep the money you are saving and use it to establish yourself, maybe start a business. I can borrow money from the church and add it to your capital. Your salary is not enough and you still spend it on me and even the children at Save A Child orphanage home close to the house. Stop going there every end of the month, the money can be used for something more useful. I know I should not be talking like this but when you become very rich or more comfortable, you give those children more than enough. I cannot bear to see you suffer anymore.”

“But I am not suffering and I am not complaining of the things I am doing for you and the children. I will still buy you the car.”

“And I will reject it.”


“I cannot fold my arms and watch you spend money on me when you can buy the things you need for yourself.”

“You are the only family I have! How can I sit and allow drive in such a wrecked car when I can save and buy you a better one? How can I give back for what God did for me when you choose to pick me up and nurture me to be a good and God-fearing man? I look at those children and I feel bad because I could have been one of them! You could have taken me to an orphanage home but you refused, you took it upon yourself to take good care of me like your own, your own son! I can never forget what you did and I will never be an ungrateful man! I will make you live a very comfortable life. I will continue to show you gratitude till the end of time; I want you to be happy!”

“I am happy because I have Christ and you.” she bowed down her head and remained quiet. It was when I heard her sniffed her nose, and then I knew she was crying. I went to sit close to her and rubbed her back gently.

“What do you expect me to do if you shed tears mother?”

She gazed at my face and touched it. I saw tears all over eyes. “I feel so bad that I could not give you the kind of life I wanted for you when you were still a child. I hope for a miracle son. So many unrighteous men have all the good things of life, money, houses, investments and they use it only to entice women and oppress the poor. Some good men use it wisely. I know if you fall into their shoes, you will help people. You are a humanitarian and the only thing stopping you is enough resources.”

I removed her hands from my face gently. I stood up and turned my back at her. Tears were dropping and I don't want her to see me weak. I wanted to appear strong for not only myself but for her. “If God sees my heart, see the plans I have for you and the motherless babies, children, a miracle will surely happen. I know he has big plans for me. It might take some time, I know I will be successful. I have a dream to build one of the biggest orphanage homes in this country. It will not only be for children but for people who have no homes to lay their heads.”

“How can I help you to achieve that dream of yours?”

I quickly cleaned my face and turned to face her. I answered, “Prayers. Always put me in your prayers.”

She wiped away the tears and smiled. She rose on her feet. “What about Lucky?”

“What about her?”

“Don’t you have plans for her?”

“I do mom but I will wait for her to locate me again. If she really feels the same way about me, I will love her until the end of time.”

Lucky knocked on the door of her father’s bedroom. Her heartbeat raced fast and the smile that always glued on her face had disappeared. She appeared very worried.

“Come in,” he said. She entered and closed the door gently. Tom Okoye dropped the newspaper he was reading on the bed, removed his medicated glasses, and put it back inside the lens case. “I never sent for you.”

“I know father.” Lucky said and moved towards the bed. “I need to talk to you about Dominic?”

“Have you discussed with your mother when the wedding will take place?”

“No father! That is not what I want. I don’t want to marry Dominic.”

His facial appearance did not alter. His eyes were directly on her. It was eyeballs to eyeballs. “Why?”

“I do not love him.”

Tom cleared his throat. “You are old enough to get married. I want you to have a husband and have that company as your own. It will be difficult to get a man to marry you when that company belongs to you when you are still single.”

“If a man truly loves me, he will marry me as the CEO of TOK Construction company. A brave man should not be intimidated by my status.”

“I cannot allow you to make a mistake my daughter. You are not even in a relationship. I cannot wait. It is final, you will get married to Dominic.” He carried the case of his glasses, opened it and took it out to wear again. “Don’t stand and look at me, go and speak with your mother and discuss the marriage preparations.”

Lucky knew if she marries Dominic, no matter the material things, riches, she will never find happiness. She loved to smile and no one was ever going to take that away from her.

“I am in a relationship father.” She said firmly.

He glanced at her. “Don’t ever lie to me Lucky.”

“I am not lying.” she said. “I kept it a secret because I wanted to be sure if he was the one before I can discuss with you about him.”

Tom touched his chin with his left hand. “Are you sure he is the one?”


"Does he have a name?"

"He’s name is Joseph Dolapo.”

He smiled faintly. “He is from the west. You know I am not biased. If you think, he is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, invite him. I want to speak with him.”

Lucky looked at him shocked. “So soon?”

“What do you mean so soon? Do you want to marry Joseph Dolapo or Dominic Obi? You have to choose one now.”

“Joseph sir.”

“If he is the one you want, invite him to the house. I want to speak with him.”

“Yes sir. He will come and see you when he comes back from his journey.”

“Journey? Where did he travel to?”

She did not know how to lie, she never thought he could ask her such a question.

“I am waiting for an answer.” her father said after the silence.

“He went for a family meeting.” She replied and rushed out from his room. Another question from him could spoil everything. She had no more answers. She shut the door behind her and went to check on her mother in the living room. She was speaking on the phone. After two minutes, she ended the call and focused on her.

“I was talking to a friend of mine living in South Africa. I told her she must attend your wedding.”
Lucky took a deep breath and smiled at her mother.

“That is so good!”

“Have your father been able to convince you?”

“He said I can get married to my boyfriend.”

“But you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I have mother,” she said with a huge smile on her lips. “He’s name is Joseph!” Lucky did not wait for Thelma Okoye to open her mouth and say a word.
Lucky left and went to knock on her brother’s door.

“Please leave me alone!” he said in a loud voice.

“We need to talk. I am in trouble!”

Nathan dropped the pad he was using to play his video game on the floor. He stood and marched to his door to open. She whisked her way in and sat on his bed.

“What happened?” he asked after he locked the door.

“Can you keep a secret?”

Nathan gave her an ironic look and shook his head. “You know the answer to that question.”

She narrated everything to him, from A to Z.

He widened his eyes! “You lied to father so that you will not be able to marry that arrogant Dominic!”

“I had no choice!”

“How can you tell him about a man you have no clue about? A man you met today. You might like him but you absolutely don’t know any of his personalities!”

“I don’t know what to do?” Lucky said in a worried tone. “What can I do to make things right?”

“Have you told grandpa about this?”

She shook her head repeatedly.

“Don’t tell him because he will think and think and that will cause harm to his health. I know you don’t want that for him.”

“What do you suggest I do?” she asked him.

“You have to visit this man again, get to know more about him and if he turns out to be the man you want, pray hard for him to propose to you.”

“In a short period?”

“Father proposed to mother after they dated for four months.”

“Mom gave me three months to bring a husband!”

“The earlier you visit him, the better for you or you will marry Dominic!”

Joseph and Lucky found it a bit difficult to sleep at night. They tossed on their bed as they thought of each other. He prayed that she should visit him again. She wished that he should feel the same way she feels for him.

Before Joseph slept, he wrote down a poem on a piece of paper and placed it on his reading table.

‘Lucky’s beauty serenades my eyes
Your smile brings so much light
The lullaby of your voice, gives me life
I will dance to her song
I will stand by her side
I will never push her away
My love for her will never cease & it will remain the same
We will stamp our feet on the ground, when we walk down the aisle
To say yes I do’

After the second mass service the next day, Joseph went home alone. Sister Theresa wanted to stay and see one of the Reverend fathers in the Catholic Church. Joseph did not want to wait for her, he felt Lucky was going to visit him because he saw her in his dream last night.

He got home around 11am. He rested and cheerfully prepared lunch for three people.
Sister Theresa went into the office of the father. He was the one that requested an audience with her. She knew what he wanted to chat with her about and it was because of Joseph.

“I know you are right.” She said to him. “It is his decision to make.”

“But you should talk to him about it. Everything happened in our presence. I have been transferred to another state and I had to call you again about this before I leave.”

“I have no idea how he can locate his true family.”

“You have no idea or you are scared if you persuade him to look for his parents and he finds them, he will leave you. I know you love him but he has to know where he is really from. He has the right to know.”

“Yes I know but where do we start from? I sighted a young woman with the basket in front of the church. I never knew there was a baby inside. I suspected something was wrong when she placed it on the floor. Before I could climb down the stairs to stop her from running away, she had flew and left him there.”

“Will you be able to recognize Joseph mother when you see her?”

“Father but that was a long time ago. I did not see her face clearly.”

He sighed. “I want you to do me a favor. You are in the position to do that.”

“What is it Father?”

“Convince Joseph to find a way to locate his mother.”

“If she really wanted him back, she would have come back to the church and ask for him. Even if his mother cannot recognize him, she should know he has a black birthmark at the back of his neck. I don’t think she wants him.”

“If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain."

“I will talk to him but I cannot force him to do what he does not want.”

“I know Sister Theresa.” He said. “Thank you. May the peace of thy Lord be with you and your family.”


The sound of a car horn woke Joseph up in the living room. He cleaned his eyes, and checked the wristwatch for the time. It was 1pm. Lucky came with her driver. She came out from the back seat and motioned to the entrance door. She knocked once, and he unbolted the door for her.
Lucky smiled, Joseph smiled more. Her smile always enchanted him.

“Please come in,” he said to her. “You are welcome.”

“Thank you.” she sauntered inside and he offered her to sit down. She obliged.

“I am very sorry for not asking for your number. I…I was…”

“You were what?” Lucky asked when he could not finish his sentence.

Overwhelmed by your beauty was what he could not finish. “What… what can I offer you?” he asked. “I cooked Jollof rice and fried beef.”

She laughed. “You know how to cook?”

“Yes.” he replied and excused himself. He dashed to the kitchen and served the two of them. He put them down on the two stools in the living room and gave one to Lucky. She thanked him and took a spoon from her food and ate. The taste and aroma marveled her.

“You cook so well.”

“Thank you. My mother taught me how to cook.”

He brought a bottle of Malt and a glass cup for her and a cup of water for himself.

They ate in silence and something got Lucky's attention, she had to talk. “You pick out the onions?"

"Yes. It's a bad habit."

"You don’t like onions?” she asked.

He stopped to eat. “I do like onions but I don’t like it sliced in my food. I had to slice it because of my mom and you.”

“You knew I was coming?”

“I guessed.”

“You guessed right.” She carried her plate and gave it to him, you can add your onions to mine.”

He looked up at her. “For real?”

“Yes. I don’t want it to waste.” She used her spoon to scoop the onions inside her plate. She went back to sit and eat. She thanked him again and carried the plates to the kitchen. He wanted to take them from her but she refused and washed them. Joseph stood at the doorstep and watched her. She was smiling.

“Don’t you ever get tired of smiling?” he asked.

Lucky rinsed the plates and turned to face him. She moved towards Joseph. “No.”

They went back to the sitting room. “Will you show me around your house?” she asked.

He looked at her. “My house is small.”

“As long as it can accommodate more than two people, it’s big.”

“Well, it’s a two bedroom flat. This is the living room.” He held her left hand. “You have seen the kitchen. Let me show you my room.”

“Okay.” She said happily.

Joseph pointed to his mother’s room and the only bathroom and toilet they had in the house. He led her to his room and when they entered, her eyes caught the paper on my table. He had forgotten to keep it inside a safer place. He wanted to grab it, but she was fast to take it first and read the poem.

“You wrote me a poem?” she asked surprised and peered into his eyes.

He scratched his forehead. He nodded.

“Do you really care about me?” she asked.

He brought down his hand and sighed. “Yes. I think… I think I am in love with you. I can’t explain how I feel whenever I am around you.”

The look in her eyes made him to shiver. He had no idea what she was thinking! She motioned closer and touched his broad chest. “I feel the same way too. I know this is sudden but I have to say the truth. I want to know more about you Joseph. What about your parents?”

Joseph stepped backwards. He felt bad that she had to remind me of the people he knew nothing about. It was the ugly story of his life.

“If I have said anything wrong to you,” she said in a concerned tone after no answer from him. “I am sorry and you don’t have to tell me anything about them.”

“I am an orphan. I don’t know my parents.”

She gave him a look. “Oh! I… I had no idea.”

Joseph did not like the look on her face. To him, she acted disappointed. “I think we should go back to the living room, Sister Theresa will be back soon.” As he riveted to the path of the door to leave, she spoke.

“I don’t care if you are an orphan or you don’t know where you are really from?”

He rotated back to look at her. Her words shocked him. Did she just accept me for who I am? “Are you for real?”

Lucky walked to his side and penetrated her eyes on him. He thought her eyes were so pure and sincere.

“Joseph Dolapo," she called his name. "Whenever I am with you, I am very happy and I want it to continue. I am not ashamed to say this Joseph. I truly care about you. If really, you love me, let’s us be together and tell the world our love story.”

To be continued on Thursday Morning.


  1. Ahnahn, Carina the Queen of Suspense!!! you ve come again ooo.
    this love is so beautiful but y do I feel someone is gonna get really hurt... Lucky and Joseph

  2. Ahnahn, Carina the Queen of Suspense!!! you ve come again ooo.
    this love is so beautiful but y do I feel someone is gonna get really hurt... Lucky and Joseph

  3. I agree with Temitope, someone will get hurt. I can't wait to read the next episode

  4. I know Carina will spoil things and arrange everything back. She knows how to twist, whine, drag and bind a story. LOL

  5. Carina, I know you will swerve this story in another See suspense!!!!

  6. Why arent there smileys for comment self #sadface


  7. Nice!!! But am already gearing up for the impending struggles that are yet to come. Chop knuckle Suspense Queen!

  8. Cari cari......always the best..... Luv yaaa

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  10. @Hector... Thank U! Love ya 2.

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