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(Season 3): GENEVIEVE COLE. E6

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Episode 7 Title: Where Art Thou Is Genevieve Cole & The Traitor?
I woke up, became conscious with a painful headache and I recalled that something hard hit me on my head. I do not have a clue how long I blacked out and as I tried to open my eyes wide to see where I was, the severe pain increased. I tried to touch my forehead with my right hand but I could not. I fought back to unlock my eyes, to check exactly the place the intruder put me. I did and I found myself in a very dark place.

Everywhere was black, and I could not see a single thing. I wanted to get up but I could feel a thick rope clutched around my legs tightly. My hands were tied to the handles of the wooden chair I sat on. I was alone, lost and empty. I tried to recall what happened before the hit. 

I had the evidence, letter, USB flash drive and my phone. I remembered I kept them inside my right pocket but I could not feel a thing in there. Where was I? Who brought me to an unknown place? I became afraid as I trembled in fright. I wanted the case over, but someone caught me. Someone beat me to it. How am I sure my partner would check his mail. Where was Oscar’s daughter? I had to say a short prayer for her. I thought of Oscar and I had doubts in my mind he could do such a thing to me. Who knocked on his door? Did the person come for Oscar and I? On the other hand, was Oscar a part of this kidnap?

“Hello!” I shouted and began to cry. I was scared. “Is anybody there? Please, come out.”


“Please come out! What do you want from me?!”

The only thing I could see, feel or hear was my own voice. 


“Hello,” Impatient Quincy said after Leroy answered his call. He was in his living room with Akin. “Have you heard from Genevieve?”

“Not at all! I thought she had already sent you the address of the club, that’s why I’ve not called.”

“Where are you now?”

“I am driving to the hospital to inform my wife about the situation. I hope there’s no problem?”

“Genevieve’s number is not going through!!”

“Oh my God! Maybe her phone is down, I…I am sure she will send us a message when she suspects something. Have you been able to reach detective Akin?”

“He is here with me! He went home to change and came over to my place for the both of us to come meet you so that we can go together to the club! I am very worried, and I think something has gone wrong. Genevieve is supposed to keep in touch. She promised to call and not switch off her phone.”

“I do not think she is capable of doing that.” Leroy said. “She knows she is not safe alone with Jasmine and that Efe Oghenetega. He has boys, bodyguards and I am certain some of them will be with him in the club!”

“Something is not right!” Quincy said and paced around his sitting room. 

“Relax,” Leroy said as he approached the entrance of the private hospital. “I will call detective Oscar to ask if Genevieve have left his house. He should know her whereabouts.” 

“Please do that and get back to me. I don’t have his number.”

“I will get back to you immediately I speak with him. I believe she is fine.” He ended the call, dropped the phone on the passenger seat and drove to the parking lot.

“I think you should calm down.” Akin said to him to Quincy.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! The woman my father left in my care is unreachable! I should never have agreed for her to meet Jasmine at the club with that murderer! She ought to charge her phone when it goes down. I can’t believe this is happening right now.”

“Should we call Jasmine?”

“Jasmine might suspect we know she is the traitor! We absolutely don’t know what is going on!” He went towards the dining table, grabbed his car key and headed to his entrance door.

“Where are you going?” Akin asked.

“I am going to every club I know.”

“But that will be wasting our time. Like you said earlier, we don’t know what is going on. Let us wait for Leroy to call Oscar before we do anything.” 

His eyes flashed with intense anger. He held the handle of the door and spoke to Akin. “I don’t think you know how I am feeling right now, if you do, you will not be talking like this!”

He moved closer to him. “I want to find my colleague as much as you do. She is my friend and I will do anything to make sure we get her.”

“So what do you suggest?” Quincy asked in a intense tone. He was troubled inside, thinking of the woman he loved. “Should we sit down like puppies and wait?”

Akin thought, and looked straight into his director’s eyes. “I think we should go look for Genevieve Cole.”


Leroy had dialed Oscar’s number three times but it was unreachable. He entered into the building and a black male nurse with pimples on his right face walked up to him. 

“Detective Leroy.” He called him.

He took his eyes away from his phone and stared at the person calling his name. “Yes?”

“Your wife has been nervous. She has been asking after you.”

“Oh, I see. Thank you for telling me. I know her room, I will go there now.”

He nodded and left. Leroy motioned to the private ward and went to open the door of room 23. He saw his wife on the bed, and she sighed out of relief and smiled when she saw her husband.

“What happened?” she asked him as he came closer. “I would have called you but I left my phone at home. I was very worried.”

He smiled and pecked her on the lips. They hugged. “I am sorry, I was very busy.”

“Did you win an award?”

“Two my love and I dedicated one to you. How is the baby?”

“Well, the doctor said our baby is healthy and I might go into labor today. I am excited to have you here. Where is Genevieve and how many awards did she grab?”

The grin on his lips vanished. “There is a problem honey but I don’t want you to panic. My boss, a colleague and I will sort it out.”

“What happened?” Chisom asked with her eyes wide opened. She already knew her husband was secretly investigating the case of his former boss. 

He briefly explained the scenario of how they knew the governor aspirant was the murderer and they can’t find Genevieve.

“Have you been able to call the detective she was staying with?” she asked him in a concerned tone.

“His line is not going through.”

“Maybe she’s at the club with the female detective. Why don’t you call her?”

“If I do, Jasmine will know Genevieve told us about the club thing.”

“Oh my God, I am very worried about her,” she said with a sad expression on her face. “I hope she is okay.”

He touched her mildly on the left shoulder. “Do not worry my love. Everything will be fine.”

“What do you want to do now?”

“I am supposed to meet my director and plan on how to reach Genevieve but I have to be with you tonight… I do not want to feel guilty for leaving you behind. My director and detective Akin will look into it. I will call them and…”


He uplifted his eyebrows. “I should go?”

“Yes.” Chisom replied. “I will be the one to feel guilty. You are stepping up as a big brother to go look for Genevieve. Why should I stop you from doing that?“

Leroy stared shocked at his heavily pregnant wife.

She added, “If she was truly your blood sister, will I tell you not to go? I will. Genevieve is family and she is my friend and godmother to our unborn child. Please go.”

“But you will be here all alone.”

She swallowed and sighed. “My younger sister came in today; she went to a restaurant to eat.”

“Chinelo is around?”

“Yes. I will not be here alone. Please go.”

Leroy kissed his wife sharply on her cheeks. “Thank you my love.”

She held his hand. “I want you to promise me you will come back safe.”

“I promise.”

“Our child and I need to you alive!”

“I will be fine.” He kissed and hugged her before he walked out of the ward.  As he walked, he continued to try Oscar’s number but was still inaccessible. He came out and motioned to his car when a female nurse with a smallish stature hiked towards him.

“Are you detective Leroy?”

He turned and answered. “Yes. Is there any problem nurse?”

“Your wife showed me your picture on her phone. She has been taken to the labor room, she wants to see you now.”

“Oh, okay…. But, wait a minute.” He remembered Chisom told him she forgot her phone in the house. As he made a move to take his gun from his waist, he felt something hard at his back. Someone pointed and pressed a gun on his waist region. The lady dressed as a nurse gave a wicked smile.

She said, “If you ever scream or make any silly move, the man at your back will not hesitate to shoot and kill you.”

“We know your wife is in this hospital,” said the man dressed in a black suit. “She is not save if you try to escape. We have a spy here and any mistrustful behavior from you, she is dead.”

Cold rushed inside Leroy’s body. He was frightened. “What do you want from me?”

“You will follow us because someone wants the both of us to bring you alive.”


The nurse replied angrily. “Shut up! Give me your phone.”

He gave her without hesitant and she switched it off. The man took Leroy’s gun and pushed him towards where they parked their own vehicle, a red car. Before the man entered the driver’s seat, he handcuffed Leroy’s hands at the front and shoved him into the back seat. The lady moved into the passenger’s seat and they drove away from the medical building. 

She pulled the white gown, loosened her hair by removing the band and hairpin and threw them at the back seat. She wore a black top and trouser. Leroy saw the hairpin close to him. He shifted sensibly, stared at the two of them and determinedly, he was able to take it and held it tight inside his right palm.


“Leroy’s number is switched off!!” Quincy barked at Akin as he tried to call him. The two of them had gone to two clubs, searched inside but could not find her there.

“How can you say it’s switched off?” Akin asked surprised. “He told us he was going to call us back after he spoke to Oscar.”

“It’s switched off!!” he yelled out in a frustrated gesture. He was driving very rough. 

“Please take it slow.” He advised. “Remember we can only find her when we are alive.”

The director glared at him scornfully. “I know!”

“Going from club to club will not solve anything. I want to suggest something.”


“Do you know detective Oscar’s house?”

“No but why did you ask?”

“Let’s go there,” Akin said. “Detective Leroy was supposed to let us know what Oscar said but now we can no longer reach him on the phone.”

Quincy increased his speed and he made a U-turn on the road. 

“Why the change of direction?” he asked his boss.

“We are going to the office. I want to go and check Oscar’s file, his home address is listed there!”


“Where are you taking me to?” Leroy asked. They were still on the road.

“You will find out when you get there?” the young woman answered and took her makeup kit from the pigeonhole. 

“I am a citizen of this country and it is my right to know where you are taking me.”

“You are talking too much!” the man on the wheel yelled at him.

Leroy sighed, took the pin, and tried to see if he could unlock the cuffs. It was a bit difficult for him to do. “Who wants you to bring me alive?”

“Why don’t you keep quiet!” she uttered in a furious tone. “You are distracting me from making my face up!”

He thought that even if she made up her face with the best cosmetics in the world, she would still appear ugly. He laughed audibly.

“What’s funny?” She asked in an annoyed tone.

“Nothing ma.” he replied calmly. “I am sorry for distracting you.”

“Sorry for yourself! Keep your mouth sealed!”



I remained in an unidentified area and it’s been close to forty-five minutes since I woke up. I still felt pain in my head but it had reduced. 

“Is anybody there?! Please talk to me! Please! Somebody help me!!”

In the dark room, I heard the door opened and I could see a male figure. He came and stood a bit far from me. He shut the door and turned on the florescent light. It shined into my eyes, and I had to close them, inhaled and opened them to look at the person that brought me to an undisclosed place. I saw myself in an empty room. There was a chair by my right side. I looked at my front and saw him. I searched for words, I thought for words to say to the man I never knew could be part of this. 

“How are you Genevieve?” the ruthless soul asked me. He held a pistol on his left hand.

He mentioned my name and I became angry. “How could you?”

“I love you.”

“You don’t love me, you don’t love anyone, you don’t even love yourself, because if you do, you would not be a part of those monsters that killed an innocent girl!”

“Shut up!!”

“Oscar, you are nothing but a cheap asshole!”

He gave me a hot slap on my left face with the back of his right hand. I received pain and I began to cry. Not because of the slap, I felt pity for Annie Ayiri, the extreme pain she must have passed through in the video.

“I am sorry.” He said.

I looked at him with tears in my eyes and resentment from my heart. “You have no conscience. I never knew the video had been with me all these while, if I had known, you would have been in prison rotting there.”

“It doesn’t matter if you saw the video or not. It’s already with me, and the nonsense letter. I have turned off your phone.”

I thought of Quincy, Leroy and Akin, and I wondered what they could be passing through. Jasmine was innocent. She fell into the hands of a monster.

“Where is Yvonne?” I asked.

“So you still care,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “A friend has taken her to her mother sister’s house.”

“Which of your friend are you talking about?”

“He will be joining us soon.”

“Is this friend the person that knocked on the door?”

“So you remembered,” Oscar said. “I thought you must have lost some memory.”

“You were not strong to hit me hard enough, coward!”

He laughed hard and walked around me. “This is the more reason why I fell in love with you.”

“You do not love me. You never did.”

“Why would you say such a thing to me?” he questioned me and positioned himself in my front.

“Why did you take part in the murder of Uncle Freddie?” 

He hissed and turned his back at me.

I said, “You knew Uncle Freddie was like my father. You knew I loved him very much. Why were you involved in such mess? You are heartless for you to take part in something brutal. You never thought about your daughter welfare before you involved yourself with a wicked politician. What did Annie Ayiri ever do to him, you and the others for all of you in that video to bury a woman with a bright future, a woman who had family? I saw the look in everyone’s faces, the smile on everyone when Annie begged for life. All of you still had the guts to bury her alive!”

“She was having an affair with her brother’s enemy!” he spat out and turned to look me in my eyes. He was scornfully gazing at me and the expression on the face made me shiver. I became very scared of the man I wanted to get myself involved with in the past. It would have been the greatest mistake of my life.

I took my eyes away from him. “Even if she was having an affair with him,” I said to him. “That should not be enough reason to bury her alive!”

“When her brother found out about the affair, Annie remained adamant to be with Efe Oghenetega. She planned with him to make it look like a kidnap but she went away to be with the man she claimed she loved. How could she fall for a married man with children?”

“Why will Efe Oghenetega cheat on his wife?”

“Don’t put the blame on my boss. He gave Annie a proposition to talk to her brother to step down in the upcoming election and he would make her his first lady, instead she refused and secretly leaked some vital information’s to her brother. She betrayed my boss and death was her reward!”

“How did Uncle Freddie record the murder?”

“Freddie Arinze was a friend to my boss and he was always coming around. On that particular day, we never knew he followed us. When James Ayiri went to him to investigate the kidnap of his sister, Freddie came forward to meet my boss and asked him to confess of the crime. Freddie told him he would not release the video if he did that. Your weak Uncle Freddie pestered him, said he was doing it because they were friends and everyone deserved a second chance.”

“My elder sister once told me, not everyone deserves a second chance. Efe Oghenetega never deserved one. If Uncle Freddie had known, he would have leaked the video out and he would have been alive!”

“He was not smart enough to do that.”

I stared at him without fear. “I admit he was not smart enough but he was a good man and he will always be remembered for that. When you die, what will you be remembered for? A killer!”

Oscar frowned.

“You lied to me.” I said. “Everything you said was fabricated.”

His eyebrows cocked. “I told you the truth.”

“I don’t mean now. The money you said you got from your father in law to build that house was a lie. You must have gotten it from that politician! I am very sure it was money you offered Bridget for her to come back to torment an innocent man’s life!”

He clapped his hands and a grin surfaced on his face. “You are a brilliant woman. We are going to make intelligent children.”

“That will never happen!”

“I don’t care if you don’t want it to happen, I will force you!”

“Let me go!”

“Never! You are mine and if you remain persistent, I will have no choice, I will beat you up! I don’t care if I hurt you physically, you did that to me emotionally! I will only teach you a lesson and when you realize we are made for each other, you will succumb.”


Oscar laughed at me. “You have no idea what I have planned for you.”

Quincy told Akin to wait for him inside his car when they arrived at the NIB. Akin continued to try Leroy’s number with his own phone. The director went into the building to check for the address and he saw it with the phone number. Quincy came out, got into his car and drove out in full speed.

“I think it is preferable for me to drive.” Akin advised. He was uncomfortable with his boss’s driving. The fact that they were few cars on the road that does not mean accidents cannot happen. 

“I want you to use your seatbelt.” Quincy said with his eyes on the road. “I am in haste and nothing on earth can stop me right now.”

Akin quickly used his seatbelt and swallowed a large lump down his dehydrated throat. He feared for his life. Three minutes later, they got to the house of Oscar. Quincy parked his car and rushed out to knock on the door but he noticed all the security bulbs were off. He surveyed around and heard no noise. He eventually knocked on the door but received no answer. He went to the left and right side to cross check if there was anyone at home, he did not see a human, not even a shadow.

“There’s no one in the house.” Akin said to him calmly. 

Quincy turned his back to look at him. “What do we do now?” he asked in a disturbed tone.

“As long as we can’t find Miss. Genevieve and Oscar, that means something is wrong. He might even be the traitor.”

“What about Jasmine?”

“Maybe she never truly knew Efe Oghenetega. She might have fallen into the wrong hands and she might not even be safe where she is. We have to do something fast to prevent any calamity.”

“Did you try Leroy’s number?” 

“Yes.” He replied sadly. “His number remains switched off.”

Quincy rubbed his palms on his face and brought them down. “I am so confused right now.”

“I think we should check him at the hospital, just to be sure he is alright.”

“But I don’t know the hospital he took his wife!” he uttered in a frustrated tone.

“Calm down boss,” Akin said. “I don’t think anything bad has happened to Genevieve. Oscar won’t hurt her, he is obsessed.”

“What if he pretended to love her? She will definitely be in trouble by now.”

“Oscar would have hurt her when she came to stay with him. Let us find Leroy first before we know what to do. I know the hospital.”

“How did you know?”

“Have you forgotten I use to trail Leroy when we thought he was the traitor?”

“The circumstances have made me to forget so many things! Let’s go find Leroy.”

They walked and approached the car. “But I will be the one to drive!” Akin said and collected the key from his director. Quincy had no time to argue, in hopped into the other seat and thought of Genevieve.


“I want to leave.” I said.  I was tired of the whole situation and Oscar had been quiet. He was only staring at me and that gave me chills inside my body and even if he loved me or not, I was not safe with him.

“I love you Genny.”

“I don’t’ hate you but I dislike you very much!”

He hit me again on my face and grabbed my neck fiercely with his right hand. He dropped the gun on the floor and pointed his middle finger at me. “Next time you make such statement, I will make you pay!”

I was scared, but if I showed it to him, he would see me as a weak person. I glared at him with no sign of fear but disgust. “Take your filthy hands away from me!”

Oscar gave a naughty smile, grabbed my lips, and kissed me hard. He released me and I spat on the floor. He grabbed my neck again and this time I raised my head and hit him hard on the nose. He left me instantly and touched his nose. Little blood came out.

“We are a match made in heaven.” He said and wiped his nose with his brown shirt and moved towards his gun and collected it.

I did not say anything; I was relieved for what I did. 

“It seems you have made up your mind not to show me love!” He said to me in a furious tone.

“How can I love a man that has no regard for a human soul? You are an animal! A pig is better than you!!”

Oscar sneered and we heard a knock on the door. “Come in!”

As the door opened and closed, I looked over at the figure coming towards us, I froze in shock.

“Detective Abu!” I uttered in a dazed tone. I was stunned to see him. 

“Hello detective Genevieve.” He said to me with a wide smile on his lips. He was smoking a cigarette.

“You are a part of this mess?” I asked.

He gazed at me and continued to smoke without offering me answer.

“I did not see you in the video.” I said. “How come you are involved in this now? If you were not a part of Annie Ayiri’s murder, were you part of Uncle Freddie and Julius murder?”

Abu finally spoke. “I will answer your question when I am through.”

“Smoking is more important? What kind of a man are you?!”

“You are beginning to ask too many questions.” Oscar said.

“Then why am I here? Why are the both of you still keeping me hostage?”

Abu put down the cigarette on the floor and pressed it with his left foot. He looked at Oscar. “You haven’t told her?”

“Told me what?” I asked in an inquisitive tone.

“You will have to wait for an answer.” Oscar said.

Quincy and Akin parked the car inside the hospital building and raced inside the reception. Quincy asked a female nurse reading a file for a patient, Chisom Raymond. She informed them she was in the labor room. A young and chocolate-skinned woman tapped Akin on his back.

“Are you looking for Chisom?”

“Who are you?” Quincy asked.

“I am her younger sister and she’s in the labor room.”

“What about the husband Leroy?”

She looked at the both of them and blinked her eyes. “I did not see him before I came. He left and told my sister he was going to meet his boss and a colleague.”

“You mean he has gone?”

She stared at Quincy and asked in a frightened tone. “Is everything alright?”

He composed himself. “Yes, everything is alright. I will give you my number in case you suspect anything thing.”

“Anything like what?”

“I just want your sister to be safe.” He managed to smile. "I am the boss of her husband." He called out his number and she munched the digits on her cellular phone. “Let me know when she is out from the labor room.”

“I will let you know.”

“Tell Chisom Leroy will be with her very soon.”

She nodded. 

“What’s your name?”


“Thank you.” Quincy said and inspected around the reception to see if there was anyone suspicious. He noticed a man that wore a black cap, like the one he saw in front of the prison building. He searched for a number to call.

“What are you doing?” Akin asked.

“I want to call four detectives to come here and keep this place safe.” He dialed their number, and the detectives were surprised to receive such calls at late hour. They had no choice, they obliged. He informed them to keep their eyes on the man. He described the man for them. He was black, wore a black cap, red shirt with black trouser. He stared at the man again and he was reading a magazine turned upside down unintentionally. Quincy took the facial photo of Chinelo and sent it to the four detectives. When they arrive, they would make sure she does not leave their sight.

They went outside and as they near their car, Akin called his boss and pointed to a car.

“Is that not detective Leroy’s car?”

Quincy gazed at it. “Oh my God, yes it is. Does that mean he is around?”

“I doubt that.” Akin answered. The two of them went to the car and checked it. The doors were shut.

Quincy shook his head repeatedly. His phone rang and he checked it “It’s Jasmine!” 

“Pick up.” Akin said.

He hurriedly picked it up. “Jasmine where are you?” She spoke very fast but he could not hear her clearly. “I can’t hear what you are saying.”

“I said I believe something bad is going to happen to Genevieve.”

“What do you mean?”

“I received a text from her some hours ago that she could not make it to the club. I left and went home with my boyfriend. I was in my room alone and I decided to go check what he was doing when I heard his conversation with some of his bodyguards. I did not hear everything but I think they are going to kill her. I am scared and I don’t have a clue on what is going on.” She began to cry.

“You need to be careful. Where are you right now?”

“I am inside the bathroom.” She replied and sniffed her nose. “What is happening director? Is Genevieve alright?”

“You have to listen to me carefully. Genevieve is in the wrong hands. I believe she is with the traitor Oscar.”

“Traitor?” she asked in a puzzled tone. “What do you mean? Who did he betray?”

“I will explain better when we meet.” He said in a serious tone. “You need to leave that house if you can tonight. I don’t believe you are safe there.”

“I can send you his address and sneak out from the house to meet you outside. I want to go look for Genevieve. I am so scared for her.”

“Send me the address but right now, we don’t know where she was taken to. At the moment we can’t even find Leroy.”

“Oh my God!!” she burst into loud sobs and she closed her mouth to caution herself so that no one would hear her. “Have you called him?”

“His phone is switched off.”

“Oh no! I don’t know the whereabouts of Leroy.”

Quincy’s left eyebrow rose. “What do you mean by that?”

“I heard my boyfriend talking about a location.” She said in a teary tone. “I think I know where Genevieve Cole is.”


I waited for close to five minutes before I broke the silence. “I am still waiting for the answer!”

Oscar looked at his wristwatch, turned his head and screamed. “Bring him in!!” He stared back at me and peered directly into my scared eyes. The door was flung opened and a lady and a bulky man pushed a man in handcuffs.

“Leroy!!” I screamed.

“Like I said before,” Oscar said to me. “You have no idea what I have planned for you.”

To be continued…. On Wednesday.
The synopsis for the next STORY will be posted too. Thanks guys!!


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