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(Season 3): GENEVIEVE COLE. E7

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 Episode 7 Title: Saving Genevieve Cole (Finale)
“What is the name of the location?” Quincy asked Jasmine curiously.

“I am the only one that can take you there. I will explain better when we see. I only know the way there and not the name of the location.”

“But how can you leave his place by this time? He will suspect something is going on!”

“Don’t worry about it.” She said. “I know what to do.” She called the name of the address for him.

“I know that area.” He said.

“Park your car two houses away when you get there. I will be with you."

“Please be careful.”

“I will.” Jasmine said and he sensed a smile on her lips. He felt pity for her. “I will be there in three minutes.” He hung up the phone.

“Three minutes?!” Akin asked shocked. “Are you going to fly?”

“We are not going to waste time!” he said and hiked to his car, Akin followed suit. Three detectives arrived and alerted their boss. They promised to keep Leroy’s wife and sister in law safe.

“I am driving!” Akin uttered when they reached the vehicle.

Quincy rapidly moved towards Akin and grabbed his car keys from him. “It’s my car! If you are not comfortable with my driving, you can trek!” he opened the driver side, he entered and turned on the ignition. Akin unlocked the other door and sat down. “I thought you have decided to walk there?”

“I don’t have a choice. I have to follow you.”

(Genevieve Cole)

Leroy looked at me as they dumped him on the empty chair beside me. They sealed his lips with a tape. I glared at Oscar.

“I need some explanation why you brought Leroy here?”

He folded his arms and motioned closer to me. “I thought you still have a sharp mouth to insult me.”

“Please, you can do anything to me but leave Leroy out of this. He is an innocent man.”

“Do anything??” he shook his head and gazed at Abu. “This woman does not know how many times I have saved her.”

“What are you talking about?” 

“Oscar begged for your life to be spared. Efe Oghenetega would have killed you if not for him.”

“He threatened to kill me.”

“That is because he never wanted you to investigate the case. Use your brain!”

“Hey,” Oscar said and tapped Abu lightly on the right shoulder. “Show her some respect! She is my future wife.”

“God forbid!”

He roared into an epic laughter. “Do you think I care anymore if you don’t want to be my wife? I will no longer force you. You will be the one to beg!”

“All I am asking is leave Leroy out of this!”

“I want to teach you a lesson,” he said and pointed at Leroy.“ Leroy’s life is in your hands. If you don’t agree to my decision for the both of us, something bad will surely happen. I have sacrificed someone’s life just because of you. I did that because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, but what did I get in return? Heartbreak! You acted like a slut and choose that pompous duck over me.”

“That pompous duck is far better than you. I can’t even compare!”

Oscar shifted backwards, looked at the bulky man, and nodded. The man removed the tape from Leroy’s mouth, and he used a big rod to hit him hard. 

“Oh my God!” I cried out. “Please leave him alone! Please Oscar, I beg you!”

Leroy grunted in pain as blood came out from his mouth. He used the back of his hands to clean his mouth.

“If you don’t show me the respect I deserve, I will do worst!” Oscar screamed at me. “The life of Leroy will be cut short and his wife who is in the delivery room will never forgive you. His unborn child will know the story of her father, that you had the opportunity to save him but you choose to let him die!”

Tears rushed out from my eyes. I caused everything. I turned and stared at Leroy. “I am sorry. I will do everything I can, to save you.”

The four of them erupted into laughter.

“Follow your Instinct Cole.” Leroy calmly said as he groaned in pain. “Don’t do what you do not want to do. Follow your heart. I will be fine.”

“Really?” Oscar asked him. “You think this is a game or a joke?”

“Please leave Leroy alone.” I said to him. “He is innocent in all these. This is between you and I and let us keep it that way.”

“Leroy was never on my side!” he yelled at me. “He has to pay!!”

“What did he do?”

“He supported you when you threw my love back at my face! He approved of your relationship with Quincy Harvey and I can never forgive him for that!”

“Leroy had to support me because it was what I wanted. He spoke on your behalf but I was already in love with another man.”

Oscar gave the man in the suit a look and he hit Leroy in his head. 

“Please!!” I begged with tears coming out from my eyes. “What have I said wrong?! Don’t hurt him anymore, please I can’t take it! Oh my God! Don't hit him again, please Oscar!”

“You don’t know what you said wrong?”

I shook my head. I couldn’t look at Leroy, my heart would not be able to take it.

“You have stayed with me for a while and you should know my likes and dislikes.”

“Just don’t hurt him anymore. You can hit me instead.”

“How can I do such a thing to my investment? You are my investment. I killed because of you!”

I was confused. I never had a clue what he was accusing me of and I needed to know. “What do you mean by that?”

“You have to tell her the truth.” Abu said. 

“What truth?”

Oscar raked into my eyes. His face creased with intense anger. I could see he was fuming. “I killed Freddie Arinze!”

Jasmine quickly deleted Quincy’s contact from her received call logs and kept her phone on top of the bed. She pulled her off her nightie and wore a top and blue jean and she was about to collect her gun from her handbag when the door opened. She halted and pretended to take her phone to press. 

Efe Oghenetega strolled towards her. “I thought you were sleeping?”

She pretended with a wide smile and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I wanted to join you in the living room. I thought you were drinking.”

“I am with my bodyguards and I am going back. We are having a meeting.”

“That means I can’t join you?”

He dropped her hands and pecked her lips. “We will have fun tomorrow. I am likely to leave to somewhere important tonight.”

“You are leaving me alone tonight?” she asked surprised.

“Yes.” he replied and moved towards his wardrobe and collected a medium sized black bag. “You and the security man will be in the house.” Efe pecked her again. “Goodnight.”

“When will you leave so that I will know when to lock the door?”

“We will leave in forty five minutes.”

“Okay love, goodnight.” She said. He smiled back at her, walked out, and shut the door.

Jasmine rushed to her bag, unzipped it and took out her gun. She grabbed her phone, wore bathroom slippers and gently tiptoed to the door. She carefully opened it without making a sound. She stretched out her head to survey the passage, she saw no one. She came out with her gun held tightly in her right hand. She crept cautiously and peeped to check through the corner of the door that led towards the living room. She could see Efe and six muscular men dressed in suit talking. Listening to them one more time was a waste of time. Jasmine made her way through another door from the corridor to the kitchen. She sneaked inside and went to the door leading outside to the backyard but it was locked, and the key was not there. Her heart skipped but she went into the pantry to check in there but could not find it. Jasmine went back to check the cabinet. It made a sound and she heard footsteps. She quickly went back to the storeroom and waited there. One of the bodyguards came to see if there was anyone there, he left when he saw nobody. 

Jasmine took a deep breath and went back to crosscheck the cabinet, she saw the key. She grabbed it and moved to unlock the door as quietly as possible. She finally opened it and came out. She searched the back for anyone but no one was there. She went on her knees and crawled round the house to the frontage. She got up, dusted her knees and hiked to the gate. The gateman came out from his small house.

“Anuty any problem?” he asked.

“I forgot my wallet where your boss and I went to.” she answered in a composed posture. “My friend is outside to take me there. Be alert in forty minutes time, your boss will be going out with his bodyguards.”

“Ok ma.” He said.

I carefully removed the padlock, gave it to him. “I won’t stay long.”

He smiled. “Yes ma.”

(Genevieve Cole)

“You killed Uncle Freddie?” I asked flabbergasted. I thought I was in a dream, I closed my eyes and opened them again and I found out it was reality.

“Yes I did.” Oscar replied in a cold tone. There was no sign of emotion on his face. “Why are you surprised? You knew Julius did not kill him. We knew you visited him in prison but you never knew we had someone on the inside. Julius was a dunce to get close to a prisoner, he never knew he was working for us.”

“But I never thought you had the heart to kill Uncle Freddie. After I knew Efe Oghenetega was behind Annie Ayiri's death, I thought he sent one of his boys to do the dirty job for him.”

“My boss never wanted to kill him at that time. He told me to go and persuade him to give us the video. He refused. Julius was desperate to get money for his mother’s health, so I took him along with him the next day in the evening to talk with your so called Uncle.”

“To talk about what?” I asked.

“To talk about you.” he said and sauntered closer to me. His eyes on me. “Everything has always been about you Genevieve Cole.”

“I…I…I don’t under…understand.”

He leaned backwards. “I went there to negotiate a deal with him. I told him, I will get him out of the country, where Efe Oghenetega won’t be able to trace him. I told him I was in love with you and he should talk to you to accept my proposal but he declined. He said he would never allow me to marry you when he saw what I did in the video. I took part in the death of Annie. She deserved it! Freddie said it was over his dead body. He looked at me in my eyes and swore he can never allow you to marry a man like me.”

“But he was…” I paused. I looked at Leroy and I felt bad.

“Why can’t you finish your statement?” Oscar asked.

I glared at him. “It’s irrelevant.”

“You wanted to tell me he was right.”


“You are calling me a liar?”

“No, you guessed. That was not what I wanted to say.”

Oscar smiled. “Smart girl. You are trying to protect Leroy” He came forward and raised my chin. “I shot Freddie Arinze dead because he thought I wasn’t good enough for you.” He pressed his lips on mine, I had no choice, I had to kiss him back. I wanted him to let Leroy go. He released me and smiled. “Good girl.”

I sighed. “Allow Leroy go and I will do whatever you want.”

“How can I trust you on that? You are a very stubborn woman. Leroy has to stay.”

“What are your plans for me?” 

He pointed at the hefty man. “He will get the car ready. We will be leaving to the airport soon.”

“Airport? Where are we going to?”

Oscar ordered the girl to bring a package. I had no idea what they were talking about. She left and came out with the bag I saw in his room. He took it from her and brought out a wedding gown. This is for you honey. We will be getting married tomorrow.”

I widened my eyes. “But you need my mother’s consent for that. I can’t marry you without my family.”

“I don’t care!”

“I will marry you but you have to let Leroy go, please!”

He frowned at me and scornfully looked at Leroy. He pointed his gun at him and before I could say a word to stop him, I heard gunshot. 


Jasmine sighted Quincy’s car and ran to them. She unlocked the back door and entered. Quincy switched on the ignition and swerved his vehicle away. 

“How come you don’t know the name of the location?” the director asked Jasmine as he drove and she directed him with the use of her hand.

“That period I was not frequent at the office ,” she said. “I followed Efe to two of his ware houses. We are going to the two because I have no idea which of them they took Genevieve.”

“What is the warehouse all about?”

Jasmine scratched her eyebrows. She was a bit nervous to tell the truth, but in a critical situation they have found themselves in, she had to spill it out. “Efe is into fairly used cars. He sells them but it's just for a cover up.”

“Cover up for what?” Akin questioned.

“I know the both of you will be disappointed but I am sorry. It was a mistake.”

“Answer the question Jasmine.” Quincy said.

“Efe oghenetega is into fake drugs. He makes fake drugs and sells them to hospitals.”

“What!!!” the men exclaimed in shock.

Akin turned his back to stare at her. “You knew such a thing and you could not tell anybody?”

“I am sorry! It will never happen again. You can punish me after we get Genevieve back. We have thirty minutes to save her.”

“What do you mean?” Quincy asked.

“The time Efe came to see me in the bedroom, he said he will be leaving with his bodyguards in forty five minutes. Right now, we have nothing less than thirty minutes. You can turn right, we are close to the first warehouse.”

Quincy turned and drove to the front of the place. They were no car parked outside and the place was very dark.

“I doubt it’s this place.” Akin said. “Let’s drive to the other one. I am beginning to get scared. Efe Oghenetega must not reach there before us, even if Oscar does not want to kill her, his boss will definitely want to end her life.”

“What about Leroy?” Jasmine asked.

“We only hope they captured him and took him to Genevieve.” Akin said. 

“I hope so.” 

Quincy phone rang. It was one of the detectives at the hospital. He listened to the caller for a minute and said. “That is good news. Tell one of you to take him to the interrogation room. I will call you later.” He cut the call.

“What happened?” Akin requested.

“Chisom has put to birth and that scum has been caught.”

“That’s good news!!” Jasmine said in an excited tone. Akin grinned hard.

Quincy added. “The man was seen entering Chisom’s room. I have ordered them to take him for questioning.”

It took them five minutes to reach their destination. They rushed out from the vehicle and noticed there was light inside the compound. 

(Genevieve Cole)
I heard Leroy screamed out in pain. I swiftly turn to look at where Oscar shot and it was his left arm. Blood was gushing out and they were laughing. I could not take it, I felt helpless, and I was heartbroken. The kind of sorrowful expression I saw on his face crushed my heart.

“Leroy I’m sorry!!”

He wailed out. He was sweating all over his body.

“You need to hold on!” I uttered. “Stay strong for your child and your wife!” I riveted my gaze to Oscar. “What else do you want? I am prepared to follow you anywhere.”

He did not say anything. The girl excused and left to receive a call, Abu wanted to go out and take his packet of cigarette in his car. It was Leroy, Oscar, the bulky man and I remaining. The girl came inside and informed Oscar that Efe Oghentega was on his way. Oscar informed her to tell Abu to hurry so that they can leave before the governor aspirant comes. She left and Oscar told the man to go outside the room for the both of them to talk privately.

The moment they walked out and shut the door, I turned to Leroy. “How are you feeling?” I noticed he was trying to unlock his handcuffs. Blood was dripping down and his hands were trembling but that did not stop him from trying to free himself.

“Please hurry.” I whispered. “I don’t want to them to catch you.”

He grunted as he tried one more time and he did it. He rose up and pressed his arm. He wanted to shout but the fear of Oscar and the other man made him not to. He quickly ran to the door, I thought he was trying to run, to leave me but he used the key to lock it. Oscar and the man began to bang hard on the door. Leroy came to my side and untied the rope they used to tie my hands. He left me and went to sit on the floor. I loosened the rope on my legs and ran to him, he was shivering and his body temperature was high. We could hear Oscar swearing and promising to kill Leroy when they open the door.

“Leroy everything will be fine. I know Quincy and Akin will be doing everything they can to look for us. I beg you in the name of Almighty God, please don’t lose hope. Try not to fall asleep.”

“Co… Cole.” Leroy managed to say with his unsteady lips. He shut his eyes as the deep sore struck him harder. “Tell Ch…Chisom that I… I love her.”

“Don’t talk like this!” Heated tears flushed out from my weary eyes. I removed his hand from his injury and pressed it hard to stop the bleeding but more blood flowed out.

“Tell my daughter… I”

“Please say no more! You will be all right. I lost Uncle Freddie and I am still recovering, I won’t be able to handle it if I lose you Leroy. You are my friend, brother, and confidant. You have to stay alive! You are going to be a wonderful father and a great Uncle to my unborn children! Don't leave me, please! I love you Leroy Raymond and we will come out from this place alive!”

I brought him close to me. He was very weak to speak. Before I knew what was happening, I could hear them breaking the door with something hard. I quickly removed Leroy’s shirt, used it to tie his arm where the injury was located. Leroy screeched as if his body was tearing into pieces. I called his name, but no answer, just a faint sound. He was falling asleep, I had no alternative, I slapped him hard on his face and he opened his eyes. “You have to stay awake!” I clutched my arms around him and prayed silently for God's healing. 

“I think I see someone coming.” Akin said to Quincy outside the gate. He peeped to check again. “I think I see detective Abu.”

“Are you sure?” he asked in a surprised tone.


“Let’s hide by the side of the car and wait for him to come outside.”


They went to hide and Jasmine stayed behind them. They held their guns. Abu came out from the gate, raised his eyebrows as he noticed a car in front of the building. He moved towards it and when it occurred to him it was his director’s car, the three of them stood and directed three guns on his head. 

“If you make any sound, consider yourself dead.” Quincy said.

He ordered Jasmine to bring a handcuff inside his pigeonhole, she did and they handcuffed Abu with the door handle of his car. They questioned him about Genevieve and Leroy but he refused to talk. Quincy took his gun from him and called more detectives for backup. The three of them didn’t want to waste time, they entered the building and they separated to go find the captives.

Akin moved to the left side of the building, he sighted a young woman, and she was talking over the phone. He stepped backwards, removed his shoes and left them on the ground, and he walked slowly and noiselessly. She never had a clue someone was at her back. As he got nearer, he pointed his gun on her head. She had no weapon. She wanted to start a fight but Akin hit her hard on her nose and neck with his right fist. She fainted and he carried her on his shoulder and motioned outside.

Jasmine and Quincy entered through the entrance door. He went left, while she moved right. Oscar heard footsteps but commanded the big chested man to check the other left side, and he obeyed. Oscar opened the door opposite the room he kept his hostages. Jasmine went into the area and noticed the right door was damaged. She tapped it gently.

“Genevieve, are you there?” she asked.

Genevieve heard and carefully placed Leroy against the wall. She stood up.

“Who is that?” Leroy whispered.

“I think its Jasmine. Hold on.” She went to the door.  “Jasmine?”

“It’s me. Open the door.”

She used the key to unlock it, as she was about to make way inside, Oscar hurriedly came out from the other room and followed her inside. Fear engulfed Genevieve. Jasmine was prepared, she kicked him on his leg but he retaliated and the two of them started to fight. Genevieve in tears, begged them to stop as she noticed their guns were still in their hands.

Gbozza! Gbozza!! Gbozza!!! Three sounds of gunshots.

Quincy heard and panicked but the big chested man had hit him from the back. The guns he held fell from his hand. He had to fight with the man to save himself.

(Genevieve Cole)
I was petrified that one of them was hurt. It was until they freed each other and their weapons stamped down on the ground and I realized that Oscar shot Jasmine in the stomach. 


I ran to hold her from falling. She was critically wounded and blood spilled from her stomach and mouth. Her blouse was soaked of her own blood. She was trying hard to speak.

“Don’t say anything Jasmine.” I said to her with tears from my eyes.

“I…I ... I am… so….sorry.” her speech stumbled.

“Don’t apologize! I should be the one to say sorry! This is my entire fault!”

“I pois…I poisne….”

“I know about the poison and I forgive you!” 

She gawked into face with surprised eyes and as I blinked, Jasmine closed her eyes and I could see a faint smile on her lips. 

“Jasmine!!” I called out her name, no answer. I didn’t want to believe she was no more. I gripped her hard; I wept, and prayed to God for a miracle. 

“Leave her alone!!” Oscar shouted at me and laughed. 

“Go to hell!”

He was approaching my direction when Leroy rose up, staggered and collected one of the chairs. He hit him on his head. The weakness in Leroy’s body could not allow him hit Oscar hard. The traitor turned to Leroy who fell on the floor and groaned in pain from his wound. 

I quickly grabbed Jasmine's gun and pointed it at him. “Don’t touch him!”

He looked at me. “You can't do anything!!”

“Don’t touch him! I will stop you from doing that!!”

“Nonsense!!” he spat out and rotated to grab his own gun. I gazed at Jasmine’s body, glared at Oscar and pulled the trigger.



Oscar’s body dropped and he was long gone. I heard another gunshot, I quickly stood and went over to Leroy and helped him up. The door opened and the man I had been waiting for ran to us.


He kissed my forehead and muttered. “Thank you Jesus.” He took Leroy from me and stared at the floor. His face fell instantly. “Is Jasmine dead?”

I burst out in tears again.

“I am so sorry my love. Put your hand inside my pocket and call for paramedics.”

I dipped my hand inside and collected it. “You can go. I will meet the two of you outside.”

Quincy told me the name of the vicinity we were. He left with Leroy. 

I called for help and they told me they were on their way. I went over to Jasmine and squeezed her tight in my arms. “I will miss you. I will miss you my dear friend.”

Akin advanced towards Quincy and Leroy. 

“Is he still breathing?” he asked his boss in a panicky tone.

“Barely.” He replied. “He needs medical attention as fast as possible. “ 

They helped Leroy into the back of the seat. His eyes were closed. Abu and the girl were handcuffed together and they sat down on the bare floor.

“The backup you called,” Akin said. “I have alerted them to surround the cars conveying Efe Oghenetega and his crew and they have done that.”

“That’s good news.”

“What about Genevieve and Jasmine.”

“Jasmine is dead.”

“Oh my God!!!” he exclaimed. “I liked her, I really liked Jasmine!”

“I know and I am sorry.”

Akin could not hold his emotions and tears fell down his cheeks.

Quincy checked the time. It was 1:30am in the morning. He motioned to Leroy and tapped him gently on his right shoulder. He opened his eyes faintly. “Leroy, you need to stay alive to take care of your daughter. You are now a father.”

(One week, four days later)

I stood with my partner as we listened to the preacher words on my friend-departed soul. The sunglasses I wore could not stop people from knowing tears gushed out from my eyes like raindrops. I was going to miss Jasmine. She was my colleague and friend. Quincy gave my hand a squeeze and looked at me.

“May her soul rest in perfect peace.”


I could see Akin and his red eyes. He had been crying and I unhappy he was not able to tell her how he felt. The three of us left after the funeral. We headed to the hospital to check on Leroy. He was still recovering. 

Chisom’s younger sister was with him. His wife was at home nursing the baby.

“The doctor said I will be discharged in two days’ time.” He said to us.

We cheered up.

“That is good news.” I said to him. “Chisom and my god daughter will be very happy.”

“Chisom and I have decided to name the baby Jasmine.”

“Thank you.”

The case of Uncle Freddie, Annie Ayiri , Jasmine Jones, my kidnap and Leroy was taken to court. We no longer had the flash drive but the video I sent to Quincy’s email proved everything. The governor aspirant was put to shame. The judge sentenced him to death by hanging with everyone involved in the murder of Annie Ayiri. Abu and the girl were sentenced to life imprisonment. Becky Okoli and James Ayiri thanked us and donated to the Bureau. My car was given to me. 

After a week, I, Quincy and Akin went back to work. The director gave Leroy two months leave to heal and spend time with his family. I moved into the home of the man I will always love and cherish. My mother, Aunty Bimbo and Jennifer were thrilled to hear of how Quincy treated me.

On a bright morning, we were still on the bed.

He said to me, “Start getting ready.”

“Ready for what?”

Quincy answered. “Remember I told you I was going to marry you.”

I chuckled. “I remember.”

“We have to prepare for the wedding. I need to see your mother.”

“I will inform her.”

“That’s’ good to hear baby.”

“Thank you for everything.” I said and pecked him on his lips.

“I love you Quincy Harvey.”

Quincy said to me. “I love you Genevieve Cole.”



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