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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Synopsis for the next Story....

Eternal Love fans!!! This is another love story. I hope you will love it.

The story revolves around a humble and kind hearted man. He meets and falls madly in love with a kind and rich woman. Enemies would plan to tear them apart and he will be persecuted for a crime he never committed. He will seek for justice and fight for the woman that captured his heart.
I think I'm entitled to rest from writing for few days. I will try and post the first episode on Monday evening.


  1. You deserve it love. Well-done

  2. U need it dear.... Will be waiting for u on Monday.

  3. applaudese...;dnt knw if dats correct, bt u deserve an award. even with all ur suspense u ve never left us for months without letting us knw ur good nd will post as soon as u can. u r d Mother of all Fiction Writers. I love u plenty. Infact take 2weeks off sef u deserve more.
    soon u will start reaping the seeds u ve sown as a blogger. #kisses#

  4. Nice one carina j, it's not easy to write Good job mama, take some rest please you deserve more.

  5. Yipee! Gearing up for the ride. Take all the rest you need, you deserve it a whole lot. Have some fun while resting as well. God bless you C.J.

  6. I can't wait for the next series. I will surely love it.

    1. @Mizz Tee.. Thanks babe!
      @Immaculata... Ok dear
      @Temitope... Your words dey sweet my belle. Thank you very much. A BIG AMEN!
      @Gloria..you are a darling.
      @PearlyT... God bless you more!

  7. U have earned the rest Carina, Oya rest dear, before coming to wow us!!! U haff try..lol

  8. U have earned the rest Carina, Oya rest dear, before coming to wow us!!! U haff try..lol

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  10. it will be an interesting read


  11. Great storyline and yes please rest and be refreshed.



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