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Saturday, June 18, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 10.

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“What about Lucky?” his mother asked him. “I thought you were going to fight for her.”

The bandage on his face could not allow her perceive the kind of look he gawked at her.

He sighed tiredly. “When Sebastian and I ran from the police, before he received a call about the wedding, the only thing on my mind was to see Lucky and ask her why. I don’t think the both of you know how deeply I fell in love with her. For now, I don’t want to talk about Lucky or her family. When my surgery is successful, I will reveal to the both of you what I have in store for them.”

Wunmi swallowed. She appeared very concerned. She squeezed her hands and let-out a sigh. “I know you to be a very selfless and compassionate man.” She looked straight at him. “Whatever your plans are, think about how many people you will hurt.”

“Did they think about the risk my brother made to save me from death?  It almost cost his life. It is because of them my brother is in coma, struggling to come out from the nightmare they put him. I will not back down and let those people walk freely. I will do everything I can to make them suffer. I have no idea who paid to have me killed but my suspect is Mrs. Thelma.”

You are going to start a new life, a new identity,” his mother said. “You have to act well so that people will not start asking questions.”

“That is not a problem. I know if I don’t behave like my brother, people will start to ask questions. I was thinking of going back to live with Sister Theresa after coming back to Nigeria.”

“You cannot stay with her. You have to live in your brother’s house.”

“I know.”

“Do you know that revenge will bring out the worst in you?” Wunmi asked.

He glowered. “Are you trying to judge me?”

“I know it will be difficult to forget what you passed through but please, forgive the Okoye’s.”

“What nonsense….!” He groaned out in pain. The soreness he felt submerged his whole body.

Another health practitioner that doctor Kingsley put in charge entered and saw his new patient’s body quivered as he thudded in distress. “You are still healing!!” He rushed to assist him to lay on the bed. “You not supposed to be talking. It is the grace of God you can still walk and talk like this. If you continue to act like this, your body will break down.” He turned to face the women. “I think you should leave the room or go home. He will eat after resting.”

“I am his mother! I want to stay with him.”

“Your son does not need disturbance.”

“I know doc. I promise not to do that again.”

He sighed. “Okay. I will come back and give him painkillers. I am currently writing his medical reports and necessary document for his transfer.”

“Thank you doc. I have informed his travelling agent. Sebastian and his sister will board the evening flight.”

“That’s good.” He shook her hands and assured her everything will be fine.

Lucky and her family left the hospital and went home. She agreed for Nathan to stay with her in the room instead of Mrs. Thelma. Her mother’s sight disgusted her. She ate a little before she cried herself to sleep. At midnight, she woke up and turned to look at her brother. He was snoring and fast asleep. She came down from her bed, rose on her feet, and switched on the blue bulb. She searched for her necklace on the reading table. She saw it, picked it up and opened the locket to see the face of Joseph. She sat down on the floor, the thought of never seeing the man she loved, sent wave of fear and loneliness into her.  Lucky looked at her brother again and hurled a deep breath. She had nothing to do any more than drip more tears out of her draining eyes.

The following day at noon, Sister Theresa rushed to the hospital with Mrs. Ayo after she went to her house to give the news and few details. Mrs. Ayo did not inform her that the change of the face was for revenge. She explained it was to keep him away from the authorities before the truth would come out. She was excited to see him alive despite the disfiguration on his face. She praised and thanked God. She promised to visit Sebastian at the hospital and pray for him.

The actual phone of Sebastian rang non-stop from well-wishers, celebrities, governors and even the vice president. His mother answered and thanked them.

Wunmi came with her luggages and Jamal to the hospital. All Sebastian employees, two lawyers, some business associates and old friends came to visit him. The doctor allowed few of them inside. They were his accountants, managers and essential workers. They wished him a fruitful surgery. The bank managers came and Joseph only nodded when they spoke with him. After they left, he called Wunmi aside.

“I have no idea about Sebastian bank details or his signature,” he said. “How do I do it?”

“That is not a problem,” she said. “They know you were involved in an accident and you have every right to change your signature or anything you want. The only thing you should never do is act amazed when you see the total amount in all the accounts he has. Sebastian has bastard money, connections and you knew how he lavishly spent his money.”

“I have not seen his secretary.”

“I called her not to come now.”

“Why?” he asked.

“She will come before we leave the country. I told her you asked for all the names of your business associates, workers and the most informative and important documents of the Company. You should go through them. The businesses your twin brother has are safe. That should not bother you.”

He gave a sincere smile and held her hand. “Thank you.”

Wunmi smiled back. “I will do everything to make things right. I know Sebastian is not here but I feel his presence when I am with you.”

After few hours, the secretary arrived with everything and left. Joseph spoke with Sister Theresa about the burial. She declined that it was against her religion.

“Religion or not, you have to do it and make it look real.”

“I am a nun!”

“That’s means you don’t love me because if you do, you won’t talk like this!”

“We can find another way out my son.”

“This is the only way out! Announce a small funeral to the public. You must do it; otherwise, I will not have anything to do with you anymore. How can you say no to me? This is the only way out.”

Mrs. Ayo and Wunmi stayed quiet. Sister Theresa was almost in tears. “God will not be happy with me if I do such an ungodly thing!”

“He is a merciful God and you will ask for forgiveness.”

She did a sign of cross on her chest and prayed for him. She accepted.

Wunmi found it hard to believe those words sprung out from Joseph’s mouth. She knew him to be the good guy. Deep in her heart, she prayed for him not to turn into Sebastian or worst or even the devil himself.

In the evening, Mrs. Ayo, Jamal and Sister Theresa escorted them to the airport, bid them goodbye, and wished them a safe flight. After some hours, Wunmi called to announce they had arrived and they were at the hospital. She promised to call later and give the necessary arrangements about his surgery.

Mrs. Ayo travelled to Abuja to be with her Sebastian. Sister Theresa planned for the funeral. After three days, Lucky woke up very early. She bathed, dressed into a black outfit and went into the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. She refused the assistance of the housekeeper. She served everyone on the dining table and excluded herself. Her mother came downstairs to see her and was surprised.

“You are dressed in a suit,” she said to her daughter. “Are you going out?”

“Today is Monday and I need to be at work.”

She widened her eyes. “You want to resume work?”

“I can no longer stay idle anymore.”

She ran to the master’s bedroom and opened the door wide without closing it. She informed her husband what Lucky said.

“Let her be woman!” Mr. Tom said angrily. His wife pissed him off.

“How can you tell me to let her be?”

“She is old enough to decide if she is strong enough to resume work.”

“What about you as the father?” Mrs. Thelma asked. “What advise can you offer her?”

He sighed. “The Company is no longer mine. She is the head now.”

“If that is the case, she should go to her husband’s house. She can no longer stay here and behave like a single woman!”

Mr. Tom eyes sparked in fury. He swiftly elevated on his feet and went straight to stand in front of her. “Don’t you have conscience?”

She blinked her eyes.

He continued. “Your daughter almost committed suicide,” he said. “In fact, it is the grace of God that she is still alive. Lucky lost Joseph for Christ sake! She lost the man she loves and you are talking about that stupid marriage. Is it running away? She is already the wife of Dominic and it is what you have always wanted so leave her alone to heal!”

“Don’t play innocent! It is also what you wanted!”

“No Thelma!! That was before I realized Joseph and Lucky were truly in love with each other. I wanted my daughter’s happiness and I accepted Joseph wholeheartedly.”

“But you agreed for your daughter to marry Dominic for his release.”

“You manipulated me and I was scared Lucky might never marry any man except the man accused of killing my father! I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“You should be happy the man that took the life of your father is no more.”

“I am sad Thelma!! Joseph might have been framed for the murder. That man had no reason whatsoever to kill my father.”

“There is no one that could have framed him. Don’t blame yourself for Joseph’s death. He put a gun on his friend’s head to escape and he got what he wanted!”

“Mum how can you say such a thing!!” Lucky marched towards her in rage. She had been standing at the doorstep listening to their conversation. Her father grabbed her hand and pushed her gently away from the wrath of his wife.

“So you want to beat me up?” she asked her daughter and clapped her hands. “Because of Joseph you want to beat me up?”

Lucky with tears in her eyes, looked at her father. “Don’t blame yourself. I understand everything.”

“I am sorry my daughter.”

“Don’t apologize. I am still healing and mourning Joseph. I will leave to my husband’s house after I sort out myself but I will not take any insult thrown at Joseph. Never!”

He wiped the tears away from her face. “I will support you in anything you want to do.”

She succeeded to give a faint smile. “Thank you father.” They hugged each other before she left the room. Mrs. Thelma hissed at her husband and walked to the bathroom. Lucky went to see her brother before she drove out of the building. She took the route to Sister Theresa’s house but there was no one at home when she got there. The entrance door was locked. She went to the next house to ask after the occupant. The elderly woman she saw sitting in front of her house informed her that the Reverend Sister was organizing a burial. She asked for the venue and date. The woman told her. Lucky drove to her Company. Her employees were happy to have her back.

Lucky felt alive, sane and calm. Her plan was to occupy her mind into work. Still, whenever she wanted to relax her mind, the thought of Joseph would sneak into her head. She would lock her door, sit and fall into deep thoughts.

“How is Joseph?” Mrs. Ayo spoke on the phone with Wunmi.

“He is recovering but the surgery is taking place tomorrow. The surgeon in charge said it would take weeks or even a month or two for the face to heal perfectly well. It depends.”

“I don’t care how long,” she said. “I just want the surgery to be successful.”

“It will. What about Sebastian?”

Wunmi could hear a heavy sad sigh across the phone. “He is still the same. The only thing that gave me peace of mind was the test result. He is not brain dead.”

“Thank God!” she said excitedly.

“But it does not change the fact that he might suffer from amnesia when he wakes up. I am really scared and I have been praying for God’s healing.”

“God will do it Aunty.”

“I will be travelling back to Lagos to attend the funeral. Your father will come and check up on Sebastian.”

“I think your presence there as the mother of Joseph’s friend will make it look real. We will not give up on Sebastian and no one must know you are the biological mother of Joseph.”

“I know. Send my regards to my son.”

“I will.”

Dominic stormed Lucky’s office querying her for not answering his calls. “You should know I am your husband! I have the right to tell you when to resume work or not!”

“I am not complaining. Leave and don’t make a mockery of yourself in my Company!”

“When are you coming home?” he asked. His eyes were red!

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t push me Lucky! Respect yourself and make sure you act like a married woman!”

“Have I done anything wrong?” she asked in a confused tone.

“You are married to me yet you are mourning another man. How dare you?!!”

“Should I mourn you instead?” she asked with a serious expression on her face.

Dominic sneered and banged his right fist on her desk. She did not flinch. He pointed at her. “You have a week to organize yourself and move into my house and fulfill your duties has my wife!”

She uplifted on her feet. “Or else what? You think I am afraid of what you will do. I am no longer scared of death and that makes you look like an ant before my eyes.”

He was tempted to raise his hand and hit her. It occurred to him, it would only destabilize his plans. Instead he walked out on Lucky.

“How could you behave like that in front of her?!” Kim screamed at her brother in their house. “You are supposed to act like a devoted and understanding husband!”

“She made me say all those things! I wish I could beat the crap out of her.”

“How will you achieve those things you want if you don’t treat her right?” she asked and went to sit by his side. “If you want her to gain your trust, you must support whatever she wants. How will you take the Company from her if she does not have the trust of her husband?”

“She annoys me!!”

“But I turn you on.” she smiled and winked at him.

“When are you leaving?”

Kim made a sound and licked her upper lip. “I want to speak to her first on your behalf. I will also talk about leaving but she might be mercy enough to allow me live with the both of you.”

He leaned toward her. “But you are irresistible. I will be tempted.”

“I know and we will do whatever we want as long as she is not around. She is a workaholic and her presence in this house will not be frequent.” She bit him softly on his lips.

“Everything will be done in secrecy. I have to deceive her that I am faithful.”

“Of course and I understand. If you continue to show her love despite her stubbornness, she will fall for you. Ask her anything and she will give you and bit by bit, everything that belongs to her will be yours. You are her husband and you deserve more.”

Dominic laughed very loud. “I love it when you say the truth. Dirty truth!”

“Don’t forget that whenever she dies, you will acquire the wealth. Lucky must not have a child for you. It will be a big mistake.”

“I know.” he said.

Kim rubbed his chin as he leaned on top of her.

Former colleagues of Joseph, neighbors and church members stood with the priest, Sister Theresa and Mrs. Ayo at the cemetery. Tears flowed down their faces, and some of them gossiped the deceased was truly a murderer. Lucky and Nathan arrived there but she chose to stay few miles away.

“I thought you want to pay your last respect?” her brother asked.

“I am ashamed.”

“Why are you ashamed?”

“Joseph and I are supposed to be together. I never visited him in prison and he would have thought I never wanted to see him.”

“It was not your fault and you know it! I am leaving tomorrow but if you continue to behave like this I will not be able to leave.”

“You have to,” she said and sighed. “I will be fine.”

“I won’t force you to join those people there. You can stay here and say goodbye.”

“I will surely visit Sister Theresa when I am strong enough to look into her eyes. I also heard from Kate that Sebastian is in America for a facial surgery. I will see him when he comes back.”

Nathan touched her gently on the shoulder. “Do whatever you think is right.” He pecked her and walked towards the mourners.

Goodbye Joseph. The feeling of loneliness is trying to absorb every bone in my body but I will fight it and be happy because you are always in my heart and I will never stop loving you. I can no longer shed tears like before because I don’t have any left in me. No matter what, we will meet again and finish our love story. I can’t have you, neither can I hold you again but your memories stays with me. I will miss you but I will never ever fail to recall the happiness I felt when I was with you. Goodbye Joseph but it will not be for long. I will see you again.

“There is no improvement!” Mrs. Ayo cried out after Wunmi informed her about the surgery. It was successful but Joseph was still recuperating.

“Please, take it easy aunt! He will come out alive!”

“What if he does not?”

“Have you forgotten you said we should not give up on him? That is what you are doing!! Dry your tears. You should be happy Joseph is alive.”

“I know.” She cleaned her face. “What will happen now?”
“Joseph is still at the hospital and he will be there for some time. They dress his face every three days. The surgeon will remove the bandage when the scars have healed.”

“I will be waiting for the two of you when you return. I will speak with him soon.”

“Okay ma.”

After few weeks, the surgeon and his assistant took off the mask on Joseph’s face. Wunmi was present. The moment she saw a glimpse of his new face, her eyes bubbled elatedly. It was a brilliant reconstruction and it appeared to be Sebastian exact face. He resembled his brother, but his nose was more pointed, his lips healed and fuller and the cheeks impeccable.
“I can’t believe this is you! You are more handsome!”

He smiled. “Thank you. I can’t wait to go home.”

“Me too.” she hugged him and thanked the surgeon repeatedly. He grinned and left them alone to talk. “I am so happy to have you back bro!”

“I thought Sebastian never wanted you to call him that?”

“I know but to me, you will always be Joseph.” She heaved a sigh and held his hands. “What is the next thing you would do when you finally get home?”

“I have studied the files and the documents. I am ready to get back at my enemies and I believe that is what Sebastian wants.”

“What do you want?”

“Those that framed me must pay for their sins.”

“God will do that for you.”

“I never heard you are now an ordained pastor.”

Wunmi found it amusing but she did not smile. She cleared her throat. “I’m not but I am a good Christian. Think about Lucky.”

He released his hands away from her. “I know you are saying this because of her.”

“You still love her.”

“And how did you know this?” Joseph asked.

“Because whenever I mention her name, the expression on your face alters. I do not want you to regret hurting her family.”

“But you are happy she hurt me.”

“That is not what I mean.” Wunmi said in a concerned tone. “You are my brother and I love you. I also want the best for you.”

He stood up and turned away from her direction. “No one has ever hurt me the way Lucky did. Not even my own biological mother that abandoned me many years ago. Lucky Munachi Okoye broke my heart and I always feel like exploding when I think about her. I do not even want to see her anymore because I will not trust myself on what I will do when I set my eyes on her. I still love her and I will always do but I will not let my emotions destroy every step I must make to tear the hearts of my enemies apart!”

“What is the first step?” she asked.

Joseph riveted to her direction and gazed into her curious eyes. “Dominic.”


“Yes." He replied and smiled confidently. "I will turn my enemy into my best friend." 

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