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Thursday, June 16, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 9.

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Please, this is not long. I have been busy.

The new bride followed her parents back home to take most of her belongings to her husband’s house. Her new home.

Mrs. Thelma handed over Lucky’s phone to her in her room. Mr. Tom rushed to meet them in a panicky gesture. Sweat creased his forehead, fingers and neck. His hands trembled and that made his phone to fall off. He picked it up and looked directly at his family. What they saw, were frightened eyes. Nathan joined them after he noticed his father’s erratic behavior immediately he finished talking over the phone in the living room.

“What is it?” His wife asked him.

His lips were shaking and his eyes fell on Lucky. He realized he had made a terrible mistake he can never reverse back. He thought of the words to use to inform his daughter about the sudden unfortunate news.

“Have you been able to persuade the man in charge of Joseph case?” Lucky asked. She stared at him unbothered about why he appeared the way he did. She thought whatever made him behave the way he did, loss of money should be the cause. The only thing on her mind was the release of Joseph.

He stuttered. “I…I..I ha…have been informed Joseph escaped by pointing a gun at his friend.”

Lucky eyes expressed fear and anxiety. Her heart pounded more rapidly. “Escape? It does not make any sense. Joseph cannot do such a thing. Where is he now?” she asked curiously.

“What happened father?” Nathan asked in a concerned tone. He denoted something tragic had occurred.

Mrs. Thelma frowned and hissed. “I do not want anyone to spoil my day. My daughter is….”
“Joseph is dead but his friend survived.” He bowed down his face.

Lucky and Nathan exchanged glances and looked back at their father. She motioned closer to him. “I do not think I heard you well.”

He explained an officer that pursued the vehicle Joseph and his friend drove, called him to break the news about the accident. Mrs. Thelma mouth was widely opened. This time, she acted shaken but a bit relief Joseph will be unable to come back into her daughter’s life.

He spoke to her, “I am sorry. He is dead.”

She was unaware how tears started to shower down her face. “Tell me this is a big fabricated lie!” Nathan gripped her and wrapped her fragile body in his arms. He was trying to console his sister and stop her from weeping hard. She pushed him away from him. He clearly understood. Nathan let her be.

She quickly turned on her phone and dialed Joseph’s and Sebastian numbers with her shaky hands. They were switched off. Her breathing became metallic and she touched her chest to feel her heartbeat. She felt her body would burst out and shred into bits with the way it vibrated from shock. She was crying bitterly.

“Dad, you promised me, you said he will be out today. I married Dominic because of his freedom. How could you lie to me? How could you do this to me? Why father? Why?!”

“I never lied.” he replied in a fast tone. “I was really going to ask for his release today. I am deeply sorry!”
She did not want to believe it. It could be a plot to make her forget about him. It was impossible. “Is he really dead?”

Nathan phone rang. It was Kate calling; he answered, listened and ended the conversation. He informed his sister the sad news was accurate. Her phone slipped from her hand. Tears dripped more than raindrops. The next thing her family heard from her was a loud scream. She screeched louder, fell on the floor and passed-out.

After the agreement and arrangement with the doctor Kingsley, he showed Mrs. Ayo and Wunmi the way to see Sebastian. He was receiving treatment, and fighting for his life.
She called his name but no response. She rubbed him lightly on his forehead and said a short prayer. Wunmi ran out of the room to receive fresh air. She could not stay longer to look at her cousin. The closet family she had. Her aunt joined her and held her left hand. “We have to stay strong for him. We must not give up on him.”

“But the doctor said he has no idea when he will wake up and if he is truly brain dead, its best you agree for him to pull the plug. I am afraid. I just want the test result to come out.”

“My son will not be brain dead!” she said in a unyielding tone. “We will never let go!”

“Are you going to tell Joseph your plan when he wakes up?”

Mrs. Ayo sighed and released her niece hand. “I have no idea if I should tell him the truth.”

“But don’t you think he deserves to know what you want to do?”

“What if he disagree?”

“I don’t want to believe he will disapprove to have his brother’s face,” Wunmi said. “It is the only way to get back to the people that set him up. His life changed the day he was handcuffed in front of so many people. They treated him like an animal, a criminal! Taking his brother identity is the best plan he could ever have to prove he is innocent.”

“I am so happy you agree with me. I don’t think your father likes it but it is the best I can offer for my son. We have to get something for him to eat after he wakes up. We have to go now and come back later to see Joseph.”

“Okay ma.”

Dominic and Kim drove to the hospital Lucky was admitted. Lucky received treatment with her family by her side. She refused to speak or make any form of sound. The only thing that got Mr. Tom worried was his daughter powerlessness to stop crying. He begged her nonstop but she turned deaf to his pleads.


My head, heart and soul hurts. I promised the man that I love we were going to be together but I did not keep to that promise. How could I not think that my family never really wanted me to marry Joseph? I married Dominic because I sensed if he stayed longer in prison, something bad would happen to him. I thought my wedding day with Joseph was the worst but today is beyond that. 

The thought of suicide rolled inside my head but the facial expression on my brother’s face made me to have a rethink. If I die, he will be all alone but how can I stay alive and don’t be by the side of the man I only love, the man that makes my life shine brighter like a diamond star. Oh Lord, I am in pain. How could you allow Joseph to die? Why didn’t you take me instead or let us die together. My life will never be the same again. The smile that is always on my lips will depart from me. I curse the day I agreed to marry Dominic. What will be the reason for me to live and not be able to hold the man I crave to spend the rest of my life with, I was foolish, irrational to believe Joseph will come out from prison.

I am angry, depressed and wounded. I just want to run away from this world and never come back.

Lucky continued to cry. Her doctor informed her she needed more rest and that crying won’t solve anything.

“I want to die!!” he cried out. Her family looked shocked to hear such words from her. “I want to be with Joseph.”

Nathan never knew tears dropped from his eyes until it reached his lips and tasted it. He wiped his face quickly and moved to talk with her. “You are better than this. Joseph will be disappointed in you if you feel and think like this. Continue to stay strong and stay alive for him. He knew you loved him and that stays in his heart for forever.”

“But he is dead! How can I live without him?”

“You will live because you can never stop loving him.” Nathan said to spite Dominic. “I know you can never love another man like Joseph but you have me. I am your brother and I want you to stay strong, alive and glowing. I will not stop you from mourning Joseph. He was your one and only true love but please…” he went on his knees and held her hands. “Do not give up on life.”

Lucky heaved a heavy sigh. “I need a hug.” she said as her lips trembled.

Nathan rose and embraced his sister. He whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She burst out in tears again the moment Joseph face flashed into her mind. Her father had to leave the room. He could not bear to continue to see his daughter in agony.

Mrs. Thelma walked to her daughter. Tears filled her eyes. “Please my daughter, I beg you in the name of Almighty God, stop crying. Please.”

The doctor left and came back with an injection. He injected to Lucky and she fell asleep instantly.

Later in the day, Mr. Tom called Dominic aside to speak with him privately. They went outside the hospital.

“I know you got married to my daughter today,” he said. “But I think its best she continues to live with us.”

“She is my wife and I am capable of taking good care of her.”

“You should focus on your businesses. My wife and son will take care of her until she becomes better and I assure you, she will come live with you.”

“What about the Company?” Dominic asked. “I can help you look after it.”

He smiled. “Thanks but I will do that for Lucky until she is in good health to go back to work.”

“My sister is capable of looking after my wife.” he lied. He knew if there was a chance to kill Lucky, Kim would willingly do that.

“Thank you Dominic.” Mr. Tom said. “You are always welcome to check up on your wife anytime. Don’t forget you are my son in-law.”

“Thank you sir.” They shook hands and sauntered back inside the building.

In the evening, Dominic and Kim went back home. She did not answer him in his vehicle when he spoke with her. When they entered the living room, he grabbed her by the arm but she hit him hard on the chest so he could lose his grip. He freed her and pushed her backwards.

"What is the matter with you?" he asked her angrily.

She pointed at him. Her eyes were angry! "You know why!"

“I had to marry Lucky for our future. You knew about my plans."

"But you are rich enough. Our future is bright with the money we have through your several businesses! You are simply greedy!"

"I know I am but it's for the best. My plan will work, trust me!"

Kim sighed. "How can it work when Lucky is behaving like a mad woman?"

“She is my wife and she will come back to her senses and what I have in store for her will take place."

"You have to take things slow when she moves in."

Dominic said. "I know. I will pretend to be the best husband before we can do anything."

Kim gave him a seductive look, montioned closer and stroked his chin."I will have to leave when she moves in. I do not want her to suspect us. She must not know what we do behind closed doors."

"I know." he said and smiled. Kim and Dominic kissed each other.

Mrs. Ayo and Wunmi went back to the hospital to see Joseph in his room. They entered and saw him seated on the sofa. He turned to look at them. A bandage was wrapped on his face and the only things visible for them to see were his eyes and injured lips.

He tried to smile but the pain stopped him. They hugged him tightly.

He spoke, “I have asked about Sebastian and the doctor said he is okay but he is being transferred to another hospital in Abuja.”

“Yes.” his mother said. “It’s a secured place no one will be able to locate him. I will take the next flight tomorrow to stay by his side. You will leave tomorrow with the doctor and Wunmi.”

He said the doctor informed him of his plastic surgery that will take place in America. “I will like to see my brother before I leave. He tried to save me and I have to show my gratitude.

His mother moved away from him and turned her back. She broke the news of Sebastian.

“Sebastian cannot be in coma!” he yelled and groaned in an intensed pain. It was not only coming from his face but his stomach. He had to sit down. The two women rushed to his side and asked if he was okay. “Mother, how can I be okay when my brother is half dead and alive. Why didn’t God put me in coma and let him live.”

“There is a reason for everything my son. I know your brother is strong enough to come out of the coma but you have to be strong for him. Take a look at your condition, you don’t need to worry or stress yourself.”

“I know I have to stay alive,” Joseph said with tears dropping from his eyes to the bandage. “The only thing I have to do for Sebastian is stay alive. I can never forget the last words he said to me before the accident. He wanted me to be strong, smart and versatile. I will grant his wish and be the man he wants me to be but how can I do that if they know I am alive. I will go back to prison and I will not be able to prove that I am innocent.”

“People believe you are dead.”

He stared at his mother speechless.

Wunmi spoke, “Kate called me when she could not reach Sebastian on the phone. I told her you died in the accident but Sebastian survived.”

“That means Lucky might know.” her aunt said.

“I think so.”

“Why?” Joseph asked. “Why are you telling people I am dead?”

She explained her plans. He gazed at his mother tongue-tied. He did not know what to say, he thought for the right answer to give her.

He looked to her and faintly smiled. "I will do it. I will take my brother's identity."

"Thank you my son!" she said happily and heaved a sign of relief.

"Have you informed my mother about me?"

"We have not contacted her yet. She probably think you are still in prison. Do you want me to tell her the truth?"

"She deserves to know. I don't want her to mourn me when I am not really dead."

Wunmi asked, "What about Lucky."

Joseph grunted. "Let her continue to think I am no more. It's best that way. A funeral should be done as soon as possible. I will pray for my brother so that we can be together again. I miss him. I am eager to have the surgery and when I come back, it is war against the Okoye's!"

To be continued on Saturday. The next episode will be longer. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Carina jacobs, let's just be a couple. You do amazing things with your hands. I am wondering how you do it to humans *winks*.

    1. Yes oh! Anything can happen.... Hehehe *winks* @ you too. LMAO!!!

  2. First time to comment. Carina should be given an award. She sabi entertain person. Your stories are unpredictable and filled with suspense.You always surprise us. I will buy any novel you release because I know you won't disappoint.


  3. In Naija so far Carina is the best. Ride on gal.

    1. I'm smiling hard. I appreciate the compliment.

  4. You are just too much Carina, kudos to you.

  5. Yesssssss.... That's what I'm talking about...
    Great Job Honey

  6. Yesssssss.... That's what I'm talking about...
    Great Job Honey

  7. Yesssssss.... That's what I'm talking about...
    Great Job Honey

  8. Carina I'm on my knees please don't kill Sebastian

  9. I hope the war that Joseph is bringing on d okoyes is like one of those Game of thrones war.....that stuns the looser.

  10. Though its short, but i really enjoyed it. I just hope Lucky will be fine. Dominic is just fool.

    1. Thanks for enjoying the episode.

  11. Awesome! Let the real deal begin *grinning from ear to ear* Well done C.J the best. Mwaah!

  12. Dear Carina,
    Had to read again today before I write my own story. so here is my own story.

    Mrs Thelma Okoye, by the time Joseph is done with you, you go think say na molue jam you #inwandecoal'svoice# your wickedness is destroy so many things before your eyes. even the useless Dominic will play a part in destroying you.

    Mr Okoye, ur weakness has brought you down and I jes hope you dnt loose ur company in the process. if u ever come back to this life, please come with ur complete manhood.

    Lucky, you ve made a big mistake and it will only take the grace of God for you to survive this plan Joseph has for your family. you dint trust him enuff to come come out of prison alive. bt I undastnd u be lady wu is madly in love, so u did wah u think was right. now u have to stay alive and sane to be able to win Dominic and his supposed sister(galfrnd).

    Dominic and Kemi, devil's advocate. u wish for death by the time Joseph is done with you.

    My darling Sebastian, Carina please dnt let him die. this is my only wish. infact I'm begging you.

    Good job Carina love... I'll always be ur number1 fan #kisses#

    sorry for the long story, jes had to pour out my mind.#winks#

    1. Thanks beautiful! i like it long sef *winks*
      I am also praying for Sebastian to survive o

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  14. Dominic is sleeping with his sister? Ah. Lucky has entered the Lion's den.


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