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Sunday, June 05, 2016

'My boyfriend slapped my friend!'

A 200 level female student is confused! Is there more to it or she should let it go?

I am in my second year in the University. My boyfriend came to visit me and I was in the company of my best friend. After we ate, I and my boyfriend got into an argument and when my friend tried to defend me, he slapped her in front of me! I know he is hot tempered but what gave him the right to do that if not that something fishy is going on between them. My friend did not say anything but I cried. I apologized to her and she said she has forgiven my boyfriend. Just like that? Should I stop thinking about it or confront her

Blog readers, abeg make una answer her! 


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2016

    Dont conclude on anything.Just watch the both of them

  2. Hmmmm! Did you say he slapped her? Na wa oooo. Even if there is nothing between them, that slap should be enough warning for you to take to your heels. That is how it begins.

  3. Come let me slap you your own. Instead of you to read your books you are carrying man matter on top of your head.

  4. That's the root of domestic violence...quit and face ur studies!

  5. Quit before he throws u off a 5 storey building... this is how its starts. Read your books please

  6. Quit before he throws u off a 5 storey building... this is how its starts. Read your books please

  7. Warning sign.... Run away


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