Thursday, June 09, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Sakobi, Domitilla & Onome!

I will be doing this every Thursday to talk about old Nollywood movies we loved!
Do you remember this movie? It is a 1999 movie and it stars Saint Obi, Susan Patrick, Tony Umez among others. The actors acted so well and it was great movie to watch. 

When you hear the name Domitilla, another name that comes to your mind is Ashewo. Lol. A 1996 movie and that is a long time ago. It was a very popular film back them and it brought the lead character Ann Njemaze into limelight. The other actors acted so well and made it look real to us. 

This is the picture I could get. 
This is certainly one of the best Nollywood movies with a good storyline. I think it was produced in 1996 or 1997. Who can ever forget the role of Onome? I cried when Onome brother died. it was painful to watch. Poverty dealt with Onome and her family. It was very interesting and the actress Uche Osotule did a great job! It was the first time I saw Olu Jacobs on screen. 

Which of these movies was your favorite?


  1. Good old memories.... Onome and Sakobi were my best

  2. Sakobi and onome, I was still in primary school when I watched both

    Due to Myopia, I started using medicated Eye-glasses while I was much younger (5-7 years old) and as a result of that, it earned me lots of funny and weird names like: oju igo{bottle eyes}, 4 eyes e.t.c It got worse in secondary school because the names then graduated to continue....  

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  3. Throwback for real. Ashewo no be work oooo. Hahaha I can't forget Domitila, Onome and Sakobi the snake girl.

  4. Yeah, I so much remember them. Especially Domitila eh eh Domitila. Domitila eh eh. Can never forget the sound track.

  5. Yeah, I so much remember them. Especially Domitila eh eh Domitila. Domitila eh eh. Can never forget the sound track.

  6. Wow!!memories You didn't add Karishika,then there's ds movie I've been trying to remember d name,story of three sisters dt liked to sing,I think Ego Boyo or Edna Ogoli acted in d movie,really can't remember but i loved it and the songs were very nice

  7. I can go on a long list of these movies, what you get growing up in house as the only male child with girls who love home videos, i miss den all for then we had story line and not now that we have repeated movies with diffrnt cast.

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  8. pls i want to watch most of this classic movies,were can i watch or download them Pls. Apart from Youtube. Thank you


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