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Friday, July 29, 2016

Blog reader asks: Is he not insane?


I am a blog reader, forgive me I don’t comment because I am unable to. Please hide my email add. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend March this year. I met a good looking guy that works in a bank I went to withdraw some huge amount of money someone sent through my account for my mom. After he gave me my money, he politely asked for my phone number. I refused but he begged and I gave him. I waited for his call throughout that day but he did not call. Two days later, on a saturday, he called and wanted me to hang out with him. To cut the story short, he asked me out and I said yes after a week later. The relationship has been going smooth except he complains about money anytime we speak on phone. I have bought him gifts like perfume, shirts and all I have gotten from him is recharge card to subscribe my phone. My parents are divorced but they are on good terms and my dad sends our upkeep through my account. Few days ago, he sent money for our upkeep (50k) and extra 120,000 for my brother to buy his laptop. I went to my boyfriend in the bank to confirm my bal. I wanted to withdraw when my mom called, said I should not bother that she still have enough to cater for us before we enter august. My brother travelled, when he comes back I will withdraw and give him. I left and the next day my boyfriend is seriously begging me to borrow him 150k and he will pay back whenever my family request for the money. If I should calculate how much I have gotten from him its 2k recharge card. I have spent close to 11k for him. I have not been picking his numerous calls. I think I know why he askd me out. I don’t really need advice because I am not a mumu or a dunce to do that. My question to blog readers, Is he not insane for him to ask me of my brother’s and upkeep money?
This mail cracked me up!


  1. Funny question tho .....
    Don't make the mistake of borrowing someone you met not quite long that amount of money! Don't be careless

  2. It cracked me up too. He is stupid for asking you......thank God you are smart not to give him.he asked you out because of the amount of money he saw in your account.

  3. Some men though. Just be hanging onto a woman with money like their life depends on it. My dear , thank God you were smart 2 read beyond his coat n fake smiles.

  4. He is a shameless, silly man, trying to reap you off. Thank goodness you are smart.


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