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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lies men tell (2)

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Amaka and Tim (not real names) are having an affair. She is the owner of a popular beer parlor in the southern region. She has workers that attend to customers. Lover boy is still in the university, in his finals. Amaka loves him and whatever money she made, her profit she sends to her lover. He professed his love for her around everyone who knew them together. He never caught her with another man and she respects him. Even when she heard several rumors he was cheating on her, she never believed. Whenever he travelled home to visit his family in the village, Amaka would go to the market, buy gifts and send to them through him. She will give him an amount of money to give to his mother despite she had not seen her, except to talk on phone. After a while, Tim graduated and got a job in a company money, he still collected from his girlfriend without complains from her.

After two years of relationship, he proposed and took her to visit his family. They were happy to receive her but she got the shock of her life when her proposed mother in-law said her son would not marry her except she quits her business and venture into another line of business. She said women that sell beer, pepper soup etc…. are prostitutes. Amaka was disappointed and betrayed because her fiancĂ© supported his mother. She told him why didn’t his mom say she should quit when she was receiving gifts and money before he asked for her hand in marriage. Tim told her to choose between the business and him. She spoke with her friends and family members about the issue and most of them advised her to keep her business and persuade Tim to allow them get married.  

Tim refused. The pressure from him was too much for her to bear. She was eager to be Mrs. Somebody. She sold most of her items, rented the shop to another person. She happily prepared for her marriage and planned to open a boutique with the help of her husband after the wedding.

A month to the celebration, Tim cancelled the wedding. Why? His reply. “I can never marry a woman that has a beer parlor. Amaka is a prostitute.”  

People were shocked, including his friends. His family stood behind him like rock. Amaka begged, cried but he declined and never changed his mind. She was helpless, fell sick and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. It took her weeks to recover and months to open a small-scale business to sustain herself.

A month after Amaka opened second-hand clothes business; she heard Tim married an undergraduate.


If Tim knew he was not going to marry her, he should have ended the relationship a long time ago and also not to persuade her to quit her business. Presently, Amaka is not in a serious relationship, not ready for another heartbreak.

Lies men tell sometimes destroys a woman’s heart. Few are trust worthy and many are BIG FAT LIARS……


  1. OMG!!!!!
    That's just the height of callousness . The kind of nemesis that awaits Tim is way beyond his imagination.
    Arrant nonsense!

  2. Tim is simply a beast in human form!

  3. Wickedness is the hightest order! His mother is greedy and a thief! If she swear for him, it will catch him. Tim is heartless!

  4. The thunder that Will kill Tim will come in the afternoon

  5. Men re really very BIG Fat LIERS...their life is full of Lies. I hope God punish dem severely for all d lies dey ve used to destroy n deceive so many girls.

  6. This man is really wicked. End time man


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