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Saturday, July 16, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 11.

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I have tried my best to be optimistic but Joseph’s memories have stopped me from doing that. How can I be hopeful? How can happiness fill my heart when I cannot be with the man I can only love? 

My father has apologized repetitively just because he believed Joseph was truly innocent and he died for nothing. The preparation for my grandfather’s funeral is finally over and it’s time for me to say the final goodbye.

Losing two people is extremely painful and when they are close to your heart, you would think your life would never be the same again. It takes a courageous human to be that same person. To be able to laugh, play, eat healthy, have fun and do things that make them whole and happy all over again.

My mother keeps getting on my nerves. The only way I try not to have any arguments with her is ignore her. Despite Nathan’s busy schedule overseas, he makes sure he speaks with me every day. He would crack jokes and console me with inspiring words. But is that enough for me? I don’t think so. He has done enough and I have done all I could, to be who I was before.

Before the funeral, I drove to the abode of Sister Theresa. I had to knock thrice on her door before she answered. When she opened, she smiled at me and led me inside her home. The wave of guilt captured my inner soul and I took a deep breath to let it out from me. We sat down side by side. I looked round and everything, including Joseph’s photos on the walls remained untouched. It remained the same.

I stared into her eyes. “I know words cannot change how you feel about me,” I said. “But I am truly sorry for what happened to Joseph. I am here to apologize for everything that happened and I want your forgiveness.”


I gazed down at my shaky hands. I clasped them together to hide the anxiety in me. “Yes ma.”

“You never offended me. What happened to Joseph was not your fault.”

I looked at her. “But he was arrested because of my grandfather.”

“I knew he was setup but you had nothing to do with it. I know he is no longer with us but we are alive to remember him for the good things he did.”

“If there is anything you want, please do not hesitate to inform me.”

Sister Theresa smiled. “I already have what I want. Lucky, I am doing well by the special grace of God.”

“I will continue to donate to the orphanage home.”            

“That is nice and may God bless you for that.”


The living room was silent for a short while, she broke the quietness by asking me what I wanted to drink and eat. I explained I had no appetite. She told me she understood. 

“Congratulations.” Sister Theresa said. I gave her a confused stare. She added, “I can see your wedding ring. I heard you are married now, congrats.”
I was short of words because I never thought she knew and noticed the ring on my finger. I felt stupid. I sincerely forgot to remove it and even if I did, nothing could change the fact that I was married to a man I can never love. 

“I married Dominic…”

She cut me off. “You do not have to explain yourself Lucky. Joseph is no longer here and you have your life to live. I don’t want you to bother yourself about what happened. Let’s forget the past and face the future.”

I heaved a sigh of relief that she displayed no grudges against me. I waited a little longer with no words spoken to each other. After a short while, I stood up and informed her of my departure.

“You can visit me anytime.” She said and smiled broadly. One thing that made me confused was the appearance of her facial features. She seemed happy but sad too. The color of her clothing expressed grief but her expression-signified happiness. I thought maybe because I reminded her of her adopted son. 

Before I stepped outside with her, I said. “I know you don’t really know Sebastian but I heard he is coming back soon. I would love you to get close to him. Joseph loved him like a brother.”

Sister Theresa grinned this time. “I know. Thank you for reminding me but I will be fine.”

I hugged her closely, walked out and waived before I drove off.

I approached my house and I sighted the vehicle of Kate. I shook my head. I no longer appreciate her friendship anymore. When I needed her the most, she failed me. I drove inside, parked and came out. I went inside the living room and saw her waiting for me. She rose up and tried to hug me but I quickly sat down.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“You don’t want to hug me again?” Kate said and relaxed herself back on the sofa. “I have begged you several times to forgive me.”

“I have forgiven you already but there should be a limit.”

“What do you mean?” she questioned me and crossed her legs.

“I can no longer explain myself. I have better things to do with my free time.”

“I think you should move in with your husband.”

“I will but it's none of your business.” I said. “Are you done?”

“I called Wunmi and she informed me Sebastian is coming into the country next tomorrow. I will visit him and I would like the both of us to go.”

I shivered. How do I face him? We never really liked each other and even if I explained things to him, he would never believe me. I have never thought of the things I want to say to him and now, I am wordless. I have not been bold enough to contact Wunmi because she may feel otherwise about me. The only person I believe I should clarify everything to is no longer on earth.

My throat suddenly became dry. I called the new house-help to get me a glass of cold water. She came back with a full glass and I gulped the whole thing. I wanted more.

“Are you okay?” Kate asked. “You are sweating.”

I swiftly uplifted. “I need to shower and rest.”

“Are you telling me to leave?”

“I need to rest.” I said to her. “You can visit Sebastian alone but I will like to know what he said.”

I saw how Kate facial look transformed into an unhappy one. “It’s quite sad that we can’t go together but I will not fail to let you know everything.”

I smiled faintly and embraced her before leaving into my room. I dropped my bag and keys on the bed, took off my clothes and entered into the bathroom. I turned on the shower, sat on the floor and my eyes flushed out tears. For the first time in my life, I wish Joseph was the one that survived. Even if he disfigured his face and had plastic surgery or not, I would still love him.


Sister Theresa and Mrs. Ayo welcomed Wunmi and I. I still found it awkward to call her my mother directly. Different delicacies and fragrant aroma puffed the air. Varieties of wine encircled us. I could see how happy they were and I was cheerful to be home after some months.  After we ate and drank, I called my birth mother and told her that I wanted to visit Sebastian.

“Don’t you think you should concentrate on getting back to work and do what you want?”

“But I want to see him and know his condition.”

She took my right hand and patted it. “I cannot lie to you. He is not improving.” She saw my sudden depressed eyes. She tried to smile. “I believe he will wake up. We will remain positive and have faith.”

“When do you think I should see him?”

“When you are fully settled,” she replied. “You have to meet your lawyers, employees and return important calls. People have to know you are finally back.”

I nodded and Wunmi came from behind and stood opposite us. She informed me about Kate.

“What is she coming to see me for?” I requested a straight answer. She reminded me Sebastian and Kate had an affair before the accident. “I don’t want to see her!”

“I know she never liked you but that was when you were Joseph and not Sebastian. You have to start acting as your twin brother and avoid suspicion.”

“No one will know I am Joseph. There will not be any connection because they don’t know I am Sebastian’s brother.”

“That does not mean you should not do what you are supposed to do.” Sister Theresa said walking towards us. She overhead our conversation. “I need you to do the right thing.”

“You want me to see Kate?”


I looked at their faces and concentrated my gaze on my cousin. “I will but the relationship is over.”

Wunmi smiled broadly. “I expected you to say that,” she said. “Just let me know whatever you need.” We heard a knock on the door. “It should be Jamal.” She left and opened the door for her boyfriend. He came in and shook my hands. 

“Welcome back Sebastian.” he said. “You really look good.”


Sister Theresa called me aside and we went to the dining to chat about something she wanted to discuss with me. My mother, Wunmi and Jamal remained at the living room. She told me Lucky came to pay her condolences few days ago.

“I was tempted to say you were still alive but I could not.” She said. 

”Better.” I said.

“Why don’t you give her a chance to explain why she did it?”

“It is not a coincidence that the day I escaped with my brother Lucky got married to Dominic. If Sebastian did not arrive on time, I am very sure I would have been killed.”

“But you are still alive to know the real truth.” Sister Theresa said.

She was pissing me off.  “I will not deny the fact that Lucky must have loved me but she changed after the death of her grandfather. She believed I killed him. She never for once, visited me and asked how I survived in prison.”

“She might have reasons….”

“Stop trying to defend her!!” I yelled at her. All eyes were on us. “She married another man the day…” I lowered my voice in order not to allow Jamal hear. “The day Sebastian fell into coma. Can’t you think of how to get him out from the terrifying nightmare he is going through? Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!! She is no longer mine!!”

“It’s okay Joseph.” Wunmi said as she got close to us. I looked at her and she tapped me gently on my shoulder. 

I tightened my face because I did not want the tears soaring inside my eyes to fall off my face. I was wrong. Tears rained down.


My secretary came to alert me my sister in law was here to see me. I was busy with some paperwork’s but I put the files aside and gave the order for her to come in. Kim and I used to be close but after the death of her parents, we drifted apart. Dominic and I suddenly became closer and I saw him as my best friend notwithstanding the long distance. 

Kim dressed as seductive as always strolled in with her red high heels. A thick red lipstick hacked her lips. Her eyes had black and thick eyeliner. She sat down and placed her phone on the desk.

“What can I offer you?” I asked.

She surveyed around my office, looked back at me and shook her head as if I have done something wrong.

“Is anything the problem?” I asked her another question.

“What have my brother done to be treated like a scumbag?”

“Did he tell you he raised his voice at me?”

“He was angry!” she spat out to my surprise. “Dominic loves you and he is going crazy every day without you by his side. What can I do for you to move into your home?”

“I’ll move in, I do not want to be forced.” I gave an answer.

“My brother is your husband and you should respect him. Do you know what his friends, employees are saying behind his back. They said he is not man enough to manage his home. Please, give him a chance to prove his love and loyalty to you. He will not disappoint you but make you a happy woman.”

“Dominic should sack those gossiping about him and he should give his so called friends enough space.”

“You are saying all these because of the man you are still grieving. Mourning Joseph until now will not bring him back but make you miserable. I don’t think that is what he wants. I believe your happiness matters a lot to him.”

“And you think I am happy married to your brother?” I asked. Kim relaxed her back on the chair and frowned lightly. “So many reasons make me happy but being the wife of Dominic isn’t one of them.”

“Dominic was once your friend and now, you make it seems like he’s has been your enemy. He loves you.”

I sighed. I was tired of her accusations. “I will move in by the weekend but only on one condition.”

“What condition?” Kim queried.

“I will fulfill my role as his wife but I will have my own room.”

“Meaning sex will not be involved?”

“That should be between your brother and I.”

 Her big eyeballs roll laterally and she made a sound with her mouth that I found infuriating. She smiled widely. “Deal!” She forwarded her hand for a handshake.                                        

“This is not a contract.” I said and took off my hands from the table. “I am your brother’s legal wife and I should apologize to him for not acting as his legally married wife.” 
“Hmmm, someone is in a better mood.” Kim said and drastically wore a sad face.  

I noticed instantaneously and I relaxed my hands back on my desk. “What is it?”

“I will move in with a friend until I find my own place. You and Dominic need enough privacy. I don’t want to get in your way. I will miss staying with him but we all have our lives to live.”
“You don’t have to leave." I said and wore a cheerful face. "You can actually search for your own place while you stay with us for the meantime.” I forwarded my right hand with an open palm for her to hold it; she did. “And it will be boring without you. I need some company, I don’t want to fall sick out of boredom and we really need to catch up on good old times.”

She released her hands and clapped in an excited way. Her smile was expansive. The red lipstick had stained two of her upper teeth. When I saw it, it reminded me of a female vampire in a movie I watched few years ago. 

“I think we should have lunch together.” Kim suggested.

“I’ve eaten already,” I lied. I wanted to conceal myself into my work after she leaves. “We can do that another time.”

She said nothing and stood on her heels. She took her phone. “I will inform my brother of the good news and I am certain he will be delighted to have you in his arms soon.”

“Thank you.” I said and I remained on my seat. I saw her walk out of my office, I sighed heavily, and a tendency of free relief streamed inside me. I felt weak in my legs and tough inside my head at the same time. I have to make a decision and live as a married woman. Besides, if I have to do this, I have to let go. I have to let go of Joseph and there’s only one thing I have to do to make that happen.

“That bitch is moving into the house in few days’ time!” Kim said the moment Dominic answered her call. She was still standing in front of the office building, close to her car.

“How did you do it?” he asked in a stunned tone. She explained but there was extreme anger in her voice. “Calm down babe, she won’t be mine for long. What about you? Are you actually moving out?”

“She said I can stay! Imagine? Who gave her that right?!” Kim could hear her brother laugh and it irritated her of which she made him know. 

“Calm down!“ he uttered. “You know she’s irrelevant and we only need her for a period of time.”

“I hope it’s for a short period.”

“I will see what I can do to make that happen.”


After work, I drove down to the cemetery. I went to the graveside of Joseph. I lay on my knees. I just looked at it and imagined if it could swallow me up and take me to him. I do not intend to cry, it will not solve my problem. 

“I know I cannot see you and reveal the things I passed through while you were away in prison but I am truly and deeply sorry for not trying my best to fight harder and be able to do what I wanted. Forgive me Joseph for staying away. It was not deliberate. I thought I tried my best to see you but….but my best wasn’t good enough. Don’t judge me, please. I am sorry. Being sorry for getting married to another man is not enough. If only I could go back to the day I professed my love to you, I would have convinced you to let us elope and have our happily ever after. I never knew the world would tears us apart. I miss you every day but I have to say goodbye. If I continue to feel this way about you while married to Dominic, it will seems like I’m cheating on him. I am sorry. If there were other ways or new words to use and apologize, I would say them to you. Forgive me because I have to forget you and move on with my life. I will see you someday.”

I uplifted and turned my back but tears started to toss out from my eyes despite how I tried not to. Saying goodbye was the hardest part and I simply lied that I was going to forget about him. I can’t. It’s hard and painful to let go. I was never going to forget Joseph, but the only way I could show the world is pretend to love Dominic.  
I walked away without looking back. I won but I also lost. The tears I combated not to drip swamped like flood on my face. I cried on my way back home.

Kate contacted Wunmi that Sebastian was not picking her calls. She assured her he was very busy and would see her soonest.

“He will personally call you and tell you the location to meet him.” Wunmi said.

“Thank you.” 


After dinner, I went to join my mother in the bedroom. She was reading her bible and I sat close to her. In the living room, my father was speaking with Nathan on the phone.

“Is there anything you want?” She asked and closed her bible, still on her hands.

“I only came here for answers.” I replied.

“What answers are you talking about?” She continued with her own questions. She had no idea what I wanted to request.

I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. “Do you have the address of the former gateman and house-help?”

She gave a shrug, adjusted her bottoms and dropped her bible on the bed. “What do you need Deola and John for?”

“I only want to speak with them.”

“For what?” she asked in an angered tone. 

“You have not answered my own questions mom,” I said. “You keep asking me yours.”

“That is because I do not know where they lived or live now. Please leave my room. I want to sleep.”

“I know you will never employ those two without the knowledge of where they came from and I believe you even know some of their family members. You don’t want to give me because I might find what you are hiding.”

Her scowled eyes were furious. “Get out!”

I did not want to disrespect her. I rose up and walked to the door. I turned and faced her. “You read your bible almost every day and I know you pray too. I only hope God will answer your prayers.”

“What!!” she exclaimed. “What do you mean by that?”

“You know the answer but ask yourself one thing, are you a good person?” Before she could lift herself up and attacked me, I quickly opened the door, raced to my room and bolted the lock. I could hear her screams, but it was a bit far from me. The person to take my blame for tonight was my father and I felt huge pity for him.


The next day, I requested for Jamal. He came to the house and I offered him money first before I discussed what I wanted him to do for me. After two days, I made some important calls, booked a lunch date for Kate and myself. I sent gifts to my well-wishers, and I received some too. Well, more. I resumed work and my employees acted happy to have me back to my position. 

The next day at my office, after going through a contract assigned by the state government, Wunmi burst into my office unannounced. Her unexpected entrance startled me.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” She asked in a loud voice. 

My secretary ran in to inform me she entered forcefully. It wasn’t her fault, I told her to get back to her position. She left us. 

She said in a lowered voice. “What kind of plan do you think you are preparing?” The anger that suppressed Wunmi’s face flashed at me. She could not hide her annoyance on what I had strategized.

“My life is not your business.” I told her.    

“It is my business when you have involved the man I want to marry.” She hit her right fist on my desk and began to pant heavily.

 I was surprised. I looked at her finger and I saw an engagement ring. “When did he propose?”

The sound of her breathing reduced. “Jamal proposed to me many times but I accepted last night.”

“I am happy for you.”

She smiled and it was an honest one but before I blinked my eyes, her expression changed. “Don’t involve him.”

“He only wants to get information about Dominic. I need to know what businesses he’s into, the places he loves to visit and the kind of friends he hangs out with. I want to be his friend, I told you that before.”

“I know but why get Lucky involved?”

“What? How could he discuss something I spoke privately with him to you? This is supposed to be confidential and he came to you and ran his mouth like a tortoise. Did he still tell you I want to search for a private investigator to find the former employees of the Okoye’s?”

Wunmi frowned at me. “I won’t accept insult. He did not tell me about that. Now I know, it is pertinent to look for them. I was the one that asked Jamal why you sent for him and he had to reveal almost everything because he knows I care so much about you. Remember, he believes you are Sebastian and not Joseph.”

I stayed composed. “I know and I won’t blow my cover.”
“Good.” she said and sat down. “I know you are not happy with Lucky but please, do not get her involve in your plans.”

“She’s already involved.” I said. “If not for her, I won’t be in this mess. Her family and her came after me.”

“Her parents were the ones after you and not her!” 

“Why is no one saying what she did to me?” I asked.

“Forgive and forget. I know it hurts that she belongs to another man. I am sure, another good woman will come your way.”

“Not interested.” It was the absolute truth. What I had in mind, was get back at my enemies, spend quality time with my family and visit Sebastian when I need to, work harder and make his Company grow and even greater and become number one.

“Why do you want to make Lucky feel awful? If you get close to her and remind her of how she neglected Joseph, don’t you think she might feel bad and that could lead to depression? Just stay away from her.”

I hissed. “What you are saying are thoughtless assumptions. I never gave Jamal the details. I only wanted him to find out the procedures to take to be a shareholder and a board member at the same time in her Company. Yes, I will also get closer to her, pretend to be a nicer Sebastian that simply changed after the accident. I know she might trust me later with my new behavior, I have the money to invest more in her Company.”

“But that is for your own interest.”

“Of course! In addition, when I bring the idea for us to be partners, do you think she will disagree? No! She will be privileged to merge her Company with the second largest oil establishment in Nigeria.”

“What’s next?”

“I might not even merge our Company together, with the other things I have stored for her, I will get into her head, offer her unimaginable contracts and she will never see it coming.”
Her eyes were inquisitive. “And what is that?”

“Destroy her reputation,” I replied. “Make her family suffer especially her dad, in fact, everyone!”

Wunmi scoffed. “And how will you do that?”

“Take her Company.”

“Oh my God!” My cousin bawled in shock. Her hands were shaking. “What are you trying to turn yourself into, Lucifer or Sebastian?! Sebastian won’t even do this. He won’t take what does not belong to him!”

“He would be proud when he wakes up and find out what I have done.” I said and lifted on my feet. I peered into her eyes that I had no words to describe. “I want to correct an impression you have on me. I am doing this not because I want to be like Sebastian Kehinde Akande. This is pay back time.”

“But this is not you Joseph.” She said.

“You are correct about that,” I said and smiled brightly. “This is my alter ego.”
To be continued…on Saturday.


  1. Wonderful!!!! Scared for Joseph's sanity oooo! His heart has turned to rock, so sad. Let me just sit back and enjoy this ride in strides. Welcome back once more C.J dearest. You sure do know how to make my day * shines 32*

    1. I'm shinning my 32 too! Hehehe

  2. Waooh nice episode,am so scared of Joseph right now is heart is like a Rock,please don't make him worst,revenge is not the best thing to do right now,he should think of how the company will grow and make Sebastian proud and his family..

    Wellcome back carina j,we all miss you. Cheers.

    1. Thank you Gloria. I miss you too!

  3. Joseph has the right to be angry. He doesn't know Lucky was caged while he was in prison. He does not know the truth yet and lucky is unaware that the man she is mourning is alive and healthy. I hope he wont do some thing terrible before it is too late. Suspense queen is back!

  4. Welcome back.I love you stories, you're very creative.

  5. Oooooooooooooh.....I'm so smily n all blushy dis mnin....CKJ,u r so welcome back, missing u n ur works wasn't funny...tnk God u r well n bk..good to av u bk.

  6. Welcome back darl.. ... Perfect as usual


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