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Saturday, July 23, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 12.

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Wunmi stormed out of my office in an enormous anger. Before I left, I saw her eyes blazing and I knew she was disappointed in me. My mind was off radar, as I did not give a hoot what she thought about me. I have realized that conflicts without the help of a partner or followers can be wrestled alone. My only wish was only if my twin was here by my side to fight our battle with me. This is not only about me but also about my dearest brother. I will turn it into a war if he does not come out alive. That is not my wish. I pray every night for him to wake up and allow us bond once again. It’s hard to forget the last advice he gave me. I assumed he was speaking jargons but now I know, he spoke the truth and it made sense!

As I watched her leave, I called my secretary into my office and told her I won’t be receiving any visitors because I wanted to prepare a lip-smacking deal. She gave a polite nod but refuse to turn and leave. I saw her approaching the path of where I sat. I gave her a puzzled stare but she continued to move forward. When she began to unbutton her shirt, it dawned on me what her intentions were. She had no idea I was not her real boss.

The moment Monica stepped directly opposite me and wanted to grab my tie, I clutched her hand tightly and she peered into my eyes stunned.

“What do you think you are trying to do?” I asked her before she opened her mouth to ask me a ridiculous question. I released her hand and she stepped backward. Her expression indicated confusion. “Close yourself.”

“But…but I… I thought you wanted it?”

“Wanted what?”

“I thought you never wanted me to satisfy you after you came back from surgery because you… you…you were still healing or....” She scratched her head, she appeared embarrassed. To her, I’m sure this was the first time Sebastian did not fall into her seduction.

“You do not need to explain yourself anymore.” I said to her. “I will no longer need your services anymore.”

Monica quickly buttoned and fell on her knees. “I am sorry sir!! Please don’t sack me. I will never do it again.”

“I am not sacking you. You can keep your job but if you repeat this nonsense you did few minutes ago, you will be dismissed!”

She got up and thanked me over and over again. She promised never to be unprofessional and continue to behave appropriate. I might look like Sebastian but I am certainly not my brother.


My parents were dumbstruck when I informed them the news I wanted to move in with my husband. My father just gave me a silent look and I knew he felt bad that he was one of the reasons I married Dominic. He knew I would never be happy but I faked a smile as my mother hugged my body firmly. Her eyes were happy and the joy in her heart exploded as she prayed for my marriage to work.

I also spoke with Nathan and he advised me that I should not allow anything affect my happiness and that I should try my best and show the world that I can smile again. I made another call to Dominic and he volunteered to help me pack my belongings.
On the appointed day, my mother escorted me to my new abode. My father could not look me in the eyes. He promised to call me always. I arrived into my matrimonial home, Kim welcomed me and she helped me to take my luggages into my own room. Dominic showed me around. It was a four-bedroom bungalow. He led me into the large kitchen with modern facilities. The aroma of jollof rice, roasted chicken and rich vegetable salad flittered into my nostrils. 
I served mom and myself and went to meet her in the living room but she was nowhere in sight. Kim told me she went to my room. I dropped our food on the dining table and hiked into my room to check up on her.

My mother jumped on her feet when she saw me enter. “What do you think you are doing Munachi?”

I raised my eyebrows and gestured closer. “I don’t understand.”

“You refused to move into your husband’s house for many months and now that you have made up your mind to do that, you want to stay in your own room without Dominic. I will not tolerate that.”

I became angry with her. I pointed a finger at her. “Don’t make me change my mind.”

“You lie! How will you be able to bear children?” She asked and started to walk around me in a circle form. “Don’t you have plans to give your father and I grandchildren? Are you trying to punish us for Joseph mistake?”

I looked at her with so much animosity deep down in my heart. How could she call his name? “How can you mention his name in this issue? Can’t you see I no longer wear the necklace that has his face on the pendant? This is not about him!”

She halted her feet and stood in front of me. “Oh yes! Everything you do, the decisions you make has to do with Joseph! You do not want to share a room with your husband just because of that dead and worthless killer and criminal! I will not fold my hands and watch you destroy your home!”

“It is mine and mine alone! Go back to your husband’s house and control whosoever you meet there. Don’t push me mother!”

“Don’t you know if you don’t show your husband care, he will get it from someone else?”

“And you think I care?”

“I care Lucky!” My mother spat out. Her voice became louder. If it was intentional to make Dominic and his sister to hear our arguments, I did not care. “I care because I don’t want you to have a broken home because of Joseph!”

“This is not about Joseph!!” I screamed and cried my eyes out at the same time. 
She widened her eyes. “He is not coming back my daughter. He is dead and should be forgotten.”

I wanted to tell her I could not, but the promise I made to myself to pretend was what I intend to do. I wiped my face and took a deep breath down into my system. I looked her straight in the eyes, no smile on my lips, a stern unshakable facial countenance plagued all over my face. 

Kim and Dominic stood beside the dinning, muted and tried to listen to the conversation between mother and daughter, although their voices were not very clear but they knew it was an argument that involved Joseph.

“What is so special about that Joseph of a guy?” Kim asked and faced her brother.

He had a disdainful look. “I just don’t know what she saw in him. I wish I could lay my hands on him and I will kill him all over again.”

“You cannot kill a dead body.”

He hit his right fist on his left palm. “I know!” He was breathing audibly.

She looked at the plates of food on the table and back at Dominic. “Why can’t we poison her food, let her die and give her the honor to be with her so called Joseph. I never met him but I hate him so much!”

“You have to reduce the volume of your voice,” he said to her coordinately. Dominic relaxed his hand on her shoulder. “We have to take things slow. If anything bad happens to her, believe me, you and I will be in trouble.”

Kim stamped her right feet on the ground. “You think I don't know.” She trooped backwards as she heard the sound of a door open.

“Where do you think you are going to?” Mrs. Thelma Okoye, my mom asked me as I opened the door.

“I am going to eat and be with my husband.”

She gave me a look, paused and sighed. “I know you are angry with me but whatever I did or I have done to you now, has everything to do with your happiness. I love you my daughter, give Dominic a chance and you will not regret it.”

“I know,” I said. “But there’s a question I want to ask and I need an honest answer.”

“What is it?” She asked me curiously.

I swallowed and cleared my dry throat that desired chilled water. “When Joseph was alive, did I ever tell you I was unhappy?”

She stared at me shocked. “No.”

“Then why do you think happiness departed from me when I dated him?” I waited for an answer and she gave me none. I asked again. “Or is it because he was not rich and was an orphan?”

No answer but gloomy eyes stared back at me. 

“I am married to Dominic,” I said. “I will not do anything that will embarrass or bring shame into our family. He is my husband and I will treat him as such. I have my own room does not mean I will not give him what rightfully belongs to him. I have every right to have my own privacy.” I turned my back to leave, stopped and glanced at her. “I will run my home the way I want. I never prevented you from doing that in your husband’s house. You are welcomed here when invited. If you ever come to my matrimonial home unannounced, I will treat you like a stranger.”

“I am your mother!” She uttered with tears almost leaking out from her weary eyes.

“And I was your daughter when you treated me like a hostage. You made the rules then, but now, it’s my turn. If you don’t accept it, leave now or forever mind your damn business!”

Tears plunged down on my mother’s face and she sniffed her nose at the same time. I turned away and left her all alone to weep without any form of consolation from me. 

After few days, Wunmi came back from school in a cool evening. She was writing her final exams. She had been avoiding me since the day she bounced out of my office angrily. When we finished eating dinner, I had already planned to make two calls before I kissed the night but I went to knock on her room door first.

“Who is that?” She asked. I told her I was the one. 


“Can I come in?” 

“Yes.” She replied. I entered. Wunmi was reading a book; she closed it and offered me a single sofa beside her bed. I sat down and gazed at her with a faint smile on my lips. “What can I do for you?” she asked me in a serious tone.

“I know you are not happy with me,” I said. “Forgive me because I cannot change my plans. I am truly sorry if I have offended you in anyway.”

I saw how her eyes lighted up in surprise. Her response was not what I anticipated.
She pressed her lips gently. I heard a sigh. “It will take weeks for Sebastian to apologize. I have to ask for an apology before he will say sorry. Sometimes, I wish you were him but I am happy you are Joseph and you are also here with us. Your presence alone makes me, your mother and my father happy.”

“I spoke with your dad yesterday.”

“He told me and we are all excited to have you here. You complete this family.” Wunmi rose up from her bed and sat instead. She continued. “I will not stop you from doing whatever you think that will make the Okoye’s pay for what they did to you. You had a life but they cut it short because of their money, hatred and pride. But I have this feeling that you are likely to regret what you are going to do to Lucky Munachi Okoye.”

“Lucky Munachi Obi.” I corrected her. “I won’t regret anything. It’s simply payback time.”

Wunmi shrugged and coughed lightly. “I love you Joseph but nothing can change my mind about that. You don’t have my support on what plans you have for Lucky.”

I uplifted and shook my hands into my pockets. “Your love is more than enough for me.” I pecked her on the left cheek; I bid her goodnight and left the room. I went into my own, picked up my phone and dialed Jamal’s number.

“I have something for you,” he said after I requested if he had the details for me. “I will see you tomorrow in your office.”

“I will be expecting you in the morning.”

“Okay sir.” I ended the call and punched the number of Kate. 

She answered after the first ring. “Hello darling. You have refused to pick my calls!”

I made an apology and explained I was very busy. I reminded her of our lunch date by the weekend.

“You don’t have to remind me,” Kate said. “I really want to see you and we have a lot to talk about. Please, I hope you will not call and cancel it?”

“I won't.”

I sensed a smile on her lips. “I will see you Sebastian. Take good care of yourself.”

I went to bed, prayed for my twin and closed my eyes. The face of Lucky laughing flashed into my mind. I got up one more time, motioned towards my wardrobe, opened it and took the chain she gave me. Sister Theresa brought it for me, thinking I had forgotten about it. I wanted to throw it away but reconsidered. I would show it to Lucky on the day of her final downfall, to remind her that I sincerely loved her and she broke my heart into fragments and it was impossible to arrange it back. I wore it and a surge of relief pierced inside my soul. I went back to bed, alone. Only God and I know I have missed Lucky tremendously.

“Mr. Dominic Obi has two businesses,” Jamal explained to me the following day. “He’s into sales of cars and all kinds of electronics. He has a manager for the car business and he manages the other one.”

It was an advantage that he was into cars just like me before the arrest. I gave Sister Theresa everything and gladly told her she should do whatever she liked with the vehicles I had for sale. I begged her to take a new car for herself but she rejected the offer and insisted she would sell them and donate the money to charity and the church she worshiped. 

“What about his friends and where Dominic hangs out?” I requested.

He smiled. “He is a fish.”

“Fish?” I asked in a confused tone.

“I mean he drinks a lot and he is also a heavy smoker.”

“Lucky married such a man?” I asked surprisingly and stood on my feet. What was she thinking that made her choose him over me. I shook my head. She has disappointed me.

“I have no idea why Mrs. Lucky Obi married him but I heard she moved into his house two days ago.”

I suddenly became weak in my legs that I had to relax myself back on my chair. I became puzzled. 

Jamal made a face. “Can I ask a question?”

“Yes. You can ask me anything.”

“Why are you really interested in Dominic’s wife? I am aware she had an affair with Joseph Dolapo but why the interest?”

“Have you forgotten Joseph was my friend?”

“I know but wasn’t he the cause of your accident? He threatened to kill you so that he could escape.”

“There are something’s you won’t understand but when the right time arises, Wunmi will explain better. Now, tell me what I need to know. What else?”

He spoke. 
“Mr. Dominic is quite close to his younger sister Kim,” Jamal said. “I confirmed she is a pampered brat. He has two close friends, Chucks and Kenneth. I can get you the contact of Kenneth. He has one of the biggest phone shops here in Lagos. You can patronize him, he would make you his customer and from there, you can offer your friendship to him and meet Dominic.” I stayed quiet and sustained to listen attentively. He opened his briefcase and brought out some documents. He offered them to me and I glanced at them. “I have a friend that works as a supervisor in Mrs. Lucky’s Company. I informed him a prominent Nigerian is interested in the expansion of the Company. He gave me the details on how to go about what you requested for.”

I looked at him. “I don’t want my affair with the Company linked back to you.”

Jamal smiled. “You don’t have to worry. You will know how to be a board member and an investor with the documents I have given you. I will simply inform my friend, the investor is no longer interested and out of the country.”

I tapped my chin gently and thought about it. “That is a very good idea. I will contact Lucky Obi soon. What I need from you right now is the address of Dominic electronic shop and the contact of his friend.”

He smiled again. “That’s not a problem.”

"I will like to meet his sister but that will happen when I meet Dominic." I flashed my teeth delightfully at him. I was proud to have a future brother in-law that was helpful to me. I had a fat cheque underneath one of my files to present to Jamal for a job well done.

On Saturday, at the time I was supposed to meet with Kate, I waited for a while before leaving. I wanted to arrive late. I dressed into a Calvin Klein's suit and drove in a BMW. A male waiter approached me and led me to where Kate sat. She had ordered champagne and was drinking from her glass cup.

Her face lighted up excitedly as she saw me. I offered my hand for a handshake but she threw herself on me. She pushed her face towards mine and tried to brush her full mouth on my lips but I cautiously treaded backward.

“We are in a public place,” I explained to her in a composed voice. “How are you?”

She sighed and her eyes went to my feet and back to my face. “I’m good but you look different.”

I swallowed a hard lump and sat down in front of her chair. “How?” 
Kate sat back. “You normally kiss me in a public place. You liked it. Why the sudden change of heart now?”

“I cleared my throat and took a sip from her glistening wine. “The accident changed me.”

“I am really sorry for what happened. Your cousin said I was unable to see you if not I would never have left you like that. I would have visited you every day.”

“You are a married woman Kate and you should act like one.”

She gave me a double look and blinked her eyes. “You agreed that I should leave my husband for you since I was not a happy woman. Can't you remember?"

"Maybe I was drunk because I can't recall." 

"That was what you told me before the accident."

Oh no! Sebastian never discussed such a thing with me. What was I going to do? I was speechless.

“I have already told my husband I want a divorce,” She added. “Although, he has refused but I didn’t take the matter up because I wanted you to get back so that we can talk about our future.”

“We don’t have a future together.”

“What!!” Kate exclaimed in shock. “Are you here to joke with me?”

I shook my head. “I’m sorry; I cannot be with you anymore. I am ready to give you any amount to forget we had anything together. I want to be a better man. God gave me a chance to live so that I can stop all the immoral acts I indulged myself with in the past.”

“I can’t believe this!!” She stood on her feet. I saw tears parading inside the corners of her eyes. It excited me! “This is not you Sebastian. Why are you talking like this?”

“The accident made me to see the light.”

“Total rubbish!” she spat angrily at me. “Joseph is the cause of everything! I am so happy he died and Lucky is married to a man she loves. Instead of you to put the blame on that orphan, you are pretending, talking about how God showed you the light. He did not show you anything. You don’t want to admit that your friend betrayed you!”

I simply kept my mouth shut.

“Say something!!”

Eyes were on us and I became uncomfortable with her unexpected behavior. 
She stood and gestured at me aggressively and peered into my eyes. “You and I belong to each other. I will give you time to think about us.”

I assumed she was indirectly trying to threaten me. “I am not going to think because my decision is final. I am advising you to tell me how much you need…”

“I don’t want your money but you! You don’t have a choice!”

I rose up and my eyes, still fixed on her. “Don’t forget I am Sebastian Kehinde Akande. No one has the audacity to tell me I have a choice. I will send you a cheque on Monday and if you ever harass me, I will disgrace you and no man will ever look your way. If you call my number and talk about a relationship, you will receive nothing from me.”

Kate used her two hands to scatter her hair. She was furious.

I said, “I thought you claimed to be classy. Your behavior is far from that. You have behaved like a mad woman." She burst into tears. “My regards to Lucky and tell her I will see her soon. Goodbye.”

Her eyes were still on me with tears all over her face. I alerted the waiter and paid for the wine. As I walked towards the exit door, Kate screamed my name.

I turned my back. “What?”

“I hate you!!”

I smiled. “I know.” If only she knew… the truth about my identity. I said all those things out of how she treated me in the past. 

I came out from the building, entered my vehicle and headed straight to buy some phones. Luck was on my side, Mr. Kenneth was about to leave when I walked inside and informed one of his sales reps I wanted to buy three expensive phones I estimated to be worth three hundred and twenty five thousand naira and I wanted to pay in cash. Kenneth answered me instantly and he treated me with respect. He was happy to have a new and worthy customer of which he collected my phone number; he felt my name was familiar. I only laughed and he offered to buy me a drink for patronizing him. He was a friendly man and from the Eastern part. I invited him to my hotel, told him the day for us to hangout and I informed him he could bring his friends too. I left there and drove home. I gifted Wunmi, my birth mother and uncle the phones. My next target was buy electronics from Dominic during the week. I had no idea if Kenneth was going to come along with him to my hotel and after that, I would visit Lucky and behave like a perfect gentleman. 

Even after I moved into my new home, I still refused to sleep by my husband’s side. I gave him excuses and he succumbed. He never shouted, or argued with me but told me he understood. How could he when he has never seen the naked body of the woman he put a ring on her finger? We have been married for several months, already approaching a year and he is okay with the way I treated him. I simply find him extremely nice and patient. He deserved my loyalty and respect.

On a Sunday, after a silent dinner between Dominic, Kim and myself, I went back to my room, headed to the bathroom for a cold bath and dressed into a skimpy nightie. I left and moved to knock on the master’s bedroom. Dominic was short of words when I entered and closed the door; he gazed at me as if he had seen a ghost. I understood. He got up and came to stand in front of me. He was shirtless and was wearing a blue boxers. Before I opened my mouth to express regret, he hushed me by placing his finger on my lips.

“You do not need to say anything. I love you Lucky and I promise to make you happy.” He kissed my lips and I kissed him back. 

I felt nothing. I did not like the aroma coming out from his mouth. All of a sudden, a foul smell oozed from the bathroom. I released myself from his grip.

“What is it?” Dominic queried.

I sensed it was smoke. “Is something burning?”

“No.” he quickly answered.

I looked at the door of his bathroom but he used his hand to direct my face back at him. 

“Let’s make love.” He said.

I shook my head and inhaled. I realized it wasn’t smoke but the smell of cigarette. I looked at him jumbled. “I know you drink alcohol but do you smoke?”


“I want to check your bathroom.”


“If that is it, I want to go my room. I cannot sleep with a liar and a smoker.” He grabbed my left arm and squeezed it tightly. I tried to let go but his strength was above mine. “Let me go!”

He scornfully glared at me. The look in his eyes made me trembled in fear. “I want to make love to you!”

“Not tonight!!”

“I am your husband and you have no right to tell me what to do!” He pushed me on his bed and hit me on my face as I tried to lift myself up. He climbed on top of me and I bellowed in massive pain as if a rock fell on my whole body. His strength weakened my legs; my throat swiveled dry and my heart ached. I had to start begging him to leave me alone but he declined, grabbed my hair, rough handled my nightie and ripped it apart. 

"Leave me alone you bastard!"

Dominic laughed mockingly. His eyes bloody. "Just like your name, I am a lucky bastard."

He gripped my neck, tried to kiss me but I bit his lower lip. He hit me again, this time with the back of his left hand and he wrestled my right nipple with his teeth. I howled in pain, screamed for help but none came. Tears poured out from my eyes and soaked the bed sheet. My husband forcefully found his way into me. He groaned in pleasure, I screamed in anguish.
Dominic showed no mercy. He raped me!

To be continued….


  1. Hmmmmm take note ckj,some errors occur,dominic is not just a bastard but a BEAST in white cloths.nice one carina j.God bless your hustle.

  2. Chai! Dominic is an animal. Joseph needs to know the truth

  3. Dom is a monster! Poor Lucky

  4. This Dominic is a beast indeed.

  5. Hmmmm! Na wa oooo
    See this beast of no gender o!
    Poor Lucky.


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