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Saturday, July 30, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 13.

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Lucky crawled out of the bed after the unpleasant incident with her husband. She was crying hard, bruises on her neck, breast and thighs. She was feeling pain and wanted to go to the hospital for checkup but she was very weak to stand up or even to drive a car.  

Dominic rested on the bed without looking at her direction. He closed his eyes to sleep but the sound coming from Lucky disturbed his peace. He glanced at her, apologized, and promised not to smoke again. She did not say anything. Lucky left the room, sat on the floor close to her room, and wept profusely.
This is the result for neglecting the love of my life, she thought.

Nemesis was catching up with her. She blamed herself for the rape. If she had known, she would have ran away on the day she married Dominic. It was the greatest mistake of her life but she had to endure no matter what. She heard the sound of Dominic’s door open; she tensed up as fear gripped her chest. He came towards her and knelt down. He began to plead and ask for forgiveness. He placed the blame on the devil. Lucky covered her face with her shaky hands. She could not look at him in the eyes. She was ashamed, chagrined and battered.

“How could you rape me?” she asked with tears sopping down her neck. Her face was wet.

“I did not rape you,” he said in a calmed tone. “I am your husband. I could not stop because you are my wife and I wanted you. Have I not tried enough to wait for you to offer me my right to sleep with you? To allow us make love as a married couple? I know it was wrong to force you, unfair to have sex with you without your consent but I could not hold myself. I love you.”

She shook her head continually without making eye contact. “You did not force me to do anything, you raped me.”

Dominic tried to touch her on the shoulder but she shifted away, still trembling from the shock. “I am sorry. It will never happen again.”

She sniffed her fluid nose and looked at him. “I might forgive you later but I can never forget it.”

He stared down and gave a shrug. “Please, this has to stay between us. No one must know about it.”

“Why can’t you look me in the eyes and tell me that. You raped me!” Lucky purposely rose on her feet, if he had opened his mouth to speak, she would have punched him. She decided to do what she thought won’t make her do the unthinkable. She had to walk away from him. Lucky went straight to her room and headed to the route of the bathroom to clean up.

Joseph woke up agitated in the middle of the night. His hands jerked. He had a nightmare and he was sweating copiously. He wiped his forehead with his sweaty hands, dashed out of his bed, and stood on his exhausted feet. He moved into his bathroom, relaxed his hands on the sink and faced up to look at his face in the average sized mirror. His eyes were red, he tried to recall what the dream was all about, and he remembered. 

“Lucky.” He whispered her name.

He recalled seeing Lucky running towards him. She was in tattered clothes. Her eyes looked scared, her wrists, feet ripped out blood. Someone was chasing her at night but he could not see the person’s face. Even as she ran closer in the dark to meet him for help, he appeared far despite he sensed his legs were moving to meet and protect her from her chaser. He yearned to hold, caress her back and whisper into her ear that everything was going to be okay. However, he could not.

Joseph washed his face thoroughly and wiped it with his towel he grabbed from the top of the door.
He cleared his throat and went back to his room without laying on the bed. Instead, he grabbed his phone from the table and sat down on the single sofa. He searched for her cell digits, saw it and wanted to press his finger and dial it. He hesitated, cursed himself and crashed his phone on the ground. He has never been angry like this in his entire life.

He was fuming and breathing loudly. Joseph felt he was a fool for still harboring feelings for a woman that threw his love at his feet. He did not want to think about her, but her face, memories of her radiant laughter flickered on his mind. He wanted to stop but his heart failed him. It was impossible to erase the joy she transported into his life. He missed her smile, voice and touch. He touched his neck and noticed he was still wearing the necklace. He unlocked it and threw it away without gazing at where it dropped.

He looked for the phone. He was lucky to find it lightly damaged. The screen was broken but able to use. He placed it back on the table and uplifted. Joseph began to pace around his room. The dream he had sent flow of concern into his heart as drowsiness wandered away from his thoughts.

At 6:12am, Lucky woke up after two hours of sleep. When she awoke, she was surprised that she was able to shut her scared eyes to sleep the previous night. She quietly left her bedside, prayed and undress. The feeling of her mouth felt dry and her throat ached. There was pain all over her body. She went to her bathroom, brushed her teeth thoroughly and bathed by scrubbing her body hard. After she felt she had wiped away Dominic's hands on her, she dressed in a long sleeve shirt and pant trousers to cover up her visible bruises. She wore her customized necklace and shook the pendant behind her shirt for no one to see. Lucky left the house without checking up on Dominic or Kim. She felt her sister in-law heard her scream last night but must have pretended not to hear her and choose to stay mute. The mere thought of their names got her infuriated. Seeing their faces could make things worse. She sneaked out and drove away to a hospital far from her home.

On her way there, listening to the radio, she heard her phone ring. She lowered the volume of the radio, grabbed her phone and picked after she saw the caller’s name.

“Hello Kate.” the sound of her voice was rough.

“What happened to you?” Kate asked. “Your line has not been going through.”

She cleared her throat. “Nothing. How are you?”

“I’m sad!” Lucky heard her trickled into tears. “Sebastian has changed!”

“What do you mean…?” She paused and coughed lightly. Lucky spoke. “Let’s meet in my office in the afternoon to talk. I am driving to the hospital.”

Kate stopped crying and asked in a curious voice. “Are you pregnant?”

Lucky widened her eyes at the words of her friend. “No.” She replied and absorbed a huge lump down her dehydrated throat. “I will talk to you better when I’m at the office.” She ended the call and threw her phone on the other seat.

Fear surged into her bones and she felt sick in the stomach. She loved children, always have, wanted her own in the future with Joseph, but death disrupted her dream of having that. Lucky swallowed it away and wept as she amplified the speed of her car. She prayed never to get pregnant for Dominic.

Joseph was stunned to find himself on top of the longest couch in the living room the moment he opened his eyes the next day. A strong headache pounded his head. He quickly shut his eyes as the sun shined at him when Wunmi raised the curtain opposite him. She turned to look at him and moved to stand with his mother. They were standing beside him, as they appeared bemused. His body smelled of dry alcohol. An empty bottle of whisky was on the floor.

“How did I get here?” Joseph asked, unlocked his eyes and managed to get up to sit erect.

The worrisome look on Mrs. Ayo vanished from her face. She crossed her arms. “I should be the one asking you that. What happened to you?” The tone of her voice was solid.

“I don’t know!”

“When did you start drinking alcohol?” Wunmi slipped into the questioning between mother and child. “I don’t remember ever seeing you take Whiskey.”

He looked at the two of them with an uncertain mien. “How can I answer your questions when I don’t remember anything?” The women stared at each other confused and back at him. “Allow me to think.”

“My son,” she said. “Are you having difficulties at the office?”

“No mom.” he answered quickly and sprung on his feet to leave the premises of his family disturbing him. As they watched him leave their sight, Joseph could hardly hold the way his body system felt, he puked on the ground adjacent to the entry leading inside the passage just before his room. Wunmi grimaced and eyed him. She was upset at his unpredicted behavior. Mrs. Ayo rushed to the visitor’s toilet to get a bowl of water and a piece of cloth to clean it.

Immediately Joseph made an apology to both of them, he left to his room. He cleaned up in the bathroom and dressed into black pants, blue and white stripe shirt. He wore a suede black shoe and decorated his neck with a silver chain, he circled his left wrist with a grey Michael Kors wristwatch and then his mind journeyed back to the gift that led him into trouble. If Lucky had not crested his name on it, he would not have fallen into such a catastrophe.

Did she intentionally give it to me? 

Wunmi knocked on his door thrice before she entered with poise. She had freshened up and was wearing a pink knee-length gown. Her long braids fell down to her shoulders. Even with the thick make-up on her oval face, her impression was dull.

“You need help psychologically.” She said.

Joseph went to pick up his phone and glared at her. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

"I said you need…”

“If you don’t have anything meaningful to say to me this morning, kindly respect yourself and leave me alone.”

“Do you want to kill yourself over Lucky?”

“This is not about her,” he said in a defensive tone. “Back off.”

Wunmi sauntered closer to him. She was unafraid and prepared for whatever her cousin might do to her. She had to say the truth, although it might hurt but her intention was to set him free from the demons corrupting his soul and stop him from making an appalling mistake. Even if it affected their relationship, she no longer cares about that. To speak the truth has to do with everything to help him see the light instead of the darkness dirtying his humanity.

“I know it is difficult to let go of her because your feelings for Lucky will never die.” Joseph eyes blackened scornfully. A mighty frown patted his forehead. She noticed but continued to talk as he gazed into her entire face. “She can no longer be yours even when I know you wish she could run into your arms and profess her love to you once again. I believe you will take her back. It might still look like a dream to you that the happiness you always wanted slipped away from you and the family you trusted and loved betrayed you. The only thing that you have to prove to those people is your innocence. People have to know you are not guilty of the death of Lucky’s grandfather. Revenge is not the way forward.”

“What is it, sis?” he asked in a sarcastic tone.


Joseph scoffed and shrugged.

She added. “You will gain absolutely nothing if you succeed to destroy the Okoye’s. It will not take you anywhere but make you look like a bad person. A man without a conscience.”

“I can’t listen to this nonsense anymore,” he said walking towards the door.

”Getting yourself drunk will not solve anything; it will only make matter worse.” He halted and turned to face her. “Consider your health, if you do not stop wallowing yourself with danger, be ready to spend money to treat yourself but it will not be only you. Your mother will be affected and I know you don’t want that. Do not forget that Sebastian is still at the hospital, battling to come out alive.”

“Don’t mention his name.” He said angrily. This time, his eyes were on fire.

“I know Sebastian has his own faults, many but he will never bring down the woman he once loved.”

“Don’t bring him into my mess. I made a mistake for falling in love but I will fix it.”

“You cannot fix love! Love is powerful, priceless and can never be fixed because it is a beautiful thing to love someone special.”

“And where is that someone special?”

“She’s with another man.” It broke Wunmi's heart to tell him. “But it should not turn you into a monster. Sebastian…”

Joseph rushed at her and gripped her neck. “Don’t mention his name!” His grip was firm and she widened her eyes, straight at him. He released her instantly. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Wunmi I’m so sorry! Christ! What was I thinking?!”

She rubbed her neck and cleared her throat. She had already forgiven him. She expected more than what he did. “It’s okay. Don’t blame yourself.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“I know.” Wunmi smiled at him.

He wanted to smile back at her; his troubled conscience wouldn’t let him to. He was wrong for trying to inflict injury on her. “I have to go.” He riveted away and opened his door. “I have a flight to catch. I will be back tonight.”

“Where are you going to?”

Joseph replied. “To see my brother.”

Lucky insisted to see a female medical doctor for treatment. She lied that her husband penetrated into her with force. 
The doctor examined her, asked about the outcome of the recent scars on her. She said she fell. The examiner prescribed some drugs and she left and bought them before heading to her place of work. The rape was her secret. Between Dominic and herself.

No third party.   

Joseph’s flight was successful. He boarded a cab to the private health center located in Abuja. He called the practitioner assigned to his brother’s condition. Doctor Charles revealed Sebastian remained the same. Nothing worse yet but no improvement. He declined his request to see him, when Joseph asked for a reason; he explained that his mother had not approved his visitation. He placed a call straightaway to his mom and she spoke with the doctor to permit him and see Sebastian.

A female nurse took him to the room and left him behind. Joseph took a deep breath; walked to the bedside and looked at his brother. A thick bandage covered the left side of Sebastian’s face, oxygen on his nose. Sebastian received drip through his other hand. Joseph surveyed the surrounding, observed the room was neat, and arranged orderly. It had a small desk and a plastic chair. Decorated to make the room appear friendly was a small mirror, map of Nigeria, calendar and picture of an animated skeleton with description of every part crested the painted white wall. He moved to collect the chair and put it beside the left side to touch the hand of his brother. He patted it gently and scanned his face.

“Hello brother.” he murmured. “How are you?” He waited for a reply. No sound came. 

He bit his index finger on his left hand. Nervousness stimulated his body. He wanted to cry, held back. It was a sign of weakness, he assumed. He sighed, wrapped his other hand on his brother, and gave it a light squeeze.

I want you to be strong for me. This is hard to understand. I can’t take your silence anymore. I need you to wake up, hug me as you used to and tell me that we are never going to be apart again. I miss you so much. No words on earth can describe how much you mean to me. I feel hate for mortality and sometimes I question God why you are still here. Why can’t he free you from this torment? I really need you brother. I am heartbroken and lonely and you are the only one that can’t turn my sorrow into happiness. I might appear strong in front of people, but I am weak inside. 

Intense tears jumped out from his miserable eyes.
Joseph gently put Sebastian’s hand back on the bed and cleaned his eyes. He sniffed his nose and grabbed his phone that had been vibrating inside his pocket. He had fourteen missed calls, two mails, three messages and he deliberately refused to check who had called, emailed and sent text messages. His twin was more important than anything or anybody in the world. He shoved the phone back, carried his brother’s hand again, and rubbed it. He stopped to rub and pecked it. He looked over at his face and tears swam around his eyes. Just as he was about to let go of his brother’s hand, he felt someone had gripped his own hand hard. He blinked and realized it was not just anybody but his own flesh and blood.

“Sebastian.” He called his name and sprung on his feet.


He felt as if something hard hit him on the chest. He gazed at his brother’s whole body for another movement, still nothing. He prayed, he wanted more, a miracle. He looked at the hand that held his own. Two of Sebastian’s fingers moved. Joseph heart’s hopped excitedly.

“Doctor!” He yelled. “Nurse!!!” He ran out of the room to call the nearest examiner. He met doctor Charles on his way and they raced back to the room. Joseph explained what had happened. The doc stared expressionless as if he fabricated the story just to bring him to examine his patient one more time. “You have to believe me doc!”

“I know how you feel but nothing as such as ever occurred.”

“He must have felt my presence here!” Joseph shouted. “He is my brother!”

“I understand sir but…”

“There is no but because that is exactly what happened!”

Doctor Charles checked Sebastian’s body attentively and he observed for a second time, the right leg of his unconscious patient moved. 

He called for a nurse to take Joseph away so he could observe one more time and offer the accurate treatment to make him better. Joseph told him he didn’t like the idea, that he wanted to stay but he convinced him to leave and he would report to him personally when he is through.

Joseph stared at Sebastian once more before leaving. His brother almost certainly heard his cry and for that, he knew his twin would not give up on life and him. Joseph never knew there was a happy smile on his lips until he saw his reflection dazzling on the mirror placed on the wall.

Lucky Obi was back at the office in a meeting with a two government representatives discussing about a contract that wa awarded to her for construction. The officials came over to discuss the price to construct a health center owned by the senate president. It was a huge contract for her and she was thrilled when the price was accepted, and they finalized a day for the payment of millions of naira for the project. It made her very happy.

Kate arrived to see her friend in the office. She waited at the reception when the secretary informed her of an important meeting. It did not take long before Lucky and two men came out from her office. She shook their hands, bid them goodbye and approached her friend for a hug. Lucky needed to take her drugs, she and Kate left to an eatery for lunch.

The food they ate was delicious and fresh air beat their skin. Kate narrated her ordeal with Sebastian. Lucky exploded into a long laugh as she dropped her spoon on her plate.

“What is funny?” Kate asked in an annoyed tone.

She stopped to laugh, drank water from her glass cup and wiped her lips with the napkin. “I can’t believe Sebastian actually turn you down. It’s unlike him. That man loves women.”

“I know and I told him he changed. I could not believe it too. Before I came to your office, one of his employees called to ask where he should meet me.”


“Sebastian gave him a cheque to give me to pay me off.”

She laughed again and it felt so good after a very long time. She wanted to forget what happened between her and Dominic. “Did you take it?”

“Of course I did. I don’t have a chance with him anymore.”

“Did he not ask after me?”

“Is that what you are supposed to say?”

“What do you want me to say? I am also surprised. Maybe he is right, I think the accident must have changed him and it’s a good thing. I never really liked the Sebastian I used to know. I think I might like this one.”

She eyed Lucky and looked away. She looked at a couple with their children eating. A faint smile flashed on her lips. She glanced back at Lucky. “He said he would see you soon.”

She sighed loudly. “Okay.” She hesitated and went on. “Sebastian is right. You should go back to your husband. He still loves you. You might not know his value until you lose him to another woman.”

“Oh please!” Kate waved her right hand to hush her up.

Lucky drank more water and said. “I am really happy that Sebastian is alive, I only hope he does not hate Joseph for what happened. He could still resent him for the accident. I don’t want that.”

“Well, the new Sebastian never said a word when I accused Joseph for everything that happened.”

“His silence could mean anything. Should I ask him?”

“No. Joseph is no more and bringing back the past is likely to make him remember the things he wants to forget.”

She nodded. “You are correct. I won’t.”

Joseph arrived back home at 9:30 am. He was exhausted and wanted to rest. He went to his mother and told her what happened. She was thrilled to hear the chances of his survival had leveled up to seventy percent. Mrs. Ayo planned to travel to see him at the hospital and stay back with Kehinde until he woke up. The doctor had prescribed another medication for Sebastian’s health to improve better. Wunmi had gone to visit Jamal. Joseph went to bed with a smile on his face.

Two days later, after Lucky returned from work, she received a call in the living room and spoke with Mrs. Fisayo, her manager about a personal project that had commenced and she wanted her to inspect it whenever she is unable to because of her work schedules. Dominic overheard her conversation but was unable to figure out the details of the project. He was in the kitchen and he remained there until she ended her call. He came out with a glass of juice and offered it to her. She civilly rejected it. He simply sat down beside her and took a sip. Ever since the rape happened, she rarely starts a conversation with him and Kim. She would wake up in the morning, prepare breakfast, leave for work and when she returns, dinner was already prepared. She never bothered to confirm who cooked the food.

“Is everything moving well at the office?” he asked her.

“Yes. What about your businesses?”


“I thought you were speaking to your manager about a project or something. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Lucky smiled at him and rose up. “No. It’s nothing serious.” She faked a yawn. “I’m so tired, I have to sleep. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight my love.” As she walked away, he fixed his eyes on his wife and a scowl covered his face.

Joseph received a call from his secretary that he had a visitor. He ordered her to allow the person into his office. After a firm knock, a tall, chocolate skinned and handsome man entered. Joseph's brightened up. The man approached the table and shook his hand.

“Please sit.” Joseph said and he sat down. “I’ve heard good stories about you detective Ross Johnson.”

He grinned. “Thank you Mr. Sebastian Akande. Please, call me Ross.”

“I know you are into murder cases.” Joseph said. “This is a closed case and I want you to find two people for me.” He narrated the story to him.

“You think the former employees of the Okoye’s know something about the murder?"


“Why do you want to reopen it?”

“I believe my friend was innocent.”

“I will start the investigation when I am able to find them. I want the address of the Okoye’s.”

“I want this to be a private investigation. I want no one to know.”

Ross said. “I won’t see them. I just want to know where they live. I know how I can find the former gateman and housekeeper. What are their names?”

Joseph answered. “John and Deola.”

“Okay.” He brought out a sheet of paper and a biro from inside his jacket and wrote on it. “Can we discuss my fee?”

“Of course but I have another assignment for you.”

“I’m listening.”

“Where the Okoye’s live is inside an estate. Tom Okoye is the owner and it has twelve houses inside. The biggest building is where they live. I want you to help me find a way to see if you can get the details of the payment of the land he built those houses on; a lawyer of mine said he heard Mr. Okoye received the land illegal. He also said the land was taken away from somebody.”

“He must have gotten the land a long time ago.”

“Exactly but if it is true, the new government will go after him when the evidence comes out. I am sure the EFCC will probe him.”

“I will look into it.”

Joseph smiled. He and Ross Johnson settled on a particular amount.

The next day, after lunch, Joseph drove to the workplace of Dominic to buy some electronics. He met him and Dominic greeted him with respect after he took note of his expensive outfit. He introduced himself as Sebastian Akande and Dominic felt he had heard the name from somewhere but could not recollect where or when. 

He ordered for two LG plasma televisions, one DVD player and a Samsung washing machine. He planned to donate them to the orphanage home.   

Dominic commanded his boys to bring the goods out for his new customer to see and choose his choice. As he made his choice, a woman walked inside and looked for Dominic. Her eyes captured the man standing close to her husband. His physique reminded her of someone. She enthused closer to them.

“Sebastian?” She asked.

Her voice drove a surge of vibration into him. Her voice sounded beautiful.

“Lucky!” Dominic called her name. “What are you doing here?”

Joseph turned around to face her. There was a long silence between them. She searched his face. One thing caught her full attention.

Why do they look so different?  She asked herself silently.

What she saw was the first thing that attracted Joseph to her.
His eyes.

His eyes looked so much like Joseph and the mere thought of it made Lucky shiver. A stream of sparkling sensation enveloped her entire body.

To be continued.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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  2. I enjoyed this episode! Sebastian should come out of coma right now! I don't blame what Joseph is doing. I just feel sorry for him.. I remember Ross Johnson in who killed Annabel. He will solve the case. This is really the beginning. Can't wait for next episode!

    1. Yeah...Ross is a good detective.

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    This episode got me spell bound.
    Beautiful! Well done C.J dearest.

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