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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Question from a Blog Reader. It's a doggy Love Triangle!

Hello Carina. I love your stories and I check your blog every day. I read your post about dogs and I had to write you. My new boyfriend loves dogs and he has three! he's favorite dog sleeps on his bed and whenever I spend the weekend at his place, he allows the dog sleep in our middle. I think its weird and I am beginning to get uncomfortable. What got me upset was after we finished making love, instead of him to cuddle me to sleep, he carried his nonsense dog to pet. I found it irritating and strange.  Who does that? I spoke about it to him and he sees it as a normal thing. My sister said I should break up with him before something weirder happens. If I break off the relationship, I will miss him because he makes me laugh. Readers, should I call it off or try to change him?

I'm not even a fan of dogs. I can manage a puppy for a short period. Can't lie, I think you should sell it to a calabar man to cook it for you. I prefer to chop am. Dog meat too sweet! Lol
Over to you readers, abeg advice her!


  1. 😂..... Let him choose between you and his dog

  2. Shuooo.… let him choose but I know it will be the dog. You better run before something enter you at midnight

  3. Hmmmm! That's really wierd.
    Talk to him about how uncomfortable it makes you feel with all seriousness, if he is not willing to make amends, please leave him, you will find someone who makes you laugh and equally cares about your feelings.

  4. You can eat the dogs.


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