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Friday, July 15, 2016


Thanks for waiting and I appreciate the calls, text messages and emails. I will surely reply the mails. May God bless you all. 

I’m sure some of you already know what is happening in our country… the economy is not helping matters at all. It’s not easy but I am fine by the GRACE of GOD. I will continue to give him thanks.

For those that continued to click and check on this blog, I do not think you know how obliged I am. For that, I believe I am special and also you too. Thank you.

Anyways, while I was away, I had to start writing my second book. I will discuss the first one with you when my Editor (he does not want to rush the editing so that there won’t be any mistakes) is through and the resources is ready for me to publish it. It’s a series and I want to release the book every year. That is my plan. It also does not stop me from writing other stories. I have already written two different stories but they are unfinished and unedited for now. 

While I was away, writing the second book of the series is time consuming and also with other things, I am occupying myself with but I don’t want to leave this blog. I want it to grow too.

While I was away, I thought of others things so that I won’t disappoint my readers. Writing stories has been fun for me and it gives me joy that you want me to continue and I will do everything I can to entertain all of you. For now, I am likely to post fiction stories (episode) every Saturday, no exact time for now but it will not exceed 6pm. I will try all my best to make that happen. I don’t want to rush what I write and edit because of mistakes. When I read my stories again after posting, I still see blunders and it breaks my heart despite no complain from any of you. I am GRATEFUL.

I will publish other posts on any other day. It does not take time. Writing fiction stories takes time; hours to write and I want to make sure there are no errors. 

While I was away, someone suggested I post my stories on OKADA BOOKS and sell for an amount. You can download the application on Playstore on your Android phones. That’s the only way, you can get it. I have re-edited Season one of GENEVIEVE COLE SERIES and you can get it free! You can write a review on it. Do that for me when you visit it. I might sell on Okada Books, still thinking about it.

While I was away, I had cough, catarrh and sore throat… Lol

While I was away, I miss my blog and all of you!

While I was away, wetin happen?


  1. Yay!! You are highly welcome

  2. I missed your update..thank God you're back

  3. Yipeeee!!!! My all time entertainment queen is back. Am so very much excited. Welcome back dearest C.J. Missed you so much.

  4. While u were away, i introduced my kid sister to your blog. And my mails 2 u kept returning back. Thank God you safe and sound.

  5. While you were away I miss your posts! Welcome home

  6. Thanks for your comments.You guys are irreplaceable!

  7. Happy to have you back...
    While you were away, I kept on clicking and clicking hoping to see new post. Finally, it is here.

  8. While you were away I kept on clicking almost everyday,even when I called you,...your respond was from a far, I called like twice it will just ring but no one to pick,and even y you pick I just keep on saying HELLO like Adele...all the same thank God you are back....hope you are good.

  9. Glad you are back dear. We really missed you

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  10. While u were away I really missed u n I had to check ur blog all d time to knw wen d suspense Queen is back.


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