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Monday, August 29, 2016

JENIFA'S DIARY: Who is your favorite character?

How many of you are watching the comedy? I am!
Funke Akindele Bello has come a long way; from I Need To Know to Jenifa and now Jenifa's Diary.She has come a long way.
If you are not watching, you are seriously missing. Jenifa's English will make you laugh all the time.

1. Jenifa: The main character has a great sense of humor. Even though she has a good heart, Jenifa is a concrete stark illiterate, a talkative, naive, industrious, na├»ve and annoying sometimes.

2. Segun: He is one of my favs. Sege aka helper, is kindhearted, hardworking and  I became a huge fan because of his role. He is a very good actor.

3. Adaku: She is a very funny woman. A foodie. If an entire community turns into food, she would eat everything and still not be satisfied. She’s a hypocrite, selfish but can be a good friend. 

4. Pelumi: She is the villain. She’s saucy, unsympathetic, harsh, beautiful and a coward.

5. James: My love for this character can never die! He is funny, ‘pretty’ and unique. I wonder why he’s always holding his waist as if he is pregnant. He chews food and bubble gum the same way! Who does that?

6. Sam: He is boring but hardworking and quite fun to be with at times. 

7. Kiki: She’s a very nice person, easy going and down to earth.

8. Genevieve aka Gene-give-me: Madam beggar, begibegi, food pincher is a funny character. The actress did a fantastic job. I miss her and I am expecting a comeback.

9. Toyosi: Serious minded, and she has a beautiful smile. She’s loves money, food, a bit lazy but nice.

10. Cordelia: I like her so much. A good friend and she treats everyone equally. 

11. Tomi: I love Tomi-Tomero! She’s a no nonsense character. She’s bold, unbiased and beautiful. I was happy when she was appointed as the manager. She deserved it.

12. Randy: Oh my God! He’s always forming fine boy all the time. Woman wrapper! The way he licks his lips is irritating. I have not seen the right word in the dictionary to describe him. 

13. Tania: Miss Junkie. She’s always staggering. She’s a manipulator, unserious and a bad influence. Kudos to the actress, she did a fantastic job!

14. Benny: She’s also known as Aboki and lord of the rings. A straightforward person and always minding her own business. 

15. John the genius: He is a chronic womanizer and a confused fellow. He needs deliverance from stopping him for speaking English language I find hard to understand.

16. Esther: This character is a craze person in human form. She’s so small. Lol.  She acted her role very well. 

Did I forget to mention anyone? Who is your favorite?
As for me, aside Jenifa, I really love Tomi!


  1. Love me some Jenny & Sam
    Very entertaining, can't wait for the next season.

    1. Sam? hmmnnn. i love Sege, cordelia and Jenifa!! Interesting comedy

  2. I love Jenifa, Kiki and Toyosi! close friends for ever. i really miss gene-give-me. Is it sweet? is it spicy lol

  3. Lol how can you forget Pelumi
    I love me some Jenifa. But she can be so annoying and I love Toyo baby, she's so patient and nice, she likes food and money too

  4. Pls Whr is Mercy aka amara oni ro. Love me some jenny, toyo baby and adaku jeun ko Ku. Did I jez forget to write this beautiful lady kiki of life.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Jenifa and I will manage Adaku.

  7. Jenifa and I will manage Adaku.

  8. You forgot Jenifa's brother. I like James so much. He makes me laugh. Jenifa is still my number one

  9. Jenifa,Toyosi and Adaku re amazing.James? James kills it all. I so much love his character. He makes me roar with his actions

  10. Jenifa,Toyosi and Adaku re amazing.James? James kills it all. I so much love his character. He makes me roar with his actions


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