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Saturday, August 06, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 14.

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“What is going on?” Dominic looked at Joseph and back at Lucky after breaking off the silence. “Do you know this man?” Joseph turned his gaze at Dominic.

She explained he is a friend of Joseph. Her eyes were still on him. She could not take her eyes off him. They were sharp and bright.

“Oh!” Dominic uttered and smiled. “Now I understand. I can’t believe Joseph tried to kill you just for his selfishness. Thank God you survived the car accident.”

Lucky’s tried to compose the red color of her furious eyes. She stared at him with disgust. How dare him!

“He did not try to kill me.” Joseph said defensively. He was mad at the statement and he wanted to erase the impression that he actually wanted to shoot Sebastian. It was imposturous!

“I... I am…I am very sorry if I upset you.” Dominic said. He grinned at the thought of getting close to a very wealthy man. It would surely make his wife angry that the friend of the man she loved is friends with her husband she despised. He knew Lucky never loved him, probably never ever but his plans he had for her will make him elated and satisfied.

 “Apology accepted.” Joseph said.

“Friends?” He requested and extended his right hand.

He sighed and shrugged. “Of course. I am happy to offer my friendship.” They shook hands. Lucky frowned and altered her expression to a pleased one when she noticed Joseph riveted his eyes on her. “How are you?”

She heaved a quick breath inside as if she felt chills in her body. “I’m fine.” To her, the sound of his voice was meek and unbreakable. It sounded different. This man standing in front of her would have expressed arrogant and disrespectful. Probably, he would have asked her how her company was going, if it was successful or not. She never expected a poised Sebastian. She thought the accident must have really changed him into a better human.

Dominic went over to her left side and enveloped his arm on her full shoulder. He gave her a peck on her cheek, Joseph looked over at the sales boys carrying the electronics over to where he parked his vehicle. “What are you doing here my love?”

She managed to beat a faint smile on her lips. She had to pretend. The perfect couple. She was about to explain when Joseph cut her off.

“I need the amount for everything so that I can pay,” he said staring at his seller. “I have to go now.”

“I’m sorry!” Dominic said and did the calculation, informed his customer and Joseph went to his car and removed a medium sized leather bag from under the passenger’s seat. He paid and turned away to assist the boys to insert the goods inside his Tundra pickup. He refused to bid Lucky goodbye. He was confused on what to do. He never expected to see her there.

After the boys had stored the electronics, he tips them before they moved back to the shop. They thanked him greatly. He had reimbursed them with cool cash. What a generous man, they assumed. As he opened the door of his truck to enter, Lucky called his name.


Joseph paused and shut the door back. Joseph did not turn back instantly; he smiled a little. Her voice was still the same. He tightened his face and gawked at her. She approached closer. He wanted to move backwards, far, in fact run and never look back. God help him! He was tempted to touch her face gently and kiss her sweetened lips softly.

“Kate told me you wanted to see me?” She said after she waited for him to say something to her.

“Yes I did!” He rubbed his forehead mildly. “I totally forgot… I will surely see you at your office when I have the chance.”

I’m sorry for everything that happened. She said deep in her heart. The words just sealed down in her throat. It hurt her she couldn’t gush out the sincere apology from her mouth. “I will be expecting you.”

He did not smile, never wanted to do that in front of her. “Okay.” This time around, his voice was strict. “Take care.” Joseph unlocked his door again.

“It’s good to good to see you again Sebastian.” She said.

“Good to see you too.” No trace of a smile on him. He hopped inside his truck and zoomed off before her very own sad eyes. Lucky went back to meet Dominic in his office.

“Has he gone?” He asked.


“Why didn’t you call me you were coming? I would have bought lunch before your arrival.”

“I am not here to eat. I came to buy a dish washer.”

He raised an eyebrow. “We have one already, why do you want to buy another one?”

“A diligent employee of mine birthday is tomorrow. It’s a gift for her.”

“You want to buy from your husband?” he asked surprised. “I am willing to give you free of charge!”

“I know but I want to pay for it and if you insist that I should not pay, I will surely visit another shop.”

He frowned. “Of course you can buy it here; I will buy you a gift with the money. I only hope you won’t reject it like the other ones.”

She did not say anything but stood up.

He uplifted too. “How many times will I have to apologize for my mistake? Kim has also…”

“Let’s forget about what Kim said,” she said in an angrily but in a lowered voice. “This is between you and I. I want to forget about that awful incident and I do not want this conversation to repeat itself again.”

He shook his head and stretched his hand forward.  “You can lead the way to go make your choice of the dishwasher you want.” They went over to the section. Lucky’s mind trekked back to read and analyze Sebastian’s facial appearance before he left her. His look was unreadable. There was absolutely nothing to perceive. It left her speechless.

Joseph drove to the orphanage home to gift them the electronics. He called Aunt Theresa to expect him during the week. When he arrived home in the evening, he saw his mother’s travelling baggage’s in the living room. He sat down and rested his back. Mrs. Ayo entered and welcomed him.

“You did not travel again?” he asked.

She sat beside him. “No.”


“I spoke with Doctor Charles,” she said. “He said I should stay back home and that everything is under control. Sebastian is being taken care of and his health is improving.”

“But he is still in coma,” He said in a worried tone. “How can that be an improvement?”

“He is stable now.”

He sighed and looked inside her face. “I can’t wait for my brother to wake up.”

“Me too my darling.” she went closer and gave him a side hug. “What happens next?"

“What do you mean?”

“When Sebastian wakes up, what happens to everything? I mean, the company, investments, identity and to clear your name of murder?”

“I don’t think it will be difficult to handle.” Joseph said in a serious tone. “Sebastian and I will talk about it. I will give him everything back after I have cleared my name.”

“You should be aware that Sebastian will have to share everything equally. You are Taiwo, the older one. He knows you deserve a lot from what your father left behind, The properties, money and name.”

He touched her gently on the arm. “What matters to me right now is to clear my name. I don’t want people to remember me as a murderer and when the truth comes out, I will be a free man.”

A big worried stare appeared on her face. “After clearing your name, what happens to you?”

“I don’t know! Sebastian should wake up so that we can talk about that!”

She felt his anger and thoughtfully changed the topic. “Wunmi is not yet back and I think I know why.”

“And if I may ask, why?”

“I do not know what you discussed with her but she is unhappy with you. If she is advising you on not to do something, please don’t. Wunmi guesses right most of the time.”

Joseph showed he was pissed. He stood and began to walk away.

“Are you trying to walk out on me, your mother?”

He looked over at her. “I’m sorry but I was not trying to walk out on you. I was going to sleep. Goodnight mom.”

Mrs. Ayo sighed. “Goodnight my son.”

Joseph knew he won’t be able to sleep off on time. He would certainly and absolutely, think of Lucky before the bed bug bites.

“Are you serious?” Kate asked after Lucky narrated her own experience with Sebastian. “I thought he would hug me like he used to.”

“He did not even shake my hand!" Lucky said. “He was so….” She searched for what to use to describe his new personality.

“Calm!” Kate rushed to say.

“I think the right word to use is different. I did not really say anything to him. I felt stupid when I got home. I had no appetite!”

“Because of Sebastian?”


“The both of you don’t even like each other,” Kate said. “Have you forgotten so soon?”

“I have not but he was the last person to see Joseph alive. Maybe he talked about me. I just don’t understand why he defended Joseph. I mean, there must be a reason he said that. How can you defend a man that threatened to kill you? How is that possible? Something is..."

“Something is what?” Kate asked in an annoyed tone. Talking about Joseph still got to her. She had to talk about something else.

“I don’t know! I really want to talk about Joseph with Sebastian. I just.. I… I don’t know what to do! Next two weeks is Joseph remembrance. It’s a year already. Time moves so fast! I need a break, maybe I should go for a vacation but I have two important tasks on my table. I am still waiting for the payment on my new contract and I have a building that is under construction.”

“Are you building another house?”

She smiled cheerfully. “I can’t tell you. It’s a secret and a surprise!”

“But, come to think of it,” Kate said. “Do you know apart from Joseph remembrance, it’s also your wedding anniversary. You married Dominic the day Joseph died.”

“Gosh!! You are pathetic!! Must you talk like that or remind me of the mistake I laid upon myself!”

“I did not say anything wrong.” Kate said. “You should plan something special for you and Dominic instead of you to get yourself worried over the dead.”

“Damn you Kate!” She spat out. “Damn you!!”

Kate never bothered to wait for the next thing her friend would tell her to do. She simply stood on her feet and walked away. Lucky was delighted to see her leave. She read her mind.

Joseph left his house on a Saturday afternoon to eat lunch in Sister Theresa’s house. She was expecting him and she had prepared his favorite meal. As he drove away and listened to Don William's music, he arrived at his destination after six minutes’ drive. He parked his car in front of the house. Lucky approached the Sister’s house and saw Sebastian car. She drove her vehicle to five houses away to look at him as he stepped out and hugged Sister Theresa tightly as if she had not seen him for a long time. She was laughing hard. They walked inside holding hands.

Lucky opened her eyes. It was unbelievable. When did they get so familiar with each other. She knew Joseph planned to introduce Sebastian to her after their wedding but why the suden familiarity or is it because she advised her to get close to him because he was very close to Joseph? She waited in her car, turned her AC and waited. 
She had no idea she had slept off after she waited for more than thirty minutes. What were they talking about and why the curiosity? She thought it was a good thing but a bit awkward to see a pompous but changed Sebastian friendly with a nun. She wanred to drive away but waited for another twenty minutes, he had not come out. She came out and searched for a restaurant. She saw a canteen and ate there.

When she got back to her car and entered, she saw Sister Theresa and Sebastian coming out. They hugged again before he drove away with a happy look on his face. She waited for thirty seconds before she went to knock on her door.

Sister Theresa widened her eyes to see Lucky on her doorstep. “You just missed…” she was drawn to say Joseph but he would never forgive her if she did. “Sebastian.”

“I did not see him.”

“Please come in.”

She entered and looked around. There was a broom and parker on the floor. “I wanted to check up on you and ask how you are doing.”

“I am doing fine my daughter,” she said with a smile on her lips. “May God bless you for always remembering you.”

“I can never forget you.” Lucky said and took the broom and parker.

“What are you doing?”

“I want you to go to your room and rest. You look tired and I think you cooked and served Sebastian. I know it was stressful.”

“It can never be stressful for me to cook for my son…” she swallowed. “Sebastian. He’s like a son to me now.”

Lucky dimmed her eyes and nodded. “I will help you clean here and clear the kitchen.”

Sister Theresa patted her hand. “Thank you.” She left to her room. 

Lucky happily helped her sweep the living room. She was tempted to go to Joseph’s room to look and clean the place. She hesitated and moved into the kitchen. She dropped the broom and disposed the dirt into the waste bin. She glanced over at the sink to wash the plates. A puzzled expression glowered on her face. One of the plates had plenty onions inside.

Lucky was confused. She went back to the dustbin and searched for another thing. She saw the shell of snails. How is it possible? This is what Joseph likes. Or she missed Joseph so much and prepared what her son liked for Sebastian. She beamed. How thoughtful of her. She gladly cleaned the kitchen.

When Sister Theresa woke up, she went to meet her visitor. The two women ate and chatted for a short time before Lucky left to her own abode.

Mr. Kenneth took Dominic along to see Sebastian Akande at his hotel. Joseph acted surprise that the two businessmen knew each other.

“What a small world!” he told them. He hosted them with expensive wines and delicious delicacy. Kim called her brother to find out where he was. Joseph permitted him to inform her she can join them.  

When she came, her eyes were glued on the handsome and wealthy bachelor. Dominic never noticed her seductive eyes. He was half-drunk. She winked at Joseph severally. He replied with only a wink when he got tired of her gaze.

Joseph ignored her after Kenneth announced their departure. He escorted them to Kenneth’s car and Dominic begged that he should accept a dinner invite at his house. Joseph agreed. Kate was excited about it.

Detective Ross Johnson left his vehicle in his home and took a cab instead to make his journey. He was dressed in a blue jeans, black polo and brown sandals. He purposely did not wear a suit; he wanted to appear simple and a normal person. The taxi man dropped him off in front of the estate, paid and got out. He surveyed the surrounding before he entered through the gate. There was no security man positioned at the gatepost. Perhaps, he went for a smoke, drink or lunch, Ross thought.

He strolled around the estate as if he knew where he was heading. He held a blank piece of paper on his right palm. When he reached close to the biggest building, he looked at the house and passed it. He walked away and when he advanced to the third building after the Okoye’s residence, he saw three men seated on a long bench, arguing over football predictions. The first one was very tall and dark, the second was fat, with a hairy and fine face. The last man was fair in complexion but with a rough face. They stopped when he got nearer. The tallest man with a thin face rose up and asked him who he was looking for. He seemed like the gateman in the house.

“No security approached me at the gate,” Ross said to get information. “I am searching for someone.”

“For now, the estate nor get security for the major gate,” he said in pidgin. “All the houses get their main guard. Who be the person you dey find?”

He cleared his throat. “I am looking for John. I don’t have his last name. He is a guard just like you.”

The only fair man with visible pimples rose up quickly and spoke with the tall man that his boss would soon be around and he needed to be there before he arrived.

“Do you know John and where I can find him?” Ross asked before the man steps away. 

“I need something from him and I want to know his whereabouts.”

“Errmm…ermm… I don’t know.”

“Oga, you dey talk about the former gateman of the Okoye’s?”

“Former?” he pretended to ask as if he had no clue about it. “I thought he still worked there, I just don’t know the house. John and I used to be close in the past before we lost contacts.”

He looked at the fair guy and pointed at him. “Pascal, shey you know where John dey?”

“I no nor oooo.” he said and started to hike away. Ross Johnson watched him leave. He wanted to see which of the houses he walked into. It was the house opposite the Okoye’s. He smiled and glanced at the other two.

“Oga,” the fat one spoke. “We nor really dey close to John before he commot.”

“But you think Pascal knows where he is?” he asked and looked at tallest.

“I believe sey dem dey talk for phone.” he replied.

He gave his hand and shook their hands. He thanked them and marched out of the entire estate. As he searched for another cab to see an old friend, he smiled again. He was surely going to see Pascal again and when he does, he would surely get the answers to John’s location.

The secretary of Lucky entered into her office to inform her of her visitor.
“Is it one of the government officials?” She asked.

“No ma. He’s name is Sebastian Kehinde Akande.”

She appeared surprised. “Please, send him in.” she adjusted her hair and took a quick glimpse in a small mirror she took from her lower drawer. He knocked and entered. “Good morning.”

“Good morning Mrs. Obi.”

It drastically spoilt her thrilled mood to see him. She was not enchanted with him when he only spoke about her company, on how to make more money and interested in investing. It should have made her happy but she seemed lost. She hoped he would mention Joseph’s name so that she can be able to tell her side of her story. He disappointed her all over again.

“I know the principles’ on how to be an investor and a shareholder,” he said. “I want your permission as the CEO and your blessings.”

“I know you Sebastian and it will be an honor for the chief executive, the boss of the second largest oil company to invest in mine. I am really looking forward to working with you. I will send the right documents to your office this week and have a meeting with my board of directors about you joining them.”

“That is good to hear.” He tried to smile widely. “If you need any advice on how to make your company larger than this, I am willing to help. I have contacts and I am willing to offer you contracts but I will have my own percentage.”

“Of course I know that,” she said and smiled. “You are a great asset and a big advantage to my company.” She spoke excitedly about the new contract with the senate president and how it was her biggest project so far.

“When will the project begin so that I can help you review it?”

“The sixty percent of the payment will be made on the 15th of this month.”
That’s eleven days from now, Joseph thought. “That is good news.” He rose up. “I will see you at the meeting.”

As Lucky was about to stand, he stopped her. He convinced her not to escort him and that she should go back to work. He quickly grabbed his cell phone from his jacket and scroll down. He was trying to avoid a handshake from her. Body contact would surely weaken him. When he came out from the vicinity of the building, he took a deep breath as a sign of relief. Mere seeing Lucky, talking with her and in the same room alone with her makes his heart beat rapidly. He didn’t like it. Payback time has finally activated.

Joseph called the personal assistant of the vice president that he wants a favor from him. It took four days for him to speak with the president. He knew the vice and senate where of the same political party and they appear together in rare occasions. He spoke about the contract, that he should help him to convince the senate to handover the contract to him. The vise president refused but he pressured him to offer him the contract as a gift of his miraculous recovery.

“Why do you want this contract so much,” the vice president asked him in his own private office. “I have known your father for a very long time, even before I became a politician, and when he died, I didn’t want our friendship to die too. I had to do everything to get close to you and offer several contracts to make your inheritance grow and you proved versatile and strong. I have spoken to the senate president and he is not happy that the project was discussed with another third party.”

“I am a board member and an investor in the company of Lucky Obi. Everything was finalized yesterday.”

“Then why do you want her contract? You will benefit from it.”

“I know sir but I want it for myself. I know I would have agreed to a larger fee but I am willing to do it for the same amount and with a better construction.”

He sighed. “The head of TOK Construction Company will know you took the contract from her. How do you face her when she finds out?”

“Wait, do I have the contract?” Joseph asked curiously.

“Yes,” he replied. “I spoke with my good friend and he approved but I was thinking I could persuade you to change your mind about it.”

“I can’t sir. But can you help me to discuss with the senate president not to enclose the details of the name of the company that took the contract from Mrs. Lucky?”

He shrugged. “I will help you with that because of your father. Two of his officials will see you in your office tomorrow.”

“Thank you sir!”

“Sebastian, I don’t want to question the kind of relationship you have with Mrs. lucky Obi.” the vice president said. “But I only hope you are doing the right thing.”

“Of course I am.” He shook his hand. “Thank you for everything.”

Lucky checked her mail and acted shocked when she read the third mail. She sent for her manager, Mrs. Fisayo read the mail and appeared stunned. Lucky got up and started to pace around her office.

“I’m confused ma,” the manager said. “How can this be possible?”

“How do I face the board members of this company? I can’t believe the contract has been cancelled. I didn’t do anything wrong! I have told my father about it and he will be so disappointed in me that I couldn’t do things right!”

“I think you should calm down ma. Maybe it’s a mistake.”

She faced Mrs. Fisayo. “No it is not!!” She sighed tiredly and took a deep breath. “This is supposed to be my biggest contract.”

“More will come.”

“I hope so.” Lucky said in a nervous tone. “It was written I breached the rules of the contract. I never spoke about the contract with an outsider. Whoever knows about it is part of my company!”

“Maybe they offered the contract to another company that wanted it badly.”

“Nothing like that in the mail,” Lucky said and went back to check through it.” Nothing.

Mrs. Fisayo thought for a while and spoke. “Maybe they don’t want you to know. Maybe someone purposely took it from you.”

“Who would want to do such a thing to me?” She asked. “I have never offended anyone or take what does not belong to me. I will have to hold a meeting about it. You can go, I will talk to you later.”

“Okay ma.”
Lucky had lost the contract. She had sleepless night that day. She thought and was so apprehensive she went to speak with Dominic about it.

“This is not good news,” he said in his bedroom.  “How do you face the board members? They won’t be happy because we believe in you.”

“Does that mean you no longer believe in me?”

“I believe in you Lucky.” He said. “And that is why I married you. I can talk to the associates on your behalf.” He rubbed her shoulders gently. “Everything will be fine.”

She sighed and thanked him. “I will speak to them myself and I will let you know the day and time for the meeting.”

Dominic smiled at her.

She smiled too. The moment she opened the door to leave, she turned her back and said. “I know you have been trying to be a better husband and….” She sighed loudly and surveyed the room. She continued, “I want us to work things out and be the couple you want. I will move into your room tomorrow. It’s our anniversary and you deserve my loyalty for being patience with me. It’s not easy.”

Her husband was ecstatic about it. He went over to her and pecked her lips. “Thank you. You will not regret it.”

“I hope so.” She left the room. Dominic picked up his phone and sent a message to Kim. He narrated everything.

The next day, Lucky tried to put all her energy into her other work at the office but it was impossible. She wanted another advice entirely and the first person that ran into her mind was Sebastian. They had been speaking on the phone but the last time she saw him was at the meeting when he was welcomed into the Company.

She drove to his office, he received her and told her to sit on the long settee. He sat beside her. She explained about the cancelled contract and was worried about it because it was not good business for her company. She was scared that if other investors heard the senate president cut-off the deal with her, they won’t offer her contracts anymore.

“I am sorry to hear about it,” Joseph said. “That will never happen. I will help you Lucky.”

She burst into tears. He was stunned. She moved closer to him and cried in his arms. An electrifying tickling poured into his body. He wrapped his arms around her to console her and she smelt the fresh fragrance coming out from his body.
She wanted more than a hug from this man, maybe a kiss. She released herself and peered into his eyes.

If only you were Joseph, she said to herself silently. Why can’t you be him?

Joseph could barely get a hold of himself. He wanted her to get closer and kiss his lips. Lucky was tempted, she moved closer again and when it was an inch between their lips to padlock together, she inhaled instantly and jumped on her feet.

“Is there a problem??” he asked and stood up.

She gripped her bag. “I have to go! I have to be somewhere. I… I am sorry. I.. I was emotional. I have to go!!”

He left her be, waited for few seconds before he grabbed his own phone and car key. He ran to his vehicle and saw Lucky driving off. He hopped inside and carefully followed her behind. He was eager to know where she was driving to all of a sudden. After few minutes’ drive, she got close to her destination; Joseph became more snooping when she parked her car close to a cemetery.

He got out too and cautiously traced her to where she was marching to. He was thunderstruck and confused when Lucky fell on her knees in front of his own supposed graveside.

He peeped to see what she was actually doing. She was speaking but he couldn’t hear her clearly. If he moved closer, she would sense someone was watching her.

Lucky said, Joseph, I am sorry. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I think I am getting attached to Sebastian and I don’t want that. I just want you to forgive me if I have something to upset you. Oh my God! My heart is tearing apart.”

She exploded into tears. Her lips were shaking. Lucky enclosed her arms around her body and wept continuously. Joseph had no idea when tears plunged out from his astonished eyes. 
He had to find out what was really going on.

Joseph questioned himself. Why is she crying? Why is she on my graveside?
Is she feeling guilty of her betrayal or was it true love for him?

To be continued…


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    1. If you ask me, na who I go ask? Lol
      You will find out soon!

  4. Joseph should take it easy with this his revenge mission. I hope he dont hurt himself in d process

  5. Awwww! How touching. Poor things suffering all because of Unnecessary mix ups.

  6. Really emotional... Lucky has never been herself ever since Joseph passed away. He should tell her he is alive ooo

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