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Saturday, August 13, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 15.

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Joseph wiped off the falling tears from his sore eyes. The emotions he felt would have consumed every corner of his body if he had stayed a little longer. And that would have caused an unplanned drama between Lucky and himself. He loved her, with all his heart. Whatever he did about grabbing the mouthwatering contract did nothing to him. He was still sad and lonely. He stepped away and hopped into his vehicle and drove to the directions heading towards the way to Jamal’s residence. He wanted to speak with his cousin. The more he pushed the speed of his vehicle, the more it seemed further. He was nervous and wanted to talk to someone closer, a confidant that is ready to listen.

He finally arrived at his destination and went into the house of his future in-law. He was lucky she was at home. Wunmi cheerful facial appearance changed when she saw Joseph. She was still unhappy with him. He noticed it and decided to hug her. She hugged him too. The two of them sat down, they faced each other. He refused a drink or food from her. He wasn’t in the mood for merriment. Joseph was troubled, he was not at peace.

Wunmi sprung on her feet and looked apprehensive. She went to seat beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “What happened? I hope Sebastian is okay?”

He sighed and looked at her concerned face. He felt a bit relaxed as she showed she still cared despite his annoying character and deaf ears towards her. He replied spoke. “Sebastian is doing fine.”

“So what’s troubling you?” He elucidated the details to her. Her mouth was wide open. He had to close it for her with his hand. “Are you really sure she was crying?”

“If I wasn’t sure of what I saw, I won't be here for an advice.”

She speedily removed her hand from his shoulder and shifted a bit away from him. “Advice that you won’t take?”

“Are you judging me now?”

She sighed and stared at him. “If she was really shedding tears beside your grave…”

“My grave?”

Wunmi giggled. “What do you want me to say? I know you are not dead but Lucky has no clue about it. Let’s be serious. For her to do that, it means anything but I think she really loved you, maybe still does and that is why she left you when the two of you wanted to kiss each other. You are still attached to her because of the love, happy memories you both shared. Don’t be surprise that she feels the connection too.”

“How is that possible? She does not know I am Joseph.”

“Sebastian was your closest friend and she is aware you loved each other like brothers.”

He told her about the contract.

“What!!” She exclaimed and stood on her feet. “How will you fix things when you have done that?”

“I still need to know the truth,” Joseph said. “My investigator said he is close to getting information about the whereabouts of the former workers.”

“And when he finds out that Lucky was never a part of the atrocity and she truly loved you, what will you do? What will be your explanation for taking such a huge contract from her? How could you do that to her after all my pleads?!”

“Which question should I answer first?”

Her eyes went wild. “None!! There’s no answer you can possibly give me that will make me feel better or calm. I am really upset!”

Joseph rose up and moved closer to touch her. She stepped backwards. “I am really sorry.”
Wunmi glared at him but it wasn’t for long. She thought for a plan on how to make things work again. “You and Lucky can’t be together again but that should not stop you from being friends. I will find a way to know what really happened. I will visit Lucky and confront her why she didn’t visit you in prison and at the hospital. You will also give me an update about the ongoing investigation.”
He motioned to touch her hand. She remained immobile and she allowed him hold her. “I will. You are the best.”

“And you are my brother. I am ready to do anything for you to regain happiness that you deserve. All we have to do now is pray for Sebastian to wake up.”

“I believe he will. God won’t fail my brother.”

Lucky Obi had cried her eyes out at the cemetery. Her feet and body were exhausted. She sent Joseph a text and apologized once again for leaving without an accurate explanation. He replied he understood and would see her soon. She went back to her office to tidy up her desks and speak with her manager. After a long afternoon and an empty stomach, Lucky left her place of work around five in the evening and drove to an eatery to eat dinner. 

She stayed a little longer after she cleared her plate and ordered white wine to enjoy herself before she goes to Dominic’s house, a place she would never call home. He stubbornly helped her take off her shoes and clothes when she arrived. He had prepared dinner; she expressed a pang of guilt as he reminded her of their wedding anniversary. She could not eat what he had prepared. She was already satisfied. Lucky promised to make their second anniversary a day never to forget.  

She was too tired to chat, she wanted to get enough sleep and stop thinking about how she was beginning to feel about Sebastian. She disliked him for his arrogance but his new behavior and docile character had won her heart. He had turned a new leaf and she was very happy for him. Dominic assisted her with her bath and patted her to sleep. 
She woke up at twelve midnight to visit the toilet. When she went back to the room, Dominic was awake. He begged her to allow him make love to her. All Lucky felt was pity and she no choice. She allowed her husband have his way with her consent.

“I can’t believe that Lucky could be so gullible to let such a deal fall off her hands with her eyes wide open,” Mrs. Thelma said to her husband in their bedroom.

He was about to sleep but the nagging from his wife failed him to close his eyes. He visited the hospital in the afternoon without the knowledge of his wife and his doctor informed him he needed enough rest due to his high blood pressure. He was always thinking of how his daughter lived in her husband’s house. He regretted their union and planned to see his daughter. If Thelma knew what he wanted to discuss with Lucky, she would cut off his balls. 

“Leave Lucky alone,” he said. “It was not her fault. We all make mistakes and learn from them."

“How can you say it was not her fault? A contract worth millions of naira slipped from her hands just like that. You keep supporting her because you are weak!”

Mr. Tom rotated over to the left side to look at her in the eyes. “Weak?” he asked surprised.

She pushed herself forward and fingered a finger at him. “Yes weak! If you are not, why haven’t you confronted your daughter why she has not given us a grandchild ever since she got married?”

“Christ!” he bellowed in shock. His eyes were stunned. “Is she God that gives children? Why are you talking like this? You no longer have fear of God?! You are pathetic and I am highly disappointed in you!”

Mrs. Okoye lifted her hand higher and flung it as a sign of contempt. “You can be disappointed in me and I don’t give a damn about it. Talk to your daughter, advise her to always concentrate on her job so that she won’t lose another contract again.”

“Leave her alone.” Mr. Tom said and leaped out from the bed. “And leave me alone too!”

“Where are you going to?”

"I’m going to the visitor’s room to sleep peacefully.”

“Better!” she spat out and hissed as she watched her husband walked out and banged the door to her face in the middle of the cold night.

“I can see you are glowing!” Kate said to Lucky. They had finished eating lunch together.

“Why would you say that?”

“I saw the smile on your face when Dominic called you,” she said. “Tell me what I don’t know.”

“Nothing Kate. Dominic is my husband and he has been trying to make me happy.”
“I can see that. How did the meeting go yesterday?”

Lucky sighed and drank some water. “They were not happy and one of them felt I should investigate some of my employees. They feel a worker leaked the contract out to another company. When I objected the idea, they protested. Dominic tried to calm them down but it didn’t work.”

“So what was the conclusion?” Kate asked.

She took a deep breath as she recalled what happened. She did all her possible best to avoid eye contact with him. The two of them choose not to speak after the meeting was over. She was more stress-free talking with him on the phone. “Sebastian came to my rescue. I don’t know how he did it but what he said to the other board members solved everything.”

“I am excited to hear that. So what about the other project you are working on? Have you finished the building?”

“I can’t say, it’s still a secret. By the way, have you decided to go back to your husband?”

“Do I have a choice? Sebastian no longer wants me. I don’t want to lose. He has asked for a transfer back here in Lagos. We are working on our marriage.”

“That’s good to hear. I am really happy for you.”

On Saturday at noon, Lucky lied to her husband that she was going to pay her parents a visit. She went over to inspect the building. She was impressed to what the workers had done. It was almost in completion.

Dominic called Joseph to remind him about the dinner. In the evening, Kim prepared a delicious meal for the three of them. When their guest arrived, they served him food and an alcoholic wine. He drank little and requested for water.

“The food is really delicious.” he said and looked at Kim. “You are a good cook but I am better.”

“You cook?”

“I do.”

“I would love to taste your cooking someday. I think you should invite me over for a romantic dinner?”

Joseph laughed loud and nodded. “I will think about that.”

“You better do.”

Dominic scornfully looked at her.     

Joseph thanked them. He checked his time; it was 8pm. “Why is Lucky not yet back. Don’t you think it is late?”

“She should be on her way now.” Dominic said. Kim parked the plates on the dinning and went into the kitchen to dump them in the sink. She went back to meet the men already heading towards the entrance door.

“Sebastian, you are already leaving without giving me a hug?” She asked.

He turned and sauntered to her and embraced her. She pushed her chest towards him and grabbed him very tight. He released himself and followed Dominic outside. They shook hands and he drove away. Dominic walked inside the house. He wore a furious look.

“What is the matter with you?!” He yelled at his sister. “Have you no shame at all?”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“You were throwing yourself at Sebastian.”

“I can do whatever I like!”

“What!!” he exclaimed.

“You think I don’t see the way you look at Lucky now? Ever since the both of you have been sleeping in the same room, you no longer sneak into mine and make me feel like a real woman. I have every right to get myself a man.”

“You will be cheating on me!!” Dominic screamed.

“And you are also doing that to me.” Kim said.

“Lucky is my wife!”

“Then I deserve a husband.”

He rushed towards her and gripped her hand firmly. “Don’t you dare!”

“Why can’t I? After all, you no longer talk about our plan now that Lucky has finally started to trust you.”

Dominic let go of her arm. “We can’t carry out such plan now. We will be suspected.”

“How can we be suspected when we will kill Lucky and make it look like an accident? This period is the right time for that.”

He shrugged. “Let me think about it.”
“Or don’t you want her company anymore?”

“Of course I do.” Dominic said and sighed. “We have to take things slow.”

“I want everything done fast!” Kim uttered in an angry tone. “The presence of Lucky upsets me. If you don’t agree to do it my way, I will tell everyone I know your secret. You are aware that I know about the business deal you had with Lucky’s mother. Don’t push me. Kill Lucky!”

“I will.”


Lucky came home, went to the kitchen and was stunned to see the place unkempt. She saw the plates in the sink and motioned to the bedroom to talk with Dominic. He gave an excuse that Kim was tired and would clean the kitchen the following day.

“Even if she wants to do that,” she said. “She would have disposed the onions inside one of the plates. The sink is a mess!”

“I am sorry but it wasn’t her fault. She never knew Sebastian does not like onions.”

“Sebastian was here?” She asked stunned.

He explained about the dinner.

“This doesn’t make sense. This is the second time.” Lucky went into the bathroom and washed her face. She spoke in a low voice. “This cannot be a coincidence. I am so confuse.”

She later went to bed and thought of Sebastian. Then, she concluded, maybe the accident really changed so many things about him.

On Monday afternoon, Lucky was surprised to see Wunmi in her office. They hugged each other for a while before they sat down.

“It’s been a long time.” Wunmi said. “How are you?”

“Fine but I have been so busy with work.” She complimented her look and was happy she came to see her. She excused herself when her phone rang. She spoke with Nathan on the phone. He informed her he was coming home in few days’ time. Lucky screamed out of joy. She had missed her brother’s company and was expecting him. She ended the four minutes call and attended to Wunmi. “I am sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize,” she said. “I am here to discuss about something important.”

“I hope it’s nothing serious?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“Not really,” she said. “I just want to clarify something from you.” Lucky’s secretary knocked and entered.

“What is it?” Lucky asked her.

“I’m sorry for intruding,” the secretary said. “You father is here to see you.”

Her bright eyes opened. “My father?”

“Yes ma.”

Wunmi got up instantly. “I think I should go now.”

“No, you can wait. I don’t think it will take time.”

“I don’t want to rush things,” she said. “I will see you some other time for us to talk. Maybe not in your office, I would prefer an open place like an eatery. We will have lunch together. Attend to your father. I will certainly see you before the end of the week.” They embraced again. Wunmi saw and greeted Mr. Tom at the reception and left.

He went in to see his daughter. They were enthusiastic to see one another. She noticed he had reduced some weight and his neck thinner. She was perturbed about his health.

“Father,” she said after they relaxed on their separate seats. “Don’t tell me mother have not been giving you enough food to eat.”

Mr. Tom smiled weakly. “Your mother takes good care of me.”

“Dad, you are trying to defend her. Have she been bothering you to do what you don’t want?”

“I am not here to talk about her but you. How are you?”

Lucky folded her arms and rubbed her elbows. She gave a wide and amiable smile. “Great.”

“I have never told you this before but I will now,” he said. “When I married your mother, I thought I was going to be happy, and even fulfilled. But as days passed, I realized I felt discontented. I was selfish not to marry the woman I deeply loved. When your mother informed me she was pregnant, I wanted to run away. I thought having a child with her could worsen everything, but I was wrong. When I saw you come out from your mother’s womb, the love hidden inside me burst out from my heart to you. That day, I never regretted getting marrying Thelma. You and your brother gave me hope.”

“What are you trying to say father?” she muttered in a puzzled voice.

“You and Nathan are my life. Nothing bad must happen to you or your brother. I love your mother, if not I would have divorced her after you got married to Dominic. I don’t know why I listened to her. I know what you went through when Joseph died. I believe he was innocent and the person that killed my father is out there walking freely. What I am trying to say is my children gave me a second chance to love again. You don’t love Dominic, what do you want that will make you be happy again, that will make you love again?”

Lucky already had tears flowing under her eyes. She knew all the white teeth she normally flashed at people when they asked after her husband was not real. She was fed up of deceiving herself that she might get to love Dominic someday.

“Answer me Munachi.” he said with concern.

She cleaned her eyes to stop the tears from dropping below. “I don’t know.” She wanted to tell him she might be having the same feelings she had for Joseph to Sebastian. She felt it was irrelevant and won’t solve anything.

“If you don’t know,” Mr. Tom said. “Why don’t you take a break, travel far or even consider a divorce.”

“Divorce? You want me to leave Dominic?”

“If that will make you feel better, I am advising you to do that.”

“But Dominic has been trying his best to be a good husband.”

“Is that what you really want?”

“No.” She replied quickly and regretted it immediately the answer came out from her mouth but it was the truth. She took a deep breath. “I have always been against divorce and I never thought it could happen to me because I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with Joseph. I have never caught Dominic cheating on me. Do I really have reasons to leave him?”

“Apart from cheating on you, has he ever done anything that can separate you and him?”

“Dad, I…I …” she stammered. “I will think about it.” She stood and motioned to hold her father. “Thank you for all you have done for me.”

Ross Johnson in a brown suit drove to the estate to see Pascal again. He parked in front of the house, waited and made sure his employee wasn’t around. He needed enough time to persuade Pascal to tell him what he knew, without any disturbance from anybody. He surveyed as he saw the gateman open the gate for a black Mercedes to drive out.

He hopped out after he watched the car zoomed off. He knocked on the gate and when Pascal answered, opened and recognized him, he quickly pressed the gate to shut it but it was too late for that. Ross had forced his way into the compound.

“Oga na wetin you want?!” Pascal uttered in a frustrated tone. Ross saw him peep outside and looked at the Okoye’s building. He closed the gate and focused his stare at the investigator.

“Why don’t you tell me why you are nervous?”

“If my boss finds you here,” this time, he spoke in correct English. “He will throw you out!”

“I know your employer is not around,” Ross said and he walked to sit on the only plastic chair positioned beside the small security house. “I want answers.”

“Please stand up from my chair,” he said in an annoyed tone. “You cannot come into my house and intimidate me.”

He smiled. “You want your visitor to stand?”

He heaved a sigh and took away his eyes from him. “I don’t know where John is. He no longer works in this estate.”

“Oh, so you know why I am here. Anyways, I have a question to ask before I proceed. You speak good English. For a gateman to talk like this, it means you might be educated.”

“I am a graduate!”

He appeared not surprised. “Why do you work here?”

“No jobs in the country and I had no choice. I have to take care of my younger ones. I have responsibilities.”

Ross was quiet for a moment. He cleared his throat to disrupt the silence. “If you are willing to help me with the location of John, I know someone that will be indebted to you, offer you a very good job and help take care of the warfare of your younger ones for a long time. He might even offer them scholarship.”

Pascal raised his eyebrows and blinked when he noticed Ross eyes fixed on him. He swallowed. “For real?”

“Yes Pascal.”

“I…. I just… “He sighed. “I just want to take good care of my siblings. I don’t want any trouble.”

“Trouble from the Okoye’s?”

He rubbed his forehead vigorously out of anxiety. “I know where John is but you have to promise me that he will not go to jail.”


“John is my childhood friend and he helped me acquire this job when I was frustrated. You have to promise me he will not go to prison for what he did not do. He wasn’t an accomplice to the murder.  When he left, he called me and explained everything. He said his conscience was bothering him and if he doesn’t tell anyone, he might hurt himself.”

“You mean commit suicide?”

“I think so.”

“I will personally get him a good lawyer. Tell me what you know.”

“John and the housekeeper saw the real killer and someone paid them an amount to keep their mouth shut and run away.”

“Does the ‘someone’ have an actual name?” Ross asked.

His whole face showed great fear.

“Relax Mr. Pascal, I will protect you.”

He glanced at the Okoye’s house and back at Ross. “Mrs. Thelma Okoye.”

 The shock took detective Ross Johnson off the chair. He motioned close to Pascal. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes sir.”

“Don’t ever discuss this with anyone else,” he said in a serious tone. “Don’t contact John for now. This should be between us until I meet John personally.”

“I won’t. I can give you his address. He’s in his village in Bayelsa.”

“That’s far but I will make the journey.” He paused and asked. “Did John ever tell you if he personally knew the killer or recognize the person?”

Pascal nodded. “Yes he recognized the man.” he replied. “I know the person too.”

“What’s his name?”

“I don’t know his name but he is married to Mr. Tom Okoye’s daughter.”

At 4:30pm the following day, Joseph talked with Ross Johnson. The investigator driving alone in his vehicle informed him, he was close to Bayelsa.

“Is there anything else?”

The investigator chooses not to tell him that he has found the identity of the killer. He thought Sebastian Akande would take the law into his hands and avenge the death of his late friend. “No. I will see you when I get back.”

“Okay.” Joseph said and cut the call. He left his office and diverted to another road. He wanted to see Lucky. He missed seeing her face and smile. He knew she had been avoiding him. When he got there, she was about entering her car to leave. He pressed the horn of his car to alert her. 
When she sighted him in his driver’s seat, a sudden smile sparkled on her lips. She had no idea why she was smiling.

“Sebastian.” She called his name. “What are you doing here by this time?”

“I wanted to call but I felt I should see you and ask if we could eat dinner together before going home.”

Her face fell. “I am so sorry; I think another time would be better. I have to go somewhere now. I am even late.”

“Can I come with you?”

Her stare halted. She thought about it and smiled. Of course you can. Drive behind me.”

Joseph watched the love of his life hooped inside her car. It was a great pleasure following her to an unidentified destination. He had no clue of the location after driving for few minutes. Lucky drove into a quiet area, with few houses located there. She parked her car into an empty space in front of an ongoing construction work. He deposited his car beside her own and came out to join her stroll inside the huge compound. Male and female workers were working. Some of them welcomed Lucky and him. Her manager came forward, greeted the two of them, and left inside.

“Are you building a hotel?” he asked her. He was astonished.

“A hotel?” she chuckled lightly and looked at him. “No.”

“Is this yours?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say it’s mine but you can also call it mine.” She laughed but he was confused.

“I know you have been having issues at your company. Where did the money come from for this project?”

“I know but it’s not company’s money. The resources is coming from my personal account. I know the amount of money I budgeted for this is huge and I might be a bit broke when it’s finished but it’s worth it.”

Joseph could see the glow in her eyes and the happiness surrounding her face. He had never seen such an extraordinary smile on her lips as she talked about the project. 
She added. ”I wanted to finish the building before telling my family and friends about it.”

“Then why am I here?” he asked curiously. “Why are you telling me?”

“Because this is for Joseph,” she said as tears funneled out from her eyes. “This was his dream and I want to make it happen. The dream cannot die with him. This is an orphanage facility and it will be named after him. Saint Joseph’s Orphanage Home. I can’t wait to show this to the world. I think if I do this, Joseph will be happy wherever he is. I miss him every day and sometimes, I wish you were him.”

An Incredible and unbelievable shockwave consumed Joseph. He started to cry and Lucky gazed at him muddled. He gripped her, desired to tell her who he really was. Oh, he wanted to kiss her and scream to the outside world, that Lucky still loved him.

His phone rang.

“I’m sorry.” he said and released her arms. He wiped off his face. There were still tears on Lucky’s face but she was too shocked to say anything but continued to look at him. The question she asked herself silently was why he wasn’t behaving like Sebastian, this was not the man she used to know. How was it possible for an accident to make him change and act like Joseph or was she thinking foolishly?

He took out his phone to see who was calling. If it was not an important person, he won’t answer.

He answered instantly and his heartbeat pounded faster like never before. He panicked. “Doctor Charles! Any problem? Any development? What happened?”

His voice was calm. “Relax Mr. Joseph. Sebastian is awake. He is asking after you.”

To be continued….


  1. You know to tell a story and keep someone in suspense. I won't lie small tears dropped from my tears. Sebastian is alive, the truth will be out and Dominic even mrs Thelma will end up in jail.

    I dont know abouy your other reader but you always entertain me. You are gifted and creative. Your stories are always interesting. Keep it up. God will answer your prayers.

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