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Saturday, August 20, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 16.

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Joseph jumped on his feet and Lucky gazed at him surprised. “Doctor, are you sure he is alive? Tell me this is real!”

“It is real Joseph. You have to come as soon as possible. I think your presence around him would make his recovery fast. His only priority right now is to see you.”

“I will take the next available flight now. Expect me soon.” He ended the call.  
“What’s going on?” Lucky puzzled and soft voice asked.

He touched her hand gently. “It’s a long story but I have to go now. I will explain better when I come back.”

“Who is at the hospital?”                               
He couldn’t hear her clearly. He was already hiking towards his car to drive off. The only thing on his mind was to see his brother and tell him all that had occurred in his absence. On his way home to inform his mother to get ready and travel to Abuja with him, he placed a call to Wunmi. She was excited to hear the good news but she was in her fiancĂ©’s family home. They were preparing to visit her family for their introduction. She promised to call him frequently to hear updates about Sebastian’s health. 

Lucky was all alone with intense thinking about the way Joseph left. His behavior was strange and the tears that crawled from his eyes when she spoke about the project made her body shuddered. Something was odd and she was determined to find out everything before his own explanation. 

Who was at the hospital? 

She was certain it was about a male person.   
Was it a man or a boy? Who is alive? Sebastian never spoke about a male friend or relation that he was close to or cared about except Joseph. I must get to the bottom of it. She said to herself.

Joseph arrived home and narrated what the doctor informed him. She danced, and rejoiced to God. 
“Miracles do happen,” she told her son. “We are going to celebrate!” 
He laughed loudly. “Of course we will but you have to go inside, get dressed and let’s move. Time is not on our side.”

She agreed and ran into her bedroom jubilating. 

Lucky drove to the Sister Theresa’s house immediately she left the site. It was 7:45pm. The nun was surprised to see her at that time and she invited her inside and sat down close together. Lucky politely refused the drink and food she offered. She was not hungry.

“I hope all is well?” 

Lucky looked around the living room and her eyes pointed at Joseph’s picture. She glanced at Sister Theresa with an expressionless facial appearance. “Everything is fine I think. Is there something I should know about?”

She gave a shrug. “I don’t understand your question.”

She rose on her feet and began to pace around. “When the police arrested Joseph, I thought things could change and everything would be fine after they find him innocent. It didn’t happen. When I heard he died, I lost my mind, everything!”


“Please let me finish. I just want to know if there is something that you are not telling me.”


“Then, can I see his room?”

Sister Theresa stood. “Why?”

“I just want to see his room or is it a crime? He is dead, am sad and seeing his room would make me remember the good times we shared together. Do you want to deprive me of that?”

She couldn’t say a word or stop Lucky. She had no guts to tell her the whole truth. Her son was the right person to do that. She gave a nod to go ahead. Lucky thanked her and motioned to his room. The room wasn’t locked, she entered and her eyebrows went upwards. There were clean clothes on the bed, mostly suits, shoes kept under the reading table and books on top of it. 

It’s either someone is staying here or come for visits and sleep overnight. I must find the truth. She said to herself. 

Different thoughts jogged inside her mind. She moved closer to the bed, grabbed one of the suits and sniffed it. The smell reminded her of the aroma from Sebastian at her office. She looked at all of them and she had seen him in wore some of the outfits. She put them down and went back to Sister Theresa.

“Thank you,” she said. “I have to go now.”

Words were hard for the Nun to Say. Her lips remained sealed as she watched Lucky walked out of her house. 

Joseph and his mother had a safe flight. They boarded a taxi straight to the hospital. They reached their location and marched to the direction of Sebastian’s room. It was empty and no human was there.
They looked at each other and concluded to go to doctor’s Charles office. Joseph was about to open his door when he came out.

“I have been expecting you,” he said. “In fact, your brother has been asking so many questions.”

“Where is my son?” Mrs. Ayo asked curiously. She appeared worried.

“He has been moved into another private ward.”


“He complained of a foul odor coming outside the window into the room.”

“I didn’t smell anything when we went there. He’s awake and already complaining. My son will never change.”

“Thank God you know.” Joseph said and smiled. The doctor led the way to the room. Mrs. Ayo opened the door herself, and saw Sebastian sitting on the bed. He was holding a walking stick. She ran to him and hugged him.

Joseph had no clue on how he would celebrate. He was happy and thrilled to have his brother back. Sebastian managed to stand on his feet with the help of the stick. 

He looked at Joseph.  “My flesh and blood!” 

Mrs. Ayo gave way for them to hold each other. Strong and a great surge of captivating feelings flowed inside them. What they felt was powerful and the bond they shared ignited. The emotion gripped them hard that they wouldn’t want to let go of each other. Twin brothers reunited after a long time. She watched her sons in a thrilled mood, it was a moment she had been waiting for and it happened in her presence. After a while, Sebastian released himself from Joseph’s grip and stared at his face. 

“When the doctor told me about your plastic surgery,” he said. “I was happy about the transformation but right now, I don’t think I am okay with it anymore.”

“Why?” Joseph asked in a dazed tone.

“You look more handsome!” 

They burst into a sensational laughter. The doctor excused himself and left.

Sebastian continued. “How could they? Your nose is pointed, your cheeks are fresh and… in fact, this is betrayal!”

Joseph hugged him again. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too. You look better than me now.”

He gazed at him. “You can change anything you want about your face. The scar on your face can be removed.”

“No. I don’t want to change a thing about how I look. Your transition is your story and this scar is mine. The only thing I want is walk without the stupid stick. I look dumb with it. The doctor said it’s just for a while. I will walk well when my bones heal completely. What about my businesses, Wunmi and everything that have to do with me?”

Joseph took a deep breath; it was time to tell him everything.

Lucky called Dominic to inform him that she would not be able to make it home. Nathan was already in the country and at the family house. He was happy to hear that, he had enough time to spend with Kim. Nathan showed his sister the things he brought for her. She was happy to have him around but other things disturbed her mind. They went into her room for discussion.

“How can you say Sebastian might be Joseph?” Nathan asked after she explained.

“I’m not saying he is Joseph but he is behaving like him. I don’t know what to say because I am confuse. He behaves and talks like him. I don’t even know what to think anymore.”

“You mentioned someone is at the hospital.”

“Yes and he was excited. I am certain the doctor gave him good news.”

“Could Joseph be alive?” Nathan questioned her. “Is it even possible? I followed you to his funeral.”

“But we never saw his dead body. Everything happened very fast. My brother, I don’t think am thinking straight anymore. I just want to know the truth.”

“You will.”

“But how?”

“You already said Sebastian told you he would explain everything when he comes back.”

“I don’t want to wait. I want to find it myself before I lose my mind.”

“You will not lose your…” The sudden open of the door stopped him from speaking further. Their mother stood in front of them.

“Are you not going to your husband’s house?” 

“This night?” Nathan asked shocked. He checked his wristwatch for the time. “It’s 10:32pm already!”

She balanced her hands on her waist. “And who asked you? I was talking to Lucky.”

“Dominic is aware I am sleeping here tonight. Dad knows too.”

“Don’t I have the right to know too? This is my house and you will play by my rules here. I want you to leave first thing tomorrow morning.”

“I will leave.” 

“Better.” Mrs. Theresa said and left without closing the door.

“Mom has really changed,” Nathan said and looked at Lucky.
“She never changed,” Lucky said to him. “She has always being like this.”

“What is your conclusion about what we were discussing?”

She heaved a long deep breath and told him of her plans.

(The following day)

“How can you still be in love with that… that…” Sebastian said, thinking of the word to finish his statement. He did not want to say what would upset his brother.

Joseph interrupted him. “Please don’t call her a bitch. She still loves me.” He had reported what had happened.

“Because she is building an orphanage home in your name? She is doing that because of the guilt she carries in her heart. I don’t think there is any explanation that can make me change the way I feel about Lucky. She deserted you in prison and even in death. I don’t care if she wept, in fact if she slept on top of your fake burial ground. How are you so sure she does not know who you really are? She might be pretending!”

“She does not know. I have tried to convince you that Lucky might have made a mistake.”

“Lies! I’m so happy you got that contract from her. If I was with you, I would have made things worse. You didn’t use my name well. You should bring that family totally down. She abandoned you and married another man! Don’t be a fool for love.”

“I believe she regrets getting married to Dominic.”

He shook his head. “Even in my condition, I will punch the son of a bitch when I see him.”

“I think we should change the subject.” 

“Better. Have you heard from the investigator?” Sebastian asked. 

“We spoke this morning.” Joseph replied. “Ross Johnson has located John and he is questioning him presently.”

“That’s very good. I can’t wait to know who set you up, believe me, I will move mountains when I catch the nitwit that did such a thing to us. It affected you and I. I want to get out of here as fast as possible.”

“The doctor will discharge you in two days’ time and I am here to stay with you.”

“What about the Company?”

“Trust me, everything are in safe hands. I have informed Wunmi to prepare a small party on the day of your arrival. It’s just between the family and maybe Jamal. He has been helpful and it’s time to tell him my identity.”

“Are you sure he is trustworthy?”


"What about Kate?"

"I paid her off to forget the relationship and go back to her husband. She thought I was you."

"You should have continued from where I stopped."

He gave him an irritated look. "God forbid."

"It's a free world my brother."

"Not interested." Joseph said, moved closer to Sebastian and peered into his eyes. “I am sorry for everything that happened. I know it was my fault. If not that you tried to rescue me, you would have been living the life you wanted.”

You think I blame you?” he asked in a surprised tone. “This happened for a reason. I don’t blame you at all. You have suffered in the past and I am happy you have settled into your own home with your real family. I am even thinking of relocating.”


“When we finally clear your name, we will share everything equally and I will travel out of the country.”
“No. Your other businesses were your ideas. I can’t take that from you.”

“It is my final decision. You know me Joseph; no one can change my mind.”

“But you will not leave. I want you to stay with me, you can’t leave me again.” 

Sebastian sighed. “I will think about it.”

“There is nothing to think about.” Joseph said. “You are going nowhere.”

Lucky went home to change her clothes and drove to the office to put things in order before leaving. She approached the place of where she was heading. It was a police station, where Joseph was arrested over a year ago. She spoke with the officers she met at the counter, tipped them money for information and asked after the officer that Joseph threatened on the day he escaped.

“He was sacked,” one of the policemen said.

“Why?” She asked.

“Well, it was our boss decision. He blamed Mr. John for the incident. I can give you his address if it’s an urgent matter you want to discuss with him.”

“I will be grateful if you can give me.”

He did and she left to the address written on a piece of paper. She drove over to the residence and was amazed to see the kind of house a former officer was living in. It was a large and beautiful duplex. She met his wife and was informed he was not around and would return the next day. Lucky was disappointed, promised to return and went back to the site to inspect.

Kim called Dominic to come home that she was horny. He obeyed her. He arrived home and met her in the living room naked. The CD player was turned on and the music playing was very loud. She told him to come closer as she posed seductively. He moved nearer and removed his clothes completely. He was stark naked and fell gently on her. 

Mrs. Thelma approached Dominic's abode. She went to his work of place and a worker informed her he had gone home. She wanted to speak with him about Lucky and confirmed if her daughter was doing her duties as his wife. 

She stepped out from her car, walked to the door and knocked. She heard no answer. The music and the lovemaking didn’t allow them hear. She waited a bit and decided to open the door. She did. Her mouth dropped, eyes popped out and her hands on the head.

“I am finished!!!” She screamed. “Abomination!!”

They were stunned to see her, and stopped what they were doing. 

“I can explain!” Dominic said as he sprung on his feet, wore his shorts and ran after Mrs. Thelma who had raced to enter her car. “Please, no one must hear this!”

She hopped inside her car and speedily drove away. As she drove, her hands were shaking, taken aback at what she saw. She began to cry and spoke to herself.

“What have I done to my daughter? I am finished. How can I explain this?” She said over and over again. She had no answers. If she spoke about it to anyone, Dominic might pay her back by leaking what they did together. She shook her head pitifully and prayed for forgiveness from God and her beloved daughter. 

Dominic continuously called her phone until she answered. He threatened to report her to Mr. Tom Okoye about how they set up Joseph. 

“How can you be sleeping with your sister?” she questioned him. “Don’t you have shame?”

“Shame?” He asked. “What about you? How can you tell me to kill your father in law?”

“Oh my God! I have done a great mistake.”

He laughed mockingly. “That is your damn business! Don’t ever tell anyone about what you saw.” He ended the call. 

At 11:30am, Joseph, Sebastian and Mrs. Ayo were back home to eat delicious food prepared by Wunmi. Her father, fiancé were around to rejoice and celebrate his recovery. She invited more people and lied the celebration was because she had finished her final exams. When they started to arrive, Sebastian went to his room to stay, with Joseph by his side. He wanted to drink alcohol but Joseph stopped him and offered him juice.
At 12:30pm, Lucky went to Mr. Johnbull’s house and saw him.  She introduced herself and he welcomed her inside.

“I came here to confirm what really happened that day,” she said to him.

“It was in the report. The prisoner took my gun and threatened to kill the visitor so that he could escape.”

“Why were you sacked?”

“My boss said I was careless.”

“How was Joseph Dolapo able to get your gun? Were you holding it or did it fall on the ground and he picked it up?”

“Mrs. Lucky Obi,” he said and shrugged. He was uncomfortable. “I don’t know why you are asking me all these questions. I said, he took my gun from me and that is all I have to say.”

“If he really wanted to shoot Sebastian, he would have done that and driven off to escape. An officer told me he threw the gun after he got into the car. Why didn’t Sebastian stop him? He no longer had a weapon.”

Mr. Johnbull stood. “How will I know? I think you should leave."

Lucky surveyed the lovely living room. “How are you able to acquire such a beautiful place? This cost a lot of money.”

“Are you here to investigate me?”

“No.” she said and smiled. “I am here to tell you to reveal what you know or I will have you investigated. I will speak to your boss about reopening the case of Joseph’s escape and the money you used to get this place.”

Johnbull's eyes opened wide. “I…I don’t… I don’t know anything.” He stammered.

She stood up. “I only want the truth. I will never tell anyone. I want to know if Joseph is alive.”

“Joseph is dead. I heard he died in the accident that day.”

“Did you see his dead body?”

“The doctor in charge showed the officers that chased after them.”

“Were they able to confirm, I mean see his face?”

“No. He was beyond recognition. The prisoner died but his brother survived.”

“His brother?” she asked puzzled. “Which brother?”

“Are you not aware that Sebastian Akande is Joseph’s twin brother?”

Lucky gasped. “Oh my God!” Her head was spinning. “How did you find out?”

He narrated how Sebastian wanted to save his brother because someone had paid another prisoner to kill Joseph that day. Tears gushed out from her eyes. She pressed her hands against her chest and wept. She was unable to speak. 

“Are you okay ma?” he said in a concerned tone.

“No.” She burst into a loud cry. “I can never be okay. I thought his brother died at childbirth. Sister Theresa saw Joseph is front of a… wait a minute.” She paused and thought about something. She rose on her feet and rolled her eyes. “Sebastian has been going to see her lately and she appears to be happy instead of grieving the loss of a child she took care of. Is it possible that Sebastian could actually be Joseph?”

Mr. Johnbull heard her questions. “I don’t know. He had plastic surgery.”

“I know. He was taken abroad for the operation. Oh my God! I think they changed his face.”

“I think you should see a doctor. You might not be feeling too well.”

She swallowed, shot him with her eyes and wiped the tears away. She rushed out from the house, bounced inside her vehicle and zoomed off in speed.

"See what you have caused." Kim shouted.

"It is your fault!" Dominic said. "But I will make things right."

"What do you intend to do?"

He grinned. "I will kill Lucky tonight."

Kim laughed and rubbed his chest. "That's my baby."

The investigator arrived at the Akande’s residence. Joseph was dumbfounded when Ross told him everything about the set up. John opened up that Dominic shot Lucky’s grandpa and saw him placed a wristwatch near the dead body. When Mrs. Thelma came home with the police, she called him and the housekeeper, promised to pay them a huge amount of cash to keep their mouths shut. John recorded their conversation with his phone when she paid the money. It was evidence to catch the culprits.

“I can’t believe Mrs. Thelma and Dominic could do such a thing to me.” Joseph said. He was not only shocked but also sad about it. “I thought it was Mr. Tom that planned everything.”

“I am not able to get the details of the documents on the land but I will if you give me more time.”

“I no longer want that under investigation. What you have done is more than enough. Where is John now?”

“He came to Lagos with me to testify. He is under protection with Pascal.”

“Very good. Jamal will be his John's lawyer and I will definitely compensate them. I can’t leave the party. I will inform the inspector general of police tomorrow morning. Now that you have found out the truth, there is someone I want you to meet.”


Ross Johnson was stunned to see Sebastian and when they explained, he understood and told them it was a brilliant idea. If the authorities knew Joseph was alive without finding the truth, he would have ended up in prison again.

More guests arrived; Joseph left Sebastian and went to the living room to welcome them.

Lucky drove straight to the market and bought some foodstuffs. She went to her father’s house and prepared jollof rice, with peppered snail. The onions she sliced into the rice was enough to cook five pots of different dishes. Her mother came to check up on her and asked what the occasion was. 

“Mum, leave me alone!” Her voice was angry. 

Mrs. Thelma apologized for interfering and left her. 

Why is my mom apologizing?

After cooking and dishing the food into a flask, she drove to the abode of Sebastian. The gate-man inquired if she was invited to the get together party. She nodded and drove into the compound in speed. She parked her car, came out with the food flask and sauntered into the house in rage. 

With the flask held tightly in her hand, she entered into the living room filled with well-wishers. She looked around for Sebastian and sighted him talking to Jamal. She marched towards him and when he saw her, he widened his eyes.

“Lucky, what are you…”

He was not able to finish his statement. She had landed him a hot slap on his face. Everyone’s eyes travelled to her. They stared astonished at what she had done.

Joseph was tongue-tied.

Tears swallowed her eyes. “How could you?!!”She yelled. “We have to talk!!”

He could no longer look her in the eyes. He thought she had found out about the contract. He led her into the kitchen and closed the door. She took a plate, opened the flask and poured the food into it. She grabbed a spoon and gave him.

“What is going on?” Joseph asked confused.

“I want you to eat this food. You must finish it!”

He peeped at the plate of rice and walked closer to it. He stepped backwards.

“You don’t want to eat?” she asked. “You can eat the snail if you are not hungry.”

“But the onions are plenty. I don’t like it.”

“Sebastian can eat anything as long as it is well prepared.”

“I can explain.”

“Explain? Explain what?!”

Sebastian Akande had sneaked out of the room with his walking stick. He went through another passage that led to the kitchen to collect a bottle of vodka. He opened the second door and burst into the kitchen.

Lucky’s heart skipped as she saw him. “Can somebody tell me what is going on?”

“Lucky,” Sebastian said. “What are you doing in my house? You were not invited.” He looked closely at her face. “You are so lean. You no longer have the money to feed yourself again or are you here to beg for a contract?”

“Stop it!” Joseph told him and gave him an angry look.

“Sorry.” he said sarcastically.

“It is really you Sebastian.” Lucky said to him. “I knew nothing can ever change you.” She looked at Joseph. “I thought I was losing my mind, probably going mad. How could you keep me in the dark Joseph? I mourned you! I almost committed suicide, in fact, I did and it took the grace of God for me to heal!!”

Joseph began to cry.

Sebastian burst out laughing. Both of them amused him and he decided to stay so that he could watch. He had missed Nollywood movies. This was even better.

“I am sorry.” Joseph said to her.

Her eyes were swollen, her lips weak. “I love you, I always did. Why did you…”

Joseph consumed her lips. She kissed him back, hungrily. 

She released her mouth and peered into his wet eyes. “It is really you Joseph. I should have done this a long time ago.” 

Lucky kissed him again.
They fought with their lips; he carried her on top of kitchen table and fondled every corner of her soft body. They could hardly breathe. A solid exhilarating feeling of lightness guzzled them and it pierced through their bones. Sebastian hissed, grabbed a bottle of booze and walked away. 

He smiled as he left them. Nobody messes with his family and goes scot-free. No amount of money would stop Mrs. Thelma from facing the law and as for Dominic, either he would be hanged or shot by a firing squad for manslaughter. It would give him pleasure to watch him depart from the surface of the earth. He would never allow the bastard get away with murder. He was back to defend his family and protect Joseph. 

To be continued…. This series will be over soon. The synopsis for the next series will be posted next week. Wet kisses!!


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