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Monday, August 29, 2016

LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 17.

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“I have to go.” Lucky said after she quickly released her lips from Joseph. “This is not right.”

“What do you mean this is not right?” He asked and helped her down from the kitchen table.

Three hard knocks on the door. “Is everything okay?” Mrs. Ayo requested. She was worried about the way Lucky walked into their home to act in a surprised behavior.

“I’m okay mom!” He said, stared at Lucky and kissed her. He was irresistible to resist. 
“You have to tell what really happened.” She said after he let her free. “Did you really point a gun on Sebastian’s head?”

“No. The accident wasn’t supposed to happen. It’s a long story.”

“Tell me. I want to know the truth.”

He downloaded the details bit by bit. 

“I can’t believe you would think I never loved you. I went through hell because of you.”

“I know and I am sorry for thinking otherwise. You mean so much to me and I want to be with you forever."

"I have to go home. I am happy you are alive and it hurts so much that I am not your wife. I belong to another. Dominic is my husband.”

“I know it will be hard to take when I tell you the truth about that man called Dominic.”

“What do you mean?”

He narrated what Ross Johnson told him. 

She widened her eyes. “Is this a joke? How can you tell me Dominic killed my grandfather?”

“There is a witness and he is ready to tell everything in court."

"Oh my God! I can’t believe this!”

Joseph swallowed. He purposely left the part about Mrs. Thelma. It would break her heart.

“I won’t believe Dominic is a killer. No, he can’t do it.”

He sighed and shook his head. “Your mom is aware. She is a part of the conspiracy.” He told her of the bribe.

Lucky eyes were already flushing out tears. “No…no way. Joseph, please don’t do this, don’t lie to me. My mother can never do such a thing.”

“How can I lie about something very serious?” He asked in a solid voice. 

She had never heard him in such tone. She stepped away from him and walked towards the door.

“Where are you going to?”

Lucky looked at him. “To confront my mother!!”

Sebastian heard her scream. He dropped his glass and took his walking stick. 
He came out from his room, moved to the passage and saw his brother and Lucky walking towards the living room in a hurry. He hurried to catch up with them to ask what was happening. He joined them in the parlor and everyone turned in surprise. They began to whisper to one another. Wunmi saw the shocked faces; she turned off the music and cleared her throat loudly to get their attention.

She explained that the one with a scar was Sebastian and the other one was Joseph, his twin. There was still confusion, she had to break it down and told the real story.

“You have to stop!!” Sebastian yelled at Lucky has she was about to enter her car.

“What is it?” She asked. Her eyes were red. “Do you want to stop me just like your brother?”


“Baby, please…. don’t do this.” Joseph begged.

“Why should I not confront my mom? If it is really true, I want to know!”

“It is the truth!” Sebastian said. Lucky closed her eyes and tears came out. “I am really sorry because it is hard to take. I know how I felt when I found out what my mother had done to my twin brother. Even when I found Joseph, I was still mad at her because of the lost years I did not spend with him. I forgave my mother after her pleads and…”

“What are you trying to say?!”

“I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Yours is worst and I am advising you to forgive her.”


Joseph stared at his brother stunned.

Sebastian said. “Yes forgive her but she will face the law.”

Lucky cleaned her face. “I thought as much. You can never change.” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “What happens next?”

“I have called the commissioner already.”

“Without my permission?” Joseph asked him. Wunmi motioned towards their direction. 

“I am not you. I want things done as soon as possible.”

“I have to go home.” Lucky said.

Joseph rushed to her. He tried to stop her but mistakenly unbuttoned her shirt. He saw the necklace. “You still wear this?”

She sighed. “Always. Where is yours?”

He couldn’t remember where he kept it. He wanted to say something but Wunmi interrupted.

“The necklace is with me. I kept it for him.”

She smiled at him. “I love you."

“I love you too.” He replied. “I will follow you home.”

“You won’t meet anyone there.” Sebastian said. “I think the police are already there to take Dominic and his sister for questioning.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Did I not tell you I have called the commissioner? I want justice.”

“This is my fight and not yours!”

“And you won’t fight it alone.”

“You are still healing.”

“But I am alive.” he went and touched Joseph on his right shoulder. “I know you are happy to have me back but I also know your life won’t be complete without Lucky. You have waited for too long and I want it over so that you can have what’s right fully yours.”

“You are the best.” He hugged him.

Sebastian smiled widely. “I know.”

Dominic was already in the interrogation room denying the allegations. Kim said she knew nothing about any murder and her brother would never hurt a fly.

Mrs. Thelma was with a detective. Joseph, Sebastian and Lucky drove to the station, they met Nathan and Mr. Okoye there. He was short of words and refused to believe them. Ross Johnson had gone home to get John before heading to the station. 

When the investigator and John approached the entrance to enter inside the station, Mr. Okoye gripped John and asked why he was trying to frame his son in law and wife. Ross did not say anything; he simply played the record of his wife’s conversation bribing him and the former housekeeper. Lucky cried into Joseph’s arms, her father’s body jerked, his hands were shaking and tears were all over his eyes. He gripped his chest. He was having a panic attack. They rushed to him and Joseph held him tight. 

Ross, John and Sebastian stayed at the station. Joseph, Nathan and Lucky hurried to the hospital. The doctor confirmed it was a heart attack and Mr. Okoye was lucky to be there on time if not he would have died.

After he woke up, he requested to see Joseph. He asked for forgiveness and begged him to marry his daughter and take good care of her.

“You are forgiven sir,” Joseph said. “You don’t need to beg me, after the situation is over, Lucky will be my wife.”

“What about my wife.”

He looked at him sadly. “My hands are tied. My brother is ready to do anything for her to face the law.”

He cried one more time. The mother of his children tore his heart into pieces.

Mrs. Thelma wailed after the truth was out. They threw Dominic and her into cell. Kim was under investigation, she had no right to leave the country. Mrs. Okoye asked to see her family and to beg for their forgiveness. Her husband went to see her. It was a difficult situation to forgive her. She caused the death of his father and allowed an innocent man go to jail for a crime he never committed. After few days in prison, Joseph pleaded with Lucky to visit her before the verdict in court.

Sebastian had gotten the inspector general of police and the vice president involved in the case. The vice president, Sebastian and the judge assigned to the case met in closed doors. It was a short meeting.

Lucky finally met her mother. She was looking older than her age. 

“What can I do for you?”

“I know what I have done is dreadful but I want your forgiveness.”

“My forgiveness? You still have pride? What about what you did to Joseph?”

“I am ashamed to face him.” She said and cried. “I am ashamed of myself. I can’t face him. I am scared to look at him in the eyes. Beg him on my behalf, please my daughter.”

“Don’t call me your daughter. If I was yours, you would have allowed me to marry the love of my life!”

“I was foolish to think Dominic was the right person for you. He is sleeping with his sister?”


“I caught them. Stay away from Kim. I think she has evil intentions towards you.”

Lucky was dumbstruck. 

Sebastian visited Dominic. He told him to tell the court if Kim knew about the murder that he would do everything in his power to help lessen his sentence. He put it in writing for Dominic to believe him. When he came out from the building, he tore the paper and entered his car. 

Two days later, Lucky gave Dominic the divorce papers to sign. 

After a week, Dominic confessed in court about Kim of how she knew and refused to report it to the authorities. The evidence was analyzed and the judge gave his verdict.

Kim was sentenced to five years in prison with hard labor for conspiracy.
Mrs. Thelma was sentenced to life imprisonment. Mr. Okoye was shocked. He thought she would probably receive fifteen to twenty years in prison.
The judge sentenced Dominic to death. He would be killed by a firing squad.
Sebastian beamed. He was prepared to watch him in agony and die a painful death.

The bride looked at her groom. Her face full with brightness and she appeared very beautiful. The groom was handsome, dashing in a suited black suit. He could not stop staring at his missing rib, the mother of his unborn children. He had waited for too long. He stopped to stare and glanced at his best man.

“I will always be grateful to what you have done for me.” Joseph said. "Thank you."

Sebastian gave a side smile and whispered. “Thank you too for accepting my request to travel for vacation.”

"I will miss you my brother."

"I won't be gone for long and I will miss you too."

The bridesmaid, Wunmi was smiling hard. Joseph looked at Lucky. They could not stop staring. Their love story inevitable. They belonged to each other and the two new couples were going to spend the rest of their lives together and forever.

……The preacher spoke. “You may kiss the…”

Joseph and Lucky kissed each other deeply. It was a very long and passionate kiss. 
Sebastian searched the crowd to see if he could wink at a beautiful woman. He changed his mind. He knew his destination to Hawaii won’t be in vain. It was going to be fun, with beautiful women around him.

Mr. Okoye, Jamal, Nathan, Kate with her husband, Sister Theresa, Mrs. Ayo and the audience watched. They clapped their hands to stop the couple from separating their lips from each other.

“I love you so much.” Lucky said.

“I love you too Mrs. Lucky Munachi Akande. We are together and nothing can ever separate us."

“I will always love and cherish you. I will take good care of you Joseph Taiwo Akande.”
They locked their lips together again. Lucky and Joseph's honeymoon's night was going to be powerful.

The End.

Thanks guys for your patience.
The synopsis for the next series will be posted tomorrow.
There will be a short story on Wednesday.


  1. it ended well but you made a mistake in saying wunmi was sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour for conspiracy. it was supposed to be kim

  2. Awwwww!
    At last, it has come to an end
    Love me some happy endings.
    Thank you C.J for this amazing love story.
    You rock!!!!

    1. It has ended o.
      You rock too! Thanks

  3. I enjoyed this love story. Joseph, Sebastian, Lucky, Wunmi.... i really liked their characters. Thanks CKJ
    waiting for the next series

  4. Awww.... It was an interesting story. You are awesome Carina. *hugs*

  5. WOooh,i love this so much.......finally dear waooh so intresting,try and watch Hooked,nigeria movie,it almost looks like one of your fiction story...I think they copy from you......But all d same dear you did very well,love this episode so much God bless you.

    1. Really? I will try and watch it.
      God bless you Gloria.
      The love I have for you is BIG *winks*

  6. Tnx cari cari, wht a swt story with nice ending.. Kudos dear, u are always the best

  7. I have been reading without commenting because i did not have an id. I do now and can comment. I enjoyed this story.

  8. I enjoyed dis story to d core, u r one in a milloin CK, keep it up, the Lord is ur strenght


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