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Please read!

Please, the next episode for Love and Justice will be posted on Monday. I have not been able to write at all. Biko make una bear with me. Thanks!


  1. After one full week. Smh. Carina, u re better than this. Remember when you use to write more than one story. I knw it ws stressful for u bt u kept on,and u had more follweres and people were commenting,but then u just stopped and turned it to only Saturdays. It makes it boring. I only come here on Saturdays. Nothing gives me d urge to open and check during the week. Pls try and see if there can be any adjustments before you lose more people and get lesser comments. Happy new week in advance.

  2. Thanks dear. Its not easy but I hope to create more time for the blog. The next series would be twice a week. I will bring back short stories too. Have a great Sunday!


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