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Friday, September 16, 2016

Blog reader needs your advice.

I am sorry for posting this now. It has been in my mail for the past seven days. Blog reader needs some advice from you!
Hi bae. 
Please hide my email. 
I just want help. How fo i knw when am in s loveless relationship? I really very emotional.  I lile to alwys know that my partner has me in mind always.  I like to hear him tell me hw much he loves me and everything we want to hear. My boyfriend doesnt say those. Infact i cnt remember the last time i heard him said i love you. He buys me stuff at his convenient. But if we are outside, i become a stranger(we work in the same place). He doesnt want people to knw of our relationship and am okay with that. Because we are nt even ready for any serious commitment.  But the normal me like to dluant my relationship. Recently, i noticed an awkward behavior.  We had sex one time and i was on my period, he just inserted after like 5 thrusts, he withdrew, washed up and left without saying anything.  The next tym, i ws just finishing my period and i dnt like having sex then because i have irregular menstruation, he insisted on us having and without a condom and when i refused, he said i should go, i left. Then after a couple of days, i initiated sex, only 4 him to ask me to ride him n in 60sec, he came. After we washed up,  i wanted to initiate it again, he just told me to stop that he wants to rest. I ws disappointed really and i started crying. The next thing he said was i needed to watch my weight, I should do sm exercise. I ws hurt badly. I couldn't sleep last night. Even in the morning,  i thought he will apologize,  but he just acted like nothibg happened.  Am very hurt. I have tried breaking up with him bt it didnt work because we end up seeong each other at work everyday. Unless i have to quit my job and change a location but that job is my only means of livelihood.  Yez, i love him. But sometimes he acts like i dnt hv a choice. He can be mean and the same time nice. You knw that feeling. I really want a serious relationship. I want to be happy. I want to be appreciated.  I want a man that will be so lucky to hv me and never gets tired of appreciating me. Pls. I just need advice. i dnt want it on the blog. But i need a boyfriend. A serious boyfriend that wants to take our relationship to the next level. Pls help me out. Thanks.  Sorry for the long epistles. 


  1. Oh well you have said it all.
    You don't like the way he treats you, and you need a serious boyfriend.
    Which means you know he is not the one.

  2. You are in an godly relationship hence you may not be fulfilled. Please place more value on yourself. Love you.


  3. Leave him. he is not the one for you.

  4. Mtcheeeew. You deserve better. Dont think he is really into you

  5. Which one is five thrusts again? You dont need help but prayers. You better leave him now or stay and endure suffering. You will come back and tell us he has a serious girlfriend and she has gotten pregnant for him


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