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(Season 1): DEEP. Episode 3.

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Tiwa left to her room and brought out some clothes, shoes and bags. She laid them on her bed when her mother walked inside and joined her to park.  After they were through with it, Tiwa wore her outfit, carried a handbag and deposited her gun and phone inside. She went to meet her dad, and notified him she was ready to depart. Her mother escorted them outside to bid her goodbye. 

“I wish you all the best Tiwatope,” Mrs. Bankole said. “I know you will catch the serial killer but you have to promise me two things.”

“What is it?” She asked.

“I don’t want you to do anything risky, anything that will endanger your life. Secondly, try as much as possible to make peace with Adebiyi Gold.” Tiwa rolled her catchy eyes. “Forget whatever he has done to you. I know you must have embarrassed him at the mall that day but tell him it’s all in the past. Both of you need to move forward and work together to unravel the mystery of the case.”

She sighed and offered her a smile. “Thank you mum, I will think about it.”

“Don’t just think, act on it my beloved.” They hugged each other. “I will miss you so much.”

“I will miss you too. I won’t be gone for long.”

“Do not rush the case so that you won’t miss anything about finding answers.”

“I won’t, thanks.” Tiwa said and dumped her baggage into the backseat. 

“Are you sure everything you need is inside that bag of yours?” Mr. Banks asked his daughter. “It looks small to me.”


“Are you really sure?”

“I am not staying there forever.” She said and hugged her mother again.

Her father stayed silent and entered the car and she hopped into the passenger’s seat. As he drove, mother and daughter waived at each other. Two best friends were going to miss each other immensely.

After receiving cool wave of fresh air, Mr. Popoola went inside the mansion to speak with Asante, the chef to inform him what to prepare for dinner. Asante was among the first employees to work in the mansion. He was from Ghana but was born in Nigeria and had visited his country a few times. He was a very dark complexion man, short and one thing obvious about him was the size of his eyeballs. They were big and Adebiyi laughed at them the first time he came for the job. He compared his eyes to football and playfully told him if there were no longer balls on earth, his eyes would be the perfect replacements. Asante didn’t find the joke funny but he had no option because of the monthly salary he was going to receive. He had a room to himself; he slept there during the week and departed to his home-based on Friday and return on Monday morning. 

“I want the food to be properly cooked,” Popoola told him. “I know you won’t fail. We are expecting a visitor. Please, let the meal be as delicious like the others you used to cook.”

“I won’t disappoint sir.” He said in a firm voice. 

“Very good,” Mr. Popoola excused himself from the kitchen, sauntered towards the mini living room to discuss with his friend. He sat down beside him. Adebiyi looked at him and dropped the magazine he was reading.

“I know you are here to say something,” Adebiyi said. “I will listen attentively if it has nothing to do with Tiwa Brat!”

“Tiwa Banks,” He corrected him. “You have to listen. This is about her.”

He grumbled and grimaced. “What again?”

“We should be expecting her very soon,” Popoola said. ”I have told the chef to prepare dinner. We have to make her feel at home.”

“She’s not here to have fun or play and eat. She’s is here to work and nothing else.”

“Do you want to starve her to death?”

“That is not what I meant. She can eat, choke herself and puke to death, that’s not my business. But she can do that after we solve the murders.”

He shook his head. “You don’t really like her, do you?”

“I don’t really like Tiwa, I hate her. I hope that answers your question.”

“Hate is a strong word.”

“Mr. Popoola.” he said and picked up the magazine to read. “I am tired of talking about her. She’s not important.”

“If she was not important, you would not have offered a huge amount of money to bring her here and help you to solve your case.”

Adebiyi gave him a questionable stare. “My case? What do you mean by that? Are you blaming me?”

“You are the one blaming yourself. Whatever is happening to these women has nothing to do with you. It is not your fault!”

He tossed the magazine and pointed at his manager. His eyes sparkled of intense fury. “I don’t ever want to talk about this again! I just want it to be over as soon as possible and that is why I chose to bring Tiwa into my house, a place I call a home! I have never done this before to bring a woman and live with me for only God knows how long! I don’t even like this person but I have no choice!! I hate to say this; Tiwa is strong, snobbish, clever and daring. I am sure she would try her possible best to solve the case and be the hero. That is her kind of person. She’s always thinking about herself! I don’t do that, I help people because I want to for the sake of God Almighty. I care about other people’s feelings. Forget about the way I approach people sometimes and my sex life. Focus on my good side. Nobody is perfect.”

“I am not judging you. If Tiwa Banks cares about herself, she would not have agreed to take the case.”

“No. If she really cared about these women, she would not have taken my money.”

Mr. Popoola sighed. “I think you are right but we should focus on unraveling the case. Are you not going to the airport to welcome her?”

Adebiyi looked at him in a shocked face. “Jesus Christ!! You have to be kidding! She’s not special. I paid her for coming.”

“Does that really matter?”

“Yes! The driver will go there soon to wait and bring her here.”

“When she arrives, what happens next?”

“I will speak to her about the case. We will visit the examiner tomorrow.”

He rose up and adjusted his shirt. “I will join the driver.”

“Suit yourself.”

At the airport, she bid her father goodbye and joined the pilot inside the private jet. 
Tiwa did not say a single word to the pilot or air-hostess. She kept quiet and played games with her Samsung Ipad.

The driver, a big and tall man entered with Mr. Popoola into the vehicle.  As they were about to leave the compound, Adebiyi ran out and stopped them. He hopped inside the backseat.

“What made you change your mind?” Popoola asked. 

“I want to be the first person she sees when she comes down from my jet.” He replied and smiled. “I want to see that scowl on her face.”

Fifty-five minutes later, Tiwa came down from the jet and saw Adebiyi standing in front of two men. Her face transformed into a cold glare. She wondered how many gold accessories he had. The neck chain, wristwatch, rings were different from the past ones she had seen him wore. She shook her head and walked towards them. Adebiyi forwarded his hand for a handshake. She purposely yawned and used her right hand to cover her mouth. Popoola chuckled faintly, Adebiyi scornfully looked at him and back at his guest.

“You are welcome,” He said and introduced Popoola to her. Both of them shook hands and smiled at each other. He led her to his car, they got into the back seats and the driver zoomed off.

She looked at the mirror to make eyes contact with the driver. She taped him gently on the shoulder and asked. “What’s your name?”

“Kelvin ma.”

“Please, drive to any eatery. I want to buy what I will eat tonight.”

Adebiyi glared at her surprised. “My chef has prepared dinner for everyone. You don’t need to buy food.”

“But I want to,” she said and looked at him. “Mr. Adebiyi, can your driver take me to a fast food joint?”

“Call me Mr. Gold instead.”

“Mr. Adebiyi, can your driver take me to a fast food joint?” She asked again with a huge frown on her face.

“No.” He answered and faced the other side.

“But I want him to do that for me.”

“He can’t.” He said and gazed into her eyes. “And if he ever tries to take you anywhere without my permission, he would be sacked. I am sure you don’t want him to be jobless during this period of time in this country.”

“You are an asshole!”

He clapped his hands and said. ”Thank you for the encouraging comment.”

She hissed and folded her hands. She remained silent until they reached their destination. A large man with brown eyes and a slim woman who had a petite figure clothed in the same attire went to meet them. The woman took out the luggage from the boot. Adebiyi introduced them to Tiwa.

“This is Donald and Mimi. They are in charge of the house chores and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask them.”

“You are welcome to Mr. Gold’s palace.” Donald said in a thick voice and bowed down his head.

“Thanks.” She said and noticed he was not smiling at her unlike the female holding her baggage.

“Welcome aunty,” Mimi said with a grin on her face. She admired her suit and hair.

“Thank you.” Tiwa said cheerfully.

She turned to her employee. “Please sir, is she your wife?” She asked with excitement in her voice.

“Did I ever discuss wedding preparations with you and did I tell you I need a wife?” He asked her with his eyes broadly opened. He was shocked at her senseless question. Tiwa’s face was inexpressive. She didn’t have any reason to blame the young woman.
 Mimi lowered her head. “No sir.”
“Don’t be an idiot, go inside and behave normal!”

“Sorry sir.” She apologized and walked inside the house with Mr. Popoola and Donald.

“How can you call someone an idiot?” Tiwa questioned him. "Did she behave abnormal to you?"

“This is my house and you will abide by my rules. Don’t come here and start poking your nose into something that has nothing to do with the case. Pay attention on that and leave me in peace and not in pieces.”

“I am not here for war but to solve the case and catch the beast killing these women.”

“Good. Donald will show you around and take you to your room. You will be called when dinner is served, after that we will talk about the case.”

She nodded.

He added, “For your information, anything you think that is valuable to you is safe. No one steals in my house. You and your things are safe.” 

She didn’t say a word and when he didn’t hear anything from her, he simply sauntered into the entrance door. She followed him, entered through a beautiful balcony, before she marched into a big and marvelous living room. She was impressed and not surprised about the beautiful colors, attractive paintings and lovely bar located at the right side. She knew he had a good taste of fashion and remarkable design, a man of class. The exquisite dining table caught her eyes. She turned to search for Adebiyi but he was no longer with her. Donald was standing and staring at her.

“Are you ready for me to show you around the house?” He asked her.

“Yes, please.” She answered and strolled beside him. 

He took her to the kitchen, the largest she had ever seen. The chef welcomed her. He was grating some carrot and getting prepared to dish the food into a large crystal-serving bowl. Donald showed her Adebiyi’s private small sitting room, his office, laundry and game room. They were located downstairs. He told her a swinming pool was at the left side of the house. He took her up and pointed at everyone’s room. It seemed as if she was in a hotel with the way the rooms were positioned. Her room was the second one on the right side, Adebiyi’s own was down the hall, the last one on the left. When she counted how many they were, it was twelve rooms. 

What does a single man without a wife and children do with so many rooms? She asked herself. 

She counted the people, including her living in the mansion and they were six of them excluding the driver who resumed every morning. She thanked him for the tour, went into her room and sat on the large bed. She surveyed the four corners of the pink and white wallpaper, a fish aquarium and a mirror stand with a chair. She stood and checked the bathroom. She smiled at what she saw. Tiwa called her parents to make mention of her safe arrival only for her dad to inform her, Adebiyi had already told them. She was angry but chose not to express how she felt when she spoke with them. She undressed, had a warm bath and wore a white dress. Two minutes later, Mimi knocked on her door and told her dinner was ready. 

Tiwa joined Adebiyi and Popoola at the dinning. They were waiting while the chef served each plate. 

“Can I get pineapple after eating?” She asked the cook.

“We presently don’t have but I can get you some tomorrow. I hope it won’t be late.”

“Not at all, I would appreciate that. It’s my favorite.”

“I can get another alternative for tonight. Is watermelon okay?”

“Yes and thanks.”

He nodded, smiled and excused himself. They began to eat the fried rice, salad, chicken sauce with roasted turkey. Each of them had a big pack of chilled orange juice. Adebiyi chewed loudly and it irritated Tiwa. She wanted to voice out about it but changed her mind. It was none of her business and it was just for a period of time. She would condone his disgusting behavior. Tiwa was the first to finish eating her meal and fruits. She stood and started to park her plate.

“Don’t worry about that,” Adebiyi said without looking at her “Wait for me in my private parlor. I will join you soon.”

If she had a chance, she would have given him a knock on the head. Arrogant and commanding monkey, she cursed him under her breath. Tiwa smiled at Popoola and went away to her room to get the file and back to wait for him. He came few minutes later with another folder, and sat far from her. They glanced at each other.

“Three women are dead,” He said. “They were sexually assaulted and their hearts out from their chest. What do you think this killer is trying to do?”

“Let’s call him the heart-taker. We have to speak with the medical examiner for me to profile this maniac. What I can say for now is that the hearts taken from the women could be medals to him. He could be keeping these hearts to remind him of what he had done and when it doesn’t seem right to him anymore, he kills again.”


“I don’t know. However, it could mean something to him. Why take their hearts? Heart is the organ in the chest that sends blood around the body. When it comes to love, everyone says it is the matter of the heart. It could be that this man was heartbroken in the past and he is taking revenge on women that looks like his ex-lover or he is finding love and when he realizes they don’t love him, he punishes these women by raping and taking out their hearts.”

He gave her a long stare; she took off her eyes to the wall clock and stood. “I have to sleep now. We have to see the examiner, visit the bereaved families to know what we should do next.”

“I know.” He rose. 

“Good night.” Tiwa said without waiting to hear his voice.

Tiwa and Mr. Popoola had breakfast alone at the dinning. Adebiyi didn’t join them. He had a cup of coffee in his room before he came out prepared to leave for the hospital. She was surprised to see him dressed in casual attire without unnecessary gold accessories on him. He had only a wristwatch and a simple neck chain. Kelvin drove them as no one spoke to each other. 

She followed him to meet Dr. Kehinde. He shook their hands and offered them chairs. They asked him for thorough details about the victims.

“They had bruises on their wrist and ankles.”

“Meaning they could have been tortured, binding them with ropes?”Tiwa asked.

“Yes. They had scars on their backs too. He flogged them until they bled. And not just that,” He said. “Some tests were carried out and there is a possibility he removed their hearts from these women when they were weak, badly injured and fragile to move.”

“You mean they were alive when he removed their hearts?” Adebiyi asked shocked.


Tiwa widened her eyes and swallowed a huge lump. “Please, where is your bathroom?”
Dr. Kehinde pointed to the door on his right. She went inside and vomited into the sink. What the examiner said sent fright into her body. She wondered the tremor, pain these women felt before they gave up the ghost. What could be their last thoughts? How they would have begged him to let them go and he refused. She washed and wiped her mouth. 

Adebiyi knocked on the door and requested. “Are you okay?”

“Yes!” She replied.

He went back and sat down.

“What murder weapon did he use to tear them, doctor?” Tiwa asked him the moment she stepped out from the bathroom.

“A sharp knife.” he replied. “It wasn’t a rough cut.”

“He must have taken his time to do such.” She said. “Did you notice if the victims looked alike or have any similarities?”

“They had two things in common. They were slim and tall.”

“Thank you for your time.” Tiwa said and faced Adebiyi. “Do you have any questions to ask him?”

He didn’t look at her but squeezed his face. His tightened his lips, glanced at the doctor and shook his head. He rose on his feet and thanked Dr. Kehinde before he walked out. Tiwa could tell his facial appearance suddenly became dull. He appeared unhappy and very nervous.

She walked behind him as they approached his car. She quickly spoke before they entered. She didn’t want the driver to hear their conversation.

“What’s going on Mr. Adebiyi?”

He turned and glanced at her. His eyes were red. “Nothing.”

“I will not take that as your answer. You look worried.”

“And how is that your business?”

“It is my business when it involves the case I am investigating. Are you hiding something from me?”

He blinked his eyes and asked. “Why should I hide anything from you?”

“I don’t know! Do you personally know any of the victims?”

Adebiyi shrugged. “No.” He wanted to turn away from her.

“Stop it!" She uttered. "If you keep things from me, I will not be able to solve this case. Is there anything you know that can help me?”

“I am not hiding anything!!” He yelled. People walking by looked at their direction. “Don’t start.”

“Don't start?” She asked puzzled and went closer to him. “Tell me what you know.”

His hands began to shake. She wondered why.

“Are you a killer?”

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed. “What do you really take me for? I can do so many unthinkable things but I will never kill anyone.”

“Do you know the killer?”

“No…. I don’t know. No… I don’t think so.”

“You have to be specific Mr. Adebiyi. I want a straight answer.”

He took a deep breath and peered into her curious eyes. “I think what is happening is my fault. I have tried to take it off my mind but I can’t stop blaming myself.”

“Why are you putting the blame on you?” Tiwa asked in an inquisitive tone. She was eager to find out what he was about to say. “Your secret is safe with me as long as there’s no blood on your hands.”

He sighed heavily. “I was your age when I retired and left this country.”

“I know and I wondered why. I read about you. You were the best youngest detective and you retired for no reasons.”

“I had a major reason but I couldn’t tell anyone.” He squeezed his lips. “Few days to my twenty-ninth birthday, I received a call from a private number. The caller told me I was a threat to his new adventure but he was ready not to embark on it if I quit my job.”

“What adventure was he talking about?”

“I asked and he said he was going to kill women that looked like his ex-girlfriend. He said she jilted him and ran away with another man to a country unknown to him. He said he won’t murder women if I retired.”

“And you believed him.”

“I had no choice! I thought I was saving innocent women from getting killed.”

“Do you know what he sounds like?”

“No… The three times he called me, his voice sounded different. I am sure he used an application to change his real voice.”

“You think he is the one killing these women.”

“Yes. When the first murder occurred, someone called my phone but didn’t say a word.”

“Was it once?”

“Twice.” He answered and rubbed his eyes.

Tiwa was confused and stared at the ground. “You think if you had stayed behind, maybe if you never retired, you would have stopped him from killing these women.”

“Yes.” They looked at each other at the same time. “I should never have believed him. I was an idiot to think he will never kill women like he promised.”

“Well, I agree you were an idiot to believe him.” She said and he frowned at her statement. “But I don’t blame you."

He acted stunned.

She moved nearer and his perfume scent captured her nostrils. She spoke, "Maybe if you didn’t retire, more women would have been murdered. It won’t be three but uncountable. Both of us are going to handle this case one-step at a time. Do not feel guilty anymore. You have to prove him wrong. You are already doing the right thing and I am here to help you. We don’t like each other but we will work as a team and catch the monster.”

Adebiyi smiled and looked very handsome. 
“It will be a big relief.” He said to her.

Tiwa managed to smile a little. “I know.”
To be continued on Wednesday.


  1. Please how old is oga Mr Gold?

  2. Awesome!!!
    Can't wait for the next episode.
    Well done C.J dearest.

  3. Carina, u r the best. Gifted writer.
    Mr Bankole, you took money at the risk of your daughter's life. this man is so gullible and all he cares about is money and nothing else. I hope your greediness and selfishness doesn't take you to an early grave

    Mrs Bankole, you too love. I pirry you, you forgot your own son cos u want to please a man wey no send you. You berra wake up and get it into your thick head dat your children are ur husbands, confidant, bestfriends and your future. I pray it wnt be too late by the time you realize this.

    Tiwatope, brave girl. please just be careful and loosen up a lil. I smell serious trouble with this new case. but i wanna beleive your are smarter than Genevieve Cole and you will come out unscratched. Dont let Mr Gold distract you and be very vigilant but you two need to work as a team to achieve success.

    Mr Adebiyi Gold, the generous but saucy rich dude. i just knew smfing was up cos he wnt ve left the force without a good reason. Even as at that this reason aint good cos u took this job with a promise to protect lives but you let them down. Do not frustrate my tiwa ooo if not "amma come at you like a wild dog".

    1. I love your comment.
      I hope they can solve this without getting hurt. This is really a deep story.

  4. Always looking forward to read Temitope's comment. Nice one! Waiting for the next episode! Post it now o

  5. I see these two following in love unexpectedly.


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