Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sammie Cross New Video - Obaseki

PM Records Sammie Cross released his latest video entitled "Obaseki."

He started it with an unassuming intro but yet lends credence to the Edo State Gubernatorial candidate, Godwin Obaseki. The Edo State born song writer and singer, Sammie is all about the process, in his words - "I made this special gift for G.O and the APC, its an expression of my support for good governance," he understands that less is usually more, the song reflects the culture and tradition of Edo state in a way that makes it seem of vital importance. "Make we celebrate, make we jubilate, make we cast our vote..." Sammie sings, and he's right. The track remains one of his finest works, and he conducted it with effortless authority.

You can watch Sammie Cross video below: 



  1. Which one is Obaseki obaseki obaseki. How much did they pay him to sing this? Wasted my mb

  2. Good for him.


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