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Monday, October 24, 2016

8 Benefits of eating Cabbage!

Cabbage is a common vegetable which everyone can afford. It is one of the finest and oldest vegetables of the world. It has numerous layers of leaves. There are different types, sizes of cabbages and they are in different colors too. Purple, green, red colored cabbages are mostly famous all around the world. Light green cabbages are most famous among others.

1. Cabbages are rich in vitamin K content that protects your bone. It regulates bone metabolism with the help of the osteotrophic activities. Vitamin K also cures Alzheimer’s disease by protecting the damage caused neuronal imbalance.

2. Cabbage’s nutrition facts also include minerals like phosphorous, sulfur, potassium, iron and magnesium and manganese. These minerals maintain your overall health by curing many diseases. These minerals also keep your heart healthy by maintaining heart rate and blood vessels.

3. Cabbage juice also reduces your headache. The lactic acid present in cabbages decreases your stress and gives you relief and relaxes from headache.

4. Cabbages are also rich in vitamin percentage. The nutrition facts of Cabbage are amazing; the vitamin contents include vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and vitamin B1. These nutritional benefits of cabbage protects you from mouth ulcer and stomach ulcer as well.1. Cabbages are high in fiber content. It helps you indigestion. Fresh cabbages are very much effective for ulcers. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties because cabbages contain large number of glutamine.

5. The nutritional benefits of cabbage are very good for losing weight as cooked cabbages are very low in calories, only 33 calories per one cup.

6. Cabbages contain vitamin C that has the potential ability to build a strong immune system. It regulates the percentage of harmful oxygen derived free radicals and maintains your health. So the nutritional benefits of cabbage help you in protection from viral infections and other diseases as well.

7. Cabbage nutritional benefits are helpful in case of muscle pain. It reveals lactic acid when you get a muscle pain which is caused due to some accident wounds or other reasons. You can eat cabbages in many forms which may be steamed, boiled, cooked, raw cabbage or grilled also.

8. Cabbage juice also reduces your headache. The lactic acid present in cabbages decreases your stress and gives you relief and relaxes from headache.


  1. i heard its also good for ulcer treatment


  2. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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