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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Blog Reader Asks: Does he have another girlfriend or....?

Hello Ckj, I love your blog. I am seeking admission into the university soon and my boyfriend I have been dating for a year now is a 100level student. I want advice from your readers because my boyfriend does not want me to write the name of his school in the jamb I will write next year. he says he prefers long distance relationship and if we end up in the same school the relationship will likely not last. I am beginning to think he has another girlfriend there or he could be saying the truth. What do you think????

My advice for you is to focus on your studies! Start going for lectures, read and prepare to pass jamb next year so that you can gain admission into any school of your choice! It should not be because of a boy but what you really want.


  1. lol

    I can't even thinkof anything for you.
    laugh ni gree me


  2. What i think of you is to receive sense. Tell me you have gained admission into the university before coming here and asking of advice about your cheating boyfriend. mstchew

  3. He has a girlfriend in that school and he does not want you to find out. Have you ever visited him in his school, if not do that and see what happens. you have to be prepared for a breakup or a heartbreak.chose anyone, the choice is yours.

  4. Why can't you focus on your studies instead of asking irrelevant questions about your boyfriend?

  5. So obvious he has a girlfriend in that school,As ck rightly ssaid focus on your studies,you still have a long way to go


  6. U never enter school, u dey think of boi wey Don enter the school. U need to ask ursef this question "am I going to school cos of a boi or for a brighter future?" wen ur able to ans that then the rest is easy.

    That dude is unto another chic, the dude ain't loyal.

  7. i agree with you sweetie
    have an happy day
    kiss ---> tr3ndygirl fashion & beauty blogger <---

  8. Abeg face your studies joor. Mitcheeeeew.



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