Saturday, October 08, 2016

I'm a year older today. Happy birthday to me!!!

My humble self, Carina Kikelomo Jacob tuned +1 today.
I thank God for my life and I shall remain grateful to him now and forever. I am not perfect but I try my best to live a spiritual life and serve him with all my heart.
I am not where I want to be but I believe he is going to make my dreams turned into a reality soon. I will worship and praise him all the days of my life. He is my Heavenly Father and I am thanking him for all he has done for me and will still continue to do. It is not by my power that I am alive now to celebrate today. It is by the grace of Almighty Baba GOD. I am using this opportunity to thank him for blessing me with the gift of entertaining my wonderful readers with my fiction stories. Thank you guys for coming back for more! Happy Birthday to ME, MYSELF & I!!! *wet kisses* *dry hugs* Lol


  1. happy birthday my dear.

    may God grant all your heart desires this month.

    finest girl
    age gracefully

  2. Happy birthday to you ma'am. Age with grace

  3. Who said that the beautiful ones are not yet born. False!!!!!!! You are beautiful. HBD dear

  4. Happy birthday beautiful.

  5. Happy birthday Carina. God bless ur new age. Age gracefully.

  6. HBD 2u beautiful Carina.age with grace

  7. Happy birthday dearest Carina!
    The Lord shall continue to bless and elevate you in every area of your life.
    Cheers to many more hearty & prosperous years to come!

  8. Happy birthday to the baddest writer. May God continue to strengthen you from grace to grace. Hv a wonderful celebration dear.😗 😗 😗 😗 👍 👍 👍 🍰 🍰 🍧. I heart you.

    1. SweetieSweetie... Thank you Cutie. I'm grateful.

  9. hello dear,Happy belated birthday, May God grant your heart desires,,so i have been trying to reach your blog but unfortunately for me i have been using the wrong URL I used see my life lolz
    Thanks for stopping by lemme run through sure post sure i have missed alot

  10. Happy belated birthday, dear. May the rest of your days be the best of your days. God's blessings to you.


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