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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Break up or Make up??

What's your advice?


  1. This girl in question lacks self worth and self esteem.. Such a guy is a childish and it gives to show how both of them are. Now she is seeing all the signs but she is refusing to leave the guy. Tomorrow she will send chronicles.


  2. I am simply sharing my head. i hope she sends another chronicle after he bites off her nipples.

  3. I really don't know why some ladies are like this o. So because she has dated him for donkey years, she can't leave this sham of a relationship abi?
    Okay o! Continue

  4. Leave him before he breaks your heart by getting married to another woman.

  5. Sometimes, it is helpful to have no contact with an ex, because it helps reducing callousness and re-think about love relationship seriously. Maintaining a distance helps testing love and mending relationship easily.


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