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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


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“Noooooo!” Osato screamed in shock. She moved to the center of the palace, fell on the ground, and started to roll. She knew there was nothing that would change Omotola’s mind. Her verdict was final. No one has ever been able to change her final decision

The chiefs, Odion looked at Omotola astonished. Their lips were agape. Owokan smiled, walked to Imafidon, shook his hands, and left them. Omotola took note of it and heaved a sigh. Odion gave him an angry look as he sauntered away.

Imafidon put down his left knee, and set his right elbow on the right knee and shook his hand by hailing her. “All hail the Queen of this noble Kingdom. May you live long.”

“Ise.” All of them chorused excluding Osato who had no idea what came out from her son’s mouth. Tears began to spill out from her eyes. “History must not repeat itself. The gods where are you? There’s no one I can run to. Who will give me answers?”

“Quiet woman!” Chief Eghe, a man in his fifties uttered. He was never afraid to speak his mind. Whenever the queen held meeting, Omotola always wanted him around so she would ask for his own opinion. He was an intelligent man but unable to keep his matrimonial home from chaos. 
He added, “Do not get the gods angry. You should be proud of what your son is eager to become. Don’t you know when he achieves to be the greatest; the gods will bless him and you his mother.”
“He is my only child!”

Omotola continued to watch her wail. When she would get tired of embarrassing herself in front of them, she would come back to her senses and hear her out. Her behavior also entertained her.
Imafidon motioned to meet his mother and pulled her up from the floor. 

Odion quickly gestured towards his mom and whispered into her left ear. “What have you done?”

She looked at him with wild eyes. “What would have been your decision if you were in my shoes?”

“My answer would have been different from yours. Do not send this young man into an early grave.”

“You lack common sense. Kindly shift backwards before my anger ignite on you.” He did as she said. “Nonsense!” Omotola threw her eyes on Osato, stood up, and enthused to meet her. Imafidon was holding her and she was crying noiselessly. She held her by the shoulders. Imafidon stepped away.

Omotola spoke gently. “No one has ever said those words that flowed from your son's mouth. You and I should not stop him from achieving his dreams. I had to accept. I want you to wipe your tears. Imafidon will not bring you sorrow or shame.”

“Ise.” Osato said with her broken voice.

“You took my children and brought them back to me alive. I will bring Imafidon back whenever we go to war together. I can never repay your kindness with hatred. The gods will get angry with me. Osato, believe me when I tell you I will keep your son safe and in the tine of trouble on the battlefield, I am ready to take the struck of a sword into my body meant for Imafidon.”

Her eyes widened and she was speechless to say anything. Odion was gob smacked and the Chiefs murmured to one another. 

Omotola turned back and cat walked back to her throne. “Imafidon is a warrior to Izieole Kingdom. He is not yet the leader, time will tell for that.” She looked at the direction of the Chiefs. “Let’s the elders know about this and inform the town crier to pass the message to the people. I am very such they will be thrilled to hear the good news.”

“Thank you my Queen.” Imafidon said.

“Continue to train.” She said to him. “My personal guard will introduce you to the other warriors. I believe they will be excited about this.”

“May you live long.” he said bent his head. 

“Ise.” All of them chorused.

Omotola focused her eyes on Osato. “Inform your husband to see me tomorrow.”

“Okay my Queen.”

“Put a smile on our face. No one is mourning here and we shall not until it our appropriate time to meet our ancestors.”


Odion flung the door of Owokan. He was resting on his bed and he rose up when he heard the sudden noise. 

“How could you congratulate Imafidon in front of mother and the Chiefs?” Odion asked. “What is wrong with you?”

“I congratulated him because he got what he wanted.”

“Didn’t you see his mother crying?”

He stood on his feet and motioned nearer to him. “She was only trying to protect her son but we cannot always get what we want.”

“You always want to prove you know the right answers to every question but you are often wrong. If anything happens to him I will personal hold you responsible!”

“What if it is the will of the gods for Imafidon to be a warrior? We are older than him with three years and he is bigger than us.”

“Size does not matter. I know how to fight unlike you. You’re a weakling!”

Morenike, who was wearing a lovely bead necklace and earrings overhead them and entered. “I think you should stop fighting.” She said, looking at Odion.

He glared at her. “Put the blame on me. That’s what you always do!”

“I don’t blame you unnecessary and you know that. Imafidon told me about it and I supported him.”

“You too? What is the matter with my siblings!”

“I wish him well.”

“No you don’t. Let me tell both of you something.” Odion said and lowered the volume of his voice. “Mother said she is ready to lay down her life to save Imafidon.”

Owokan and Morenike stared at each other surprised and back at their elder brother. 

“She really said that?” Morenike asked.


“I believe mother is also willing to do that for us.” Owokan said and went back to rest on his bed.

“That is not the point! Imafidon is not our blood. How can she make such promise to his mother? What if we are on the battlefield and she has to save only one. Would she save Imafidon and leave me to die?”

Owokan burst out laughing and they were amazed by his response. He raised his head and gazed at him. “I thought you know how to fight. Won’t you be able to defend yourself? Are you a toddler? I might not know how to use a sword but in a situation like that, I might be able to save myself.”

“How is that possible?” Morenike asked in a curious tone.

“That’s a secret my princess.”

“Nonsense!!” Odion spat. “You don’t have an answer!” He stormed out on them. 

She gestured closer. “I know you were joking about you able to save yourself.”

He gave a faint smile. “If you’re a warrior and you want to go to war with another Kingdom, before that day, make sure you find their weaknesses and flaws and you might be able to use that against them. You can offer them what they do not have and your life might be spared.

“Mother does not do that but she always win.”

“We are not the same and besides, nothing like that has ever happened.”

She touched her necklace and smiled. “Thank you for the gifts. They are beautiful as always.”

“I am glad you like them. My guard’s sister makes them. I heard she is blind but gifted.”

“You heard? You have never met her?”

“Do I have to?”

“How come she knows I would like this?”

“Like I said, she is gifted. My guard simply described you and she made that for you.”

“Wow! I would love to meet her.”

“I will arrange that.”

Morenike smiled slightly and sat on his bed. His eyebrows rose. “Are you seeing any one special?”

“You mean if I have found the one.”

She nodded her head. “Yes. I have never seen you and Odion with a special woman.”

“I haven’t seen and I am not ready but I cannot say the same for Odion. I think he has eyes on a King’s daughter but I have no idea which Kingdom. He would have told me if I had asked but I am not interested to know about his love life.”

“What kind of a woman are you looking for?”

“A woman with a good and fearless heart.” he replied with a serious face. “The gods would answer my prayers if she turns out to be a warrior.”

“Wow. A woman like mother?”

“Not really but I wouldn’t mind if she has some awesome characteristics of our no nonsense mother.” They burst out laughing.

Queen Omotola received Eghosa in her palace. Her maid served him some kolanuts and dry gin. She also took some gin and drank before she cleared her throat and spoke to him. 

“I have not heard anything from Eroma Kingdom. Have your friend sent a message or visited you again?”

“No my Queen but are you ready to embark on it?”

“You mean the war.”

“Yes your highness.”

“I am ready.”

“Eroma might not have weapon like us. We have the best swords and shields but Eroma has gone diabolical. They will use every supernatural power available to fight you.”

“The gods we serve are not sleeping. Diabolical or not, we are going to win. They said they are better, but we are the best and no forces can stop us from winning. They think they can scare us. I doubt if they will use supernatural powers. I don't believe it.”

“Are you not worried we have not seen the candidate to pass messages through the gods?”

She sighed heavily. “I won’t lie. I am beginning to get worried. When I come back from the war, I will organize a meeting with the chiefs and elders of Izieole Kingdom and find a solution.”

“You’re sure Eroma will agree to go to war with you.”

“Of course! That’s what I want.” Omotola said and smiled brightly. “Do not forget to join us in the meeting.”

His left eyebrow uplifted and his scratched his chin. “But I am not qualified for that.”

She called her personal guard and the young lady brought a white wrapper, beads and other items and placed them in the hands of Eghosa.

The Queen spoke. “I am repaying you for taking good care of my friend, my godson and being a good person. You’re now a chief of Izieole Kingdom and you will be honored and respected according to your new status.”

Eghosa eyes widened and his hands were shaking. He dropped the things beside him and stood up. He thanked and prayed for her.

“Thank you for your prayers,” she said. “You can sit down.” He did. “You and the other chiefs will meet at Chief Eghe's house tomorrow.”

“Okay my queen.” he said cheerfully. 

Imafidon and his mother sat at the backyard of their house. It was their favorite place to eat and chat. They had finished eating dinner together and decided to relax and receive fresh air.

“The wife of a Chief,” Imafidon teased his mother.

She pushed him slightly by the shoulder and warned him to stop addressing her as such.

“Why shouldn’t I?” he asked surprised. “You sounded so happy when we went to thank the queen.”

“My son,” Osato said. “I have to look happy. The queen is a wonderful woman and she has never failed to look after us ever since your father died. People still talk about him and I will be delighted when they start to talk about you too.”

“See you. You were crying…”

“Don’t let me hit you on your head,” she said in a joked tone. “Making your step father a Chief has given him the full opportunity to take another wife.”

Imafidon gave a sarcastic look and rose on his feet. “Mama, I think I am feeling sleepy.”

“Ehen! You do not want to talk about him bringing another woman into this house. Anyways, if he tries such, I will kill the three of you!”

“Ah!” he exclaimed. “Am I the one bringing another wife?”

“If you don’t support me, I will join your head with their own,” She said stamping her right feet on the ground.

Imafidon walked to the doorstep and gave her a thumb up. “Iron woman.”

Osato hopped on her dry feet and ran after him. 

The messenger of Eroma arrived Izieole safely. He approached the palace with a message from their King. Queen Omotola came out and sat down. He saluted her.

“I am not here for your greetings when I know you talk thrash behind my back,’ she said to him. “Are we going to war?”

“Yes your highness.” he said and bowed down his head.

“Does your king have deaf ears?”

“No Queen Omotola.” He said in a muddled tone and raised his head. 

“Haven’t he heard I have never lost a battle before?”

“Eroma have never lost too.”

She boomed into laughter and the messenger looked at her puzzled. “Eroma has never gone to war compared to mine! I would rather call yours a small fight.” She laughed again.

He frowned and said, “If you win, he would compensate you with gold. We’re blessed with that.”
She hissed and was angry. “If he loses, then he is not fit to be King! Who becomes his successor after he dies?”
“King Ekeimute has no child. His greatest enemy, his elder brother would take after him when he joins his ancestors.”

“His brother is about to get lucky!” she stated excitedly. “King Ekeimute has insulted me and I want to teach him a lesson! I will prove to him that what a man can do, a woman can do better! If he is ready to kill me and take my throne then I will do the same to him!”

“That is not the agreement.”

She pointed at the door. “Go back and send my message! If he refuses,” She said and rose up. “Tell him the chicken in my pot of soup is stronger than him.”

“He will cut off my head if I tell him such.”

“Then he is not worthy to rule Eroma Kingdom! Pass my message to him and I want a reply as soon as possible and I am prepared to dig a sword into his fragile bones!!”

After a week, Queen Omotola called her sons and informed them about the war. 

Odion said to her, “I heard he sent another messenger yesterday.” 

“It’s true my son.” She said with a frown on her face. “He killed the first one.”

“He should be a wicked King and his brother would be grateful if we kill him but I want to make a suggestion mother.”

Owokan gave him a look without saying anything. He listened to him. 

“Why can’t we take the Kingdom from them.”

“You want me to be the ruler of Eroma Kingdom?”

“Yes. It is possible. That’s what he wants if he wins. He wants to rule Izieole.”

“But that is not what I want. Taking Eroma from them will bring another enemy into my life and I do not want that. I don’t want to talk about it. I called both of you to ask if you are coming with me. ”

“I’m not going.” Owokan said impatiently. “Can I leave now?”

The frown on Queen Omotola’s face increased. “You can go.” She watched him leave and directed her eyes on Odion. “I thought something might change his mind but I don’t see that happening. I wanted you to stay behind and look after the people. I want you to be different. Your father was a King and fought on the battleground but I don’t want that for you. I only want you to focus on that throne.”

“Becoming a King is not my priority. I will go to war and Owokan will look after the people.”

“Will he want that?” she asked. “I don’t even know what he wants.”

“He wants to be the future King of Izieole Kingdom.” Odion said.

“That is not possible!” She said in a shocked tone. The mention of it drove fear into her. “Don’t mention that again! You’re my successor! I don’t want to think about the past.”

“You mean about my father and his brother?”

“The gods forbid such for two of you. Can we change the subject?”

“What do you want?”

“Prepare for war,” Omotola said. “I know the Kingdom will be safe and I will give Owokan, Morenike and the elders the right to look after the people.”

“Okay mother.” He nodded and left her room.

Imafidon stood in front of the male and female warriors as they embarked on their destination to fight. As they got ready to leave, he addressed them as the people watched and prayed for success.

“Who are we fighting for!” Imafidon bellowed.

“Queen Omotola!!”

“A small king has overstepped his boundaries! He has insulted our Queen! Why should we let him go scot-free when he is ready to kill her and take our great Kingdom! We are not only going to do this for her and the people but also for our late King! He was not a fool to hand over his Empire to his wife. He knew what he did and we shall respect the dead! Who are we fighting for?!!”

“Queen Omotola!”


"Queen Omotola!!"

“I can’t hear you!!!”

“Queen Omotola!!!!”

He pointed at them with his sword. “That is what I am talking about!! Show no mercy!” 

Imafidon’s drive captivated Omotola. She was very grateful for his commitment. Osato was smiling broadly. She was enthralled by his will to succeed. Odion folded his arms with his sword in his hand and watched with an unreadable facial expression. Owokan peeped through one of the windows.

He murmured. “I wish my mother good luck. May the gods bring all of you safe and unharmed.”

Owokan turned and saw his sister approaching him. “How long have you been standing behind me?”

She didn’t answer him but motioned to stand beside him. “Before father died last year, he called the three of us individually and spoke to us. Odion and I told mother what we discussed but you never did. I think you should tell her what you and father talked about. You’re misunderstood.” 

“Misunderstood or not, this is who I am. I can never change because I want to please someone. No way.”

“Do you want to be King?” Morenike asked.

Owokan gave a double look, focused his eyes on her for some seconds before walking out.

On the battleground, Eroma’s King and warriors raised their swords and shields as Izieole Queen and warriors with Odion came forward and began to fight. All of them raised their weapons and clashed at each other. Swords stamped on the faces, legs, stomachs and chests of some warriors. 

Blood and flesh littered the ground.
Queen Omotola ran to meet Ekeimute has she saw him kill one of her fighters. 
Two of them fought but unable to injure themselves. As they continued to fight, she noticed he was after her chest region and when he tried to drive a sword into it again, she quickly bent down and used her right foot to hit him hard on his leg. He fell and his sword slipped from his hand.

She uplifted, and looked into his eyes.

“Please don’t kill me!” he begged as he stared at her with frightened eyes. "I will give you anything!"

"Show no mercy!" She said with a disgusting look on her face.  

Without hesitation, she penetrated her sword into his heart. He gasped as blood spilled from the left side of his mouth. She didn’t stop but joined her fighters to battle more! After slicing the neck of one of them, she turned to look around for Odion and Imafidon. She saw Imafidon killing her enemies without any injuries on his body. Her eyes popped out as she sighted Imafidon fighting with his bare hands. He had dropped his sword and shield on the ground. He held the necks of two Eroma warriors and clashed their heads together before he dropped them on the floor and strangled them to death.

His strength fascinated Omotola. He was a true warrior. She looked around and saw the lifeless bodies of Eroma warriors with their dead king. Odion moved to her and raised her hand.

“Who did we fight for!”

Her warriors, the survivors and those on the floor badly injured chorused. “Queen Omotola!” 

She smiled widely and yelled. “Victory is ours!” 

To be continued……


  1. Carina, are you talking about Osato or Omovie. I thought Osato was Imafidon's mother, the late Osiagbovo's wife. I am getting a little bit confused here. You keep mentioning Omovie. Please help me clearify.

    1. Thank you dear.
      You're right.
      Omovie was the second maiden after Osato left with her twins.
      I will correct it!

  2. Always interesting and entertaining.

  3. The queen fought and won! interesting

  4. Captivating..carina I love u so much ehn

  5. I pray they never lose, the gods must be praise,..niceone dear

  6. Very interesting Cjk darling, well done!


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