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Saturday, November 19, 2016


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Queen Omotola, Odion and the warriors were able to find a quiet place to camp and rest and offer traditional herbs to the wounded ones before preparing to go back home. She lost three of her male warriors. Some of the female fighters prepared some food, and Imafidon assisted them too. Omotola and Odion sat at her hut.

“The people of Eroma should be happy with the death of their late King.” She said to him with no form of happiness in her facial expression and the sound of her voice.

Odion smiled. “I think so. He’s elder brother was supposed to be King but he found a way to take the throne.”

“It is wrong my son.” She said and sighed. “I don’t want that for you.”

He looked at his mother and flew his left eyebrow up. “Is this about what I told you about my brother?”

“Yes. I cannot lie. I wonder why people kill to become a King. It’s not easy.”

“I know and that’s why I am willing to give him the throne. What belongs to me belongs to him too.”

Omotola eyes went wild and she uplifted on her feet. She pointed at him. “My first son will never sell his birthright! You had better tell me you were joking. I won’t take it.”

Odion stood up and faced her. “You can’t control my life. I will do what pleases me.”

“And abandoning your future duty pleases you?”

“I have plans and becoming a King is not one of them.”

She kept shaking her head in disbelief. “This can never happen.”

“Oh yes it will!” he uttered and this time it was in an angered tone. “Did you listen to me when I suggested you take Eroma after killing their king?? You bluffed me off and I knew my brother would surely laugh behind my back!”

“But I said the right thing. Why should I take what I don’t want?”

“Then why I should I become what I don’t want?”

“Are you trying to punish me for refusing your suggestion?”

He didn’t answer but fixed his eyes on her.

“I want you to think about the throne,” Omotola continued. “I know you’re still angry but I will give you few days and you will come back and tell me you have accepted to be my successor.”

“Why is it difficult for you to agree and leave me alone?” Odion asked gently. “Must I be King? Why can’t I offer the throne to my twin?”

“You are supposed to understand our tradition by now. You’re alive and it is your right to take what rightfully becomes to you. Don’t throw it away.”

“What if I am not what the people want?”

“Do you think Owokan is what the people want?” She asked in a serious tone and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Owokan is not friendly except to Morenike. The people do not interact well the way they are to you. How can they have a ruler that they are afraid of?”

He gave her a look. “Do you think the people are afraid of him?”

She dropped her hands, folded them and turned her back. “What do you think?”
“I don’t have answers because I do not have spiritual powers. All of us need answers because we have questions to ask. It’s such a shame the right person to speak with the gods has not emerged. What are you going to do about that?”

“I am planning to have a meeting with the elders and chiefs when we go home.”

“Do you think Owokan will turn out to be like Osazuwa Obayuwana?”

Omotola shivered as she heard his name. The past of what he did still sent fright into her body. She rotated to look at him. “I was not afraid of your late uncle but he was a wicked man. I feel weak and fear coming whenever I think of your brother becoming like your father’s stepbrother. I don’t know what I will do if he ever turn out that way. I have plans but I need answers first my son.”

“You haven’t told me what happened to his wife.”

“Her father sent Adesuwa away with her son she had for Osazuwa’s personal guard Aigbe but years ago, when you turned fifteen, I received a message that her father was sick. He searched and found her with her child. He forgave her and announced that whenever he died, his grandson should be the next King. Ever since that day, I never bothered to find out details about them. I don’t know if her father is still alive and the ruler of Udo Kingdom.”

“Father told me Udo warriors fought with my uncle against you and him.”

She gave a one sided smile. “Yes. A war I will never forget. I was able to reconcile with my true husband, have my kids back into my arms, fight for Izieole and win.”

“Does that mean you consider Udo Kingdom your rival?”

She frowned. “I don’t ever want to have anything to do with that place. Whoever rules is my enemy.”

“We can pay them back for what they did. Find every means to go to war with them. I will help you if you let me. We will surely win.”

“What do I benefit from the war? I will only make more enemies.”

“Your benefit is taking their Kingdom and you become their leader!”

“You want me to rule Udo Kingdom?” She asked in a dazed and bewildered tone. “What is with you and taking of people’s Kingdoms? I thought you don't want to be King.”

Odion looked away from her. “Does that mean you won’t agree?”
“Never! I think you should go check what Imafidon is doing, he might need extra hands.”

“Okay mom.” he said and walked away.

Omotola bit the tip of her middle finger and thought of how Odion reasoned. Was the gods sleeping and denying her, her wish for plans she had for her children? She asked herself quietly and prayed for a happy ending. 

The people of Izieole lined up as they watched the Queen, son and her warriors entered into the Kingdom victorious. They chanted their ruler’s name and danced to some music. It was a day of glory. Owokan, Morenike, Osato, Chiefs and elders assembled in front of the palace and hailed her. She hugged her children. Osato ran to embrace Imafidon as she saw him. 

“We won!!” Omotola uttered.

“All hail the Queen of Izieole Kingdom!” Chief Eghe praised her. “And may the gods continue to lift her higher!”

The people chorused, “Ise!!”

She addressed them and promised to guide them. She went inside with her chiefs and elders.

Chief Eghosa rose on his feet and informed her he had briefly discussed about the messenger of the gods to them before she came.

Omotola smiled at him. “I am glad you did. I am becoming tired that no messenger has come out. Do you think we have angered the gods?”

They exchanged glances and murmured. 

“This is not the time to murmur,” she said. “Can someone talk to me louder and offer a good idea on how to solve it?”

Chief Eghe raised his hand and rose. “My queen, I believe we have not offended the gods but maybe we can offer a huge sacrifice. Any of the elders are capable of handling it. Give us the order and we will come together and do it.”

“A sacrifice? What kind if I may ask?”

He looked at the other chiefs and elders. He cleared his throat and moved a bit near her. "We’re thinking of offering a virgin to the gods.”


“A young lady has offered herself. She said her family wants answers why the men in their family do not grow old. They die before they reach fifty.”

“And I am sure she does not know what she is saying. Giving up her life for answers? No way! What if it doesn’t work? I can’t give you permission for that.”


“There is no but because I can never say yes to such. If this is the only opinion you have, I think we should postpone the meeting for another day. I need some rest. Does anyone have anything to say?”

“No for now.”

Most of them shook their heads.

“All of you can go home. I will request for your audience when I am ready.”

Later in the evening, Morenike and Odion were in her bedroom. She was singing a conquest song for him. Owokan entered and informed her he has told his guard to bring his sister into the palace the next day. She was excited to meet the blind lady.

As he turned to leave, Odion called him back.

“Did you ask for mother’s permission to bring her here?”

“I don’t need her permission. This is my father’s palace.”

“And it belongs to mother now!”

“Do you want to start fighting over a blind person none of us have met?” Morenike asked.

Two of them glanced at her and stared back at each other. 

“I know mother won’t have a problem with that and I have every right to bring anyone as long as that person is not harmful.” Owokan said and walked out.

Odion looked at Morenike angrily. “You see what I am saying! You keep supporting him!”

“But I was the one that….”

“I don’t need any explanation. He can do whatever he likes!”

One hour later, Owokan guard ran to the palace to see him. He was sweating profusely and looking disturbed.

“What is it Sota?” Owokan asked as he saw him outside.

“I need to see the Queen!” He said pacing around.

“This time of the night?” he asked surprised. “Can’t it wait the next day?”  

“No. I can’t find my sister!”

“What do you mean you can’t find her? Is she not blind?”

“Yes and she has never done something like this before. I have searched everywhere and the people I asked said they have not seen her.”

“Calm down!” He said. 

The Queen, the occupants of the palace came outside after hearing their loud voices. Sota explained to Omotola what happened. 

“Have you checked the back of your house?” Odion asked. 

“I have searched your highness. Please help me. She’s my only family!”

Omotola was about to make a statement when she sighted Chief Eghe and Eghosa.

“Something has happened!” Both of them said at the same time.

“What is it?” Omotola asked.

“I believe the gods has answered our prayers.” Chief Eghosa said. “A light came out from the shrine few minutes ago. A blind lady entered into the place and she has not come out.”

“That should be my sister!” Sota said. 

“Are you sure about that?” Omotola asked.

“Yes my queen.” Eghe said. “You have to visit the sacred place immediately.” 

“I know.” Queen Omotola said and marched towards the shrine with the chiefs, Sota, two female guards and her children. As she got closer, she ordered them to wait outside. She entered and saw the lady chanting to their gods. When she was done, the new priestess shut her eyes and turned to her direction.

“I have been expecting you.” She said to the queen.

“I must confessed, I never expected such a messenger.”

She opened her eyes and they were pure white. Omotola froze.

"Do not be afraid." She said and floated up in the air with smoke coming out from her opened palms. “Are you ready for answers?”

“Yes great one! I want to know about the future. I want to know about the fate of my children but first, when will I die?”

“Die? You’re meant to grow old except something goes wrong if you continue to plan.”

If I continue to plan?”

The smoke disappeared from her hands. She came down and gestured closer to the queen. “The gods knows you are planning for your children. Stop it! It will not help but destroy the Kingdom you have worked greatly on.”

“But one of my child is already….”

“Queen Omotola! You cannot have everything you want. Izieole Kingdom needs the best ruler to take after you. Do you want to know what the gods are telling me right now?”

She nodded her head. “Yes priestess of this noble Kingdom.”

“You will go through challenges and obstacles. I see a humming white bird in the nest of a bird I do not see the color. But I know it’s either black or white. You should know what the message of the color represents.”

“Black represents evil and white represent peace. What does the message really mean?”

“When that time comes, you shall know and do the right thing. Your children….hmmm. I see one of them leaving this Kingdom, also one would fight for you, one would also fight against you, betray you." She closed her eyes and rolled her head. She spoke, "One of your children will stay with you through thick and thin and the last but not the least, one of them would surely save you.” She opened her eyes. "A war would come and it won’t be an easy one. The rate of you wining is very low. It is likely to cost you someone close to your heart.”

“Will I succeed?” Queen Omotola asked in a terrified one. “Will I overcome them?”

“I don’t know. However, a time will come when you will give up and surrender completely but the whistling bird remembering a wise saying would help you, your family and Izieole Kingdom. You’re a Queen and so shall it be until the rightful ruler is ready to sit on the throne and bring peace back to the people!”

“I am confused!”

The priestess touched her cheek and rubbed it gently. “You are going to cry at the end.” Her voice was hoarse.

“Will it be tears of sorrow or joy?” Omotola asked in a distressed tone.

“When your savior who happens to be the true ruler save you, you will understand.”

“If you can’t tell me who will leave, fight for me, stay with me or even save me. I want to know which of my children will betray me. Who will fight against me??”

“The gods refused to give me a straight answer!”

Queen Omotola had no more questions. She burst into tears.

To be continued….


  1. Mehn this is getting more interestin.... See prophesy making me confuse. Who will fight against her ???

  2. Wow!!! This prophesy get as e be..
    Who's gonna betray Omotola?

  3. Replies
    1. You are reading the story of Queen Omotola.

  4. I no go gree o
    Who will have that heart to fight her?

  5. lemme go read from part1

    sounds interesting

  6. I always thought as much, something like this will happen I feel for omotola too much problem everywhere.

  7. Wonderful!!!!
    The Queen of suspense don start ooo!
    This prophecy gave me goose bumps sha!
    Na to sidon look as this mystery unravels it's self.
    Kudos CKJ the great.

  8. But why do I suspect Owokan? He doesnt look so straightforward to me. But Carina fit shame me oo. Make I shut up joor.


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