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Saturday, November 12, 2016


You have to read ‘The Kingdom’ to understand this heroic character. These are the links to the episodes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

The passing of their King in Izieole Kingdom left them in total shock over a year ago. It still felt like yesterday to some of the people. Despite missing King Imafidon Obayuwana, they felt safe in the hands of his widow, Queen Omotola Obayuwana. She was still beautiful, charming, valiant and a great fighter at the age of forty-nine. Ever since the demise of their Ruler, there was no battle or clash between other Kingdoms. They lived in peace, and justice. Whatever conflict transpired among farmers, couples, palm wine tappers, co-wives, hunters, market sellers, the queen settled it amicably and everyone would go home happy. What the Kingdom lacked was a notable priest or priestess to foreseen the future and worship their gods. The Chiefs and elders assured her the right candidate would emerge at the appropriate time. 

Years ago, after the war and getting back with her husband, she later became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. She wanted her female child to have a Yoruba name, Imafidon granted his beloved her request and they named her after her late mother Morenike. The baby was Omotola’s replica but petite. 

As Odion and Owokan grew older, they gradually became non-identical. At the age of twenty-six, their looks, features and character were completely different. The only thing similar about them was their height. They were tall like their late father. Odion, the eldest was good-looking, generous and a straightforward person. He resembled his mother facially and well built. Owokan was quiet, unpretentious and had a fine face with a slim body. He looked a bit like his late uncle, Prince Osazuwa. 

Whenever she saw her children together, she was proud of them and thanked the gods for looking after the twins in the past and bringing them back to her. She had great plans for each of them. Nothing could stop her from nurturing them to be compassionate, unprejudiced and courageous. That was part of her ingredients of survival. She always believed Imafidon was careless and extremely down to earth. However, his death was the will of the gods. It was time for him to join his ancestors when he aged sixty. He died in his sleep peacefully. His time on earth was quite short but he lived an ideal life. 

Omotola, dressed in gold and yellow attire, stood beside her room window, she was in deep thoughts. Her shuku hairstyle was decorated with different color of beads. Her earrings and neckpiece matched. She might have appeared bold in the midst of her family, friends and people of the Kingdom but behind closed doors, she was quite unhappy. The loss of Imafidon affected her emotionally and physically and she missed him greatly. It was a big relief that no war had occurred, if she had embarked on it, her life would be cut short. The hard knock on the door of her chamber brought her back to reality.

“Come in.” Queen Omotola spoke. A woman, with a pretty face and chubby look entered and shut the door. Omotola did not turn back to look at the person. A faint smile aroused on her lips. “Osato, have you come here to rant about how you don’t love your husband?”

Osato’s thick and black eyebrows flew up. “That is not why I am here.”

She rotated to face her longtime friend, maiden and guardian of her sons. “Yesterday, Ehgosa came to report you to me that you compared him with your late husband.”

“I apologized. I was truly sorry for making such statement.”

“You married Ehgosa after five years of mourning Osiagbovo. If not that I advised you to remarry you would have buried yourself in grief, neglect your son and even die and make him an orphan.”

She looked at her shocked. “How can you say such to me?”

“I am speaking the truth! It’s been twenty-three years he left us. I miss him too. He fought alongside with me and my husband and he never betrayed us. I know King Imafidon and the best warrior Izieole Kingdom has ever had, are together with the gods. They should be drinking themselves to stupor and not act sober like you do.”

Osato smiled hard and shook her head. “You can never change my Queen. They are drinking their selves to stupor. Your sense of humor increases every day.”

Omotola snickered and walked to her bedside and sat down. “What more can I say. Tell me why you are really here.”

She moved closer, took a stool, placed it opposite her and sat on it. “I heard a rumor.”

“Rumor? What is it about?”

“That a war might occur between Izieole and Eroma.”

Omotola roared into a long laugh and shook her pitifully. “Eroma, that one I call a small community? Is that a Kingdom compared to mine? Don’t make me laugh more.”

“Not only that my queen,” she said. “I heard the King of Eroma said if you are not ready to give your first son the throne, it would be his pleasure to take it from you.”

The size of her dazed eyes enlarged. “Is he mad?”

“I wonder o.”

“Tell me how you heard this rumor.”

Osato cleared her throat and twisted her lips without saying a single word.

“I am waiting.”

“My husband has an old friend over in Eroma Kingdom and he came this morning to inform Eghosa. I eavesdropped and came here to tell you immediately he left.”

“Do you want me to confront Eghosa about it?”

“No! I want to wait and see if he would discuss it with me or come here to tell you himself.”

She sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “You don’t trust the man you’ve been married to for a long time.”

Osato took away her glare to the right side of the room. 

Omotola dropped her head and stared at her. “Look at me.”

She stared at her, avoiding the eyes. “I can never trust any other man apart from my late husband.”

“Then why are you still married to Eghosa?”

“He treats me well even when I am unable to have a child for him and he is a good father to Imafidon.”

“My husband’s namesake,” Omotola smiled widely. “I have not seen him for a while now. How is my godson?”

“He is doing well. Imafidon is becoming a giant.” Both of them laughed. “How time flies.”

“I was not really happy after you left with him to stay with Eghosa after the marriage. We wanted you and him to live in the palace for as long as you want and I was ready to accept Eghosa here. My children and your son need to be close.”

“And who says they are not close. You do not see things because you are always in the palace. You only go out when it is essential. Morenike and Imafidon are like brother and sister.”

“What about him and the twins?”

“Well, this is what I noticed. Imafidon gets along with Odion very well. I see them together but it is not the same for Owokan.”

Her facial mien changed. The calling of his name made her heart beat faster and she had no idea why. His way of life bothered her. “Owokan is different. I don’t want to talk about him. Is there anything else you heard?”

“Forgive me for what I am about to say. He used these words. An outsider sits on the throne of Izieole Kingdom confidently. A woman from the west is controlling a territory of where she does not come from. It has never happened before.”

An unexplainable anger compressed Omotola’s face. She speedily hopped on her feet. “The people of this Kingdom accepted me as their Queen. Imafidon told me that if we didn’t die together, I should rule until our first son is ready to be a leader. Where were those animals when I risked the life of my children to stay behind and look after the people? Where were they when I had to allow a man I hated lay on top of me! Where were they when I fought on battlegrounds for the peace of the people? I can go on and on and never stop for what I have done to deserve to be their ruler. I am not proud but grateful that the gods have always protected me from danger.”

Her personal guard, a female fighter knocked on her door and passed a message that she had a visitor.

“Who is that visitor?”

“Eghosa Omosuyi.”

Queen Omotola exchanged surprised glances with Osato and spoke. “I am coming!” She told Osato to prepare food for her while she attend to him. Eghosa was a tall and slim man. He was quite old but looked agile. He greeted her. She sat and ordered him to have a seat. He narrated exactly what his wife told her and she pretended not to have heard it before. She was impressed and grateful.

“You’ve done well.” She said. “I am prepared for war. I am getting lazy. I think this war will renew my strength. I will send a message to their King and if he insists I leave this throne, I am ready for the battle.”

“Okay my queen.” he said and bowed down his head.

“How can I repay you for not keeping this to yourself?”

He looked at her. “You’ve been kind to me and my family. You have done more than enough.”

“I will think of something for you. Give me time.”

“Thank you Queen Omotola.”

“Thank you.”

Odion came back from the forest with a dead large antelope and presented it to his mother in her room. With her facial expression, she was not impressed. 

 “At your age, don’t you have better things to do?” She asked him.

“I have told you several times that I want to be a hunter.”

“Like your grandfather? If you want to take it has a hobby, I won’t have a problem with that but if you decide this is what you only want, then I am sorry for you. You can’t do that. You’re the future King of this Kingdom, don’t put yourself down.”

He dropped the antelope on the floor and moved nearer to stand at her front. “What if I decide I don’t want to be King?”

She gazed at him astonished. “Is that a joke?”

“Having this conversation with you will take us nowhere.” Odion went over to pick the antelope. “It’s for you. Do you still need it?”


“I am hungry, can I go?”

Omotola sighed and her eyes flashed at him with anger. “I am not ready to discuss about the future with you. When I am prepared for that, you and I will have a long conversation. Get out!”

Odion smiled. “With pleasure,” He opened the door, shut it and a scowl appeared on his face. He moved to the backyard, dumped the antelope on the ground and kicked it with his left foot. 

One of the male guards stationed there was dazed and asked. “My prince! With all your effort, why are you doing that?”

“It didn’t take me time to capture this antelope. I am angry because the person I gave it to does not appreciate it. I want you to dispose it.” He ordered him and went inside the palace.

Morenike and Imafidon were seated beside a tall mango tree close to a river. The people heading towards the stream waived at the princess. She was humble and a lively person. Between her and her brothers, she was the most popular. Sometimes, she sang for the people and they loved to hear her beautiful voice. She was seventeen years and very charming.
Imafidon was huge and had a muscular figure. His arms were big and he was blessed with a handsome face and solid voice. He seemed older than his age. At twenty-three, he looked like a matured man. The young women passing through rolled their waists and giggled to get his attention. Women did not freak him.

“Is it true that Izieole Kingdom want to go to war?” He asked her.

“My mother has not received a response yet.” She replied. “We don’t know if there will be war.”

“I would love to join them.”

She blinked her eyes and gave a sigh. “Have you discussed it with your mother?”

“No but I will.”

“I don’t think she will be happy to hear you want to be a warrior. I know you know how to fight and learning more techniques makes you very strong. I can’t stop you but I will always pray to the gods to protect you from any calamity.”

“Thank you Morenike.” He smiled. “I wish we were blood related.”

“Even if we are not, you are my brother.” She relaxed her head on his left shoulder. “Your body is like a rock!” Both of them laughed.

Owokan with his cute face was coming back from an outing. He was in the middle of his guards. As they walk towards the road leading them to the palace, the people passing by acknowledged him. He responded by raising his left hand. He was left handed. They thought despite he never treated them badly, he was quiet and snobbish and they gossiped he might turn out to be like his late uncle because of the resemblance.

He hardly spoke in public. He didn’t like to see a sword and he had never carried one to train and learn how to fight. His mother once called him a lazy fowl. He did not say a single word and he walked out on her even when she called him back to defend himself.

Owokan glanced at the street on his right side and sighted his sister and Imafidon coming towards them. He stopped and waited for them to come closer. Morenike went over and hugged him. She believed that, even though he was reserved, her brother had a kind heart and he was her favorite sibling. 

Imafidon greeted him and they shook hands.

“What did you buy for me?” She asked him.

 His guard on the left gave her a wrapped parcel. 

Morenike was excited and thanked him. “You always surprise me with gifts. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome my dearest.” Owokan said with a smile. “Are you going home?”

“Yes. Imafidon was escorting me.”

Owokan looked at him. “I think you should go home now. My sister and I will walk home together.”

“Okay my prince.” Imafidon said. “My regards to Odion.”

“I will surely extend your greetings and I will find time to see you. It’s been a while we sat together and talked.”

“I know and I understand. You’re not a man of many words.”

Owokan smiled and shook his hand again before he turned and began to walk with his sister and guards.

Two days later, Imafidon told his mother what he intended to do and said his stepfather had given him his blessings and encouraged him to follow his dreams. 

Osato placed her hands on her waist and opened her mouth. “Did a demon send you to me?”

“No mother.”

“A warrior and you want to join them and fight for Izieole Kingdom?”

“Yes mother.”


“You can never stop me.”

“Where is your father?”

“I think he is at the backyard.”

She went there, and Imafidon followed her. She was fuming and saw Eghosa eating roasted yam with palm oil and dry fish. She threw the plate on the floor. Her anger was uncontrollable. Eghosa was stunned and watched them argue.

“Mother!” Imafidon uttered. “It has not come to that!”

“Shut up and allow me speak with my husband!” She focused her angry eyes on him. “How could you advise him to follow his dreams? What kind of dream is that? Have you forgotten his father died as a warrior? I cannot lose my son!!”

“Is that why you threw my food away?”

“Is that what you can say? I will prepare another one if that is what you want!”

He walked out of her presence. 

“You see what you have caused.” Imafidon said. “You don’t respect that man and if he decides to take another wife, I won’t fight for you.”

“Shut up! You can never be a warrior! The gods forbids that for you. It is not your destiny to die.”

“My destiny is different from my father’s own.” Imafidon said confidently. “I will die when the gods say so.”

She glared at him. “The queen knows how your father fought for this Kingdom. She would not put you in danger. She can never accept your request.”

“The queen is also my godmother. I will convince her!”

“I am going to meet her!” She said and Imafidon marched behind her.

Queen Omotola was having a discussion with her Chiefs when a servant informed her that her friend and son needed to speak with her urgently. She gave the order for them to enter. They saluted her, she was puzzled to see Osato crying silently, and the sight of Imafidon left her in amazement.

The queen stated, “Imafidon, you have truly grown into a hulk. What have your mother been feeding you, lion?” Everyone laughed excluding Osato. Owokan and Odion were coming from a place together. They entered into the palace and stayed to listen. Omotola glanced at Osato, “I still see tears in your eyes my number one maiden. What happened to you?”

“Imafidon does not know what he is saying.” She said and pointed at him. “He wants to be a warrior and I forbid him to do that! He wants to join you if you decide to go to war with Eroma Kingdom. He cannot allow me to live in fear when he leaves to fight in battle!”

“Is it true?” She asked him in a surprised voice. 

“Yes my queen.”

“The last time we spoke, you said you were learning how to fight. I encouraged you because I felt if danger arises, you would be able to defend yourself and your family. I had no idea you wanted to be one of my warriors. I can give you a lucrative job in this Kingdom, and even inside the palace. Why do you want to bring unhappiness into your mother’s life?”

“I will make a promise that she would never bury her son. It is my destiny to be a warrior. That is what I want and my mother does not have the right to stop me. It is my life!”

“You’re courageous but it will be difficult to make your dream come true! History must not repeat itself. I hate it when I remember how your father died.”

“He will be disappointed in you!” Osato said to her son furiously.

“No, he will not!” Imafidon said directly to her. “The late great warrior of Izieole Kingdom Osaigbovo would be proud that he gave birth to a fighter! He was great. I want to be the greatest!”
Omotola’s eyes brightened and she smiled. She clapped her hands. “I applaud you and I know Osaigbovo would be marveled by your boldness and willingness. It will be difficult to say yes to you.”

“Don’t refuse me because of the relationship you have with my mother. You don’t have a leader for your warriors. I might be a bit young but I can lead them. I want to be your number one! Someone told me a story of the daughter of a hunter that refused to be a warrior to please her late father. However, she met a wonderful man and he made her a queen. She didn’t fight as a warrior but she did as a queen. No one stopped her dreams of holding a sword and defending the Kingdom with her King!”

She smiled widely. “My story. Who told you this part? It was between my family and I. Is it Morenike?”

“Will she be in trouble if I say yes?”

“No. I’m glad she did. I still cannot give you a positive answer.”

“Don’t look at me as your godson or the child of Osaigbovo and Osato. Give me a chance to prove my worth to serve you and this great Kingdom.”

“Do not agree my Queen,” Osato said. “I am begging you!”

“Mother,” Odion spoke to her. “Don’t grant him his request. I will talk with him later and drive sense into his thick skull!”

Owokan stared at them without saying anything. It was absolutely none of his business to interfere. He had other better things to argue and think about and not decide the fate of someone. Whatever decision his mother made, it won’t affect him positively or negatively. 

Omotola placed her right palm under her chin and stared at Osato’s son. “You have to tell me why I should not listen to them. I will not agree because your father was a great fighter. Why should I grant your request to be my number one warrior?”

“I want to tell stories to my children how I fought with you and won.” Imafidon said with self-confidence. “I want to guard this Kingdom with my hands, strength and heart! I want to fight in battles alongside with not just a Queen but also a wise and fearless one. You inspire me! Grant me my request your majesty. Do not deny me the honor of destroying your enemies with my bare hands!”

His words intrigued her and a rush of enthusiasm consumed her. She was impressed. Queen Omotola gazed into his curious eyes and chuckled. 

“Granted! You’re now my warrior!” she said happily.

To be continued….


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  5. Carina, are you talking about Osato or Omovie. I thought Osato was Imafidon's mother, the late Osiagbovo's wife. I am getting a little bit confused here. You keep mentioning Omovie. Please help me clearify.

    1. Thank you dear.
      You're right.
      Omovie was the second maiden after Osato left with her twins.
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  6. Nice one, thanks for bringing this story back.

  7. Nice one, thanks for bringing this story back.


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